Saturday 20 December 2014

Will the last male lapdog standing please sit down

“Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.”

A male lapdog, to those unfamiliar with the meaning when it arrives to male interaction, opinion and action when around women, is basically a man who acts, thinks and speaks as close to a woman could possibly do so without being a woman in actuality.  Some extreme male lapdogs will in fact be worse than a minority of women, because contrary to assumption, some women do tell the truth when it boils down female emotional deliverables.  These women are just very rare.

A male lapdog is the typical man who clouds himself from all reality when consideration is made to the way women work in the emotional psychology field.  Many lapdogs are creeps and puppets, because they are so passive that they let their more dominating female partners drag the collar and pull all the strings.  However, I know many creeps and puppets who are not necessarily oblivious lapdogs, because whilst they are born with or brought up by a mentality that allows them to be taken for granted, they do deep down acknowledge the way women can be.  No, male lapdogs are the dregs of male production that only achieve in making the sexual marketplace a miserable place for both genders.

The typical male lapdog is the creepy nice guy that criticizes the man who is dating the woman he wants to be with.  He fails to realize her manipulating ways to always say the things that get her what she wants.  It would be easy to assume many gay men are lapdogs, but this is not the case in general terms.  If you observe many gay men, and feminine straight men too, it is noticeable how they are not frightened to stand up to women with big egos and foolish comments.  This is due to a gay man not needing a woman’s approval, in falsely thinking this approach will reap him rewards in her sexual offerings. 

Lapdogs are often gutless people – they stick up for women in hope for approval and to be liked more, but they have no courage to say what they want.  Readers, and people who know me personally, can think what they like about perceived selfish folk such as me, but at least I’m not anxious in being worried to what women think or living in trepidation of disjointing their egos.  I’ve learnt through innumerable experiences that an honest man, who perhaps says the things women don’t want to hear but are from honest fundamentals, is respected and admired by women for carrying out this demeanour rather than being repelled by it.  At least this is the way women worth having appeared to see it.  If I want something out of a woman then I’ll go for it.  If she wants me, great, but if not, I’ll walk away without a tear in my eye.  It’s no skin off my nose either way.

Male lapdogs offer no benefit to the sexual market.  They may think that by defending women at any given opportunity creates a harmonious environment where the female gender do not feel threatened or intimidated – as they always have a “man sucking up” by their side – but all they achieve in doing is allowing women to believe that wrong moves can be taken as an oversight or a consequence of misfortune.  Why would a woman ever ask questions of herself if there’s always someone there to wipe the tears and say it wasn’t her fault? 

But worse still is the way lapdogs are fully dressed in supplication, sycophancy and attention distribution to inflate women’s egos.  Do they not realize that the more these acts are delivered, the more women will believe men should work harder to please them?  Are they incomprehensive to the reality that women are happier when they are pursuing a man’s interest, and not the inverse?  Do they not understand they are shooting themselves in the foot, as for every lapdog out there makes it harder for his fellow male lapdog ally to impress another woman?  Even if he does by luck secure her, she will only trample all over him because of the unsubstantiated importance she has been allowed to believe her value falsely is.  Poof, there’s your broken heart, Senor Lapdog!

But here’s the good news.  Lapdogs are not a majority case, as they make up 3% of men as a maximum in this respect.  The majority sits with my good friends who are probably locked in unhappy marriages or relationships, yet they still bizarrely find themselves exerting the extra yard to please their female partner.  Men of this nature will make up >80% of men out there.  As every day passes by, I can’t help but think I’m being conservative with this estimate.  They understand the way women work, they to a point accept it in quiet moments, but they just can’t quite bring their lips to say the words in pragmatism. 

A first class example of the “majority man” would be when a guy like me gives some red pill (but not so brain-smashing) information about reasons women go for jerks and treat nice guys like crap.  These men hearing words of this literature may well admit it is sometimes the case, but they hide behind misconceptions that it’s only insecure women who carry this out or the reason is down to their previous misfortune.  Don’t they realize there are half a dozen nice guys for every jerk, so how can it always be bad luck?  Only women with “daddy issues”?  Mmm, take a look at some higher flying and confident women, too.

And if you throw the possibility at these men that most women date down in the physical looks department because of their need to feel worthy alongside a man with comparative lesser looks, perish the thought!  Do I not know that this curious but pronounced circumstance is because women value male personality above all other desirability metrics?  Money, status – course it’s not, unless it’s a celebrity fame case.  She’s far too sweet and innocent for this, so says he.  Men like this are not extreme lapdogs, because they don’t throw out stupid fallacy explanations.  Their big mistake is trying to convince their minds of better things.

So I’ll stick to my 1% (it is in fact less than this percentage) group of male cynics.  I’ve never been forthcoming in desires to be part of the extreme and aggressive manosphere spectrum, but I equally have always stood by the opinion that men who write this content are, in the main, saying how it works in the real world.  These guys will always have more of my time than those who want to live in a fairytale world.

As for the male lapdogs, will you please sit down.  You really are doing nobody, including your good lady friends, any favours at all.

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