Saturday, 28 March 2020

Women chasing ‘celebrity’ men

“You think I dream too big.  I say you think too small.”

In the generation we live in that is dominated by social media, reality TV programs and magazine/internet exploitation of the rich and famous life, there has never been a time when women, and to a lesser extent men, dream of becoming a celebrity and, on paper, living an affluent and exhibitionist existence that comes with no greater exertion than waking up at 10am and going to the gym some time later.  This shows no sign of slowing down – accepting the current predicament most of the world is now in due to COVID-19 self-isolation which has slowed things down in this respect – and if anything it will incrementally grow for an indefinite timescale year on year.  I stress the word incrementally, simply because it is at such a present near optimum level that increases can only be marginal on what already is in place.

Women have a far greater inner-desire and motivation than men to achieve this life, because by innate nature women are far more obsessed with what the world (or at least their small local social network) thinks of them and how they can elevate their self-importance.  Women are also less inclined than men to seek an affluent life through hard work and savviness, therefore finding this path through illustration of their physical beauty is the obvious thought process. 

Q-tip 1:
At least in the beginning phase of this process, it is important to note that the biggest motive to live the celebrity life for a woman is to magnify and optimize her self-profile.  Second is the money she can gain from this as a by-product of accomplishing the profile.  Third is the securing of a famous and/or rich man who she couldn’t have treaded paths with in living a “normal” life.

For the tiny minority of women who do find their way onto shows such as Love Island, Ex on The Beach, Dinner Date, The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore to name but a few (hopefully overseas readers of this blog will not have a clue what most of them are), they hold a far greater opportunity to then go to social gatherings where celebrity men are to be found.  A lot of celebrity men (thinking out load – premier league footballers or pop stars/rappers)  in this day and age are not the brightest bulb in the pack themselves, therefore a very hot woman seen in these social events is not going to be frowned upon by many famous men because of her lack of intelligence and chavvy accent.  Many management companies of these now part famous women will also find a way to get them in the arms of a famous man during a boozy night out, even if it is just for the cameras and publicity.  Social media and networking will also give a woman who has made it onto one of these shows an easier path for direct contact with these men.

What about the celebrity chasing girl from next door?

Nevertheless, there are naturally going to be vast numbers of women who don’t make it onto Love Island et al.  As an educated estimate, I’d say in a calendar year no more than 100 women collectively from all the aforementioned TV programs make it onto screen.  There are 85,000 (male and female collectively) applicants for Love Island alone.  I wouldn’t be far off then that in the UK alone 50,000 women apply for these shows, which results in them having a 1 in 500 chance of their mush finding its way for the nation to see.  Not great odds to play with are they, and in fact it is actually even worse than this probability once you account for a couple of dozen women (out of the 100) who have already been pencilled due to knowing someone who knows someone (maybe they already belong to a management company, or they have a high profile father who can sway auditioning decisions?). 

You wouldn’t back a horse to win at 500-1 or 650-1 odds, would you?  I certainly wouldn’t, anyway.  These numbers aren’t even accounting for women who think they are worthy of this life but don’t have the confidence to apply (or more likely they can’t bear the thought of being rejected by the selection team).  If you say that there are 5 million women aged between 18 to 30 (the age bracket when they are at their most appealing) in the UK, and 2% are hot (8/10 or higher), then this gives you a grand total of 100,000 hot women in the UK.  I would hazard a guess that at least 90% of them have at some stage believed they are worthy of a man who is rich and famous.  And once more, to compound the numbers this isn’t taking account of the many upper end cute women of 7.5 to 7.75/10 in physical allure.  There’s another >100,000 of these too, although granted the majority will not have the expectation levels of their hotter counterparts. 

Q-tip 2:
Most hot women, and many cute women, end up resentful of life because they don’t believe the world has given them what they think their beauty deserved.

Which men are the next best option?

So needless to say, based on these numbers there are likely to be in excess of six figures of women as pointed out in the UK who don’t find their way to a celebrity man, in spite of their efforts in Instagram exploitation and trying to find their way to the bars, clubs and parties where these men venture.  This manifests in them having to settle for men lower quality than what they believe, and what their naïve mothers and friends often led them to believe, they are justified to end up with. 

With this being the inevitable case, who do these women then settle for?  Some will find non-famous men who belong to the top 1% wealth bracket – generally successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and men who earn six figure salaries or have assets of equivalence to the salary – as a decent back up plan.  Although she doesn’t quite receive the celebrity life in national terms to illustrate her importance, these men can give her the big house, nice car and private school education for her kids which will allow her to know she is a level or two (or three) above her female friendship network. 

However, this will still leave tens of thousands (I’d estimate far more than half remaining from the >100,000 women) who don’t even get the second-tier expectation life.  Although reports claim (and I find this hard to believe…is it once more people over elaborating what they earn!?) over a million people (of which >80% will be men) in the UK earn over £100k, many of this male compartment wouldn’t be men who the hot women will go for, simply because a high percentage of men earning this salary and above will be in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – hence men they will not even remotely find physically attractive.  A woman loves the thought of being with a man with money, however money can only compensate her lack of physical urge onto him so far.  It’s also worth pointing out that a good amount of six figure salaries earned in the UK will be London based people.  A £100k salary alone, whilst certainly not be frowned upon, will not give you a lifestyle of breath-taking experience when living in London - such is the cost of living (mainly due to residence costs).

How does this implicate on the remaining men?

With over 50,000 hot and upper end cute women left for us mere mortals, how is this split out.  Well, fortunately there are still some women (best estimate being a maximum 20% of the 50,000) out there who do place priority on the good old fashioned way in locating a man they are physically attracted to and compatible with, ahead of any other economical or ego driven factor.  This percentage of women in today’s generation is considerably less than yesteryear, however they do still exist.  I’ve been in relationships with more than a few women who genuinely were that way, however I’ve equally dated a couple who made it look that way at first, but soon showed their true colours in clearly wanting a monetary and asset lifestyle I couldn’t, or more relevantly I wouldn’t, offer them.

This still leaves the approximate forty thousand who you should avoid at your peril.  I label them the ‘bitter settlers.’  Not only did she not achieve her first choice of celebrity lifestyle, or the second choice in being with a man she was indifferent with emotionally but who gave her the nice life, but she reached her mid to late twenties and she fails to grasp her chance has gone.  Sure, she lives by the exception to the rule story of hearing about a woman who bagged a premier league footballer when she was in her early thirties, and this was after she had a kid with another man.  But by the law of averages, if a woman hasn’t secured a man in the top bracket by the age of 26, it is unlikely she ever will.  The unfortunate reality is most celebrity men meet women, and commit to them, when the woman is younger than 25. 

Q-tip 3:
Women’s expectation levels decrease at a much slower rate than her physical attractiveness levels decline.  In other words, if a woman’s expectation level at the age of 22 is at the same as her physical beauty at 9/10, by the age of 25 her expectation level will still be 9/10 yet her physical beauty will more likely be 8/10.  At 30, her expectation levels may (but not guaranteed) have dipped a little, but not as much as her looks grade which is now nearer 7.5/10. 

Some of these women may choose to go for the perennial low calibre but popular well-known (in a local sense) and reasonably aesthetic jerks (often with tattoos of more than a few).  It’s not unusual for a woman like this in her late 20’s (or even early and mid 30’s) to go for younger men too. The motivator behind this is the polar opposite to the second choice of a man with money.  In essence she ticks the box of achieving further self-perceived popularity by dating a man known by many around town, even if this is usually on a short-term basis.  It also gives her validation for a while, especially if she can show all watching that a younger man finds her attractive – mitigating self-doubts of her dwindling beauty, in the early weeks at least.  Rarely do either of these relationship dynamics last very long.

What is my advice?

If you do find yourself with a woman of this kind, and it is unlikely to come to fruition in the early stages of dating when she is on her best behaviour (although in the coming months at most you will pick up on tell-tale signs in what she says and how she acts), in my opinion you only have one option.  This one option is to never fully commit to her.  Sure, have your good times and be in a relationship like any other – meals, cinema, nights in, holidays etc – and over time more than feel it necessary to move in together should you so wish, but never let her think you can offer her the lifestyle she is hinting.  In addition, it is better to do the opposite to what most men do in practice.  Most men try and convince women they have more money than they in fact attain in reality.  You need to let her believe you have less money than you hold. 

At least this way there is the small chance she will love you for who you are and not what you are.  This may well just be a case that she has settled for what she couldn’t get, but at least this way you won’t come unstuck when the likely resentfulness on her part starts to show.  You can just walk away, unscarred, and move onto the next.

God forbid, but it needs to be pointed out for clarity, marriage would be a car crash waiting to happen with this woman.  She probably would marry you if you asked, even with her knowledge you can’t give her the life she wants, because remember this girl is fundamentally an attention seeker.  What better way is there for attention seeking than a wedding day?  Nevertheless, her inborn and/or developed mentality which knows she settled for you and always thought she deserved more, will never leave.  You would be the one metaphorically left holding the baby, picking up the pieces born out of a decision which deep down you know should never have been made.

A final thought

The phrase at the top - “You say I dream too big.  I say you think too small.”  - most certainly is not from my thoughts.  This came from the Facebook page of a friend of a woman I knew a few years ago.  She was about 21 at the time.  Effectively she epitomizes all as explained above.  An attractive girl of 8.5/10 in her prime.  Boob job, lip enhancements, fake eyelashes and nails, over-whitened new teeth veneers, and flashy dresses showing flesh pictured all over her social media at any given opportunity.  She would get part time jobs where local celebrity or rich men might gather (mainly Hooters in Nottingham). Not the sharpest to be fair in articulate terms, although I’ve met far worse.  As a side note, perhaps women who want the easy life blessed in fame and money don’t want to be seen as too clever?  They see WAG’s with sports stars and women no prettier than them on reality TV, and the best path to success might be to come across as dense?  It was obvious from the first moment I saw her that she wanted the low percentage life chance of finding a high-profile man. 

Now she is knocking on the door of 25, if not already there, and as far as I know she never found that man or life.  For a while she had completely taken herself off social media, and to me this is a clear sign she never found that life.  After all, if she did find the life she wanted it would have been all over the internet quicker than she could get pregnant to the man she tracked down.  When women, verbally or silently, make it transparent they crave and deserve the rich and famous lifestyle but then don’t reach that pinnacle, it’s no surprise they go hiding in the trenches where nobody can find out they never did.  When hiding in the trenches, away from all, she hopes they think she did.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Coronavirus will change women’s short to medium term choice in men

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”
(Warren Buffett)

We’re not officially in lockdown or self-isolation within the United Kingdom just yet, as has been the case in the entirety of Italy, major parts of Spain, or many other places in the world.  With schools closing in Ireland (admittedly not the UK) and major sporting and social events being postponed at a rate only matched by people’s panic buying of bog toilet rolls, I sense it is a mere matter of time before you can’t even venture into the retail park, gym or workplace, to mention only a few environments, which will conceivably precede total lockdown.  Imagine a Saturday night out tonight!  I’d expect it to be as quiet as ever known, rivalled only by one that coincidentally arrived the day after New Year’s Eve. 

In a case of any global meltdown, pandemic or catastrophe, the priority always has to be finding a cure, mitigation and management system in preventing things spiralling out of control.  Who knows what the outcome will be?  Is it too late to control?  Is this just the beginning (of the end?)?  Will it get worse before it gets better?  Is this the world getting its own back on the way we have treated it over many generations?  Or is it all blown out of proportion, and in fact overblown with hype and propaganda when context and perspective should be incorporated based on numbers and percentages?  We all have an opinion on COVID-19, but in truth none of us know the answers or end results. 

In addition to our opinion, times of this kind and nature also bring the cynic out in us, and we can almost uncontrollably become open-eared to rumours and hearsay.  Was the whole catalyst actually some bat shitting on a chicken bought by a consumer, or was it a deliberate laboratory leak to cause a global illness that will in turn financially benefit certain parties?  There are very few people in the world who will be immune to the coronavirus disease, whether in health, financial or any other consequential aspect.  I’m financially worth a hell of a lot less than I was a couple of weeks ago, but for now this is the least of my worries.  All plans go out the window for everyone, because you almost must second guess if it is safe, sensible or logical to do anything right now in life.

Women’s seasonal breaking of trend in relationship decisions?

As has been documented on this blog before, women outside of marriage (or even many women in a marriage who are unfaithful) take conscious or subconscious decisions to be in relationships with steady, committed, reliable, loyal, faithful, average-looking and less-sought after men during the colder months of October to March, and in turn take greater predilection in edgier, uncommitted, unreliable, more physically aesthetic and sought after men between April and September.  I expect this year to be different, starting from right about now or before.

It’s kind of ironic because here we are on 14th March, exactly a month after Valentine’s Day, where ordinarily many women will be ditching their boyfriends after he has served his purpose throughout the last six months.  That purpose being: someone to cuddle up to during less frequent girly nights out, validation to prove to her social network (real life field and internet based) that somebody loves and values her, and financial expenditure in the form of social outings and Christmas/Valentine’s presents. 

But the implications of coronavirus, and in turn the restrictions it will place on people’s social life, will delay the ditching day and extend the beta male companion time indefinitely.  Until people can start getting back to normal in planning nights out and sunshine vacations, women will procrastinate in fulfilling their sexual needs and heart racing, in replacement for a longer haul but steadier ride.   

Women’s economic welfare implicating on male choices

As also documented on this blog, a weak economical environment sways women towards beta males.  It’s anyone’s guess to when things will start to improve, but even in a matter of weeks the coronavirus impact on global financial markets has been unprecedented and, for want of a better word, brutal.  I’ll be the first to admit that equity prices can go up and down through illogical reasons, and they are not always a true reflection on how it may impact on ‘Joe Bloggs’ off the street, but a lot of damage has already been done in terms of fiscal productivity, trade and tourism revenue and freedom, export and import reductions, and company bottom line profits.  The longer this goes on, the greater the economical negative will escalate. 

Like any financial crisis or recession, a large percentage of people’s wallets are affected for the worse.  The best scenario is comprehension that this isn’t a good time, and you cut your cloth accordingly – go out less, postpone holiday plans, buy a cheaper car, shop at a budget supermarket etc.  The worst case is losing your job and house, and wondering how you can cover your family’s food on the table budget alone. 

Once more, a weak economical climate benefits beta males who are willing in provisioning and commitment.  During these times, women are naturally drawn towards survival mentality over sexual fulfilment, and an inclination of reliability takes precedent over good times.

How should beta males capitalize

Men who are beta males – as most men are by definition and practice – should jump for joy during these economically depressed times.  You need to be aware that not only will women be more receptive and even proactive to your, on the face of it, less objective appeal and offerings, but they will also be more loyal and faithful than they would be during times when money is more easy to come by.  Simply put, they are not only more willing to give you a chance, but they are more resistant towards infidelity and less motivated to seek pastures new when in a relationship with you. 

Q-tip 1:
A woman will always put her own agenda and natural survival habits ahead of any other factor.  Looking after her ego comes a close second.  Fulfilling her sexual needs, whilst still important, falls behind both the aforementioned.

What this all means is average-looking men can shoot above their league in physical attractiveness aspects easier than usual.  Don’t get me wrong, most women will always want to be with a lesser looking man in gender relative terms anyway, but you will have a friendlier, less bitchy and more amiable woman there for the taking.

During these times, beta males need to learn and be well equipped in the education of female emotional psychology.  Maybe read a post or two (or twenty or thirty) within this blog to assist in how to act during real life scenarios.  Yes, women will be better behaved during depressed economic times, but their natural character and true colours are still never too far away.  What goes up must come down, but equally what goes down must come up.  In easy language, every recession has an ending.  When this ending arrives, it won’t take long for women to return to their natural creature.

A final thought

In essence, take advantage of a weaker economic picture, but even more important is to let her know you can walk away.   Answer her back without an ounce of remorse or delay when she’s being sassy, and make her believe that another woman, and many more, will willingly take you if she acts out of accordance.  This will set you up nicely for when she thinks times are better, as you will have enforced her to know you are not a pushover.

Q-tip 2:
It’s an easy mistake for a man (especially a man who is not that experienced with women or a man who is not accustomed to dating the best looking women) to think that when he scores a top end cute or hot woman, he needs to give as much as he has.  The harsh truth is he will gain more by giving less.

On the back of the Q-tip, another way to not become infatuated by top end looking women is to look around and realise that whilst cute and hot women are a minority in the whole scheme of female population, they are still far higher in number than top quality men.  Whilst many forms of social media – headed by Instagram – have brought about the worst in women for likeability and girlfriend material terms due to the ego whoring by nature they create, the one good thing it has manifested is driving women to look better due to the greater competition they have against each other.  A man should use this to his advantage, in conjunction knowledge that another one who looks just like her, or better, is never too many strides away.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Women’s menstrual cycle impacting on their male preferences

“It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am
when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.”
(Marvin Hagler)

A reader asks me to elaborate on what I had documented previously in this post.  Quite pertinent timing in fact, considering we are approaching Valentines Day and it's impending change of female habits a matter of weeks later (hence women dumping boyfriends post Christmas, New Year, Winter and Valentines Day). 

“Hi Vinay,
I would definitely appreciate a post of yours on the female fertile/horny week. I think this conundrum is often glossed over or not discussed in any blogs I see related to gender relations.
As a fellow good looking guy, I struggled with this for many months, often to the point of wanting to pull out my hair. A girl I meet out would be into me, touchy and flirty,etc. But yet I struggle to get dates and then a few months go by and I see her with her boring boyfriend. It didn't make much sense to me until I started to figure out that basically we are dealing with 2 different women in one body.

Looking back at what I had previously written, even if I do say so myself, I think it was a pretty good summary in explanation of what the reader is quizzical over.  Nevertheless, as it is a gripe that is somewhat giving the reader head scratching moments, even if the education on this blog has cleared the waters a little for him, I will offer some more food for thought.

There is so much you can search for online with regards to this topic – how women change their preferences in men dependant on the relevant time in their menstrual cycle – and much of it is written in a way of predictability.  This predictability comes in the usual form, most likely written by a woman or a male politically correct ‘yes man’, that is subscribed to forgive women of their actions (and consequently blame it on their genetic make-up), propaganda driven that is totally harmless and instead seen to be accepted as what women just do (in other words, don’t place women accountable or responsible for their misdemeanours in life), and almost laugh at the circumstance that results in women being able to have their cake and eat it.  Of course, compassion and willingness to bypass the truth, reality and detrimental outcomes is most certainly not what I was placed on planet earth for.

The most informative and realistic article I have ever found was written some ten years ago, but rest assured nothing has changed.  Unlike technology, economic peaks and troughs, or even human pastime predilections, women’s habits in reference to their menstrual cycle is fully consistent and ageless.  In my view here is a snippet which forms most relevance, but I’d advise reading from top to bottom.

“Take, for example, women's preferences in male partners. We may think that each woman has an unchanging "type"—but it turns out that women prefer quite different kinds of men depending on whether or not they are fertile. In the two days or so of the ovulatory phase—the time when women are most likely to become pregnant—they gravitate toward men with more "masculine" traits. That means a man who sports a leaner, V-shaped body, and a face with a squarer chin, straighter, heavier eyebrows, and thinner lips; one who speaks in a lower-pitched voice, and displays more aggressive, dominant behavior. When a woman is in the follicular or luteal phases—during which the uterus sheds its lining and then builds it up again, and in which she generally cannot become pregnant—she prefers men with softer features, less-defined bodies, higher voices, and a gentler manner.”

Note that the above states “two days or so of the ovulatory phase.”  I’ve read on other sources this is typically days 10 to 16 in the cycle – resulting in seven days.  Obviously one woman marginally differs to another in this respect, but by taking an average between the two schools of thought, there is roughly a five day strike zone for the hottest men to take advantage of.

Of course anyone who has become familiar with my way of thinking will be fully aware I’m a firm believer that your own two eyes and ears, providing you look and listen in an honest and objective manner (hence, not like women and most men who view and listen based on their best placed agenda and what makes them feel better about life), tells pretty much all you need to know in life.  I’ll give you a couple of examples based on my own experiences, and given the time, I could easily give you dozens more.

The hot hostile gym girl

I wrote a post on her in the early days, but the synopsis in easy terms was that she gave me indicators of interest on many occasions, yet the two times I approached her in the gym (which were about a year apart) she gave me the cold shoulder.  A couple of years later I saw her in the mall with her boyfriend, and in true predictability once more, he looked just as how I expected – the typical 15% less physically attractive than her, but not in an outlandish deleveraged aesthetic comparison.  Nothing new or unaccustomed there then.

Approximately three years later (I had hardly seen her in the interim period), she was on a night out with half a dozen female friends.  When they all walked into the first bar I was in, one of the girls grabbed my ass.  I know the others, and the gym girl, all saw the ass grabbing girl do it.  At the latter part of the night, the group entered the bar me and my buddies were in.  As they waited at the bar, the hot gym girl could just not stop staring at me from less than five yards away.  She didn’t even make any subtle excuse to look away. 

Q-tip 1:
Horny fertile female time, mixed with alcohol in her system, is the optimum opportunity to sleep with a woman who would normally reject you because you are above the physical attractiveness grade in contrast to the boyfriends she chooses and/or is with.  Don’t pass up this opportunity.

It was as easy as that, and a world apart from the woman who wouldn’t even look me in the eye or say a word back when I approached some years prior.  Let me tell you that her favourable demeanour towards me was because it fell slap bang in the middle of her horny week.  As I’ve documented in the past, I’m a strong advocator that women who are in relationships with men who don’t naturally and easily sexually arouse them will plan nights out, away from their male partners, during their most fertile monthly timescale.

Married women / Mothers

On a broader scale, married women and/or women who have mothered will give the hottest men tell tale signs to when they are at most fertile.  Generally speaking, a woman who is in a reasonably stable and secure relationship will be content with the life she lives.  She had the big wedding day, she sports the validation ring on her finger, she has perhaps mothered to the child she can exploit to the world on social media, she has a nice roof over her head, and she has a male provider to pay the bills.  All is rosy in the garden for the vast majority of the time.

Unfortunately, the man who has provided her with this life is rarely a man who can keep her fulfilled in passion and sexual arousal terms.  This uncontrollably enforces her to become sexual, flirty and often unfaithful within the one week horny period.  She probably hates herself after the seven days have passed, but it is an inner force within that cannot be tamed during.

I’ve had numerous women as explained above become flirty and sexual with me when they predominantly do no more than acknowledge, and once more I’d hedge a fair wager that on nearly every occasion it was sitting within the horny week.  Look for heel tapping, taking the shoe off unnecessarily, hair stroking, eye gazing, breast brushing (when walking past you, followed by an apology), physical contact (like massaging your shoulders) and even clumsiness when in your close vicinity.  If you get to the bedroom with her, it will be like dipping your manhood glory in a swimming pool with no side walls. And if doing it right, Niagara Falls will visit you without the need of visiting Ontario (expect her to have a Roger Rabbit assistance to further enhance what you can offer!).

Where does the female ego come into it?

As any regular reader will know, I base a lot of my writing on the unproven (but most likely) reason that women turn down being with top end good-looking men because they prefer the ego thrill boost of a man’s comparative lesser looks.  I will stand by this until my dying day, irrespective to female plausible deniability and male resistance to accept the truth.

Nevertheless, the question remains to how is the female ego implicated during the most fertile week in the menstrual cycle?  My take is simple.  It more or less follows pattern with their preferences for provisioning (but lacking in aesthetic offerings) men during the non-fertile three weeks of the month, and sexually arousing (but less dependable) men during the most fertile week of the month.  In other words, whilst women are never comfortable or at ease in being alongside men who are as or more physically attractive than them, their natural and innate need to fulfil their sexual optimisation (or at least be turned on instinctively) will manifest in their ego being negated, diminished or totally eradicated.  Further put, her ego cannot stand in the way of her sexual desires. 

Age dependant infidelity?

A lot like how women choose the best-looking men generally as explained in the past, age and life relationship status does play a big part in whether women will stray from their male partners when most horny for new flesh. 
·       Generally speaking, women aged 18 to 23, in particular on the assumption they are not married or are yet mothers, will quite easily play away without an ounce of remorse.  They have very little to lose if caught.  The only exception will be homely girls, who are very boyfriend oriented and far more loyal and faithful.  The thought of their boyfriends dumping them, and the prospect of loneliness and boyfriend validation absence (think of the women you know who cannot brace the thought of even a day in a life being single), will outweigh the sexual need of a hotter man.
·       Women who are married  – for argument sake take the age as 32 onwards – are also likely to cheat in this horny window.  This is because they have succeeded in the girlhood dream of the wedding day and house, and they have less to lose by the possible ramifications.
·       The least likely to adulterate when most fertile are women between 24 to 32, especially if not yet married.  Conversely to women who have walked down the aisle, women in relationships who think they have captured the man to give them the wedding and honeymoon will think twice in jeopardising the prospect.  They will think about it just as much, but the magnitude in what they have to lose is far greater.

A final thought

Walk into a bar, look down the street, pop your head in a restaurant, check out the retail park, look around the airport….and the world is swamped by cute and hot women with average looking men.  This dynamic, in all the years I have been writing and observing, shows not even the slightest hint of slowing down or becoming less commonplace.

I put this down to the modern day that consists of in your face social media, reality TV and status whoring (which in the non-celebrity world of >99% of people results in the best house and location to live in possible), and this brings about an insecure, self-conscious, expectant and social status exploiting woman that grows larger every day.  With all these ingredients placed in the recipe, the final serving on the plate cooks up a choice to be with a lesser looking man.

With all this in mind, the best-looking men outside of fame or high local social status and wealth will find it hard to be in a relationship with an equally attractive woman in physical perspective.  With this being the case, it may just be as well to not join the system that is 80% commitment time (for very little gratitude in return), and concentrate on the 20% non-commitment, and easy access to sex, time (for higher gratitude in return).

Q-tip 2:
Aim to give the least to life, and society, for the greatest return from minimal expenditure.  


Sunday, 2 February 2020

The ramifications of women’s online sex adventures

“Instant attention is short-lived.  The consequences of father time is undefeated.”

Anybody who has lived in the real world over the last decade will accept, for their favourable entertainment or conversely distaste of modern-day life, that there is a greater commonplace of young women taking part in online sex expeditions.  Some may claim they were unaware their unclothed experiences and exploitation of every single part of their sexual anatomy were going to be posted for a global audience to view, yet rest assured most would have been fully conscious of the final product, so to speak.

I’m not talking about professional female pornstars here.  They have different motives which are at least financially motivated, even though the longer-term consequences will be of similar ilk.  The purpose of this post is directed towards your “everyday girl” – some like me who you may know second-hand, or even first-hand.  For the want of a better definition – amateur porn.

The only starting place to even try and ascertain such foolish decisions is to analyse the motives behind why women will take part in online sex.  I offer you the following:
·       Attention.  Women are born to crave self-attention and be the talk of the town, and what better way to do this than rebelling against the norm and partaking in something seen as forbidden and outlandish.
·       As a by-product of the above, to stand out from the masses of female competition.
·       Misconception that it will make them more popular with men in the future, in naively thinking that showing off their full glory and sexual eagerness will attract, rather than detract, the vast majority of men men worth having.
·       Better sex.  As most women will be with average looking, average endowed and average sexually skilled men, an experience with a male act will most likely give her far greater orgasms in both number and intensity.
·       Sheer boredom in their small town life.  With a shortage of goings on and a lack of ambition in their existence, an urge to keep the flame burning will always be there.

Many of you will be crying out that I have missed off gaining money from the above list, and although I can’t totally disagree, there is a point to why I have deliberately refrained from it being a documented reason.  A woman off the street who posts an online sex adventure is unlikely to be ever seeing a sum of life changing revenue on the back of this.  Even those who sign up for a more established amateur porn site will receive a few thousand dollars at most, and whilst it is better than a kick up the arse, it can’t be seen as a worthwhile and justified compensation for the consequential risks that even the most unaccountable women in the world will know are to come.  If it was a six-figure sum, then yes, money could be seen as a motivation.  But as stated above, they are hardly in line for a cheque which will pay off a big car loan or to buy a trendy beach apartment.

What kind of social class girls?

It’s an easy, lazy and ignorant consensus – usually derived from the minds and voices of men who are too scared to stand up to women or face up to female misdemeanours in life (which is in fact, most men) – that all women who will process with online porn, irrespective to it being with their boyfriends or with a stranger, are lower class sluts.  Whilst I whole-heartedly agree that, based on my many years of direct and indirect experience with women, the vast majority of women who have high sexual partner counts and who are easier lays are from lower class backgrounds (and <7/10 in physical attractiveness), you will actually find a good percentage of online sex amateur women who range from middle to upper middle (and even in fewer case, upper class) social class.   

If you doubt such a view, take a few minutes in only listening to the voices of these women (and should you wish, watch further on!).  Any man with half a brain can determine from a woman’s voice what level of social class, intellect and educational background she belongs to.  Even in my neighbouring cities of Derby and Nottingham (which have a combined population of over half a million), it would only take me a few seconds in talking to a woman in being able to predict which suburbs her family upbringing resides from, and which suburbs she is definitely not from.  You don’t have to be a genius, or even skilled in female psychology or experienced with women in general, to ascertain this compartmentalisation. 

Therefore, it could be said that the percentage of attractive women from middle or above middle social class who make sex tapes outweighs the percentage of attractive women with high notch counts.  Simply put: women have a greater need for attention, validation and to feel better about themselves and better than their female competition, than the need for sex with many men.

The unconsidered consequences

And all this leads us to the most pertinent topic.  What are the consequences women will need to deal with should they choose this path as a result of mainly attention craving motivators?  Before this can be answered, the better question is why would women blind themselves from the ramifications prior to taking part in the first place?
·       The modern day society that results from shaming men and praising women – hence feminism or media brainwashing that women are dealt the misfortunes in life and men have all the luxuries – does not highlight enough the responsibility and accountability of female actions, no matter now muddy in the waters they choose to swim.
·       The modern day social media world we live in, where a woman’s self-objective value is over and above the reality of what she can offer – in the main down to female peer “likes” and insincere compliments (“you’re so beautiful, hun!”), and beta male ass kissing, blue balls desperation, supplication and sycophancy – results in a female mentality that her deliverables and actions are somewhat bullet proof to any possible, or probable, out-turn.
·       False female projection.  In association with the motive as explained earlier, a woman will think an online sex tape or otherwise will ignite men towards her.  In the same way women think men love bitches, female tattoos or being surrounded by other men (hence false female projection – women love jerks, tattooed and preselected men – so they wrongly believe men like the same or equivalent things in women), a woman will live in denial that men will like her less once she has revealed all for the world to see.
·       An absence of male leadership.  Where the young woman has been absent of a father in her life, or in particular absent of father firmness and punishment (hence he was there in spirit but not practice), women are left to stray with a mother who can see no wrong in her princess. Equally, a shortage of masculine and firm men as boyfriends / male partners result in women taking the piss.  This all manifests once more to a thought process that she can do whatever she wants in life, and all will be forgiven no matter what.

The problem is, women can only take advantage of men to a point.  It’s no hidden secret to clued up men that women in their prime attractiveness years of 18 to 23 (in particular those who are >6.5/10 in physical blessings) in the main can dangle a carrot, pull the strings and whistle the tune to >90% of men, such is the lure of female sexuality concurrent to male urge for sex.  With this in mind, there is very little women can do wrong – such as acting like a spoilt bitch, playing mind games, disappearing acts, blowing hot and cold, and flirting with other men – where negative impacts are placed upon them.  In other words, there will always be a man forgiving enough to stand by her, of if he is strong enough to put her in her place and move onto pastures new, another young man won’t be too far away. 

But even the most desperate, unwanted and low sought-after men draw the line somewhere.  It is one thing to put up with his girlfriend’s characteristic shortcomings.  It is another thing to turn a blind eye to dating or considering long-term plans with a woman he knows has slept with a few other men round town.  However, it is most definitely a no-go to be with a woman who has not only shown her naked body to a potential audience of millions (or billions?), but also being pulled from pillar to post by another man’s pork sword.  If that’s not humiliation of the furthest degree, then I don’t know what is.  If that’s not total disgust in contemplation to commit to a woman who took this path, then you really do have problems in life.  If a man thinks it is wise to view this woman as good long term hope, and believe me she will try and convince you how much she has changed and how much of an uncharacteristic mistake it was (strange, because I doubt an alcohol or stoned induced night coincides with professional or scripted cameras), then I pity you as a man as much as is possible. 

Q-tip 1:
Women don’t change from their natural character and tastes in life.  If you don’t like them in the first place, don’t ever go there, or simply go there with a short term “win-win” mentality.  It would be the most foolish of man to think she will change for you.

Where do I stand?

Honestly, all else equal I would never get involved with a woman I know has slept with many men than a woman who has slept with fewer.  Sounds obvious, but it needs to be clarified.  Likewise, naturally all else equal I wouldn’t get involved with a woman who has shown all to a worldwide audience than one who has not.  This isn’t to say that, if she was truly hot, I would cut my nose to spike my face and not take on the role of no strings attached sex with her.  Why knock a gift horse in the mouth?  Nevertheless, if she thought any kind of commitment would be forthcoming on my count, I’d suggest she goes find another sucker man.

And what about a woman’s future?

Once the first few days (or weeks at most) of boasting about the experience has worn off, the stupid woman now has to realize the reality of what she has brought on for herself.  Sure, some may be clever enough to not mention it to anyone, but based on her original motive of attention whoring, I would tend to think nearly all women want their local small town to find out.  Her parents and siblings, not so much.

Unfortunately, over the coming months the number of male suitors will diminish into almost nothing, with the exception of those using her as a cheap and easy lay.  Even unwanted men who are knowledgeable of her antics will rule her out as girlfriend material.  As for wife material, forget it.

The only real option for her is to move away and recreate a new identity.  Changing her name by default will help, but even if she finds a high calibre man thousands of miles away, how long until she has to bring him back to her old town?  It isn’t unaccustomed to see women who made these foolish decisions to cut their hair and have a couple of tattoos imprinted.  Conceal the old her, in with the new her.  It’s kind of ironic that she made this mistake of sexual exploitation when she was at her hottest, yet the mistake has caused her to take on actions that make her less physically attractive.  And the skeletons will never leave the closet, and the watching behind her back when the lights go out live forever. 

Why is it in the gender role reversal?

Unfortunately for women, there is no such way a man being seen with his junk out and having his cock sucked and ramming a woman's vagina or anal passage is any close near, if at all, detrimental to his future sex life, dating, long term relationship and marriage prospects.  I'd even go as far to say that a man off the street being seen having sex online could benefit his fortunes with women going forwards.

Why?  In easy explanation it all goes back to the preselection mentality that are polar opposites between men and women.  Men are not in the slightest more attracted to women who are seen with other men or who are notorious for sleeping around, and they will in fact repel from these women in preference of women seen with female friends only and not known for sleeping around (ideally men like women who have had two to three male sexual partners, even if this is pie in the sky hope in today's society).  On the other hand, the fact women are hard wired to be attracted to preselected men will only make them, even if in an irritable and uncontrollable way, want to be with men who have been seen having online sex even more.

Q-tip 2:
A man who has slept with inundated women can only draw or win.  He either has no negative or positive consequences with future women, or he likely has advantageous results.  A woman who has slept with numerous men can only lose in her quest for decent men to commit to her.

A final thought

Imagine being the father to this young woman.  You slave your guts off for twenty or more years in jobs you hate, in quest to give her the best upbringing, education, guidance and provisioning, and your two eyes are forced to watch your daughter humiliate you.  Kind of makes men who haven’t fathered become grateful, or those who have had sons to be relieved.

I stress fathers in being the biggest losers here, because it must be, without first-hand experience, the hardest gripe in the world to think you have failed in raising your daughter.  The only bigger gripe would be to see her humiliate you, with no or little remorse on her part, after all the sacrifices and endeavours you made.

Mothers will also be ashamed, but in a modern world where women in their 30's, 40's and even 50's are still acting in a maturity level comparable to their daughters, they kind of only have themselves to blame.  To an extent, anyway.  It wouldn’t at all surprise me that when the daughter, mother and father are forced to sit down for the first time in despaired conversation to what they will encounter, the mother defends the daughter and places all blame onto Dad.

Monday, 23 December 2019

2019 unsuccessful outcomes with women

“Don’t waste time on time wasters.”

I’m a great believer that a man learns as much, if not more, from his failures in life in comparison to his triumphs.  In truth, the most successful people in life will usually derive from those who have failed, but who have subsequently triumphed on the back of learning from the failures and mistakes made.  Call it mental or psychological muscle memory, if you like.

I’d also like to think that in comparison to many other writers belonging to the manosphere over the last decade or so, I have come across as someone who hasn’t been afraid to share his failures.  I haven’t seen too many others who share this humble writing execution.  This blog has always been far more about passing on knowledge to good men out their to learn and benefit for the future than it has been about me, therefore if it means exposing my failures, or at least my none triumphant endings, I’ll die a happy man.

And as I’ve documented in the past, often the success is in the attempt rather than the accomplishment.  There are so many mitigating circumstances in all walks of life that stand in the way of an accomplishment, therefore providing someone had the cojones and fortitude to put their balls on the line, knowledgeable that this could lead to failure, hurt of pride, a temporary loss of confidence or swagger, or sometimes public embarrassment, this person certainly gains an abundance more respect from me than another who stands at afar and criticizes when sat on their enthusiastic armchair.  If a man never puts himself out there in the firing line, in playing safe before taking risks, he effectively may as well be and live the life of a woman.

Name Age estimate (or knowledge) Hair Colour Meeting Place Objective Hotness % Weighting of Objective Hotness Sexual turn on (urge to have sex with) % Weighting of Sexual turn on Perceived Girlfriend Material % Weighting of Perceived Girlfriend Material Total Rank
Courtney 23 Blonde Gym 8.75 40% 9 30% 7 30% 8.30 1
Hannah 22 Dark Brunette Gym 7.75 40% 8 30% 8.5 30% 8.05 2
Blonde "Gym Instructor" 24 Blonde Gym 8 40% 8.25 30% 7.75 30% 8.00 3
Maddie 22 Blonde Gym 7.5 40% 8 30% 8.5 30% 7.95 4
Gym Girl ("note on car") 30 Blonde Gym 7.5 40% 7.5 30% 8.25 30% 7.73 5
Next Tamworth Girl 23 Medium Brunette Shop 7.25 40% 7.5 30% 8.5 30% 7.70 6
Brunette Gym Girl "Classes" 27 Dark Brunette Gym 8 40% 8 30% 7 30% 7.70 7
Engaged to be married girl 29 Light Brunette Gym 7 40% 7 30% 9 30% 7.60 8
Ginger Gym Girl 23 Redhead Gym 7 40% 6.75 30% 9 30% 7.53 9
Charlotte (Chav) 31 Blonde Gym 8.25 40% 8.5 30% 4 30% 7.05 10
Molly 24 Dark Brunette Gym 7 40% 6.5 30% 6.5 30% 6.70 11
Hockley Arts Club Girl 27 Dark Brunette Club 7.75 40% 7 30% 5 30% 6.70 11

The above list is based on women who have rejected my advances this year – either directly (a clear “No”) or indirectly (said “Yes” at first but then went AWOL soon after).  The grading and percentage split is obviously by opinion, but I base it on perceived objectivity than my agenda or wishful thinking.  It most certainly isn’t exhaustive in terms of women approached, but in some cases I just didn’t ask those out (perhaps in some cases believing a better time would arrive days later or I thought they weren't quite right in later reflection).  Also, thank goodness some not on the list did say yes, leading to happier and more treasured memories to reminisce over 2019.

As you can see, it doesn’t read a pretty picture for those who are fearful of rejection but who love what women can bring.  What women bring to my life is predominantly sex, followed by company and an opportunity to do things in life I can’t do (or choose not to do) on my own or with my male buddies.  If ever you think most men who approach women regularly (women they don’t know personally) have a high success rate in leading onto sexual relationships, I can guarantee you they are lying if proclaiming this is the case.  Like a gambler who can’t give up the habit, he only tells you the bets he wins. 

For a bit of explanation, I did not fully know in advance that any of the ladies on this list were otherwise engaged with other men.  I’m a firm advocator to not hit on a woman who you know has a male partner, mainly because there are enough bangable single women out there, but also because once more by seeking out taken women is like acting as a female mind (hence women prefer a man who is taken by another woman, all else equal).

For further explanation, ranked numbers 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (Molly) all gave the boyfriend (or in one case fiancé) reason.  All of them had given me significant indicators of interest – hence the undeniable eye contact.  Some made it so obvious that it was almost like I had no choice but to approach.  As stated before, eye contact (hence bed eyes) received from a woman is by no means a reason she will accept your proposition, no matter how tight your game is.

Rank 11 (Club Girl) was one of those that couldn’t stop staring at me in a club, yet once I approached her, she wouldn’t even talk to me.  These pathetic women, and thankfully they don’t exist in huge percentage terms, basically are sexually drawn to the hottest men, but deep down they know (perhaps with the exception of peak fertility window in the month) that there is no way their egos can cope with being alongside him.  Also, they chase validation of their existential importance, and nothing proves this more than the best-looking men approaching them.

Rank 5 gave me more than enough hints to take things further, but I didn’t have any good opportunities to talk to her, so I left a note on her car.  I don’t recommend taking on this process very often, however I kind of thought not only would it box her into an answer, but it also came towards the end of the year after approaching many women.  She never replied.  Once more, numerous glances in my direction were her directives beforehand.  In retrospect, she is clearly a small-town mentality girl who probably plays it much safer than being with a guy like me.

As you will see, 2 and 4 ranked girls were perceived by me as very good girlfriend material, even if a couple of less physically attractive women on this list trumped them on this metric.  Good personality, pleasant, asked me questions about myself, relatively intelligent and sweet natured were some of the traits both possessed.  What perhaps is more gutting is that neither had a boyfriend and both said they would like to meet up in due course.  After I gave number 4 my mobile number, I never heard from her again.  All talk but no action comes to mind.  With 2, I sensed her cooling quite quickly after agreeing to meet up.  Again, I think the fantasy of being with me far outweighed the reality in her mind.  A week later she messaged me stating she was moving to Dubai to work in the airlines industry.  This was true and not just made up.  Nevertheless, I could sense the relief in her words that she could now give a believable reason to not pursue with me.

And finally, number 1

And this nicely leads on to the top ranked woman.  I guess this outcome pains me on two counts.  Not only was she the hottest and most bangable, but when I approached her at the gym I could sense straight away how happy she was that I did so.  Ironically, out of all twelve women on the list, she gave me the least hint to go up to her.  There was no hostility or cold shoulder whatsoever, and she held no hesitation to confirm she was single.  I gave her my number as I didn’t have my phone at the time, and she instigated the messaging by lunch break the same day.

Q-tip 1:
It’s no coincidence that if you are a hot guy of 8 or greater, usually the most positive engagement you will receive from the female population are women bordering on 9 or more.  Most girls who are on your level or lower will not want to be seen with you, especially once they pass the age of 23.

There was a reasonable amount of messaging between us for a week, but as she took ill, we didn’t meet up that weekend.  I did sense her cooling though.  A week later I went on the cross-trainer next to her like the previous week, and her smiles and positivity were much less than before.  Something was clearly going south.

As it turns out, she did give me the (or at least a) honest reason for not venturing on.  She thought I was only three years older than her (she is 23, but I thought she looked 25), and not more than ten years as the birth certificates show.  I have since seen a couple of recent pictures of her, and whilst I fully accept some photographs don’t do people any favours, these particular Christmas party camera shots make her look older than me.  I’ve dated numerous women in excess of ten years my junior, therefore on the face of it you ask why this one wasn’t comfortable with the situation. 

As it happens, she said I was nearer to her Father’s age than her own, and she didn’t feel comfortable with the situation.  Doing the maths, that must mean her Dad is about 43 – meaning he had her when he was 20.  Having seen her Mother, she looks a good few years older than her Dad.  Unless her Mum has aged badly, I’d say she is around 46.

With dynamics of this kind – Mum trying to stay young and clearly having this mentality from a much younger age (women who are fearful of getting older and who need reassurance the leaves aren’t falling off tend to seek out younger men – as she did more than twenty-three years ago) – they will likely turn their nose up at their daughter dating older men.  Ultimately, they will be jealous their daughter can have a life (with a more financially secure man) than she had in struggling on with a younger man who had little money in the pocket. 

Q-tip 2:
Influences and advice - often bad influences and advice – that mothers give their daughters brought out of a mother’s self-agenda projected mindset that outweighs a daughter’s future welfare and present happiness are a disaster waiting to happen that brings about no happy ending for the daughter.  You can only hope, and this needs to be sooner rather than later, that the daughter is strong enough over time to make her own decision, and furthermore see through her evil mother’s self-driven motives.

As it turns out, despite number 1 rank woman holding down endearing personable attributes to give me the early impression that she could be a good girlfriend material, I actually only gave her a 7 grade on this none visual or sexual analysis.  This is because I later found out she is an Instagram whore, and clearly a woman, at least for now, who attains a far greater inclination for self-attention projection and associated "likes" than she does for commitment, loyalty and love for a man.  I wouldn't at all be surprised if she has applied for Love Island on at least one occasion.  With all this in mind and also not excluding the words explained above for girls ranked overall as 2 and 4, the immediate pleasantries a woman gives off does not necessarily mean in contemporary society that she will be a good long term partner.

Have a great Christmas everybody, and all the health and happiness to you and your families.