Monday 24 June 2024

How much do women assess men’s height?


“One set of eyes projecting in reality is worth a dozen sets seeing through lies.”


On the back of this post written along time ago, this post written not long after, and this post not long after that, I had a quick chuckle to myself when reading the following article I came across.

Here are the two pictures that the narrator refers to, with associated commentary he documents:

Garfield is a strong 5′10″ (179 cm), while Pattison is a weak 6′1″.

This is exactly what a solid two inches of a difference looks like. 

You can tell Pattison is taller…but only slightly taller and it’ll be visible only if they’re standing directly next to each other.

In photos in which perspective is shifted due to the stance…you’d never be able to tell:

My thoughts…

My intention as I write is to not articulate too much on this subject, as the linked three posts above, added to a decent amount of other literature belonging to male height embodied in other posts on this blog, should give you all a full insight into my thoughts regarding male height, and the associated attraction viewed upon by women.

Nevertheless, I want to pinpoint three key items that, with particular advice aimed towards shorter (or equally, men who would like to be taller - which applies to most of us) men, are ways to compensate this shortcoming (no pun intended).

·       Strong posture will, at the very least, maximise the height you attain.  A man of any height should not slouch, but this error is all the more detrimental to shorter men.

·       Hair style which makes you look taller.  If you can style in a way like Garfield does in this picture, then use it to your advantage.

·       Shoes/Trainers with height leverage is also only going to bring about positive eyes from women.  Sure, she will eventually see you without this aid, however the immediate attraction is what opens doors.

The responses via commenters brought about, as you would expect, are anything ranging from honest words to total delusion/words to make people feel better about themselves/lies, with everything in between.  By now, based on your life experience, human observation, and study of emotional psychology, you can gain a good knowledge of a person just from a comment like this alone.

I picked out a couple of comments which I thought were worth taking a deeper dive on.  I am not doing to dig them out as such, but just ad lib on the theme.

One commenter (a man, I think) mentioned that for height to be a relevant comparison, the two men need to be stood next to each other in the kitchen, hence with no shoes on, to see where each one is situated in height terms.

Whilst this commenter is correct as far as a comparison, I go back to my point above that, whilst eventually a women will see a man’s true height, this will nearly always be after the three factors I highlighted which will ignite her eyes onto him.  With this in mind, it can be argued that by ticking these three boxes, accepting if feasibility allows on the hair, it is more important than your height per se.

Q-tip 1:                                                                                                                                    Utilize the aspects in life that are within your control, and do not dwell on or resent the things out of your control.

Another commenter (quite obviously a woman) made some resentful and bitter comment along the lines of – “Here we go again about men’s height.  His personality and face are much more important…”

Part of what she says is true, but it is clearly someone who is not comfortable with this topic.  She is right in so far that a facially gifted short man is more physically attractive than a tall ugly man, but this is using extremes as a way of comparison.

If I were a betting man, I would say this woman has a boyfriend who is easy to the eye in facial (and probably body profile) features, but who is on the shorter side of average. 

Women like her are rare in the whole scheme of things (rare, because most women do not predilect to be with a man who is facially good looking, irrespective of his height), however I can think of more than a few like her on recollection.  With this said, do not be fooled into thinking you will find many women out there like her.  The vast majority of women will always seek out an average/above average looking taller man, over and above a facially attractive but shorter man.

I tend to think women like her have a mindset which is a bit like how most women act – opting for lesser looking men, but men with high earnings/high social status, in order to elevate his and her importance through the latter aspect – but in a different route. 

What a woman like her desires to do is to have a way to show off to her friends that she belongs to a good looking man, but she is not confident enough to be with a man at the top end of male physical attractiveness (hence, a man with good face, admirable body profile, and height).  In other words, she does not want to be with a man who attracts inundated amounts of other women.

Q-tip 2:                                                                                                                              Women are constantly fighting out a need to feel important, concurrent to a need to not feel inferior.


Saturday 1 June 2024

Sexual grooming is a by-product of mental dysfunction


                            “The need for attention is an addiction that is hard to let go of.                                 Once you feed the beast to an apparent requirement, it will always ask for more.”


This post is to be primarily read with a condemning mindset.  No man, or woman, should be forgiven for any act of child sexual grooming.  I do not care if said adult possesses so called mental health issues (we live in a world where the mental health reasoning has been taken too far, and often to a lie), because in my book this is no excuse whatsoever. 

Nevertheless, this should also be read with comprehension to why child grooming, and worse still if it borders into sexual activity, fundamentally happens.  You may find that the average person on the street gives you a muddled up bullshit (or at least poor or inaccurate) reason.  A psychologist, for all his or her educational qualifications and intelligence, will often give theoretical analysis, which is either too complex to logically understand, or they will hide behind some level of political correctness. On this blog, you will simply get the truth and real grounds.

A past recollection

I recall a time dancing (if you can call it that!) in a small nightclub which consisted of mainly young adults (aged 18 to 21), with a smaller section of those in their mid-twenties.  I belonged to the latter group.  A young woman came up to me around 1am, and I immediately remembered working with her mother at the same company not long previous.  The daughter who approached me could not have been past her teenage years.

She started flirting with me, and I managed to deflect her attention for a while.  She was fit (7.75/10), but I certainly was not into her enough with especial consideration to the knowledge of who her mum was.  Too must hassle for not enough gain…

A few minutes later, there appeared a quite tall and leggy blonde woman (8/10) stood right next to me.  She was about 22 or 23.  I caught her looking at me, and I would hedge a fair bet that her interest was compounded by who she had just seen me talking to.

I cannot quite remember what the start of the conversation we had was, but what I can recollect is her immediate endeavour to contrive the conversation onto herself with regards to how she was being bombarded with students at the school she tutored at who were also in that same nightclub.  At the time (as this was before I consciously studied the psycho-emotional makeup of women) I passed this off as nothing more than amusement, and that she was just making conversation.

In retrospect, she loved the attention and ego boost these younger men were most likely giving her.  I can only assume that all the students were at least sixteen, and most likely nearer eighteen.

The next day, I messaged her.  She asked if I was around the during the coming weekend.  When I suggested we connected on Facebook, it showed ‘In a Relationship’ and with photos of her boyfriend.  I never messaged her again.

When I looked closer on her social media page, everything gave off smacks of a symbolic attention seeker.  There were even messages from some of the students at her school.  Not breaking the law, but I can only assume however, it was another case of a woman in need of feeling better about herself.

Women grooming male minors

This recent story tells you everything you need to know in terms of why women make the foolish decision to act upon male grooming.  This previous post illustrates a robust explanation to the motivations behind why a woman would go for a younger man generally.

The woman in this article attached is (or was), with no great surprise, also a schoolteacher.  She stated in her defence that a recent breakup caused her to be lonely and seek attention.  Luckily, nobody fell for this as a valid vindication.

Not only did she try it out with one underaged boy, but she did it again.  In another journal I read, she claims (or her lawyer claimed) there was a level of legality to her actions due to one of the boy’s age, and her no longer being a teacher at that time.  This article does not state any kind of age justification.

In any case, the whole fiasco just epitomises and explicates the primary, and somewhat only, reason behind why a woman proceeds in male grooming.  In simplistic terms, it is for attention and an ego boost.

Men grooming female minors

As someone who has worked in secondary schools for the last three months, and with no previous experience in the education sector, I now see first-hand how male teachers can receive attention, and affectionate actions, from female girls within a school setting.  Pure and simple, as a man you have to rise above this (in truth, it should not even be a temptation in the first place), because even if you have some level of amiable feeling towards the girls, as the adult it should not even be a thought-mechanism beyond knowing the girls are being flirty due to their innate female nature.

Q-tip:                                                                                                                                    Adults need to be responsible in all ways, shapes, and forms in life.  A child can be forgiven for being a child.  Unfortunately, too many people belonging to the former group act as kids, leaving those in the latter group to pick up the pieces.

Just a couple of years ago and near to where I live, this pervert was convicted for sexual activity with female minors.  I am sure most people know of similar cases not far to them.  The article tells all, therefore I will not elaborate on the events.

The differing motivations between female and male teachers

Whilst there will be a level of similarity – hence the attention needs from a member of the opposite sex – between female teachers who partake in sexual activity with schoolboys, and male teachers who venture onto sexual activity with schoolgirls, there is big distinction to the dysfunctional thinking and mentality between each adult gender.

As explained, a woman is almost solely preying on male minors to satisfy her self-attention and ego assuaging needs.  Other than this disturbed psychological mind of hers which feeds off such requirements, I very much doubt there is an immediate and stronger sexual inclination for a woman in her twenties or thirties to have sex with a boy at school in comparison for her to have sex with a man her own age or sensibly older.  In other words, the sex with the boy is an aftermath of fulfilling her self-attention and egotistical requirements, in order to just feed the beast and drama that bit more.

Regarding a male teacher, it is different.  As perverted, twisted, and wrong as it sounds, I expect that male teachers who consider sexual activity with girls are actually physically attracted to these female minors as a primary source.  Many of these men will be innate or developed weirdos, and they may even be uncontrollably more sexually attracted to underage girls in contrast to women their own age (assuming women in their twenties or thirties).

Another reason could be that said male teacher does actually have a girlfriend, fiancé, or wife, but his respective female partner has become so unattractive over time that he uses his status to draw in girls he now finds more sexually attractive.

A decisive point, but one which is fully pertinent, is that, just like most none-perverted men out there, a man is unable to attract sought-after women in none-working environments.  In other words, the average man is not attractive or appealing enough to radiate female eyes onto him in places such as the gym, bars, nightclubs, on the street etc, therefore he uses his main playing card - which is his working status, role, and sometimes power - to get women interested in him.

To manifest it all out, the male teacher uses his profession and profile to lure in innocent girls who start to see him as a powerful and important figurehead.  He takes advantage of this scenario, and he is too weak to control his urges or consider the obvious consequences to both himself, and the girls who will be emotionally ruined for years, or a lifetime, to come.

A final thought

Without knowing the full ins and outs of each case, and with appreciation that I am no legal expert, does it not come across as hypocritical that the woman was given bail, yet the man was sentenced to more than ten years in jail (by the way, if I had my way he would have received a far more severe sentence)?

Surely the crime, all else being equal, is the same?  Maybe someone can explain this apparent hypocrisy better to me...?