Saturday 27 December 2014

Losing female infatuation

“The greatest men are those who have the natural process to simply view 
a person as another person.  Whether it be the chief executive or office cleaner, 
a friend or foe, a beautiful woman versus her grotesque female counterpart; 
his distributed respect is only given once earned.”

If I was to defend my fellow men in one small way, at least when they are at a stage in their life when they are yet to venture into the world of what is known as interaction strategy and female emotional psychology, it would have to be the infatuation they hold with the beauty of what many women can display.  Usually this is physical, as this is a woman’s major playing card, but sometimes it can be the spell of those puppy dog eyes and engaging personality.  Of course the former is far more common than the latter when it comes to the way women can bring about unconscious male behaviour.

How do women do this to men? 
  • First, this is because a good deal of men interact, and are in relationships with, women who are more visually attractive in relative terms.  This can range from marginal to significant amounts in physical grades, and naturally the greater the margin the more a man will shift to the more supplicated end of infatuation. 
  • Second, men are sexual predators.  Someone only needs to see how many men can manage to get it on sexually with the most grotesque types of women to know how they must have urges that simply need relinquishing.  So if they can find it in them to attain erections with those women, you can imagine how smitten they must be once upgrading. 
  • Third, and this is more applicable to men post 25, they can see a life fearful in being alone.  This is not a concern that rivals a woman’s trepidation of this subject on like for like basis, but it is a big thought process they go through.  As their friends start to settle down like dominoes knocking down the next one, nights out become less and less.  As nights out become fewer, options are far more sparse, even to very good looking men or men of high status.  If you don’t mingle, you remain single.  So when an opportunity does arise, bang goes any calm, and with it is a production of viewing a woman on a level above her physical attractiveness objectivity.

All this falls against the way a woman desires a man to act.  It is often said on this blog, and I am never tired of reiteration because it all the more by men and women alike seems to be ignored: women’s ego feeds off habits as explained above, but their intimate predilections are diminished this way.

As I write this post I am sat in a prestige sports car manufacturer’s showroom.  Let me tell you that there are some mighty impressive cars, surpassed only (almost!) by the impressive presence of 3 of the young women in the service/administration departments.  It would be easy for me to start staring in admiration every time one of them walked past, and part of me wants to.  Very few days will pass when I sit in a room with 1 cute woman and 2 hot women no more than 10 yards away from me.  But I have learnt this is the last way any man should behave if he harbours ambitions to be successful over time.  I have no doubts that an adequate opportunity will not develop where I can escalate anything on this given day.  One of them knows about my girlfriend, and although this pre-selection validation helps a man far more then it hinders him, on this occasion it would likely deter any future success if it came my way.  It’s all about weighing up the situation to benefit you.

Naturally, this high status kind of environment attracts high status and wealthy potential male customers.  For the sake of argument, I’ll class the salesmen in this category too.  Every single one of them is clueless in how to act with them.  Maybe they aren’t interested in any of the girls, and they are in fact just being friendly and amicable guys.  If this is the case, applauds go out to each and every one.  But something tells me that if they were sent a message that offered them a chance with these women, they wouldn’t hesitate for a single second.  Nodding heads, supplication, over complimenting, eyes too glued onto the women when they talk, agreeing with everything they say, no stimulating conversation (I admit this can be hard for colleagues), and no hint of apathy or doing their own thing is all to be seen here.  Not for a minute would I say they should be complete assholes, but one thing I could say is being a complete asshole will get them further than their current processes.  It hurts me, because away from the arrogance and desperation to portray a level of importance and power, they are probably genuinely nice guys.  Contrary to the reputation some might attain because of their supposed powerful positions, most high status men are just like the representation of over 80% of guys when in the company of women – beta males acting how perennial nice guys act.

This is why I’m not a huge advocate of high status male websites and magazines with regards to the productiveness of male advice in view of attracting female attention.  I won’t name names, but “high status” male offerings may give you an idea towards my critique.  I can’t lay claim to be a consistent reader of either source I’m referring to, therefore if I am wrong or inaccurate to my claims then I’ll happily hold my hands up.  But from what I have read, they do appear to succeed and fail almost in simultaneous fashion. 

The positive part is that they do offer beneficial advice in how to become the most attractive male in terms of fashion, healthy lifestyle, appealing fragrances and workout routines.  They also do touch on fundamental aspects like acquiring the appropriate attitude and confidence, in addition to how to portray body language that will project appeal onto women.  However, in my opinion too much of the advice is focused on trying too hard to please women.  They won’t say this in words, but to me it comes across as the way a man should do this and do that in order for her to like him. 

It sends a message of seeking out for her approval.  As 99% of men don’t replicate the visions of highly aesthetic men as seen on the web links or magazines (not that good looks is a barometer for how men act), and likewise they do not possess the immediate high status and fame that male celebrities can exploit, you can only imagine that the gut instinct for a relatively na├»ve man is to believe he must try harder.  When a man has a mindset to try harder, it rarely has a happy ending in securing the woman he most desires. 

As touched on above, good looks and high physical attractiveness for men only play a small part in ultimate attraction.  It helps to get women’s attention, but so many other factors are in place that can give lesser looking men a slice of the pie.  However, if I was to say one thing that does help in being part of the top end of male physical attractiveness – the combination of facial good looks, impressive body profile and height – it is the way that through an unexplainable mentality, or past experience of intimate dealings with many cute and hot women, you are never that infatuated when the next one comes along. 

Should you admire women?  When deserving, yes.  Should you have uncontrollable sexual urges when one so stunning is in your peripheral vision?  In a discrete fashion, oh yes.  But infatuation, no.  This may upset a woman’s ego, but forget about that.  Men of all kinds should think about taking a step back on one of these opportune moments.  It’s amazing how the path to most reward comes from less, rather than more, effort.

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