Monday 8 February 2021

Women’s life strategy pregnancies

“If life is a lottery, how many of us buy a winning ticket?”


About a year ago, I saw a young man who looked no older than 21 walk into the semi-detached house opposite to me on the cul-de-sac where I live.  Since I’ve been living here, I’ve lost count of how many different residents have come and gone in that particular house, therefore it is obviously rented accommodation. 

As the weeks passed by, I then saw a woman who looked a few years older than him walk into the same house.  She was carrying a baby.  I haven’t had a conversation with any of them, however my next-door neighbour works with the young man at a nearby car manufacturing company. 

As further weeks passed, now well into the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions, I saw another woman pull up and knock on their door.  She also was carrying a baby.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the woman who pulled up was my neighbour’s (the female neighbour) sister, but it could just as easily be her friend.

Did he want to be a Dad?

Call me cynical, but I find it hard to believe that a man barely in his twenties, earning likely well below average wages and still in his theoretical liberated days, would have chosen to be a father at this stage in his life.  Call me further cynical, but I also find it incredibly coincidental that two women, either sisters or close friends, just so happen to get pregnant at the same time and have babies of remarkably similar age. 

This all begs the question to how many pregnancies are an example of when the man is on board.  I have never been a father - most likely through a combination of destiny, circumstance, being astute minded, and some admitted lucky escapes (the one not so lucky escape some years ago was my own fault, as she had made me fully aware of her contraceptive situation) – but if I was in that position I would like to think, perhaps being too optimistic in this day and age, that this conversation could take place:

Her: “Darling, you need to know that I’m not on the pill, or I’m thinking of going off the pill because it causes me bad side effects I don’t want to have any longer.  So, you need to either wear condoms or we take the risk of what could happen.” 

Me: Okay sweetheart, at least I know, and we can make that decision together.  Basically, we’re not close to being ready to be parents together, so I’ll wrap up for now.  If we do ever drop our guard and the worst happens, we then have nobody to blame but ourselves.” 

Pie in the sky?  Too much to ask in modern society?  All I will say is that I have been lucky to an extent that most girlfriends I have dated for over a month (I took it upon myself to wear condoms before this timescale) have been honest with me and told me they were on the pill, or otherwise.  I think this has more to do with the fact these women, by and large, were very much characteristic “girl’s girls” – hence more interested in their own life, career and/or self-importance to contemplate the hassles of motherhood. 

Coincidence or what?

Take a look at this video I caught on the news last week.  

It defies belief that on one street a range of apparently similar aged women all fall pregnant around the same time.  One of them alludes to the pregnancy coincidences being due to a lack of social offerings during lockdown therefore people are having more sexual intercourse with more time on their hands.  I think that is a convenient (but believable to the masses) reason which is used to cloud over the real reason.  The real reason, in my view, is because women use it as an excuse to have a child when they want to have one.  When they see other friends, and foes nearby, getting pregnant, they don’t desire to be left out.

You’ll see three male partners out of the six women referenced in the video.  I could have closed my eyes, and ears, and these men would have looked and sounded just as I expected them to.  Feminine, weakly spoken, lapdog characteristics, and basically the secondary importance within the relationship.  Goodness gracious, where have the real men gone…?

Unplanned pregnancy percentages

There are a few conflicting sources online that would lead you scratching your head to what the accurate percentage of planned or unplanned pregnancies result in.  This article will be one of the more truthful out there, illustrating a 45 percent of total pregnancies in the United States each year being unintended.  In any case, the statistics are only as good as the truth behind the words of the people declaring this information.  It doesn’t take a genius to fathom that there are many women, and men, out there claiming a pregnancy was planned when deep down they know it was not.  I guess it is a pride thing at the end of the day.

The article would leave an innocent reader to think that the contraceptive pill and condoms are a terrible source of birth control.  I’m no medical expert at all, but in all the time I have relied on women telling me they were on the pill and using it properly and responsibly, in addition to the other times I used condoms, if these contraceptive offerings were so ineffective then why aren’t I paying child custody for a small soccer team?  You may say I’m firing blanks?  My answer to that would be, at least prior to chemotherapy, I attained a fully normal sperm count as tests proved.  So, were all these women infertile?  Highly unlikely.

The true reason

The truth of “unplanned” pregnancies, if we are willing to face up to it, is one of three reasons in the main:

1)    Women are not on the pill when they tell their male partners they are.  The likelihood is she wants to get pregnant.

2)    Women skip the pill, or are strategically irresponsible, to coincide with a lack of barrier during their most fertile days.  She consciously wants to get pregnant.

3)    Women avoid having an in-depth conversation at all with their male partners about whether she is on the pill or not.  The likely scenario is she, whilst not being totally in conviction, thinks having a child will be a good change in her life pattern.

A final thought

As I documented in this post a few years ago, there are tell-tale signs to detect women who will contrive a pregnancy to suit their life.  You can never be totally sure even if you are a smart man, however with a bit of good screening you can place better odds in your favour in what to do.

I stress you can never be totally sure, because although I would humbly rate myself as a smarter man than most in this respect, I’m the first to admit that if a woman tells me she is on the pill, I usually trust her words and hope she acts with integrity.  I guess the dice is rolled on my part if she has future motives and plans that aren’t on the same path as mine.

And I don’t desire to be a total hypocrite.  I’ve said a number of times to people that I shouldn’t be here.  My mother and father should have known by then they weren’t right for each other, and in turn not conceived me.  My older brother I can accept, but not me.  So, it’s more than a chance that I was not planned by both parties.


The societal birth rate requires both genders to produce, but only one has full control.


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Tuesday 2 February 2021

Are uglier women more open to good-looking men?


“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”


A loyal, dedicated and inquisitive reader asks for my thoughts on the previous post.

I am surprised the 16-23 bracket isn't higher for woman 1. I would have expected 60-70%. But looking back on my personal experience the most obvious signs were/are from women in their 30s.

I had a few questions for you somewhat related to this topic.

I notice generally, older/uglier/heavier women seem more likely to appreciate a man's physical looks (or at least be more vocal about it) than highly attractive or even above average looking women.
Is it because of

a) Do older/uglier/ heavier women have less to lose and more to gain by catching the guy than the attractive girl so they can "swing for the fences"? Ala your post about an ugly girl with 50/1 odds as opposed to an attractive girl with 2/1 odds betting on the horse.

b) Because the older/uglier/women have had less butt kissing from men throughout their lives they have less of an ego and are more secure (relatively speaking) compared to the attractive women?

c) It's a massive ego boost to the older/uglier/heavier woman to land a good looking guy, so they will work to reel him in and make it very easy for him?

d) They truly value male physical looks more than the attractive woman?

Your post was very thought provoking and really made me sit down and think. If you listen to all these red pill/black pill pundits, and take what they say as fact, you'd assume the girls in the age bracket 16-23, 90% - 95% would be woman 1 and clearly that is not the case.


My response: 

Your comments sum up it up admirably.  I will add in accordance:

a)    In essence, you are right.  An older/uglier/heavier woman will not receive the feeling of emotional rejection any better than a hotter woman, but on a bang for buck basis she will have more to gain (due to a greater leverage of self-importance) and less to lose (as she will have pretty much assumed she has no hope anyway) in being declined by a good-looking man.

b)    Correct.  Whilst I wouldn’t say the older/uglier/heavier woman is any more secure of herself in significant terms, the fact she hasn’t experienced the plaudits from female friends or male lapdog friends/boyfriends to illustrate her beauty, her ego isn’t as large, and her pride isn’t as fragile.

c)     A cute or hot woman possesses her own validation and self-importance from knowledge of her own high scale physical looks.  She does not need a good-looking man in her hand to verify this.  An older/uglier/heavier woman, needless to say, has no such validation luxury.  With this in mind, you find the less attractive women being more proactive, forthcoming and sexually easier than better looking women.

d)    It’s important to emphasise that a cute or hot woman will value the sexual arousal and heart-racing feelings a top end physically attractive man will give her every bit as much as the lesser looking women you reference.  I would go as far to say that said cute or, and especially, hot woman even values it more, such is the fact she can sniff closer reality to experiencing it for herself.  Nevertheless, as explained in c), the distinction is the zealous approach a lesser looking woman will take in comparison to the better-looking woman. 

Now on to your first paragraph – in relation to women aged 16-23.  At the most, I could be stretched to a 50/50 split (bear in mind I documented in the post as 40% will act out as Woman 1), but no more than this.  The fact I analysed from the female age of 16 also has a pronounced impact.  At the female age of 16 to 18, the highest prioritised male metric is social status (even more so than from 19 to 21), but at that male age a young man’s physical looks portrays predominance as his social status anyway.  Exceptions could be an ugly or mediocre looking male DJ, bartender, or similar local profile role.  So ultimately a majority of 16 to 18 year old women will happily, and often eagerly, seek out the best-looking men.

Next, moving on to your comment about the pundits.  All I will say is, in respect to 16 to 23 year old women, two things:

1)    If there are 90%-95% of women in this age range who place ultimate priority on their sexual and heart racing requirements, I would love to live in this world.  I most certainly don’t see it as the case.  I would have loved to live in this world during my University days if so.  Nevertheless, granted women at this age do place a greater need for blessed male aesthetic value.  It just isn’t near to the percentages these pundits claim it is.

2)    These pundits must judge male physical attractiveness levels far more generously and compassionately than I do.  I can only assume that what they see as an above-average looking man (7/10 to 7.75/10) to me is a good-looking man to them.  If this is the case, then yes, you could argue the hottest women want to be with these men.  But to me, these men are above-average only.  This is why you see most 8/10 to 8.5/10 women with 7/10 to 7.75/10 men.  And more than a few women opt to go below 7/10 too, which only further exemplifies Woman 2 as described. 


Honesty and objectivity do not derive from wishful thinking.  They are the product of facing up to the truth and reality, and the opening of your eyes to what the world is really like.

A final thought

It should be pointed out, and for the purpose of not being misguided, that it is still only a small minority of older/uglier/heavier women who are more open, and often proactive, to the path towards the best looking men.  Don't think there are hoards of these women going out their way to strike gold with the hottest men for the reasons as explained above.  Most still won't, it's just that in percentage terms there will be more older/fatter/heavier women taking on this role than cute and hot women.

In fact, and I most certainly go from first hand experience, some of the most acrimonious, hostile, and sometimes physically aggressive (barging past me for no reason with robust contact) demeanour has come from the compartment of older/uglier/heavier women.  I knew none of these women.  I can only assume that I put their nose out of joint due to the inferiority complex placed on them, in addition to their perception of me being a playboy or golden balls who has everything he wants.

So whilst a hot guy can make a cute or hot woman feel less important about herself, he most definitely also manifests negative emotions onto the less attractive women too.  It's just a different kind of negative emotion produced.