Wednesday 24 December 2014

When is the female ego at its most severe?

“Blind faith may keep certain people alive, but it sure is a lousy way to live life.”

Regular readers of this blog will be aware how much I am adversarial towards the female ego and the destruction it can cause.  Na├»ve men, as most men are, suffer the most because their default mechanism enforces belief that they must keep trying harder to please a woman in conjunction to the more she demands and promotes her world.  The typical man will just keep throwing more coins into the wishing well in hope she appreciates what he does each time.  Women are also big losers in falling flat on their face due to their own ego, as what they say is most admirable to their requests is in fact contradicting how it impacts on their ultimate happiness. 

Oxford Dictionary definition of ego:
the self, the part of the mind that is aware of itself as an individual.

With most women, their instinctive thought process goes via their ego chain of process.  When they refer to desires in belonging to a man who is nice, kind and giving to them all the time, this is the primary words that are formed from the ego.  It makes a woman feel good about herself, but it goes against a woman’s innate function to be challenged and seek things in life that do not come along without a fight.  So a woman will often date a nice guy because of her immediate voice within telling the brain this is what will make her feel special, but over time this habit causes resentment as the man makes it all too easy for her.  More often than not, with women who still have options on their side, they will depart from the guy who placed it on a plate.

Similarly, women will state the opposite about men who are apathetic towards their existence.  They will claim they despise the way this small segment of the male population (although many women will be adamant it is the majority of male society) act more selfish, less giving and with an attitude that interprets to her that she is only one female in a planet of millions others worth taking.  A woman’s sour facial expression towards a man of this nature would allow a clueless person to think she would never give him the time of day.  However, once the dust has settled and the antagonism has diffused, you will notice how many women are uncontrollably drawn to men who couldn’t give a toss to the crown she so usually has polished. 

But with some women, and especially those who are rarely accustomed to apathy and always familiar with supplication – hence very cute or hot women – the female ego will even stand in the way of going with their sexual feelings in order to protect the pride.  So whilst she may be grueling at the thought of getting it in with something that isn’t in the palm of her hands, a woman can vainly convince her mind that this man is not worth her special value to planet earth.  With this in mind, she will choose an unchallenging nice guy, only to end up unhappy.  In a fairytale story where she was informed as a little girl to run with her heart, she didn’t bargain for a defensive shield to stand in the way.  The acting barrier is better known as her ego.

Less observant folk may think, with a level of reasoning, that a woman’s relative physical attractiveness is aligned with the magnitude of her ego.  There is more to this than meets the eye, because although you would expect it to be the case, external aspects of life implicate on the way female egoism leverages and fades.

Female age 16 to 18

A young girl approaching adult life but with no responsibilities is beginning to produce something a little more projected onto her worthiness.  As she starts to see the mirror reflection transform from a spotty teenager to an alluring fresh woman, it can bring about thoughts to make her believe she is becoming special.  Boys should now give more, she thinks. 

Nevertheless, although girls at this tender age are just as efficient at mind games and manipulations with the male gender as their elder female counterparts, the lack of life experience somewhat restricts the bar to how far the ego can stretch.  So whilst girls at this stage in their life may be running self-consciousness and cunning games in simultaneous timeframes, their actual ego is still a long way from reaching its height.

Ego scale:       7/10

Female age 19 to 23

Although a healthy lifestyle and absence of kids should result in women’s beauty going beyond 23, the reality is a high percentage of them do in fact peak during this phase.  It may be a case of unfortunate genetics or a couple too many beers and burgers during their college party days, but many will look back in their rocking chairs to realize the most embraced photographs belong to an age that sits from 19 to 23.

In terms of their escalated ego in this period, it will be increasing but not yet optimized.  This is where the threshold is of pinnacle ego is still below the optimum physical attractiveness they possess.  The reason is that they are still prioritizing good time hunting over self-importance needs, and they are far more susceptible to poor choices with men treating them badly than safe bets to maintain damaged pride.  Women at this young age can come across as the least friendly and engaging they will ever be, but this isn’t to be mistaken with possessing the strongest ego.

Ego scale:       8/10

Female age 24 to 28

The mirror, depending whether they are on the low or high side of this duration, is showing the best it ever has or signs of an imperceptible decline.  In truth, women who look after their lifestyle should be most glamorous in this timeframe, but many miss the boat.  If they are still sailing, they have the luxury of youthful image combined with mature physical development.  That said, once 25 is passed their metabolisms will slow down, and treadmills are a greater necessity concurrent to cream cakes being less forgiving.

The ego of a woman is now becoming a monster.  Not only is she looking good, but a woman at this age will be surrounded by male dominated workplaces with desperate men striving to get into her pants.  This only compounds her belief that the world is hers for the taking.  Further to this, odd doubts of her fragmenting beauty enforce a nasty habit to go fishing for compliments and seeking attention that little bit more than her younger self.  So even at 28, where the best physical attractiveness days are quite possibly behind her, the ego will be at the top of the mountain.

Ego scale:       10/10

Female age 29 to 35

Apart from absolute isolated exceptions, women have are now past their sell by date for a portrait that shows the most splendor.  Sure, at the younger extreme of this period they can still look mighty fine, but even then it would be unusual to be more striking to the eye than a few years ago.

With natural beauty diminishment runs simultaneous reduced egos.  Nevertheless, it can still be higher than the objectivity should allow.  Those who were on the fortunate side of hotness will, if clever, now be tied down with good earning men who spend plenty of money to keep them “happy”.  All this manifests to a female product that, whilst comprehensive of her embraced photos belonging to the archives, holds inclinations to show her peers the affluent house she resides in and the latest pair of shoes the sucker husband has purchased for her.

Ego scale:       8.5/10

Female age 36 to 40

Even if a woman in her late 20s or 30s chose to live in denial of her lack of beauty in comparison to younger days, once she reaches 36 it will be pretty hard to even reassure her own vain hope that she is still wanted as much as ever.  The lack of attention cannot be hidden from.

The ego will again run down the stream at the same pace.  There is no longer the demands once placed, and admission to other tactics is required if she still harbours ambitions for the flame to keep burning.  Expect women now to become much friendlier and receptive to male advances.  These male advances will be of lower quality than before.

Ego scale:       6/10

Female age 40+

Not to put too fine a point on it, unless she has a footballer’s wife lifestyle to exploit, this isn’t even worth consideration.  Having said this, there are still odd women who simply cannot let go of their past.

Ego scale:       5/10

Make no mistake about it, the female ego truly is a beast that needs taming sooner, rather than later.  Men should take note of the differing ego scales as time moves on, and realize that they do not need to exert unnecessary financial expenditure, emotional investment and time when she is at her most valuable.  Her stipulations, in view of mother time, cannot be taken seriously. 

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