Sunday 30 March 2014

British summer girls: but which do you prefer?

“They come in all shapes and sizes, but are the ones you choose the ones you would chew?”

There’s nothing quite like the first day of the year when you can sit outside and enjoy a ray of sunshine.  We aren’t exactly spoilt with endless sunny days in the UK, so maybe we can appreciate it that little bit more when it does beam down on our pasty foreheads.  Nothing epitomizes the change of seasons more than British women’s zealousness to show those flabby white legs on a night out.  Not that it stops them in the winter.  Only kidding, if you are happy to keep dipping the hand in an enormous candy bag with your eyes shut, eventually you’ll pick up the sweet that leaves a fond memory on the taste buds.

Second only to our good friend and ally of the USA, British girls reign global supreme when it boils down to exploitation of their existence, deploying mind games with men, and congregation of female gatherings to show the world what it is missing.  When summer strikes, off they go to party in warmer climes that offer a chance to show off their beauty or attain more attention than usual from desperate men.  I stand by the fact our ladies will catch a fish in Autumn, take him for a ride in terms of his gratitude, expenditure and supplication just past Valentine’s Day, then look to be on the phone to their girl friends come April.  Who can blame a cunning bird for bleeding a naïve man dry?  I doubt there were many bites of his worm in the time before she jettisoned.

Not that I’m complaining at all about this routine process.  The better looking, edgy and astute men can take full advantage of women’s seasonal habits.  Whilst the brainless chaps keep them occupied in the colder months, guys like me capitalize on female adjustments when the days become longer.  And I’m no different to most men.  My libido levels significantly increase between April and September.  There are many women I have slept with in my lifetime summer experiences who I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole once the clocks have gone back an hour in October.  Simply put, a woman’s body, to a point, can disguise her facial shortcomings when my sexual urge is the motivation.

The below pictures are from a group of women I know on an impersonal level, and they were taken from last year’s summer vacation to Marbella.  The Andalucian beach resort has proved to be a popular destination in recent years for Brit girls, mainly because it is renowned for a few third rate male celebrities venturing there, but also due to the supposed number of high status and wealthy men to be found.  So even with knowledge of declining physical allure, a woman past her prime years can convince the mind that a sugar daddy is their waiting to be knocked off his feet once her shadow walks past.  From my standpoint, these visions illustrate a good example of how you would see a typical group of British women, and their individual look dictates the way they fit into the group.  Needless to say for those clued up, but important to clarify for inhabitants of cloud cuckoo land, their relative physical attractiveness swings the differing level of projection onto male eyes.

The dreadful billboard posing picture will label each woman from left to right by number.  A beach photo is also attached to further emphasize their differing body profiles. 

Woman 1: The Elder Stateswoman

We may as well start with the woman that, I would anticipate, honest men find the least sexually sought after within the group.  As the most mature looking (and probably chronologically oldest) out of all five, she may well have been decent to look at a good few years ago.  As for today, not only must it be a nagging thought to see thousands of more eye catching women in the bars and clubs, but to be ranked the lowest in a five-piece further compounds the misery.

How does a woman counteract this situation?  Pure and simple, a woman in this predicament has no option but to be louder, friendlier and provide far less sexual resistance when men are in the vicinity.  This strategy won’t make them find her more attractive, but on a singles party holiday men can sometimes go by the “time is precious” mentality.  Five minutes talking to her for a guaranteed lay will seem like a more beneficial choice than hours in complimenting a hotter counterpart - only to walk separate ways once the wallet has been bled dry.

Woman 2: The Hottie

Although the posing picture doesn’t do her justice (seems to me like she has consumed one too many kebabs come the end of the week), the blondie dressed in lime (yellow?) is the one who will strike most men’s instinctive attention.  She knows this, and like most hot women she can make men endeavour that bit harder to get what she wants.  Hardly ever do hot women like her give it up to any Tom, Dick or Harry on an average night, and even the best looking men will have their work cut out in escalating with her.  As documented many times on this blog, hot women do not take kindly to being with men who are on physical impressiveness parity.  The only men with high percentage chances of sexual liaisons with her are going to be the isolated famous men (who could be good looking) or local high profile businessmen. 

This woman was encroaching her 27th birthday during the girl’s outing, and she proves how some women at this point of life can look as good as they did in their early 20s if they have chosen a healthy lifestyle.  Nevertheless, the decline will start to show signs about now, even for a typical girl’s girl who hasn’t had kids to wear her down.  Hot women, by and large, crave for bad boys who treat them like crap at a younger age, but the mid 20s phase will see a shift in partiality male mate choice towards higher status but lesser looking men.  If she doesn’t lay her cards on the table soon, her options in men will naturally go down the leagues in alignment with her diminishing beauty.  Many of them even strike lower than necessary before they pass their pinnacle splendor.  Call it a contingency.  If you have often seen women of this compartment in their late 20s or 30s, with an average looking male partner and two little children alongside them, life isn’t playing tricks on you.

Woman 3: The Follower

Hidden at the back, it could be argued that this lady in her mid 20s is the most facially blessed out of all five women.  However, when you take a look at the beach photograph, a bronze medal is all she can hope for in overall physical attractiveness against the others.  A pose or expression can tell you a lot about a woman, and I think men underestimate this probability.  When you analyze all five women, she is the one who holds the most natural stance and is clearly not seeking any elaborate attention.  This woman will casually go with the flow when suggestions are made with regards to restaurant, bar or club venues.  She is the perennial follower of the group.

In consideration to all five, she is the one who appears to least desire in being there.  As attention is not a huge requirement, I very much doubt the scintillating conversation and good times are much of a draw for her, and my guess is that she is a homely girl waiting for a nice guy to treat her right.  It could well be she met him after the vacation booking and he is waiting for her at home, but despite being boyfriend driven, even partner validation requiring women still have those irritable fantasies of a rough guy leading them astray.  They are just, due to stronger will powers and solid prides, far less likely to go there.

Woman 4: The Leader

In every girl group derives the crying out for a leader.  In this case, here’s your nomination.  Despite nearly all women having uncontrollable mechanisms to inflate the ego and draw eyes onto them, hardly any, in percentage terms, like to take on the proactive role as the one to direct control of situations.  Some take it on reluctantly, but others use it to their advantage in manipulating results to suit their agendas. 

In an almost magical but non-coincidental manner, she is not only the second oldest but also, I would expect from the minds of men speaking truthful words, the second least sexually desirable.  Not dissimilar to her more senior and perhaps less alluring friend, a woman who can no longer acquire numbers of male hunters is left with no alternative but to deploy tactics that benefit her.  As the leader, she can guide the troops to trenches where she is at her most valuable and comfortable.  So if there is a decision to be made where one place has younger and good looking men, yet the other option is filled with older and more desperate (but perhaps rich) men, any prizes for guessing where she leads the march?

Woman 5: The Young Cutie

Slightly shy of being hot but feasibly cute, the 20 year old of the pack back then has the most optimistic outlook for the forthcoming years.  If I was to see this group out for the first time, she wouldn’t be the first to strike my eye (as this accolade belongs to Woman 2) but she would soon be the one to arouse my sexual compulsions.  As a guy who is rather partial to the more curvaceous ladies of the world, I’d soon be shifting away from my gender physical equivalent grade – hence the hot blonde – and onto the one who gets my balls hard in an instant moment. 

As the youngest member, vacations of this kind are tailor made for a cute woman like this one.  She can simply follow the tracks of the older foes like a baby bird flying behind her mother for the first time, but once accustomed to the big bad world, it won’t be long before she realizes male species are far more interested in her freshness than the experience of her elder four compatriots.  A very cute woman offers the perfect ingredients for all men.  First, she arouses the men most in demand, and as she is more than a decent catch, they won’t just fly away as soon as the needs have been relinquished.  Second, less desired men – average looking nice guys but willing in providing, supplication and commitment by definition – just about see her as attainable despite still boxing above their weight. 

So if a cute woman with an appealing body to bang has men pulling at her from all directions, which option does she take?  Well, much depends on her confidence levels and cravings to feel wanted.  Her sexual impulses will naturally draw her towards edgier and more aesthetic men, but the ego necessities to feel better about herself will sway her in the direction of a guy who is that usual 10% to 15% less eye catching in relativity.  Whilst knowledgeable to the power of money, her young age is a couple of years away from the whole female hypergamy mindset of male occupational status, and this means she can flip between bad boys (perceived or actual) and nice guys.  Currently, she is with a nice guy who is significantly below her in the looks stakes, but he is, as his default mind believes it must be, someone who spends abundant monetary and emotional expenditure in order to keep her at arm’s length from better looking rivals.  This is fine in the short term, but he can expect a broken heart once her appreciation turns to resentment.

There is pretty much 10 years disparity from the eldest to youngest in this female party.  They all play their part, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses from a sex hungry man’s perspective.  Nevertheless, one aspect that cannot be ignored is how age plays a huge part in female projected desirability onto male sight.  With maybe an odd intricate move here and there, the physical beauty ranking transports from high to low in respect of youngest to oldest.  To my knowledge, none of them have raised children; therefore it is a simple comparison of mother time reflecting on relative beauty. 

A more pertinent analysis would be to see pictures of the same woman at the ages of 21, 25, 28, 31 and 34.  With the vast majority of “regular” women (as celebrities offer little validity to this subject), the physical impressiveness descends as the respective age ascends.  This is why I stand by how critical it is for a woman to sell her market price prior to 25 candles sitting on the birthday cake, if ambitions are held to track down the best man she can obtain.  If left any later, she can expect to be booking another trip to sunny Spain with the girls once more.  This is on the provision that there are still some happy hunters left to go with her.

Now compare this to a group of men ranging from 21 to 34 years of age – who are all of similar innate looks comparativeness to each other.  By sheer force of nature, sexual evolution and general averages, men who look after themselves should be most physically attractive in their late 20s or early 30s.  For men blessed with kind genetics, this privilege can even transcend into the mid 30s.  In transparent explanation, the ageing of male facial features is much delayed in comparison to women, but men’s body profiles and builds do not fully develop and peak until the latter part of the third decade.  And let us not forget: men do not rely on physical attractiveness to attract the opposite sex in the same manner to how women rely on their beauty to appeal to the male population.

Another polar opposite between male and female sexual attraction onto their opposing genders is the contemplation of maturity and leadership traits.  Although some men never seem to grow up, the general consensus and actuality is that a man attains further positive personality, attitude and pro-activeness as he grows through the years.  Women find this very attractive, and it can be seen in evidential ways with regards to so many of them walking hand in hand with older men.  Flip the coin, and a woman who is older, dominating and more in the face of someone is far less pleasing to the lion’s share of male hunters.

A woman should be entitled to enjoy life as much as any man out there.  When all is said and done, this is what life is about – enjoyment.  Would it be worth it otherwise?  However, the simple reality for women in the modern day is clear.  If they hold desires to locate the highest calibre man that plausibility allows, stretch him to commitment, plus take him to the alter and midwife, women must do it sooner rather than later unless they truly hold inclinations to back horses with longer odds.

** The documented descriptions of habits, decisions, strategies or any other reference are based on my general experiences with females who are representative to the respective physical and characteristic genre of each exampled woman.  This blog does not subscribe to claim these are the ways each woman mentioned above does, in practice, behave. **


Wednesday 26 March 2014

Confidence: it’s all or nothing

“Confidence is a trait so hard to define.  So few of us have as much as we would like, and those who we think have an abundance seldom have the perceived amount.  Forever we are aspiring to gain compliments and attention, but our short term memory forces us to continuously search for this validation of our worth to the world.  Confidence takes years to build up, but in one drastic moment we can fall off the ladder and lose it all.”

When women are asked what their most desirable trait in a man must be, the vast majority of them will say it is confidence.  I have known very confident men, along with extremely unconfident men.  I’ve seen some of my closest friends go from zero to absolute over the years in their confidence levels, alongside those who have gone through the polar inverse of this cycle.

Confidence isn’t just one trait that is brought to a man’s life.  For example, a high level of charisma heightens his confidence.  Personality, or knowledge that he has it, brings about confidence.  A man’s good looks, when he sees a wide portfolio of women looking at him with differing emotions, can be the highest compliment to his confidence.  And money, although only a material object at the end of the day, will also aid a man’s confidence - albeit to paper over the cracks of his more organic deficiencies.  Confidence is usually associated with high value men, but not always.  Bad boys have the trump card when it comes to confidence, as naïve, and some intelligent, women sniff it like a scent of fine cologne.  Some nice guys have confidence, but not many have it to a greater extreme.  If they possessed more of it, they wouldn’t need to act with women in the way they do.

So how does confidence come about, and how can it be lost?  What factors contribute to a man portraying the most important commodity he needs to attract and acquire women of all kinds?  Can it be faked, learnt or built on, or is it simply something to be born with?

Like most elements in sexual attraction, men usually have a small idea as to what attracts a woman, and what turns them away.  But it usually ends there.  They don’t take the time to actually study or understand what women first find attractive, and they rarely ask questions to the opposite sex that would clearly assist their success rates.  Although many women say one thing and act another way within their own emotional life, they are strangely very honest and objective in informing a guy to the areas that attract them.  At least this appears the case when it doesn’t implicate on them directly.  I’ve asked many women this question, and the overwhelming majority response comes in the form of confidence.  A man can never have enough confidence when utilized in the corrective way.  The danger is always when he oversteps the mark and it turns to a level of arrogance.  When this optimum threshold is passed, the confidence he has built up becomes counter-productive. 

The first time I truly understood it was confidence that turned women on more than anything else was when I started to go out with a few mates from the gym.  Two of them were typical beta males - short in confidence, stature or presence.  However, one of them was the typical alpha male.  He was decent looking, but by his own admission he wasn’t as visually appealing as me - both in facial features and bodily profile.  He just didn’t give a care about what women thought of him, and just as importantly, how they would react when he approached them.  Rejection wasn’t even a concern to him, and his carefree attitude was there for all to see.  I admired his lack of consideration to the outcome dependence of his interactions with the opposite sex.  I recall one night when we met one particular woman who attended the same gym.  She actually was more attracted to me (at least that’s the way it seemed), as whilst she acknowledged my friend, she knew about his previous history with other women.  That said, I always sensed her attraction towards him too, but it was like she was forcing herself not to like him.  Looking back, part of her attraction towards me was probably down to my lack of interest in her. The push-pull scenario, in terms of how women push towards a man when he is apathetic, comes to mind here.

A couple of weeks later I became quite good friends with this woman.  She had a fiancé, so I kind of hid behind the fact I wasn’t someone who desired to get in between the two of them.  Looking back, I should have been as honest as I would be today, but these are the weakly spoken words to a women you don’t find attractive.  Anyway, we talked for hours about Leon, me, her impending wedding and women in general.  The one good thing that stood out in what she said more than anything was - “I think women find you well gorgeous, but maybe you need to show more confidence like him.”

That comment stood out like a sore thumb to me.  I’d always known that physical attractiveness, money and personality were the fundamental desires that women find attractive in men, but this now took it to a new thought process.  Sure, confidence is an overlap of personality, but it is more a value component of charisma.  For example, the majority of beta males have a good standard of personality - easy to talk to, good listeners, intellectual, intelligent and knowledgeable - but very few of them possess a high degree of confidence.  They simply do not illustrate it to the outside world in a convincing manner.  Confidence is more to do with body language, and it comes across as a non-verbal component that shines like a light.  And remember, the majority of female visceral assessment of men is in non-verbal capacities.

In addition to all this, my confident friend was involved with a long terms girlfriend as he concurrently slept with other women who attended the gym.  One of them was the receptionist – tall, blonde, reasonably pretty and with an excellent body.  She wasn’t the sharpest in intelligence or personality terms, but she would have been a grade above him in physical attractiveness rating.  I witnessed in person the texts she would send him in the early hours of the morning begging to meet up.  He had a collage of nude photographs she sent of herself on his phone.  After a while, she started seeing another guy from the gym who was at least as facially impressive as my friend, and his bodily profile was more eye catching.  The receptionist could still not refrain from sending my friend messages concurrent to the time she was in a relationship with her new boyfriend.  I didn’t truly grasp the concept of her compulsions to Leon when she had and objectively better looking male mate, but in retrospect it is ever the obvious.  In a nutshell, she was drawn to his bad boy reputation, and the confidence that is naturally reflected off this type of character.

So what kind of man has confidence, how does he acquire it, and what restricts him from ever becoming more confident than he already is?

Bad boys

Bad boys are the picture of confidence.  They walk around like they don’t care about what the world thinks of them, let alone women they may feel sexually attracted to.  A huge proportion of confidence derives from control.  If a man feels in control of a situation, his confidence rubs off on this.  Nothing epitomizes control more than when a man is with a woman.  If he feels in control, and he isn’t afraid of what she says, how she feels, or losing her due is his knowledge  that another woman is around the corner, he is ultimately confident when I her presence.  He senses it is actually her who feels vulnerable to lose him.  A bad boy’s internal confidence isn’t measured in how he knows he looks, as not all of them are in the upper range of male physical attractiveness.  His confidence is all about his comfort in the situation, his knowledge that many women desire him, and his vision of always having options.

What restricts him from taking his confidence to the next level?  Well, very little in his prime bad boy days.  Such is his popularity and awareness women crave for men like him, the demand of hunters (women) supersedes the supply of men of his nature.  Of course, even these men are susceptible to a woman who matches his mentality.  If he met a beautiful, intelligent and successful woman, and someone who is different to all his former cute but naïve girls, this kind of woman can knock him down a peg or two and he can start to act more in a beta manner.  This is where he has to go back to his original way, and recall why she found him attractive in the first place.  It wasn’t money, personality or looks that struck her attention over the other men.  It was his confidence, aura, and the fact he wasn’t the usual wealthier but boring kind of beta male she had met a dozen times in the same day.

Nice guys

If bad boys are the placard of confidence, then nice guys are the representation of trying to show confidence rather than it flowing through their natural veins.  But let’s start with the positive - he does have some confidence.

When a nice guy is dating a woman on his similar physical attractiveness level, his confidence and control is fairly high.  He knows she isn’t the kind of woman who has hoards of men chasing her therefore he can act relatively calm.  The problems start when he meets a more physically attractive woman – a dynamic common due to the higher number of physically attractive women below the age of thirty, in comparison to men.  What many average looking beta males don’t comprehend is they actually have more leeway with beautiful women than a good looking guy.  Women do not have their guard up anywhere near as much with a man less physically attractive, and it is an open book for him when he approaches her.  If he could show confidence, she wouldn’t be looking at the better looking man standing yards away.  She would be transfixed in his charisma and be attached to the recognition of her high comfort and value level (high, because she is more physically attractive than him).  This is where he needs to treat her in the same way as his previous average looking girlfriends.

However, he over compliments her (which she likes, but not in a visceral receptive way), he shows her too much value, and he wears a t-shirt that may as well metaphorically spell his out his supplication.  She grasps in seconds that she is the most attractive woman he has spoken to in the last year, and whilst there is a short term appreciation of this, deep down she is asking questions to whether any other women would even give him second look.  His beta ways also have jealousy painted across his face, and once she starts talking to another guy, does he give her space and show a level of apathy?  No, he clings on like a bad smell.  He’ll get rejected in a matter of minutes, and nice guys do not take rejection well at all.  His confidence is shattered.

High value men

On the face of it, a high value man should be the most confident of all criteria of men out there.  He is the best looking, he has the most balanced personality, he holds the highest charisma, he is in control of his life (such is his steady wealth and career), and he has a life he is happy with. 
When things are going well in his life this kind of man hits the confidence high - above the bad boys, and streets ahead of the nice guys.  When he is attracting women, he knows he’s a great catch, and women are attracted to him in a magnetized fashion.  Women in the world are pretty much his pick, providing he maintains a level that doesn’t border on arrogance.  Confidence is attained from just being the high value guy he is.  He doesn’t have to force it, as it is an amalgamation of innate blessings and developed work on his part.

Is confidence always in a high value man’s blood at all times?  Again, in the good times this is absolutely the case.  However, because of his projection of his own market value, he usually has high standards in the woman he looks for in physical and personable terms.  Immediately, if this is the case he is looking at the minority of women out there.  Now consider the women from this exclusive segment who will reject him for reasons such as insecurity, egoism, or trust issues, and there doesn’t appear like there are many women out there for him.  He isn’t afraid of rejection, as he holds onto his knowledge to the reasons it happens to him, and he can take it as a back-handed compliment.  However, even the highest calibre of value men can never honestly say they enjoy rejection.  Rejection brings thought: thought brings adjustments of interaction strategies: adjustments can bring about doubts.  As soon as doubts creep in, confidence can be dissipated.

Confidence is complex.  The hardest part about confidence is thinking you have more than you do, or not acknowledging that you are low in this decisive commodity.  I know guys who have natural good looks and charisma, yet strangely they are lacking in confidence.  On the other scale, I know friends who claim they ooze confidence when with women, but then they don’t pragmatically show evidence of this during scenarios in the real world.

Confidence is no different to all the emotions we go through in life.  One day we are up, the next day we are down.  Some guys can fake confidence, but in truth, most women will pick up on this front.  To add another spanner to the works, a few women are even afraid of a man with a level of swagger, such is the low degree of confidence they personally possess.  However, even in this generation, with women gaining more power through options in men, career progression and social network sycophancy, the majority of them are still natural followers in life.  They are still reactors rather than pro-actors.  They are fearful of rejection and in need of reassurance.  All this leads to a need to be with a man with confidence.  So the next time a man looks himself in the mirror, irrespective of what he sees, he should force himself to view the reflection of a confident man.  If a man doesn’t have confidence he will always be limited to how far he can go in life.  Confidence isn’t a little thing. It is almost everything.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Confident women dating up or low confidence men dating down?

“If you’re not going to take a crap, then get off the pot.”

This blog will make many references towards the claims that the vast majority (85%+) of women under the age of 40 are with men who are less physically attractive than they are.  This circumstance is usually by choice, although there is a little more than meets the eye to this blanket statement.  To put a little more meat on the bones, the explanation is that women’s egos draw them towards men who are less visually impressive than them, but this isn’t to say it makes them happier over time.  In addition, women also hold strong preferences in finding as high a status man as possible, and this is most likely to be a lesser looking man.  As most men, and women, are average looking, the simple supply and demand magic of life will result in most women looking better than the man they are with.  An average looking woman with facial cosmetic enhancement and a short skirt will be more striking to the eye than an average looking man in a t-shirt and jeans.  This is just the way an instinctive female ego likes it.

In an ideal world, a woman would have the male partner - as explained above - as a provider and companion to walk down the shopping streets with, but a more edgy guy with good looks tied to the bed posts.  In a way, men are not dissimilar.  A man would hold predilections for a personable and likeable girlfriend or wife to confide in at night and have good two-way conversations with, whilst the bitchy whore (who is also hot as hell) awaits him with bondage equipment as he opens the bedroom door.  The big difference is that a man would be proactive and happy to venture on with a better looking woman for relationship prospects, but a woman holds strong reservations and irritable feelings in being the less visually blessed member of the bond.  Exceptions exist, but the norms will always be as I point out.

When we see rare cases of a woman with a better looking man, rather than applaud the woman we tend to condemn the man in this dynamic.  This ridicule towards men who “date down” is perhaps with justification, as it goes against the trend of what is usually seen.  One question mark put to men who end up in this predicament is because men do not rely on physical looks as much as women do so in order to attract the opposite sex.  The other question mark is due to the fact that the female mind is tuned to seek a lesser looking man for relationship material.  With all this in mind, you stop and wonder why it happens.

Nevertheless, there are 3 main possibilities for a man to end up with a woman who is less physically attractive than him.  The first 2 men hold far greater justification in comparison to the final analysis:

Very good looking men 

In this situation, we are not talking about an above average looking man who just so happens to have recently pumped up his build with heavier weights and protein shakes.  This is all about the top 1% of men with blessed looks. 

Men in this compartment - with exclusive looks - live in the 1:5000 world, as I like to put it.  Only 1 in 500 women aged 15 to 54 are of equal physical attractiveness level as a very good looking man with toned body profile and above average height.  Only 10% of these hot women are capable of erasing nagging thoughts in being with a man on looks parity.  This means there is only 1 woman in every 5000 who is at least as hot as this man, coupled with placing the insecure thoughts to one side.  Further to this, although this 1 woman (out of 5000) does have male looks as a high priority, there is a strong likelihood she still attains a more leveraged preference for a man’s earnings and status.  So in actual fact, a 1:5000 ratio is analyzing it all from the optimistic side when it comes to very good looking men who do not possess high profile and wealth.

With this consideration, many men in this bracket would be inclined to play a higher percentage strategy in screening for cute women.  Although 80% of cute women still prefer to be with a lesser looking man, there are almost 10 times as many cute girls to hot ladies out there.  Figures will be explained more rigorously in a future post, but there are 18 times more cute women who are also not adversarial in dating very good looking men, against that 1 hot woman.

Short men

Although most women hold desires to be with a man less physically attractive, they sure don’t want to compromise this in height aspects.  Not many women are comfortable in being with a shorter man.  Naturally, a short man has a smaller pool of women to choose from, if all else is equal, than a taller man.  Whilst some short men can strike lucky and find cute women of similar height, this isn’t going to be easy.  Ultimately, a short man may have no choice but to give a little in female beauty for the exchange of her compromising in taking a male of small vertical measurements.

Men lacking confidence 

Most men lack astuteness, and nothing emphasizes this more than their low comprehension of how women view mate selection.  Men can be guilty in thinking women only look for the best looking or richest members of the male society, but if they opened their eyes they would see beyond this misconception.  First, not many men have extreme wealth.  Second, when was the last time you saw a woman under the age of 40 with a better looking man in relative terms?  Compare this to the inverse.

But men being men, guilty of non-existent peripheral vision beyond their dick’s next cumshot, they venture on nights out with primary visions of beautiful women followed by ultimate pursuing of attainable sources.  They may stare at hot women, but they more often than not talk to safer bets.  For every man doing this equates to a cute girl who would have been receptive to his advances.  Women, even on nights out (although far less than workplace or friend’s network scenarios), are willing on lesser looking men to approach them.  Remember, women look for reasons not to date better looking men, and they strive hard to find reasons to date lesser looking men.

But one bad experience with a hotter woman can destroy a man’s confidence, and from that day on he assumes an easier ride will be found with a plainer girl.  True, this is the case, because the less options available to a woman, the lower maintenance she will be in her demands and dramas.  But women’s timeframe for high demands – when they are at their hottest – is very small.  Deep down they know this, but they are hardly going to tell a man he doesn’t need to exert as much today because in a couple of years time she won’t be as high in demand.  Men need to work it out for themselves, or if they wish, read blogs such as this one to help out.  A woman is only as high maintenance as a man allows her to be.

As for women who are assertive in locating a man who is more pleasing to the eye in relativity, they do tend to have a far higher than average female grade of confidence.  Their insecurities are lower, as are their egos.  They are more risk taking and thrive on the “gains before outcome” mentality.  They manifest all this due to not relying any longer, if they ever did at all, on their physical looks to attract appeal to men.  Often, they have decent jobs, with a life that is stable and asset driven.  Does this start to form a pattern to anyone?  Poof, you got it – older women. 

The most likely outcome for a woman as explained is to track down a younger man who appears doubtful in fulfillment of his female hotness aspiration potential.  In easy language, he will be low in confidence, attitude and drive.  He may actually be decent looking, but the big money is on him being no more than a grade above her.  The older woman will know this grade differential, and it won’t exactly fill her boots with joyful emotions, but her evaluation of his shortcomings act as reassurance that he isn’t the type to drop everything at the first sight of a younger and hotter female rival. 

When all is said and done:
  • Unless he has totally saturated his sexual expeditions with hundreds of women, a man would not commit to a woman, especially a less physically attractive woman, if he had a total guarantee that a future of abundant female conquests are there for him.
  • A man would not settle for an older woman if a crystal ball showed numerous younger women queuing up for his attentions.
  • A younger man wouldn’t declare all his commitment cards to a lesser looking woman if he had been accustomed to boxing above his weight.

What you find with men - who are with older women or/and women less attractive than them - are natural inclinations to speak words that boost the beauty of their female partners, over and above the real level she is at.  I guess it is a way of saying she is as good as he can get, even if intrinsic knowledge tells him otherwise.  On the other hand, a woman will elevate her man’s real physical attractiveness standing, but this will only occur if she is fully convinced that he is below the self-assessed and public view.  If she is with a man who is on her beauty level or above, and this rarely happens due to women taking the opposite road, she will offer far less promotion, if any at all, in the direction of what is there for all to see. 

Women, in general terms, may live far more in denial than men in external verbal execution, but internally they attain a far greater grasp of the sexual market process realities.  Nothing epitomizes this more than older woman who “date up”.  They will be fully aware that most women single out a less physically attractive man as a long term partner, and this trend results in a surplus of men at the top end of male good looks.  As although there are 3 to 4 times more hot women than hot men in number, only 10% of these women will date a man of set apart looks equivalence.  This results in less “available” hot women than the quantities of hot men hunting them down.  Some of these men will happily wait for the favourable roll of the dice, but many more are so sex requiring that they will begrudgingly drop their standards and play the numbers game.  Less facially beautiful but more confident women are not slow to jump on this state of affairs, and the vulnerable traits of their prettier and younger female opposition offer a springboard to men who they couldn’t acquire if this wasn’t the case.

If you are an observant so and so like me, it may not have escaped your attention span that you have often seen many physically attractive men in close sexual contact with female pop stars during video shoots.  This dynamic – of a better looking man with a lesser looking woman - is certainly not absolute in music videos, but it is apparent on a far greater percentage basis than the comparison of heterosexual bonds seen in your everyday life.  People should not get carried away with this pronounced viewing, as it is nothing more than a ploy to expose more attention onto viewers of both genders alike.  Sex sells, but it doesn’t represent a generalization in the sexual market.  Once again, the celebrity world of fame is the last place anyone should look to if they crave a hunger to ascertain how women choose their male mates in the real world.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Average looking women being less afraid of rejection

“To a man, rejection should be seen as reflection. 
To a woman, rejection can seem like a fatality of dejection.”

It was only the other day when I recollected moments from my naïve days of understanding women.  So often on nights out they would interact in the ways women do - like pretending to accidently bump into you, flicking their hair in your direction, finding excuses to touch you, and on the rare occasion actually verbally engaging directly.  They were sometimes physically attractive women, although more often they were a couple of grades below.  In most cases I was oblivious to their interest.  So as a circular process analysis, this is what tended to happen:

  • The women showed interest.
  • I wasn’t aware of their interest and desire for me to interact.
  • I consequently ignored their advances.
  • They became keener due my apathetic emotions.
  • They lost interest after a few minutes of me showing no interest.

To reminisce even more on the times when I did engage after picking up on their hints and glances, more often than not they consequently repelled or denied showing any previous emotions towards me.  One theory to this is that they maybe weren’t even looking in the first place?  The more likely explanation is, no matter how physically attractive women find a man, if he gives up the challenge too easily or too soon she can quickly lose her attraction.  Do nothing, and he gains nothing.  What an illogical and complex world we live in.  Nevertheless, after all said and done, and although much rarer than in comparison to men, women will engage with men in the same way, shape or form.  It is just usually more discrete and in a process in order to avoid blatant rejection.

For those who have the odd gamble on the horses, this analogy will sound familiar.  Imagine there are two horses to consider in the race - one horse is 2/1 odds against and the other horse is 50/1 odds against.  In order to gain £100 profit from the 50/1 shot, you only need to invest £2.  To achieve the same profit on the 2/1 horse you would need to invest £50.  Both options will bring the same reward, no more or no less.  The long shot offers little investment, emotion or fear of losing, whilst the short odds manifest the opposing feelings of much investment, far more apprehensive emotions, and a greater fear of the consequences in receiving nothing back.  If a physically attractive woman in this dynamic is the one placing the 2/1 bet, and an average looking woman is the one staking the 50/1 horse, then this is how each of them will view and assess the thoughts of being rejected by a man they are attracted to.

Whether on a night out, during a day time activity, or even internet dating sites, a man can find himself being engaged by a less visually beautiful woman than his own level in relative terms.  Usually, in the manner men prioritize their attraction criteria on females, this will mean it is a woman less attractive than the type he seeks out.  In this same period of time, the same man can find himself being turned down and rejected by more physically attractive women than the women he has been engaged by, although they may be no higher than his own rating.  For a time it is a justifiable reason for him to doubt his own physical attractiveness, or even his other sexual market value characteristics.  He can question if he is in fact as good looking as he thinks he is, or how he believes he once was.

A month later he sees that hot girl who rejected him, and she is seen with an average looking man.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when everyone else has the same view of his mediocre looks, a man with a lack of understanding to female emotive preferences can be left scratching his head.  However, this predicament of the beautiful woman with average looking men should tell him everything he needs to know, but the explanation is relatively straight forward after a number of experiences and observations of this kind.  Obliviousness of reality is prone to those who live in denial of the truth.

Like usual, this whole procedure goes against the immediate logical thinking.  You would expect a physically attractive woman to have more confidence to put her courage out there and ask men out.  We can assume the better looking she is, the more likely it is the guy will positively receive her advances.  The equal assumption is, unless it is with a man equal or less attractive than her, there is no way an average looking woman will aim to interact with a man, especially a good looking man.  However, this isn’t the normal course of events in either case.

The critical words in these two scenarios are expectation and consequence.  The lesser looking woman of the two almost expects to be rejected by a handsome guy.  She won’t take kindly to rejection, but like backing the long shot horse, her consequence is a mindset of everything to gain and little to lose.  Now take the better looking woman.  Beauty is everything to a hot girl, as women require external validation far more than their male counterparts.  It is like her main purpose and privilege in life.  Whilst they may fake it, this segment of women are low in natural confidence, and when seeing the reflection in the morning they know a long term with a good looking man may leave him turning his face up at her.  This is her perception rather than reality, but as explained in previous chapters, perceptiveness rules over the truth.  In addition, if she hasn’t dated any good looking men in her relationship life span, or she has had one bad experience with a hot guy, she will believe they are all the same.  An average looking man offers her a more comfortable feeling within herself.

In the short period of time I participated in internet dating, I collated experiences to form a view that substantiates this theory.  I sent messages to physically attractive women and they never responded.  Less attractive women, or women who would be judged to be less physically attractive by the mass populations, strangely sent messages to me.  Further to this, research was undertaken on an internet dating website.  The findings were clear - women graded eighty percent of men on the database as unattractive looking, yet the majority of messages they sent were to these men.  In simple terms, they pro-acted with men they didn’t find visually alluring, but who they were confident they would receive a response with.

Internet dating is just one element of emotional attraction that spells out how women take subconscious choices in male suitability for dating and relationships.  Safety and egoism should never be underestimated when analyzing how they think.  Safety avoids rejection, and egoism is created by attention.  An average looking or ugly man to a beautiful woman will achieve both accomplishments.  In her mind he will appreciate her more, he will offer her comfort, he will give her more attention, and as a result of all these, it will inflate her ego.  The average looking woman isn’t so much living in a bubble of self-consciousness, insecurity, self-value necessity and ego requirement.  Throughout her life she hasn’t received all the attention from friends, teachers, mentors, family and inundated beta males.

A childhood analysis of this situation comes in the roles of the ugly nursery girl alongside the cute kid.  The cute little girl always has boys wanting to give her toys to play with, and in turn she never even considered there being a boy who didn’t want to mess around with her.  On the other side of the room sat the uglier girl who was often alone.  It was seldom for any boy to throw anything in pleasure at her, and she accustomed herself in believing nobody truly valued her.  If she did ask another child to play with her, it didn’t matter as much if they agreed or ran away.  Twenty years on, life hasn’t changed dramatically in this analysis.  With this in mind, rejection isn’t the preconceived fatality of emotion and sour feeling to a less physically attractive woman that is often seen upon by the prettier looking woman standing to her right.     

I’ve said for a long time now that cute women with above average looks – typically 7/10 in aesthetic rating – who are sharp minded in the way the sexual market works, could sweep up a lot of men who are a grade above them in physical attractiveness.  In addition, these men could also be high value.  If they are clued up to the real life evidence that their more beautiful looking female counterparts are rarely with equally good looking men, and they are aware these reasons are formed mainly through insecurity, trust issues and egoism consciousness of these women, they would live in the knowledge that men of high looks scale would be more than happy to venture on with them in emotional terms.  This would be even more motivating for men if these women also held a good degree of personality, consideration to others, and an ability to not take themselves too seriously.  However, even if they were aware of the pronounced occurrences, women who hold fortitude to take things to the next step are still few and far between.  Women in general, irrespective of their physical attractiveness level, simply take imperceptible decisions, but sometimes conscious choices, to not be with men better looking than they are.

Sunday 16 March 2014

The recession caused women to go for older, beta and uglier men

"All of life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."                      (Martin Luther King Jr.)

The title of this post tells its own story.  Make no mistake, the economic climate over the last 6 years or so has changed female mate selection in greater numbers, even if it has not necessarily been through their sexual intrinsic choices.

The fundamentals of male and female attraction have stayed, and will stay, the same in the general scheme of things.  Men are turned on and attracted to female physical beauty and youthfulness.  Usually the two go hand in hand.  Almost every man who throws his hat down with claims he selects women with impressive personality and loyalty over the physical side is most likely lying.  Sure, men rationalize to a point and assess their current partner against the temptation, but the way a female looks will dictate first and foremost whether he would like to venture into a relationship with her.  On the fact that the largest slice of men aren’t exactly nailing cute or hot women, pastures new in the form of less mature material will be hard for them to resist.  If this wasn’t the case you wouldn’t see 30 year old men, who have female partners of similar age, constantly staring at 20 year old women on nights out.  Some will let you believe it is only a sexual thought and that they would never leave, or betray, their older wives and girlfriends for a short term blast of something fresher.  Most are devising stories in the product of bullshit.  Men who tell these untrue justifications to friends and women are men who cannot any longer find ways to attract younger and more beautiful members of the opposite sex.  If they in fact could, they do not have the inner confidence to carry this through.  Either way you look at it, you run into the dead end of what is referred to as a low quality man.

Women, on the other hand, offer a completely different analysis.  The female mind is more sexually turned on by male aesthetic value than any other desirability component, but unlike men, they view selection on an array of other criteria.  So whilst a man’s visual portrait turns her on the most, a woman will only place this metric in the appropriate position.  Most women above the age of 23 will prioritize a man’s status (social and occupational), wealth, personality, charisma and attitude ahead of physical attractiveness for ultimate partner choice.  By the time this same woman reaches her late 20s, areas like commitment, reliability, dependability and mental maturity will be preferred before his looks.  So although the possession of good looks for a man is important for immediate attention in the usual time constrained scenarios, it can only take him so far.

The early signs of the global economic meltdown came in the form of rumours during the back end of the summer in 2007.  There was a whisper that had made its way to the UK about the housing market crash in the United States of America.  Barely anybody (financial experts included) truly anticipated the magnitude of this volcanic eruption that was in full flow a year later, but there was no doubting the impact it had on “Average Joe” trying to make an honest living.  Those of you who lived through this period in direct terms – hence having a mortgage, job or self-governed financial commitments – will still taste that sour sting of recollecting people not knowing where their world would take them.  When you personally know of numerous friends and acquaintances who experienced redundancies, house re-possessions, bankruptcies and broken marriages, it was hard to point the finger elsewhere than the worldwide credit crunch as it was known.

But one aspect of this period that stood out to me was the imperceptible increase of certain heterosexual couple dynamics that was not so prominent pre 2008.  By and large, the post millennium era up to this point had offered good times.  The job market was booming, unemployment relativity was low, and if you bought at the right time (especially before 2004) vast amounts of equity was there to be profited from property appreciation.  In case of the latter, this acted as the catalyst for why things went south.  People were paying for luxuries on nothing more than “paper money” psychology.  All was rosy in the gardens.  Then, like a smack in the face that couldn’t be anticipated, poof, we fall down the ladder and start again.

Women were big winners prior to the recession.  There was the opportunity to perhaps not rely on being with men they didn’t hold optimum desires to be with on a visceral level.  They could provide for themselves to a greater degree, as disposable income and a step onto the property market was accessible to many.  In the process, they could search for the one who gave them butterflies.  But once many of them lost their jobs, and for those younger who were of graduation age were finding it hard to locate a profession, let alone a bank to lend them a deposit, options were no longer such a luxury.

This depressing economic climate would produce more relatively independent women to conceivably search for assistance in swimming through these muddy waters.  Parents can only do so much as many of them were also struggling in their own right, so other paths needed to be explored that were maybe not previously considered.  As the enormity percentage of men fall into the average section in looks, monetary and personality terms, in addition to having very little knowledge in dealing with women in psychological structures, they are almost always grateful to any woman that comes their way.  Their penis rules their mind.  The more physically attractive the woman, the more he shifts to the right side of the passive and giving curve.  Women, in this simultaneous timeframe, were conscious of the uphill climb to get what they want – a good life they believe was deserved. 

Whilst times were becoming harder and harder for the average woman to find her way, this stage in life also just so happened to coincide with the ever growing exposure and infatuation of the celebrity lifestyle.  Reality television shows, the rich and famous magazines and media hype of inflated celebrity earnings would all leave further jealousy and bitterness in the mind of a woman when looking down at her own life.  Albeit not in any close comparison, these pictures only formed further thoughts in how to elevate onto a better life.  Men being men, option stricken with very little to offer, would be more than willing to form a partnership that at least would give them guaranteed sexual relinquishments.  It all manifested into a greater number of women walking side by side with older, beta characterized and less eye catching men.   

However, to defend a woman for a moment, what were the other options?  Men who were less willing to commit – who would often be better looking men with an element of raw male power – were arguably appearing less appealing than years gone by.  When I see men of this nature in gyms or on nights out (where the percentage of the most physically attractive men is at its highest in comparison to other social or working environments), there does appear to be a deprivation of personality, charisma, positive body language and, probably most importantly but unproven, a decent income.  They may look good in relative terms against the majority of men, but women need more than this in the short space of time they feasibly have to find the highest calibre male partner. 

In simple terms, class has been congested and bottle necked.  Although in sparse numbers, there are still the exclusive men at the top of the ladder – where they have multitude attributes that women look fondly upon – but a larger group has been shifted into the middle.  A larger group still is now below a mediocre level.  I can’t help but think through neutral eyes that when I see the hoards of younger men, irrespective of whether they are ugly, average looking or good looking, very few of them have any uniqueness.  The better looking ones with a popular reputation will sweep up with non-committed orientated younger women below the age of 23, but for those looking for something a little more than meets the eye, I do feel a level of sympathy for many of the ladies out there.  Given the choice, a woman will compromise on her sexual needs, at least for the longer term consideration, for someone who can put a roof over her head, take her out on nice meals and make life as easy as possible for her.  This won’t make her any happier than choosing an edgier man with less monetary funds, but it will ease her immediate worries at that stage in her life.

Whilst there are slow signs of an economic recovery in 2014 that aids the lives of everyday people, perhaps there is a small return to some women not feeling as great a pressure to choose financial solidarity over sexual impulsions.  I don’t expect this to happen any time soon or in great measures.  It’s quite ironic, because when the first blogs came to the technological forefront to offer male comprehension in female emotional mentality and decision making, it was not too far off the commencement of hard economic times.  Although more women are finding a route back to work, they are still a world away from collating the necessary resources to go it alone.  As seeking, purchasing, owning and living in a house to be proud of is still a cultural objective in the UK, women will still need a leverage to get them there.  And we all know the kinds of men who will happily stand still in allowing them to climb on their shoulders.  They never need to endeavour and venture even near to the extent that they do, but a misconception that women’s gratitude is aligned with the more giving a man is stands in the way of happiness for both parties.  No matter which way you look at it, these men represent the bulk of the male population.  Although a tiny change of the guard may be upon us, the perennial “beta bucks alpha fucks” metaphor will long live on.

On a final note, statistics illustrated a decrease in the number of divorces in England and Wales during 2011 in respect to years that went before.  The idealist will claim this is the circumstance of couples trying harder to make things work.  The realist will tell you this is only because a woman could not afford to sail the ship alone, even after taking half of what she never had before the man she met came along.  I was taken aback by the women in the link stating this is a reason.  I guess someone’s job, after all, can force them to speak the truth over fallacies.

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Beware of the social network trap: how weak men can falter

“By the time I spent half my time looking up in jealousy of those who had a lot, and the other half looking down in guilt of those who had little, I had forgotten on the way to remember who should be the biggest concern in my life.  There simply comes a time in a person’s life when the most important priority has to their own existence.

Typical scenario from a night out:

Pretty, immature, attention-seeking young woman arrives home from another insignificant, depressing and underwhelming Saturday night out.  She logs onto her social network profile, a little belligerent in her thoughts, and she posts on her status:
“What was that guy doing making out with that ugly woman?  Where have all the great guys out there got to?  Oh well, it must be just me!!!???”
She’s usually the kind of woman who rates herself a little higher than reality, or more importantly, how others would objectively rate her.  The “hot” guy would have been the bad boy or high value man who didn’t respond to her withdrawn acknowledgement, or he may well have not been interested in the first place.  The ugly female she was referring to was probably not unattractive, and in fact on a similar physical attractive scale as her.  So she logs off, turns out the lights and hopes for a better adventure next weekend.  Waking up with a sore head, and not looking the pretty girl she thinks she is, she logs on some hours later to find about a dozen responses on her public wall page.  They are from the typical beta male friends you would expect them to be:
Nice guy one: “Don’t be silly, you’re gorgeous….you just need the right guy to come along…like me!”  (written in a way of irony, but with an air of desperation all over it).
Nice guy two -   “Where did you go?  What was it like?  Did you see Kayleigh?  When are you out next?  We should meet up.”  (How many questions does this guy need to write?).
She now feels much better about herself after reading these inundated messages.  Popularity and attention is her immediate feed, and she will respond to them knowing they will return with more sycophant comments.  Look at her, what with all these messages from these lovely guys.  One problem here though: the messages are all from beta males - none that she is interested in, and all they serve to do is massage her ego and quench the attention-seeking thirst.  Poor guys, people may think.  Do they even realize what they are doing?

Facebook and Twitter - the two most popular social network sites - are fantastic technological inventions.  There is no doubt to this.  I’m on Facebook, although I rarely use the site.  It is now predominately to store photos from significant places in the world I have visited.  But I’m not going to be a total hypocrite here, and I’ll confess to being someone who, like many naïve people, used to visit the site on a daily occurrence when it first came out to the public.  I never go on Twitter, and unless I’m missing something, it is just a stratosphere egoism version of Facebook but with less interesting things to view.

The first thing I would say about social network sites like these are that if they do genuinely make someone’s life better then I’m all for it.  My issue is that I think they can cause more harm than good in someone’s mind, especially if that person possesses a weak, naïve and insular orientated mind.  Young and physically attractive women mainly fall into this category, as they are predominately the ones chasing the most attention.  From my experience, as a woman gets older she isn’t so much chasing attention, but she actually becomes more inquisitive – this being the kindest word I can substitute for nosy.  A good example would be the woman who has a kid or is married - she naturally isn’t going out as much, but she still craves to find out what is going on in other people’s lives.

The younger and more physically attractive women offer the most interesting analysis when it comes to all this.  Basically, they are all fighting and competing for the most popularity on their public wall page.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s from a male or female (they do prefer male posts as she will perceive this as bigger points scored), or the most irrelevant and insignificant message ever.  Of course, drama is great, as she will believe people have to let her in on this.  This is what it is all about, as her biggest satisfaction in life is attention, or her belief that people are paying attention to her.  She has to feel her life is one that others would desire to hold.  However, no matter how pretty she is, and no matter how many beta male friends she collates, there will always be that period where her message quantity decreases or it is less than her other attractive female peers.  So how does she counteract this apparent dwindling of popularity?  Well, although a girl like this knows next to nothing about core human psychology, in a strange way, totally unaware in her mind, she actually uses a reason that involves reverse psychology in this dynamic.  What she does is to take the whole wall page off her site, claiming that it is because she is worried about people knowing what is happening in her life. 

Another false reason to persuade people of her important external validation could be made up stories that a “weirdo” is stalking her.  This is such a weak and fake reason, untrue to the greatest extent, but as her female and male friendship network mainly see her as having a higher value than themselves, she can get away with them actually believing in this story.  At the end of the day, what has suddenly occurred in her life now to justify this action?  It’s a vain attempt to cloud over inability to accept the dwindling of her life purpose, but if she can convince herself this is the truth, then it hides the disappointment of her diminishing status.  Meanwhile, the beta males out there will now send her private messages, but she rarely responds.  Private messages are no benefit to her as the world cannot see these, and her ego isn’t inflated this way.

So how does all this affect a man seeking a woman who is this way inclined?  Firstly, refrain from going on the site in the first place.  Some of the most emotionally controlled guys I know, in terms of how they handle women, are not members of social network sites.  They are too busy living their own life to waste time over a woman’s imaginative drama and attention whoring, and this kind of man knows her for who she is.  Alpha males do not need this in their lives, because they already have a busy schedule of objective and tangible things going on.  However, if you are more beta dominated by nature, then another three options exist:       

  • Never be a ‘friend’ with her on a social network site.  This way you refrain from ever finding out anything that could deter your attraction towards her.
  • If she does “friend request” you then you can hardly decline.  In this case, fine yourself if you look on her profile.  For every time you click on her profile, place some money in a charity box.
  • The most important one of all is to take anything you see on her wall as a pinch of salt.  Even the extreme women in terms of attention needs do not want something private going on her public page.  If you analyzed a typical girl’s public messages there wouldn’t be any of relevance.  A message from her friend saying, “What a night last night” - is not one of relevance or importance.  All that shows is the everyday kind of drama pumping process they go through.  As for any pictures she has in the arms of other guys?  Well, not dissimilar to the public wall, the majority of these guys will be ones she hardly knows. 
  • Again, it is just an ego pump for her.  If it is with an ex-boyfriend (how do you know this unless she told you his full name), then so what?  Remember, beta males are naturally jealous of their current girlfriend’s past, and alphas don’t care about the past.  They are too busy thinking about the future and focusing on their own time.

In addition to the trap all those nice guys fall into on a social network in the manner of abundant sycophancy to women for no reward in return, good looking men are also at risk of misconceptions of interest from certain young women in a similar way.  On a night out, women can contrive interest in cute guys in order to have pictures taken to feed their social network photograph profiles.  The target men can misconstrue this apparent interest by not realizing the motives behind these women’s choices to have them stood alongside.  The reality of female motivations in these situations is to feed their ego and status validation for the world to see.  This minute long gathering is usually brought about for her own purpose, and whilst there may be visceral connections, a young woman will almost always act in a way that benefits her projection from outside eyes and onto her own life.  This is a motivation that goes far before and above any other mitigating factor.  In simple terms, she uses the good looking guy to make her feel better about herself.  The handsome man will hang on in hope of advanced intimacy, but it is confusing to naïve onlookers when she appears to friendly decline. 

If proof was required to these pronounced but curious happenings, a useful task would be to analyze the quantity of pictures women, who are this way inclined, have with good looking males in comparison to the number of pictures they have with their average looking current boyfriend and ex-boyfriends.  This dynamic is most prevalent with younger women.  Women above the age of twenty-three will have more photographs taken with only their female party, as they are at the age when they are more conscious of their peak physical attractiveness being a thing of the past.  A photograph with a good looking man for many older women would only further reinforce her growing concern of this sexual obsolescence.

If a man ever needed a firsthand lesson on the trials and tribulations of a woman’s hunger for attention, drama and fiction, then a social network site is as good a place as any as a grounding point.  Very little is significant, and most of the content is not worth wasting time over.  A few posts are real, but the majority is made believe fantasy.  If only one lesson could be learnt from this chapter, I would suggest showing little interest or emotion when a woman of this kind is trying to emphasize her importance or fishing for compliments.  She may feel anger at first, as her usual experience is to be around nice guys who instinctively respond in jealousy or inquisitiveness.  By acting in the total opposite manner, a man of this kind will throw her off guard.  Women like to be surprised by something different, and this will set him aside from the majority of supplicated men.  Most importantly, nothing is more important than your own life.  Always believe that you are on a higher status than her.  In fact, she should be worrying more about you.