Sunday 30 March 2014

British summer girls: but which do you prefer?

“They come in all shapes and sizes, but are the ones you choose the ones you would chew?”

There’s nothing quite like the first day of the year when you can sit outside and enjoy a ray of sunshine.  We aren’t exactly spoilt with endless sunny days in the UK, so maybe we can appreciate it that little bit more when it does beam down on our pasty foreheads.  Nothing epitomizes the change of seasons more than British women’s zealousness to show those flabby white legs on a night out.  Not that it stops them in the winter.  Only kidding, if you are happy to keep dipping the hand in an enormous candy bag with your eyes shut, eventually you’ll pick up the sweet that leaves a fond memory on the taste buds.

Second only to our good friend and ally of the USA, British girls reign global supreme when it boils down to exploitation of their existence, deploying mind games with men, and congregation of female gatherings to show the world what it is missing.  When summer strikes, off they go to party in warmer climes that offer a chance to show off their beauty or attain more attention than usual from desperate men.  I stand by the fact our ladies will catch a fish in Autumn, take him for a ride in terms of his gratitude, expenditure and supplication just past Valentine’s Day, then look to be on the phone to their girl friends come April.  Who can blame a cunning bird for bleeding a na├»ve man dry?  I doubt there were many bites of his worm in the time before she jettisoned.

Not that I’m complaining at all about this routine process.  The better looking, edgy and astute men can take full advantage of women’s seasonal habits.  Whilst the brainless chaps keep them occupied in the colder months, guys like me capitalize on female adjustments when the days become longer.  And I’m no different to most men.  My libido levels significantly increase between April and September.  There are many women I have slept with in my lifetime summer experiences who I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole once the clocks have gone back an hour in October.  Simply put, a woman’s body, to a point, can disguise her facial shortcomings when my sexual urge is the motivation.

The below pictures are from a group of women I know on an impersonal level, and they were taken from last year’s summer vacation to Marbella.  The Andalucian beach resort has proved to be a popular destination in recent years for Brit girls, mainly because it is renowned for a few third rate male celebrities venturing there, but also due to the supposed number of high status and wealthy men to be found.  So even with knowledge of declining physical allure, a woman past her prime years can convince the mind that a sugar daddy is their waiting to be knocked off his feet once her shadow walks past.  From my standpoint, these visions illustrate a good example of how you would see a typical group of British women, and their individual look dictates the way they fit into the group.  Needless to say for those clued up, but important to clarify for inhabitants of cloud cuckoo land, their relative physical attractiveness swings the differing level of projection onto male eyes.

The dreadful billboard posing picture will label each woman from left to right by number.  A beach photo is also attached to further emphasize their differing body profiles. 

Woman 1: The Elder Stateswoman

We may as well start with the woman that, I would anticipate, honest men find the least sexually sought after within the group.  As the most mature looking (and probably chronologically oldest) out of all five, she may well have been decent to look at a good few years ago.  As for today, not only must it be a nagging thought to see thousands of more eye catching women in the bars and clubs, but to be ranked the lowest in a five-piece further compounds the misery.

How does a woman counteract this situation?  Pure and simple, a woman in this predicament has no option but to be louder, friendlier and provide far less sexual resistance when men are in the vicinity.  This strategy won’t make them find her more attractive, but on a singles party holiday men can sometimes go by the “time is precious” mentality.  Five minutes talking to her for a guaranteed lay will seem like a more beneficial choice than hours in complimenting a hotter counterpart - only to walk separate ways once the wallet has been bled dry.

Woman 2: The Hottie

Although the posing picture doesn’t do her justice (seems to me like she has consumed one too many kebabs come the end of the week), the blondie dressed in lime (yellow?) is the one who will strike most men’s instinctive attention.  She knows this, and like most hot women she can make men endeavour that bit harder to get what she wants.  Hardly ever do hot women like her give it up to any Tom, Dick or Harry on an average night, and even the best looking men will have their work cut out in escalating with her.  As documented many times on this blog, hot women do not take kindly to being with men who are on physical impressiveness parity.  The only men with high percentage chances of sexual liaisons with her are going to be the isolated famous men (who could be good looking) or local high profile businessmen. 

This woman was encroaching her 27th birthday during the girl’s outing, and she proves how some women at this point of life can look as good as they did in their early 20s if they have chosen a healthy lifestyle.  Nevertheless, the decline will start to show signs about now, even for a typical girl’s girl who hasn’t had kids to wear her down.  Hot women, by and large, crave for bad boys who treat them like crap at a younger age, but the mid 20s phase will see a shift in partiality male mate choice towards higher status but lesser looking men.  If she doesn’t lay her cards on the table soon, her options in men will naturally go down the leagues in alignment with her diminishing beauty.  Many of them even strike lower than necessary before they pass their pinnacle splendor.  Call it a contingency.  If you have often seen women of this compartment in their late 20s or 30s, with an average looking male partner and two little children alongside them, life isn’t playing tricks on you.

Woman 3: The Follower

Hidden at the back, it could be argued that this lady in her mid 20s is the most facially blessed out of all five women.  However, when you take a look at the beach photograph, a bronze medal is all she can hope for in overall physical attractiveness against the others.  A pose or expression can tell you a lot about a woman, and I think men underestimate this probability.  When you analyze all five women, she is the one who holds the most natural stance and is clearly not seeking any elaborate attention.  This woman will casually go with the flow when suggestions are made with regards to restaurant, bar or club venues.  She is the perennial follower of the group.

In consideration to all five, she is the one who appears to least desire in being there.  As attention is not a huge requirement, I very much doubt the scintillating conversation and good times are much of a draw for her, and my guess is that she is a homely girl waiting for a nice guy to treat her right.  It could well be she met him after the vacation booking and he is waiting for her at home, but despite being boyfriend driven, even partner validation requiring women still have those irritable fantasies of a rough guy leading them astray.  They are just, due to stronger will powers and solid prides, far less likely to go there.

Woman 4: The Leader

In every girl group derives the crying out for a leader.  In this case, here’s your nomination.  Despite nearly all women having uncontrollable mechanisms to inflate the ego and draw eyes onto them, hardly any, in percentage terms, like to take on the proactive role as the one to direct control of situations.  Some take it on reluctantly, but others use it to their advantage in manipulating results to suit their agendas. 

In an almost magical but non-coincidental manner, she is not only the second oldest but also, I would expect from the minds of men speaking truthful words, the second least sexually desirable.  Not dissimilar to her more senior and perhaps less alluring friend, a woman who can no longer acquire numbers of male hunters is left with no alternative but to deploy tactics that benefit her.  As the leader, she can guide the troops to trenches where she is at her most valuable and comfortable.  So if there is a decision to be made where one place has younger and good looking men, yet the other option is filled with older and more desperate (but perhaps rich) men, any prizes for guessing where she leads the march?

Woman 5: The Young Cutie

Slightly shy of being hot but feasibly cute, the 20 year old of the pack back then has the most optimistic outlook for the forthcoming years.  If I was to see this group out for the first time, she wouldn’t be the first to strike my eye (as this accolade belongs to Woman 2) but she would soon be the one to arouse my sexual compulsions.  As a guy who is rather partial to the more curvaceous ladies of the world, I’d soon be shifting away from my gender physical equivalent grade – hence the hot blonde – and onto the one who gets my balls hard in an instant moment. 

As the youngest member, vacations of this kind are tailor made for a cute woman like this one.  She can simply follow the tracks of the older foes like a baby bird flying behind her mother for the first time, but once accustomed to the big bad world, it won’t be long before she realizes male species are far more interested in her freshness than the experience of her elder four compatriots.  A very cute woman offers the perfect ingredients for all men.  First, she arouses the men most in demand, and as she is more than a decent catch, they won’t just fly away as soon as the needs have been relinquished.  Second, less desired men – average looking nice guys but willing in providing, supplication and commitment by definition – just about see her as attainable despite still boxing above their weight. 

So if a cute woman with an appealing body to bang has men pulling at her from all directions, which option does she take?  Well, much depends on her confidence levels and cravings to feel wanted.  Her sexual impulses will naturally draw her towards edgier and more aesthetic men, but the ego necessities to feel better about herself will sway her in the direction of a guy who is that usual 10% to 15% less eye catching in relativity.  Whilst knowledgeable to the power of money, her young age is a couple of years away from the whole female hypergamy mindset of male occupational status, and this means she can flip between bad boys (perceived or actual) and nice guys.  Currently, she is with a nice guy who is significantly below her in the looks stakes, but he is, as his default mind believes it must be, someone who spends abundant monetary and emotional expenditure in order to keep her at arm’s length from better looking rivals.  This is fine in the short term, but he can expect a broken heart once her appreciation turns to resentment.

There is pretty much 10 years disparity from the eldest to youngest in this female party.  They all play their part, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses from a sex hungry man’s perspective.  Nevertheless, one aspect that cannot be ignored is how age plays a huge part in female projected desirability onto male sight.  With maybe an odd intricate move here and there, the physical beauty ranking transports from high to low in respect of youngest to oldest.  To my knowledge, none of them have raised children; therefore it is a simple comparison of mother time reflecting on relative beauty. 

A more pertinent analysis would be to see pictures of the same woman at the ages of 21, 25, 28, 31 and 34.  With the vast majority of “regular” women (as celebrities offer little validity to this subject), the physical impressiveness descends as the respective age ascends.  This is why I stand by how critical it is for a woman to sell her market price prior to 25 candles sitting on the birthday cake, if ambitions are held to track down the best man she can obtain.  If left any later, she can expect to be booking another trip to sunny Spain with the girls once more.  This is on the provision that there are still some happy hunters left to go with her.

Now compare this to a group of men ranging from 21 to 34 years of age – who are all of similar innate looks comparativeness to each other.  By sheer force of nature, sexual evolution and general averages, men who look after themselves should be most physically attractive in their late 20s or early 30s.  For men blessed with kind genetics, this privilege can even transcend into the mid 30s.  In transparent explanation, the ageing of male facial features is much delayed in comparison to women, but men’s body profiles and builds do not fully develop and peak until the latter part of the third decade.  And let us not forget: men do not rely on physical attractiveness to attract the opposite sex in the same manner to how women rely on their beauty to appeal to the male population.

Another polar opposite between male and female sexual attraction onto their opposing genders is the contemplation of maturity and leadership traits.  Although some men never seem to grow up, the general consensus and actuality is that a man attains further positive personality, attitude and pro-activeness as he grows through the years.  Women find this very attractive, and it can be seen in evidential ways with regards to so many of them walking hand in hand with older men.  Flip the coin, and a woman who is older, dominating and more in the face of someone is far less pleasing to the lion’s share of male hunters.

A woman should be entitled to enjoy life as much as any man out there.  When all is said and done, this is what life is about – enjoyment.  Would it be worth it otherwise?  However, the simple reality for women in the modern day is clear.  If they hold desires to locate the highest calibre man that plausibility allows, stretch him to commitment, plus take him to the alter and midwife, women must do it sooner rather than later unless they truly hold inclinations to back horses with longer odds.

** The documented descriptions of habits, decisions, strategies or any other reference are based on my general experiences with females who are representative to the respective physical and characteristic genre of each exampled woman.  This blog does not subscribe to claim these are the ways each woman mentioned above does, in practice, behave. **


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