Sunday 2 March 2014

3 months is all it takes for a woman to lose her beauty

“For every woman who criticizes another woman
 is the same woman who has made the same mistakes.”

If yesterday hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be publishing this particular post.  With this in mind, it was never an intention to follow up on previous material of mine.

Readers of this blog will have come across the above post I published at the back end of last year.  It’s worth another breeze over in order to comprehend what I’m about to write.  For those of you who can’t be bothered to re-trace (I say without a tear in my eye), the summary is about a hot young woman who showed sexual interest in me, shunned my advances when approached, yet subsequently gave off more interest for the following 9 months. 

Before yesterday, I hadn’t seen this woman since the back end of November.  I thought she had suffered enough of my apathy, in addition to her giving off enough interest in me, to give her a second chance.  So my intention, from late November, was to approach her once more.  Women can be rewarded with forgiveness and another opportunity when they deserve it, and more importantly, when there’s something in it for the man himself. 

When two women walked into the gym yesterday, I kind of recognized only one of them.  She was a small, cute looking woman with a decent body and red hair.  Her friend was a good few inches taller, with clean tied back blonde hair.  The blonde was wearing glasses and seemed a bit of a hefty build.  Neither of them swayed my attention for more than a passing thought.

As I commenced my 15 minute punch bag session, something dawned on me.  The uninspiring looking blonde was wearing the exact same black leggings and black stockings that the blonde haired hot woman I was attracted to last year used to wear.  However, the hot woman of last year wore black trainers, whilst this woman was wearing white sneakers.  Also, the hot blonde never wore glasses.  I moved to the next bag.

Then I reminisced a little more.  The cute small redhead was now becoming more familiar.  I recall her being with the hot blonde on two or three training sessions from last year.  As they moved around the gym, I observed the blonde a little more.  She ran, lifted and exercised on the same machines as the hot blonde from the majority of 2013.  Bingo, it was the same woman who I wanted to bang only 3 months ago.

After my hour of training, I asked a gym buddy if he recognized her.  He said he thought it was a different girl.  He wouldn’t have been as observant as me, but his words said it all.  She was untraceable from the hot, curvaceous and pretty looking woman from before Christmas.  I’m not 99% sure it was her.  I’m 100% certain it is her.

Women can lose it all very quickly.  Often, this rapid decline has as much to do with the change up in lifestyle as much as the obvious assumption that she had one too many mince pies over the festive season.  Her reduced sessions at the gym were not a bad thing to me, as she lost far too much weight, but like professional sports stars who suddenly retire, the weight shoots on far quicker than someone who never exercised at all.  Looking on, I tend to think she is someone who has a body unforgiving to the good times of alcohol and convenience food.

In addition to the exercise depletion and probable indulged naughty nights, I also have a take on what else has happened.  Look at the time she has put on this weight.  It’s no coincidence.  Women like the fall back feeling of having a boyfriend during the cold months that just so happen to coincide with Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  If she has her birthday thrown in there too, then compound it even more.  To keep the likely excessive nice guy in a constant giving mood, she will do her part of the bargain by at least giving him the best sex he has ever had, simultaneous to her lying back and wondering when it will end.  She sure to hell doesn’t want to get pregnant to a man she has no intention of being with post March, so naturally she goes on the contraceptive pill.  Is this sounding familiar to anyone?  Basically, many women pile on the pounds (in this case, a couple of stone), when they go on the pill.

What does all this have to do with men and decision making with women, you may ask? 
  • First, it is a case in point to how a hot woman can become a distant memory of beauty in a short space of time.  A man could have no more than 2 months of the best sex of his life, but one little swimmer that creeps in and it will cost him for a lifetime.  Great sex is based on the current ejaculation, not figments of imagination formed by embraced memories.  Wrap up well unless you can 100% trust her. 
  • Second, beware of women’s choices and cunning plans - with men they wouldn’t normally choose in the warmer months – around October time (northern hemisphere assumption, inverse for southern hemisphere by and large).  Many of these men will get ditched come spring. 
  • Third, understand that no woman stays the same way for very long in visual impressiveness terms.  Sure, a great guy understands this concept and sees an empathetic bond in physically ageing and adapting together with the woman he is with, but don’t feel the need to over-exert when her stock is at its highest price.  Like any equity on the stock market, it can only rise for so long before a steady, or rapid, fall is the inevitability.  Pay no more for the stock than is required, and don’t feel the need to keep pumping in cash to a bond that shows signs of a slippery slope in value.

The good news for women who lose it at an early age is that they can get it back relatively soon. The later it happens, the more difficult it will be to return to the former beauty.  Men are not dissimilar.  I made the cardinal sin with an ex-girlfriend to venture out on one too many nice meals, combined with late night cookies and early morning croissants.  I put on 2 stone in less than 6 months.  Where did my abs go!  When we split up, it took me about 3 months to return to my peak physique.  But whilst I would never ever condone men to let themselves go once they have met a woman, it cannot be ignored that physical attractiveness belonging to a man is not close to being as important to attract the opposite sex as physical beauty is required as a female metric.

By the way, a woman who wears glasses outside of work, like the once hot blonde was wearing yesterday, does this to try and convince the world that she isn’t attempting to look good on this particular day.  They would wear contact lenses otherwise.  It’s a weak cover up to her comprehension of not looking great.  Every woman wants to look good, but some, more than others, just cannot accept the nagging thought of being out done by hotter female competitors.  If she doesn’t sign up for the trial, there’s no risk of being rejected by the coach.

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