Wednesday 15 January 2014

The 4 types of relationship women

“Within our life is the likelihood we will only meet a handful of people we truly fall in love with.  Those who have more than this are either extremely fortunate or they are born in absolute luck of having little selectivity.”

Many men have the consensus that all women desire to be in a relationship, and that they will only ever be happy when in a relationship.  Other men may take the exact opposite view - women attempt to fight love and find inundated reasons to never open up their heart to a man.  I believe that 99% of women, irrespective of physical attractiveness, age or culture, do in fact dream of being in that perfect relationship.  It’s just that a large proportion of them will make men fight to represent the required efforts to capture their hearts: such is their need to believe their value is worth all his efforts.  Some women surrender their hearts easier than others.  These are women who need to be in a relationship with a man in order to feel a purpose in their life.  They need validation of external importance.  On the other side of the coin, some will say they do not need to be married, they do not need to birth children, or they do not even need the necessity of a boyfriend, to feel complete in life.

With all this said, women come from many backgrounds, and their life situations and predicaments can lead them to be one of four different types of women when they view how important a relationship is to them.  These are the main factors that can determine this:

  • Age
  • Maturity of mind
  • Relationship experience - positive or negative
  • Wealth / Type of career
  • Social background
  • Insecurity / Self-consciousness
  • Social network – is she part of a close and loyal friendship network
  • Confidence
  • Her perception of men generally
  • Her selectiveness threshold

The Serial Dater

We’ve probably all come across this kind of girl before – the Serial Dater.  In a nutshell, she simply has to be with a man to complete her perceived worth to the outside world.  Sometimes it’s a fear of not being confident enough to sail the ship of life alone.  This woman will often not even hide the fact she feels at her most comfortable in the arms of a man, and she has very little independence within her own life. 

If you ever notice the girl who changes her Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship” at the drop of a hat, this is her.  She may not even disclose the guy’s name, and it leaves many peers wondering who he actually is.  This woman is at the highest spectrum of insecurity and self-consciousness, and you will often hear her words along the lines of “all other girls seem to hate me.”  What she is really saying here is that she is jealous of more attractive girls, or that she actually doesn’t want to get on with most girls, such is her need to always be around a guy. 

She generally goes out with her boyfriend and his friends, and they all contribute in inflating her fragile ego to make her feel special in having so many guys wanting to talk to her.  Women in this category are often in need of male attention, and do not take kindly to having to share this with other prettier females.  During the times she rarely does go out with the girls, she is quiet and seldom smiles.  She clearly doesn’t feel at ease being there.  She will spend much of the night texting her boyfriend in weak belief others see this as a source of power, and she will hope he meets up with her later.  Not that she wouldn’t mind attention from other guys, but this girl’s priority in her life is her boyfriend. 

In truth, her boyfriend could be either a bad boy or a nice guy.  Due to her comfort need in possessing a boyfriend, she doesn’t really pay that much attention to the kind of guy he is, or even how he looks.  He is just a guy to call her boyfriend, as the main priority is simply belonging to one. 

The highest percentage of women in this compartment are not career orientated - hence why they live their life through the status of their boyfriend.  You can expect to see her in a low paid and low stimulating job as she counts down the hours before she can hassle him with a phone call.  When a relationship ends, she is devastated and obsessed with the thought of loneliness and how she perceives others will think of her as a single person.  She is oblivious to people’s knowledge of her sequence of boyfriends, and the ridicule that goes with it.


The Serial Dater will usually be of average looking, slightly above average looking or, in more excluded cases, cute in physical attractiveness terms, and she is almost always low in natural personality.  However, isolated ones could be stunners – examples mainly being girlfriends to celebrities.  Her good looks do not reflect in her lack of self-confidence, so desperate guys out there should be at the ready due to her availability to be taken.  You will get a bit of leeway from this girl, and your mistakes will often be forgiven.  Needless to say, not a lot of interaction strategy is required here.  She will give herself up almost suddenly, so the effort to reward ratio is heavily weighted in a man’s favour, and early sexual encounters will be available with little endeavour or money required.  She will be desirable to bad boys and beta males alike, with sex and pampering being their missions respectively.  A woman of this kind is heaven to a man dating above his league in physical attractiveness, as he has secured someone probably as visually stunning as he can attain without the need to supply a high level of other metrics like resources, status or personality.  She will be a loyal girlfriend.


A high value man wouldn’t be very stimulated mentally by this woman, although the beautiful Serial Daters will give him short term sexual relief if this is his objective.  Nevertheless, he must never believe her story that she is on a source of contraception.  If entering into a relationship, be ready for her supplicated ways and her preference for you to lose touch with your friends.  Her inclination to settle down with her future partner will be pronounced early on - therefore a man should be aware of the commitment word if this is on the radar.

The Shield of Steel

The Shield of Steel is the polar opposite woman of the Serial Dater.  She is a “girl’s girl”, and she lays claim to having far more important things in her life to allow for boyfriend time.  This is the woman who has listened to a lifetime of compliments from her parents which has enforced her to think and believe that no man is good enough for - unless he is a Hollywood movie star. 

The strangest thing is that she craves for a man to hit her buttons every bit as much as other women, but she has such high standards in men, and a high opinion of herself, that he is almost a male production of fantasy and perfection.  So an everyday guy off the street is below her perceived value of herself, and women of this nature are always tuned to find a man of higher status.  This kind of woman is often part of a close (if often small) group of friends, and she will make vain attempts to convince everyone, and herself, that as long as she has her friends around then she is fine.  A problem here though - she can easily fall out with any of them who cancel a night out, especially if it is to be with their boyfriend. 

Although she says she is happy for her friends being in relationships, deep down she wants nothing more than them to join the single party.  When they all go out she is rare to compliment a guy, as she holds onto her prideful reluctance to concede he has as much value as her.  This mindset assists her belief that the lack of male appeal in the world is down to the low numbers of high calibre men, and it is nothing to do with persona issues of her own.  She can appear distant and unapproachable on a night out, although she is far from one who abstains from an ego boost, even if it’s a compliment from an ugly guy. 

You will often find a relatively successful career woman in this category, with above average to high earnings.  This gives her the sense of independence and knowledge she can stand on her own two feet.  Whilst confident in herself, this can often be a front, and she can become bitter with life, and men, in general.  She isn’t against the thought of love, and she knows it can happen.  It’s just that she is so cynical towards men that she repels against it.  Bad boys, nice guys and high value men may all have been part of her past relationships, depending on the stage of her life, but in truth only a handsome high value man or a rich and high status nice guy can hold a chance in maintaining her interest over a stretch.


Because of her selectiveness, a man would hope that in the law of average she has not slept around as much as other types of women.  This makes her good girlfriend potential.  To have such high value in her own perception of herself, the likelihood is that a woman from this group will be physically impressive.  Combine this with her personality, independence and ambition, and you have an ideal relationship material woman on your shoulder.  If a man can show her that he is of high value standing, there won’t be too many bad boys and nice guys in his way as she will have disqualified them before they enter the room.  This woman will give you relationship space, as she is reluctant to show a man that she needs him in her life constantly.


Even when a man has been seeing this woman for up to 6 months, she may still not class him as her boyfriend.  Supplicated guys should abstain from these types of women, as they will not take kindly to a man in need of affection and attention.  Be ready for her compliance tests and critique to whether he can meet her requirements.  With this kind of woman, a man will feel like he is riding up a hill with no sign of relief.  She will subtly remind him of how fortunate he is to be with her.  Only the strong will survive, and only those who stand up to her rules will have a chance.  A laid back approach and good understanding of a woman’s true reality value to the world, and not the one she believes in, is purely imperative.  A man should never be afraid to lose a woman acting in this manner, and her knowledge of his apathy will attract her more towards him.   She is a glorified “daddy’s girl” really, and a weak man will feel inferior to her.  A man will have very little leeway with her - one wrong move and it could be game over, as she stays true to her belief she isn’t afraid to be alone.

The Romantic

A Romantic is a woman who has always believed in the fiction of true love, but she isn’t na├»ve enough to think relationships do not throw curve bulls along the way.  Although she isn’t necessarily a strong person, she also isn’t afraid to take the high road if life doesn’t suit her. 

She needs to feel loved by a man, and she is willing to give her heart and body to him, but she isn’t just interested in anyone.  This girl has the natural following trait of a Serial Dater, but she has relatively high standards depending on the level of value she is.  She’s a realist, and although she doesn’t attain a tick list as long as the Shield of Steel, she certainly has a type of guy in mind.  Because she can often act on impulse and emotion, this woman will often find herself embraced with the jerks out there.  These guys make her heart race, and although she is wary of them, she is slow to learn of their deficiencies.  When she does finally learn, a nice guy will give her a period of being placed on a pedestal before she sweetly tells him it’s over - and falls for the next jerk. 

She is the example of a girl who has believed she is so sweet and that she has had bad luck with the wrong men, but fails to realize she is drawn towards them.  Although she has a decent intelligence level, she is only moderate in self-confidence, and this manifests in limiting her career opportunities. She certainly isn’t desperate for a boyfriend, but she much prefers to be in a relationship than being single.  Whilst not blatantly seeking it, she likes the attention nice guys will give her. 

A Romantic will often have a large number of male platonic friends - she just doesn’t see them the way they would like her to.  You’ll notice this girl when out (especially when she’s single) as she will be looking around at potential boyfriends.  After a few drinks she is as vulnerable as the typical Serial Dater in succumbing to any poor male candidate who will give her attention.  She often has a best friend and a decent number of associate friends, but a boyfriend is really what makes her feel most special.  She believes in love and its power, but she is realistic enough to know guys will be guys.  However, this will never diminish her idealistic view that prince charming is out there.  If only she would admit she desires the bad boys.


Expect Romantics to be cute looking rather than immediate head turners.  Grade her up a level when she is out in physical attractiveness, and this is the perennial girl all the beta males would die for and all the bad boys find as effortless conquests.  The highest percentage of all women in the sexual market fall into this category, so logic would say there are plenty to go round for the high value men who find them attractive.  However, as explained, she isn’t a highly confident person.  A nice guy gives her security within herself for a while, and a bad boy, whilst breaking her heart, allows her to believe in herself that she has areas where she is higher value than him (usually looks and personality).  If a man can acquire this woman then she can offer him happiness, loyalty and infatuation like the others cannot.  All things being even, this woman will be hold the most pleasing character and personality for a man to consider as a girlfriend.  There is the balance between time with and without her, and she is comfortable to be around.  However, a man should never for the life of him think that very little interaction strategy is required on a Romantic, as she isn’t as sweet as she looks.  She will become bored, if she isn’t stimulated and challenged by her boyfriend, as much as any other woman with variable characteristics and emphasis on being in a relationship.


As much as a high value man may desire this kind of woman, and as much as she may find him attractive, this is when the logic of attraction becomes illogical.  Even if she is physically attractive, the majority of Romantics are lacking in confidence.  Consequently, her natural persona is one of insecurity and a lack of self-esteem.  When a man with high value engages with her, a feeling of discomfort, insecurity and vulnerability enters her mind.  This is an amalgamated feeling that isn’t experienced with a nice guy or a bad boy.  With them, she is somewhat in control.  Pre-conceived rejection is familiar in this scenario for a high value man, even if she has given him an indicator of interest beforehand.  Also, a man shouldn’t be surprised if she is receptive and friendly on the first meeting, only for her not to return his calls.  She has formed doubts in her mind the man’s value is far higher than hers, and she has vanished from the world in order to protect her emotions and ego.

The Summer of Love

This is a kind way of not saying - unofficial whore.  Although far less a number than some parties may claim, I won’t hide from the fact that a minority of modern day women will go through this phase on at least one occasion in their life.  And let’s not deny that this is exactly what some men want at least once in their life.  These women are rare, but it may just be a case where they want to experiment in sexual and unemotional ways. 

It may be that they have had their heart broken and want to disengage it for a few summer months.  Or they may make no apology that they just simply like sex with different men.  So switched off is this woman that unless he is a truly ugly guy, she may be anybody’s for the taking.  In fact, even the ugly guy with the correct attitude can appeal to these female types. 

The great thing about women like this is what you see is what you get.  They are usually honest and not worried about what others think of them.  In a way, they are the female alpha males.  In a world of women saying one thing and acting in the opposite way, or acting bad only to try and weakly justify their actions, I applaud the Summer of Love women out there for their unapologetic processes. 


High frequency, high quality and unconditional sex are the true selling points for this woman.  For a woman to be this way inclined, even for only a matter of days or weeks, it’s highly unlikely you will locate too many of high physical attractiveness in this category.  That said, there may be a few hot ones with very low intelligence, a lack of self-respect, and a low threshold of self-restraint.  But these women can help many guys.  A bad boy meets a bad girl.  A nice guy gets some experience and someone he will not idolize in his beta ways.  In the case of high value men, it is simply more women to benchmark against in order to capture higher calibre women in the future.  Everyone’s a winner.


Sexually transmitted diseases and possible pregnancies are the greatest risks.  And ensure she isn’t falling for you, because the likelihood is that beyond the enjoyment of sex – that will dwindle as time passes by – they are not the most mentally stimulating women for the longer term.

Every man will have his preference to the kind of woman he desires.  Some men will have the luxury of interaction, and beyond, with all four types.  A few men will be restricted to only one of the above, as this could be because of his lack of sexual appeal or simple predilections for a particular type of woman.  The women may, for a period of time, carousel between all four characters in her lifetime, but her channeled mind from a young age will lead her to predominately follow only one route.  Logic would put bad boys with Summer of Love women, high value men with Shields of Steel females, nice guys with the Serial Daters, and Romantics taking a split of these three criteria of men.  But sexual attraction rarely works in conjunction with logic.

Good looking high value men often get rejected through women being intimidated by them, along with trust issues due to their thoughts he could have any other woman at his disposal.  Consequently, these men can find it challenging to find girlfriends beyond short term sexual adventures.  High value women are often distant, unapproachable and unreceptive.  They have the most ruthless of standards in men and the highest opinions of their own worthiness to the world, and this conceited mentality acts as a catalyst to only date the highest status men.  The issue here is: as the highest status men desire the most physically attractive of women – even if these women have little to offer in personality or intelligence terms – the rare high value women who exist, especially if they are not of extreme physical beauty, may be finding it difficult to locate this choice of man.  So here you have the highest calibre of men and women on an overall sexual market value basis, yet they are the ones who often have the least amount of long term relationship experience.

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  1. "When a man with high value engages with her (the romantic), a feeling of discomfort, insecurity and vulnerability enters her mind. This is an amalgamated feeling that isn’t experienced with a nice guy or a bad boy. With them, she is somewhat in control."

    That was dead on! How does a vulnerable girl turn her insecurities around to not be feigned by rejection of a perceived "high quality man" then? Write a list of pros and cons and over emphasize the cons, so in her mind he's the one missing out? But in her gut feeling overrides logic, thus making her stop before they begin ("He's out of my league, I won't bother initiating anything because I will be rejected anyway")

    "...this woman will often find herself embraced with the jerks out there. These guys make her heart race, and although she is wary of them, she is slow to learn of their deficiencies "
    - And in turn it makes her think she's not such a "nice girl" after all, considering she truly wants the jerk, bad boy. He makes her angry, but also turns her on. This is why the nice guy is given a chance, if only for a short period, to alleviate her guilt.