Sunday 12 January 2014

Do British men not care to learn?

“When denial of the truth is there for all to see, do we love to hate, or hate to love?”

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If I was to be accused of being an inquisitive so and so who is obsessed with numbers and statistics, well, I guess I’ll still sleep well and comfortable at night.  Long gone are the days when I worry about what people think of me.  In essence, I like the figures as part of drawing some trends to all the observations I make within female and male emotional interactions and dynamics.

This blog has only been up and running for a few months, but what has entertained me as much as anything is the diversity of readers from around the globe.  I kind of expected a large percentage of hits to arrive from the game founder nation of the United States.  Someone only has to log on and type a relevant topic of this nature to realize the vast majority of online conversations are at the home of the land of the free.  Based on the vacations taken there alone, my experiences with young female natives makes this no surprise to why a million or so American men have been driven to this counter-active process.  Even before my first hop across the pond, it was clear transatlantic girls were, perhaps, a little more “unorthodox” in their dealings with guys than I had been accustomed to.  A holiday in Cancun, where they were happy to pull me away from the girl I was with (hence: pre-selection attraction), told me everything I needed to know about them.

Without choosing to get into a social debate, my hunch tells me that wherever America leads, Canada is never too far away or behind.  I’m sure this isn’t a fall off your seat statement, based on sheer geographical proximity to mention only one reason.  When you consider that the number of inhabitants with maple leafs on their hearts is marginally more than 10% of the big brother south of the border, and there are similar demographics between both countries to suit, the Canadian percentage as shown above was not too far from my day-dream estimates.

I have a personal theory that, in terms of female emotional habits and decision-making towards men, Australian girls run with their commonwealth counterparts from the United Kingdom to follow what’s cool to do in North America.  I haven’t been down under myself, but numerous friends who have lived there have backed me up on this claim – Aussie girls are very similar to Brits.  Bear in mind though that Oz has a population of barely a third in comparison to my home country.  More on this in a moment.

I also proudly give Germany a joint bronze medal prize.  If I add their little sister of Austria alongside the German 4% contribution, collectively they must have taken a liking to the topics I write about.  When I consider that Deutschland has given me many weekend memories based over nearly a dozen different cities, fine beer and bratwursts that stay with me forever, and the most physically attractive woman (who just so happened to attain a great personality and values too) I have ever been in a relationship with, this is the least I can offer back.  Believe me, all this fine country lacks is a beach and better weather to refrain me from going to live there.  Your ladies certainly seem to like my ethnicity, anyway.  Vielen Danke!

As for all the other countries listed, in addition to those in the “other” section, you are always very welcome.  In view of my African heritage, I took pleasure in seeing a decent number of hits from Côte d’Ivoire.  My heart will be with you in this June’s World Cup.  The world is a small place with many people.  There’s certainly more to Spain than Ibiza…

This brings me onto the royal nation that is the UK.  Although it sits in 2nd place in statistical terms, it raised an eyebrow or two when considering such a small percentage of hits.  Through sheer location of where I live, this blog will be exposed to the eyes of UK residents more than any other country.  It’s written in English, a language probably harder for many readers to understand in the non-English speaking countries shown at the top. Granted, there could be some readers with English as their mother tongue logging on from a country foreign to their passport identity, but I’ll go on the basis this is negligible.  With over 65 million people, the UK is hardly a small country.

One can only assume blogs of this genre attract a core audience of male followers, because women do not like reality thrown in their face as much as I choose to document.  It probably bites a little too close to the bone.  Not that I’m saying most men take kindly to what I write about, but I tend to think they would quietly agree.  So if a large nation, with easy accessibility and an understanding of the language, doesn’t appear to contribute a significant part of the readership, why could this be the case?  Here are some brain-storming possibilities:

Knowledge is already installed in British men from birth

In other words – they do not need to learn any form of interaction strategy with women.  Let me tell you that judging from what I see, they need every bit as much as any other country.  Whenever British men are trying to impress women, and this isn’t always men boxing above their weight with better looking women, they act like a dog with two dicks.

Verdict:  Denied

Lack of exposure

Like anything else, you’re only as good as what you know.  Unlike being in the United States – where a click of a button will lead a man to some link in how to deal with a scenario women may throw at him due to unusual or perplexed emotive deliverables – it isn’t as exposed in the UK.  When things aren’t there to be seen, they are never spoken about.  I doubt there are many groups of males sitting around in a huddle as they watch the football during Sunday afternoons, offering each other advice or links to pertinent sites.  Why do I feel like I’m defending the indefensible here?

Verdict:  Denied

Too much trust and naivety

Being the stubborn, hurried and gentlemen acting chaps as we are, maybe us Brits are simply too trusting or naïve.  True to a nation that represents carrying out everything at a million miles an hour, including eating, the tendency can be to suffer first and think later.  Just look at the way we play soccer – kick and rush – whilst European rivals analyze, assess, strategize and deliver efficiently. 

Could it be that men who have been hurt in the past, through no fault of their own, put it down to coincidence or bad luck, and they go on their merry way once more to make the same mistakes again.  Is it that there are more nice guys, as a percentage, in the UK than other countries?

Verdict:  Adjourned

British men don’t need interaction strategy

Two points here:

The first one is the possibility British women are not manipulative, cunning and born with a plan of life mentality.  I can assure you that from first-hand experience and knowledge of hundreds of third party situations, this is not true.  This country offers a bar scene abundance density that could not be matched anywhere else.  With the alcohol gathering availability comes girls nights out, and this consequently allows them to, let’s just say, “express” themselves.  We might not have the climate for frequent beach congregation, but the nightlife in towns and cities, far and wide, brings about hoards of male and female groups to collide.

Verdict:  Denied

Second, as harsh as this sounds, the main reason British men may appear reluctant to learn about the female mind is due to the shortage of women worth learning for.  Judging from my adventures around the world, there is a noticeable (even if marginal) smaller percentage of hot UK women in comparison to other countries.  Don’t get me wrong, the hottest 0.2% of women in the UK can stand up to any other country, but it’s the tiers below that let us down.  Basically, there are many more cute women in other countries – hence the average is much higher – than in the UK.  Needless to say, the fewer cute and hot women in a population, the less need there is to learn about interaction strategy and female emotional psychology.  With less attractive women, men can become lazy.

Verdict:  Accepted

It all ends in divorce, anyway…

Maybe this is just the accustomed pattern in the UK:
  • Hot/cute woman dates a couple of jerks.
  • Hot/cute woman settles down for rich man/nice guy provider.
  • 65% end in divorce, of which 70% is female initiation.  Also, remember this is a general statistic.  I would predict women who “date down” in the looks department make up a lot of the 70% initiation figure.
  • Once a hot/cute woman is no longer as much of a prized asset post marriage and/or kids, she is no longer a woman who requires much interaction strategy, or she meets the same nice guy and goes through the same jettison process.

It’s no excuse, and if anything the fact British men get such a raw deal out of divorce settlements should make it an even greater motivation to learn how not to be placed in such a predicament.

Verdict:  Denied

A nice guy who is boxing significantly above his weight in the looks stakes usually gets only one shot to lock down the respective hotter woman.  If he doesn’t act accordingly, and her short term good feeling ego is replaced with boredom and a lack of intensity, the common consequence is for her to leave him.  Rarely will he find another woman like her again.

There’s no doubt about it in my mind, British men are light years behind in comprehension of how to deal with the modern day western world woman.  They also appear to be very reserved in any pro-activeness of learning the corrective measures.  I had my suspicions prior to starting this blog.  My suspicions have only been further reinforced and confirmed.

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