Monday 18 May 2015

Watch what he does

“Be remembered for a second, or be forgotten for a lifetime?”

This blog doesn’t focus on “negs” per se in their actual form.  I tend to write more about how to produce a corrective mindset in not idolizing women and, as a consequence, not being afraid of what they think of you or what the outcome will be.  In truth, and in view of the efficient advice out there in terms of negs on other blogs alongside the literature you will read on Women’s choices: men’s divorces, the two do somewhat entwine.

But a neg in words cannot come close to comprehension and validity of its value against expressions on the female recipient’s face.  Take a look at 0:50 when the male interviewer asks the question to whether Ariana Grande’s feet smell:

Priceless!  I’d donate a pound of my hard earned cash to a worthwhile charity for every time I witnessed a man implement a remark of this kind to an ego driven and high self-opinionated woman.  It certainly wouldn’t raise much money though, such is the rarity and unlikelihood of it occurring due to the vast majority of men who cannot bring themselves to think, let alone say, such a thing.

Let’s dissect the 17 seconds that follow this tremendous, yet so amusing, question:
  • The guy’s original question is linked to the anecdote just explained by Grande, so he has a valid reason to ask it.  He also further justifies it by stating she dances a lot and alludes to the fact it was an audience/viewer question (yeah, right!), so nobody can lay blame on him for disrupting her all so untouchable universe by a millimetre.  Women make a living through plausible deniability, so if you can’t beat them, join them.
  • Her immediate reaction (0:55) consists of shell-shocked amusement.  This is a lesson in itself.  Sought after women are so accustomed to hundreds, if not thousands, of men acting like over-complimenting arse kissers in their vicinity that someone who goes against the norm can cause them to enjoy it for a moment.  Granted, a neg is far more beneficial and productive when used by a man who is less physically attractive (hence in this case the interviewer with Grande) than the women he directed it on, in comparison to a man using the same line who is on her looks level or greater.
  • On 0:57, her face turns to one of slight distress and in need of self-justification that they don’t smell.  This is another valuable learning exercise for men who take the conditioned route of pedestalizing.  A woman, within reason, will always be more attracted and intrigued towards a man when she is seeking his approval.
  • At 0:58 to 0:59, two additional notes should be taken.  First, he asks once more with slight doubt to her answer’s integrity.  This illustrates confidence and power in the situation.  As a knock-on effect, this now enforces her to be a little more aggressive in her demeanour (“Nooo!!”), but again it is her on the back foot.
  • Between 1:00 to 1:03, he still continues with the lack of convinced approach, but eases her a little bit with a more genuine (at least is will come across as genuine to her) question of whether she is wearing socks.  If nothing else, this gives her an opportunity to mention a fashion item.  The subject ends in him coming across as negotiable simultaneous to her thinking that she is now believed.  Win-win scenario.
  • 1:04 to 1:06 is my favourite part.  He turns away at the same time as she goes to say something else.  But like a genius he is, the microphone is passed along to the suck up female interviewer.  Just look at that fake smile on those pretty eyes and lips as she realizes the moment has passed. 
  • Someone really should give this guy a massive pay rise.  At 1:07, as she turns to her left, he places a solid yet uncompromising arm around her mid back region, followed by a care-free, couldn’t give a crap grin to conclude it all.  Look how he chews gum throughout too.  This is what handling a woman is all about - she is nothing more than a replaceable human being who, when all is said and done, can take it or leave it.
  • But it doesn’t end there.  At 2:20 the dog has one last bite at his bone.  Now in a way of confirming “her feet don’t stink” (just to emphasize the pong that bit more), he casually drops the topic one more time.  Again, this brings her back in attempts to reassure the world that there is no odour on her part, even trying to flip the joke on him.  But in true style of his character, he just challenges her to go down on his sneakers.  And of course she doesn’t oblige and gets ratty, allowing him to make her feel bad that she brought it up.
  • And finally gentlemen, look at 2:27.  Does she end it with hostility, hatred or evil eyes?  Oh no.  Sure, this act is probably something for the cameras, but if she was totally antagonistic she could still smile in a false way without putting her arm around him.  Now, not for a moment am I saying she fancies him purely due to his attitude shown over the last couple of minutes, but she sure respects him more than a lapdog who nodded his head on the back of sycophant scripted questions.  If the physical and status bridge between them wasn’t so afar, he would more than have a chance because of the way he treated her as just another person in the world. 

Q-tip 1:
Despite their efforts to convince the planet otherwise in the form of group hugs, high fives, shouting in glee, and dancing around as if the world is so much fun, >99% of women do not possess a sense of humour.  Why?  Pure and simple, in order to have a sense of humour a person has to erase outcome dependence and fear of rejection from their mind, they must care not a jot what people think of them, and most importantly, they don’t take themselves too seriously.  Ultimately, a person with a sense of humour is a rubber ball in the face of witty and jealous comments, inferiority complex digs, or derogatory words aimed in their direction.  It all bounces off them, and deflects the ridicule on the aggressor.  All these required deliverables epitomize the polar opposite to how women carry their souls through each and every day.

Q-tip 2:
Like in this video, you will notice over time how women try and make out they are so defending and sympathetic towards their female friends when men try and take the piss.  Don’t be fooled by this “I got your back, girl” crap, as women are always envious of prettier female counterparts or those who have a higher class male partner.  Deep down, they love the thought of a more attractive woman being pegged down a step or two.   

Ariana Grande is hot, hot, hot, in a cute, cute way.  So pretty she is, but with a petite, thin body that isn’t going to make someone like me instantly hard by just looking at her.  A girl like her would look great alongside a guy like me when out together, but she wouldn’t date me if she was just a girl from up the road.  Her 8.5/10 to 8.75/10 looks rating wouldn’t leave enough for her ego to cope with the close parity relativity.  In fact, nearly all her ex-boyfriend’s mediocre to decent physical attractiveness levels (ranging from 6.75/10 to 7.75/10 if you take a look at this link, with the exception of her back-up dancer who is better looking) back me up on this thought.  I fully expect her to follow suit with this theory – a man at least a full grade or two below her looks level - in eventual marriage partner selection.  

Nevertheless, back to the main event in this post.  The proof is in the pictures, my friends.  Do you want to be the man who continuously plays safe, but who is never respected and loved in genuine ways by your female partner?  Or would you prefer to take risks, swing for the fences every now again, and secure a woman who truly and deeply desires to be with you?

Puncture her ego, to loosen those panties…

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