Friday 8 May 2015

Even women sometimes help out clueless men

“Behind any smart comment, sarcastic remark or act of
self-promotion offers a direct or indirect path to the truth.”

In addition to the bulk proportion of pop songs that make up the music world – either women claiming they are the victims of love or men singing about her being his one and only object in a world of 7 billion – in addition to the isolated apologetic female act of discrete self-promotion (think of Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” - where essentially she is explaining contrition based on breaking one man’s heart due to another man seeking her), there is a segment of releases where illustration of “girl power” is at the forefront. 

On a commuting drive this morning, I heard this song by Britney Spears featuring Iggy Azalea which made me want to piss myself once more.  But on this occasion, if you are a savvy guy, the words actually put together can assist the >80% of beta male nice guys in doing exactly what is opposite to the ridicule from these two highly talented female artists.  At this point of writing, I’m struggling to keep a straight face…

Now of course, the whole girl power phenomenon is nothing new.  If the Spice Girls were the pied pipers in the mid-nineties, others have taken on the baton in perhaps a less exposed manner to the fab UK five. 

The strange thing (or not so strange thing, once you understand the female emotional mind) about girl power songs is that they are fundamentally waxing lyrical about what they don’t truly desire in life.  Despite words you will hear from women about having a fun time in life and that the need of a man is low priority, the truth lies in what they do, rather than what they say.  What they do, sooner rather than later, is to drop all these happy go hunting and independent pastimes in favour of being with a boyfriend and future husband.  The overriding majority of women even settle for men they never visualized being with in their fairytale thoughts, because simply put, there is such a shortage of high quality men to satisfy the vast numbers of women wanting a wedding and kids to show off to the world.

Here are just some of the lyrics from Brit and Iggy-Iggs:

 All around the world, pretty girls
Wipe the floor with all the boys
Pour the drinks, bring the noise (It's Iggy-Iggs!)
We're just so pretty!
All around the world, pretty girls
Jump the line, to the front
Do what we like, get what we want
(Where you at, Brit?)
We're just so pretty!

[Verse 1: Britney Spears]
Hey, don't you know that it's always the same?
From Australia 'round to LA
You can betcha', wherever the girls go, boys follow
We be keeping them up on their times
They can laugh, but they don't get the jokes
Just you watch, they're so predictable
(Some things don't change...)

(The girls roll up)
Windows roll down
(Eyes on us)
Jaws on the ground
(Watch them go)
It's just so funny
(Like bees to the honey!)

Tell me, is it true that these men are from Mars?
Is that why they be acting bizarre?
Every time I walk out of my house it's like, "Hey, baby!"
They don't see me rolling my eyes
They buzzing around me like flies
They got one thing on their minds
(Some things don't change...)

If you ask me, I'm killing them softly
I would spend time with you but that'd cost me
They pray that Iggy-Iggy give 'em one more chance
But busy Iggy wouldn't even give 'em one more glance
See, enter in line between the beauty and a beast
Slim waist, thick cake, the whole world want a piece
Bad girl, good (ooh) would make you lose your mind
All of the boys begging Britney, hit 'em one more time

In respect to this load of trollop, but in general terms too, let me provide some reasons why girl power songs are to be taken with a pinch of salt, and in fact how they give reason to why the contrarian process should be implemented:
  • The whole “girls love life”, “I don’t need a man” and “independent women” crap is a fake cover up to disguise what women desire and, more importantly, what they do.  If this wasn’t the case, why do you see so many women have only short term spells (hence weeks or months) of nights out, gym attendance or career emphasis before the normal course of events is resumed that is boyfriend time.
  • Women who claim to think female collaboration, company and leadership is the way forward is contradictory to how you see women at their happiest.  Women are at their happiest when being directed by a decisive and confident man.  Again, if this wasn’t the case, why do they choose this avenue before too much time passes by.
  • Words along the lines of “I got your back for life, girl” or “my girls are my heaven” derived from female mouths are hypocritical to the eventual outcome.  As harsh as this sounds, women do not form loyal, genuine and solid friendships with members of the same gender in the equivalent way men do with male buddies, and this is all the more apparent during the younger years. If you ever doubt this view, think of how many times you have known of a woman to dump her friends (or even best friend) once she meets a decent guy.  Furthermore, when the rare high calibre man is in the vicinity of a group of women, see how loyal and fair they are then.  Cat fights!
  • In terms of the Britney Spears song as shown above, “do what we like, get what we want” is prime opposite to what makes women tick.  Women’s innate character is to fight for things that don’t come to them easily or at all.
  • Women’s sexual arousals and attraction projections despise men who follow them around and treat them like princesses.  Their egos only like these men.  So even that rich, high status man who buys them expensive drinks all night is only feeding the good feeling about their lives.  What he fails to realize is that they are sexually into him less because of these acts.
  • Even a hot woman is a number, and although that hot woman likes the thought of thinking men idolize her and that they could do no better, the reality is there are far more hot women out there than good looking men.  In consideration to good looking men with quality, but even mere decent looking men too with similar admirable metrics, the ratio of hot women to these men is even higher.  As for cute women (and cute women of 6.75/10 to 7.75/10 looks rating would be classed as “pretty”), well you can multiply by at least 10 in comparison to the female hot counterparts.
  • So with the above point in mind, and to abide with the female characteristic hunger, women are most satisfied when they do the chasing.  This isn’t always easy for a man, as most men aren’t worth chasing and they don’t hold down a profile or physical attractiveness level that will achieve female hunting, but they can still make it easier on themselves in the way of erasing supplication, sycophancy, desperation and clinginess from their interaction game.

If women can give you a hint in eradicating all the items of your dealing with them in the form of how this song writes it out, why would a man ever think to do anything but the reverse to this ridicule.  Surely you understand they are taking the mickey out of how you live your life.  If often bemuses me how men can look themselves in the mirror sometimes, living in the knowledge of how easy they make it on women to blow up their egos.  These men may justify their actions by advocating it is what, even if after exertion of blood, sweat and glory, secures the woman over time.  This blue pill belief will only be reinforced by what they hear from the lips of self-agenda and ego driven women.

But is this enough for you, I ask the question?  Are you happy with making your target woman feel better about her life, only to know it is making her repulsed by your lapdog mannerisms?  The choice is yours, but I would suggest asking what your ultimate goal with the opposite sex is.


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