Friday 2 January 2015

Fifty Shades impacting women of 2015

“Money talks, nonsense walks.”

I stand by what was written in this post some months ago.  Modern day women in my lifetime have usually been seen alongside uglier and passive stricken men by clear majority, and the recession only further compounded this trend.  However, something struck my attention recently regarding a possible change of tastes that many women may undertake in 2015.

Fifty Shades of Grey movie

Until yesterday, I wasn’t aware that the Fifty Shades of Grey film is being released in February of this year.  Its official release date on Valentine’s Day, whether by more coincidence than good planning, could be an outcome of pure genius.  I haven’t read a single page of the book, and as ignorant or arrogant as this may sound, a two minute showing of the film trailer, a glance at the Wikipedia description, and past recollections of women’s over-excited words during the 2012 hard copy availability is enough for me.  I can fill in the blanks on my own.

And the snap-shop blanks are basically for an innocent “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” woman to fall for a handsome, successful, dominating, mysterious and wealthy man.  In turn, she has to abide by his leadership, terms, experimentations and somewhat unorthodox tastes in life, and most applicably, sexual endeavours.  Ultimately, he is everything that is the opposite of men who women fall for settle down with. 

Casting selection for the two main roles (Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia ‘Ana’ Steele and Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey) was unforgiving in enabling this particular film to carry out the script with credible critique, and some may even argue that on face value alone they have got it slightly wrong.  However, remember that films of this genre and romantic novels are primarily and predominantly scripted for a female dominated audience – their mass paying customers.  As films and novels, in the main, represent fallacy over reality, this process aligns with the female mind and actions in life.  There is a media necessity and perhaps obligation in catering for the female brain to believe what occurs in the movie, no matter how small the probability, could in actuality happen to her.

So a low end cute woman (which is still at least a full grade above the female benchmark) as the main act securing a man above her league, in numerous metrics, gives off hope and inspiration to all those millions of aspiring and fairytale sets of eyes out there.

In real life, a good looking man (Dornan is 8.5/10 in overall physical attractiveness) of 6ft height, toned physique and billionaire profile is not going to pursue, no matter how great the mental connection, a 7/10 looks rated woman like Johnson plays in her role as Ana (accepted, when Johnson is done up for the red carpet she can leverage up to 7.5/10).  If a man was this blessed he could have the hottest woman out there, and even one, or many, with something between the ears too.  A pump and dump with a cute girl, maybe, but not a sustained obsession. 

Side note to above:
In the “real world”, you will see more non-wealthy/low status 8/10 to 8.5/10 men in overall physical attractiveness alongside girlfriends who are cute (7/10 to 7.75/10) women than hot (8/10+) women.  This is partly down to the fact that cute women outweigh hot women by at least 10:1 in number, but mainly due to hot babes either not liking male aesthetic impressiveness as competition or not attaining the inner confidence to trust them.  With this in mind, and based on the trailer clips, Dornan’s slightly toned down and more attainable transfer to Christian Grey allows a naive viewer’s grasp on loose possibility, if not reality.  I can understand, on a looks isolation basis, why the casting director may have overlooked Sean O’Pry as the lead role.  O’Pry’s 9/10 looks would have made the love couple’s visual comparisons too implausible.  The other way round – hence a hot woman of 9/10 and a very wealthy above average looking man of 7/10 – and feasibility to true life observations is met.  

The impact on women

Come this mid-February premiere and beyond, I expect a considerable higher percentage of women, even those who possess male partners, to go to the cinemas with female company only.  You have to bear in mind that women will have read the book, and although they may have made passing comments to men (including their boyfriends or husbands) that they were a little turned on by the literature, they are fully aware that their boyfriends in most cases are simply too nice to even be anything like the way Grey is portrayed.  They will also be aware that their better halves, by clear majority, will not feel comfortable watching it with her.  Men love sex in practice, but they aren’t too keen to talk or learn about diversifications, experimentations, methods or satisfactions that sex can offer their female lovers. 

These men, nice guys by huge proportion, are also blue pill believers.  They cannot quite bring themselves to acknowledge women need a level of domination, care-free and apathetic considerations to her emotional, sexual and psychological needs.  The common and conventional man has to believe predictability, passiveness, provision, consideration and care rule her heart, because at the end of the day, these are his go-to strengths.

So far, women have only been exposed to the written version of Fifty Shades of Grey, and although many of them have come out by saying they like the way a man can act in this manner, I think it is important to note that a book offers nothing more than a fantasy.  Feminists, and women who speak up for timid female mice and followers (both usually unattractive, so pretty much the same person), will argue that this is only a daydream fantasy, and in fact 95% of the time women do not desire a man such as Christian Grey. 

Believe this at your peril.  True, women do need a level of financial security and responsibility in a man who they view as husband and father material, but there is always more than meets the eye to a human fantasy.  Women do want a man like Grey, but just not to that extreme day in day out.  But they sure want that kind of man more than a mundane and unchallenging male support dummy.  It’s a similar dynamic to how a man would want the most glamorous model or porn star he sees on his laptop.  He just wouldn’t go their long term if she had nothing else to offer in terms of mental capacity or empathetic inclination. 

But the film will make women’s minds play over like a totally different ball game.  They will see for themselves what they truly desire, in moderation.  It is conceivable they will know what they visualize for a couple of hours is a world apart from what they can expect when they get home.  I would expect that, in the midst of watching the film, many of them will replay the life they have lived through their safe choice made when they met their “loved one”.  They may have a huge diamond ring and couple of kids to show off, but is this enough to feel alive?  When they wake up in the morning, will they try and re-live what they saw last night on the big screen?  Is it all too late, or is there still enough life and time in her to take a road that offers less security but more passion?

And the reason most women will deny they want a man like Christian Grey is because it de-values their importance to the world.  As we live in a western society where 9 out of 10 men worship the ground women walk on and dare not even say a wrong word about them, women’s egos have become too accustomed to this kind of beta male nice guy.  They don’t sexually get off on these men, but when surrounded by them, it is an easy automated system to adopt in thinking anyone who doesn’t polish their pedestals is an outcast.  Even a most desirable, unique and good looking man can get rejected by a woman who thinks he won’t value her existence.  Although she may crave for his bodily fluids to meet her own, a woman with an ego bigger than her heart and sexual needs will always take the option of a safe, mundane, but idolizing, man.

How will it end?

So Fifty Shades of Grey could be both the major talking and turning point in a woman’s life come the first quarter of 2015.  I predict it will be, and I’m starting to see signs of it myself in bars and shopping malls in respect to female behaviour with just one guy like me.  A few more are now touching as much as looking.  Because possibly for the first time, but most certainly to the greatest extent, women will be asking themselves the question to what they are really on this planet for.  It will be thrown in their faces like never before.  Some will avoid the film altogether on this basis, comprehensible in knowing they cannot deal with the truth.

After that, much depends on a woman’s ego to happiness life balance requirements.  Could this be the year that women are finally swayed from safety to hunger?  Will it be a transitional period of gradual uncontrollable desires that place less priority on tomorrow and more on today?  Will we start to see more eye catching women with men of parity in this respect?  Or will it all simply be a few weeks of lust, sweat and glory, before normal service is resumed?    

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