Saturday 10 January 2015

Just how far can a man upgrade?

"If you can’t make a mark on your life, make a mark on your body.”

There is a lot of contention in the open world to how far a man can upgrade in physical attractiveness terms.  In truth, there is no hard and fast rule.  Variables in the form of female or male confidence levels, insecurity fluctuations and outside of physical need requirements are only a few to mention in determining how far a man can strive.  It can work the other way too, but as the vast majority of men place maximum emphasis on female beauty, and a very high percentage of women actually repel from decisions to date a man as physically attractive as they could attain, the consideration of female upgrading is of little relevance.  What cannot be denied is the noticeable high numbers of women with less eye catching men.  The inverse, prior to female age of 35, is much rarer.

As a broader view, it is important to clarify the three main reasons to the hotter woman meets lesser looking man scenario.

  • First, the aid of facial cosmetic enhancement and clothing to show more skin act as a trigger to make an average looking woman more pleasing to the eye than an average man when they are both seen in public.  This process also filters through to arrive at similar results either side of the average scale.  An ugly woman will (could) look a grade up from an ugly man, and a hot woman will usually look better than a good looking man after she has slapped herself up.  When a hotter woman wakes up next to an average looking man in the morning, the looks grade of the two of them will be much closer than when they walked into the restaurant together some 12 hours earlier.  That same woman waking in the morning, if with a good looking man, will feel a little uncomfortable to the visual imbalance.
  • Second, women place less priority on male looks than men place on female aesthetic value.  With this in mind, many women will be content to trade in the best looking man they could secure within their own feasible looks scale in replacement of qualities in his personality, charisma, resources, status, potential, reliability, etc.
  • Third, women’s natural tendency to have characteristics that reflect low trust, low confidence, high insecurity and high egoism will lead a high percentage of them to stay away from a man who is as, or more, pleasing to the eye in physical impressiveness relativity.

So I stand by the unproven logic, based on knowledge of hundreds of couples, that if a man is average on nearly every desirability metric, he should still be able to grade up by 10% on the broader scale.  The disparities are dictated by the man’s looks level.  I’ve even done the sums (round to the 0.25) for you less mathematical blessed people:

Ugly man (take at 4/10)
If average in all metrics outside of looks                                +20% (5/10 woman)
If above average in all metrics outside of looks                     +50% (6/10 woman)
If excessively high in all metrics outside of looks                   +100% (8/10 woman)

Naturally, in the latter case it is based on potential and specific measurements (mainly status and money).  But it is possible for an ugly man to score a hot babe on isolated situations if he has enormous wealth and social status.

Average looking man (take as 6/10)

If average in all metrics outside of looks                                +10% (6.75/10 woman)
If above average in all metrics outside of looks                     +25% (7.5/10 woman)
If excessively high in all metrics outside of looks                   +40% (8.5/10 woman)

Run of the mill looking men underestimate their ability to grade up, because most men in this category think women want better looking men.  They fail to realize women do not think the same way as men in this respect.  Offer them something they value and they will be rushing to you way quicker than your lesser looking rival with mediocre traits.

Above average looking man (take as 7/10)

If average in all metrics outside of looks                                +10% (7.75/10 woman)
If above average in all metrics outside of looks                     +15% (8/10 woman)
If excessively high in all metrics outside of looks                   +30% (9/10 woman)

Again, it’s important to point out this is based on potential, but a man in this category can score the hottest of women if he has the right factors to suit.  A man as shown on the last line is a woman’s dream ticket – high in every metric possible but still clearly less noticeable to observers, in a physical sense, than her.

High physically attractive man (say 8.5/10)

If average in all metrics outside of looks                                -10% to -5% (7.75/10 to 8/10)
If above average in all metrics outside of looks                     +/-0% to +5% (8.5/10 to 9/10)
If excessively high in all metrics outside of looks                   +10% (9.25/10 woman)

The first line showing negatives probably stands out, and I’ll explain.  Many good looking men who don’t have much else to bargain will find a shortage of hot women knocking on their door.  This is most applicable to those women who are post 23, as prior to this age he would have far more success.  A woman above 23 will only usually date a man on her physical level if he can bring things to the table that benefit her.  This will mean a man of 8.5/10 will often be seen with a cute woman with more confidence than her hotter female counterpart.  Once he starts to add other bows to his arrow, the upgrading is his for the taking.  A high profile very good looking man could just about go and point to the hottest woman in the town and she will offer no resistance.

In all of the above cases, opportune moments to strike up should be more frequent than men allow their brains to take on board.  In terms of most UK cities and towns, you will hardly ever see any woman above an 8.75/10 grade.  If rigorous and objective with your judgment, this viewing will be less than half a dozen times in a calendar year.  This is why it is difficult for many regular high physically attractive guys to track down a woman of similar physical level, because the rare exceptional case of female in this local vicinity will feel the need to be with someone at least half a grade below them.   Any woman who surpasses this score (8.75/10) will be found in glamour magazines or similar public exploitation sources.  There are a few women in the world who exceed 9.25/10 in physical attractiveness, but these women are like rocking horse shit and likely to be found with film stars, sugar daddies or professional sportsmen of international profile.  This isn’t worth contemplation for us everyday folk.

Before women, and men, shout down the screen any louder in disgust that I promote men should forever be looking to leverage up, this isn’t my point.  I’m actually from the school of loyalty and faithfulness when a man is in a committed relationship with a woman.  However, I do believe when single he should strive, and be happier for it, in acquiring the most physically appealing woman he can find.  But my point is this:
A man’s knowledge that he can upgrade allows a more confident and less supplicated mentality when with his female partner.  The comprehension of having more options than plausibility once permitted him to believe will act as a catalyst to be more relaxed and firm when times are necessary.  Women feed positively off this attitude.  They don’t want a man who throws his toys out of the pram at the first sign of her flirting with another man, but they equally require, even if they will deny this, a man who puts her in place once she acts out of accordance.  So few men do this because they are jealous by nature, but fearful no other woman will find them attractive.  Once again, neither party ends up satisfied with the outcome.

The unfortunate reality is that a man acts more appropriately around his woman or women in general - appropriately in attracting women and maintaining their happiness, attraction and challenge – when he holds an inner belief and knowledge that he has options in the sexual marketplace.  This attitude is a clear distinction from actually carrying out infidelity.  Ladies, I’ll put this question to you:  What is better, a man who has ten options but who never cheats, or a man who has one option and jumps to the chance of fresher meat at the drop of a hat? 

So by a man living in reassurance that if his current relationship doesn’t work out it is no big deal and other fish will come biting, he performs the moves that women actually desire.  That is, someone who isn’t needy, desperate, lacking options, unchallenging, and displaying the portrait of a man who can do no better.  A woman is loathed to admit this being the case, and will claim all she truly craves for is a man to put her first all the time and have no other interest in female competitors, because this is what her ego needs to believe in order to feel worthy and important to the world.  But this feeling can only last for a short while with one man before she sees the negatives that clearly show he couldn’t find another woman as good as her even if his life depended on it.  Oh, the dilemmas of being a woman.  Short term ego needs versus long term visceral deeds.  The question is: which one takes priority?   

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