Tuesday 4 November 2014

The routes to hot women being with average looking men

“On the road to hell are paves of good intentions.”

There is a lot of talk that consists within emotional conversations to how curious it is when you see a hot woman with a lesser looking man.  This is also relevant to the higher end of cute women too.  Remember that the quantity of cute women outweigh the numbers of hot women by nearly 10 to 1 within the female age spectrum of 16 to 40 - the age range that is most applicable to female physical attractiveness.

When you consider the usual case of a hot woman being with a less striking man in a visual perspective, the rope is pulled from both ends.  For example, hot women don’t go out at the weekend to actively locate a lesser looking man.  If anything, they ignore lesser looking men in favour of being seen with good looking men or local status characters.  However, this can often be for attention and ego needs as opposed to taking things further.  But when you see the same woman the next day walking with a man who naïve bystanders wouldn’t have put her alongside in objective terms, it can leave the more inquisitive folk scratching their heads.  Something happens in between.

Where I believe the community slips up is by not divulging into the reasons behind these frequent occurrences, and in turn not actually seeking out the fundamental truth.  It really is pointless logging onto a female blog or forum with regards to this subject, because you will rarely see any true and accurate reasoning.  At the risk of sounding harsh, almost all of it is bullshit.  “Doesn’t he have a great personality” or “lesser looking men are cool to be with” will be your typical female justifications.  If men choose to go down this reading route then good for them, but don’t expect any benefit from it.  But this blog doesn’t care about pride, egos or weaknesses.  You will always get the truth based on what you see in reality, and not what suits my agenda.

I pin-point these passages of hot women and their male choices into 4 areas:

Reputation/Social Status/Popularity

Most typical of women under 23, but not alien to women above this age too, the local bad boy will be that guy who is known in the local town vicinity amongst many.  This is the mistake many people’s minds make.  Jerks are rarely the best looking men, as they in fact are the men with the highest social status. 

This is a perfect ingredient for a woman, as her ego is maintained in tack due to not being with a man more eye catching than her, but she gains through the thought of being with one so popular.  This ultimately spearheads her status too.  Everything is relative, but a man in this category could be a bar owner, club promoter or even a fat dense doorman.  If they’re really scraping the barrel for status searching, throw in a bartender who earns £7/hour as well.  So when you see hoards of women hanging around a man who isn’t visually the best in the bunch, there is more than a fair chance he has a degree of local profile.

Without wanting to get into the race issue, and as the son of a black man I couldn’t be accused of this anyway, there is also a stigma attached to the Afro-Caribbean ethnicity belonging to the bad boy theme.  I know plenty of men from this segment who are great guys, so this cannot be taken as a given.  But this race also predominantly offers the manifestation of more rugged looks (as opposed to instinctive good looks) and bad boy image.  Once again, this is a good recipe for women who hold these inclinations to tick all the boxes.

High Occupational Status

After women reach 25, but sometimes prior to this age, they will start to go through physical, emotional and psychological changes that have crept up in an imperceptible manner.  A hot woman will have been accustomed to tracking down bad boys in her late teens and early 20s, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed that a couple of physical flaws now show up in the mirror.  In addition, due to her diminishing appetite for girls nights out, along with her female friends now starting to settle down with men stupid enough willing to commit at an early age, edgy men she was once accustomed to are no longer so prominent. 

However, although there are negligible signs of beauty fragmentation, the opinion of her worth is still strong enough to know she can demand qualities in a man that are from the high end of male calibre.  She has reached the age where men in workplaces portray status, power and working confidence, and whilst they are not the easiest on the eye portraits, what these men can offer her will compensate for physical shortcomings.  So the view of his oversized waistline and saggy man breasts can be taken as an oversight in respect to the offerings he can give her.  The nice house, expensive holidays and credit cards are a mitigating fix to cloud over any sexual limitations she will inevitably encounter. 

Company directors or senior management staff are typical of men fitting this bill, but I wouldn’t be going out on a limb by predicting a large percentage of men in this compartment who are with a hot or very cute woman will be formed from an inter-company link.  This is primarily because he would find it extremely difficult to appeal to her in any other social environment.

The Run of The Mill Guy

Because of the shortage of men from the above two groups mentioned in comparison to the higher supply of hot and very cute women, you will actually find a lot more women with these average kinds of men.  Genuine guys as they are, they are just average looking, average status, average earning, along with decent personalities and desirables.  What they are above the male benchmark in, especially when they track down a hotter female partner, is willingness to commit. 

Dynamics of this kind – average guy with hot woman – are often conspicuous to a more naïve observer, but the sexual value gap does close as time passes by.  For example, take it as the normal course of events that they both meet in their mid 20s.  If the hotter woman gets pregnant relatively soon in the relationship, her appeal to more “in-demand” men will be cut in half.  No man with high quality would (should) choose a woman with baggage, as he should have the confidence to attain someone just as attractive without a child. 

But probably even more important is the ever closing physical bridge as the years pass.  You will see most women with men who are 10% to 15% less physically attractive up to the female age of 35, but in some cases this can even be a 25% upgrading on the man’s behalf.  I’m sure you’ve seen some 8/10 women with 6.5/10 men.  At the age of 25, this may be the case, but fast forward time 10 years and the visual grading difference will be much closer.  Women know this, even at an early age, and they allow for a contingency factor of safety to ease their impending insecurity concerns.

The Equally Good Looking Man

I’ve left this to the end because so many people still believe every physically attractive man (>8/10) is with a woman of looks parity.  This isn’t what you see on a regular basis in the real world.  I’ve observed couples far and wide in various international cities over the last few years, and I can honestly say that I’ve seen less than half a dozen bonds that ticked this dynamic. 

The supply and demand consideration should in fact make it that you see this all the time.  Women from the top end of physical attractiveness are, by my observations, 3.5 times greater in quantity than the likewise male population.  With this in mind, a man should have a good number of hot women and very cute women to choose from.  But female mate requirements, trust issues and egoism irritabilities can take women the other way.

Nevertheless, there are always going to be a minority of women who do place high emphasis on male aesthetic value.  I don’t think there are many women above the age of 23, in percentage terms, who place it as priority number one in the same way as the majority of men focus on female beauty, but there is a small percentage (somewhere between 15% to 20%) who will not automatically disqualify an eye catching man through ego reasons alone.  But when you spend a Saturday night out in UK cities, and only see 3 to 4 hot women out of thousands, it isn’t hard to comprehend that the viewing of hot woman and hot man is sparse.  This reason alone is perhaps explainable to seeing many hot men with cute, but not hot, women.

You will often hear friends of hot women, or even these hot women themselves, inform you that women of high scale beauty find it difficult to locate men because men feel intimidated to approach them.  This is true to a point, but I wouldn’t get the violins out too soon.  Yes, the majority of men – average looking guys – do feel anxious to interact with these women because they assume, often wrongly, that they are not good looking or wealthy enough to entertain them.  However, a lot of men do approach these women, and their minds are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. 

Many of these men may not to be to the physical liking, and she naturally rejects them through a lack of attraction.  This is fair enough.  But I can bet you that some men of equal physical attractiveness to these women also hedge their bets, and many of these women sustain an irritable feeling in being with one as eye catching.  So when a woman does state words along the lines of being unable to make men feel comfortable, it is a back-handed self-compliment.  Basically, it is an overrated and overused excuse to deploy any blame away from her. 

Women might say stupid things that make no sense in emotional terms on a daily basis, but they are far from stupid in the way they think out their plan of life.  Nothing epitomizes this more than their choices decisions in male sexual mates.  Believe me, the vast majority of women are far more clued up with their plan of life in this respect than the majority of men.  Men act with their penis first and think of the consequences later.  Women think of what is in it for them first, and then act accordingly.  Some may call it cunning and manipulative, but if you can get away with it then fair play to them.  From this perspective, men would do well by taking a leaf out of women’s books. 

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