Tuesday 18 November 2014

Male scents positively move female emotions

"It requires very little ability to find fault.  That is why there are so many critics.”

In general, women like men to be a good few inches taller than them.  By majority, women prefer to be more physically attractive than their male partner.  By and large, women like to wake up with a man who has a fit body, but one that is no more impressive than their own profile in relative terms.  Nearly every woman on the planet likes a man to smell good.

Analyze the four sentences.  The first three naturally lead a person to believe, and general observation will back this up, that women have innate insecure traits in leading them to be with a protective but not necessarily good looking man.  I don’t know if I’m making a little headway now, but I actually think that, from the women I talk to, less of them seem to deny the reality that the female society prefer to be with a man who is less eye catching.  They don’t necessarily use the word egoism – because that is fundamentally what it is – but they do appear to hint that a man who is too good looking simply intimidates them.  I have been accused of this, even by women who know me personally and admit I’m a genuine, personable, honest and loyal guy.

Now take the last sentence.  Irrespective of how a man looks – whether he is ugly, average, above average, good looking or great looking – women hold strong predilections for a man to smell admirable.  I thought this blog deserved a post dedicated to this subject, because it can sway a woman’s indifferent thoughts towards positive feelings.  A man’s scent can, within reason, determine how far he can leverage in locating a woman above his own physical attractiveness level.

Like anything, there are limitations.  A woman who has high priority for a man to earn well with a high status occupation will most likely show ignorance towards a low earning man who smells like god’s gift.  But if two ugly men are competing with the same woman, rest assured she will choose the one who smells good.  So for ugly men, a good smell alone could get him an extra grade of physical beauty in comparison to his usual girlfriends.

Good looking men, so often accustomed to hostile, aggressive and jealous demeanours when encountering women, can also benefit from cologne that lives in the memory.  A woman may not like the sight of a man looking as good, or better, than her, but she will almost unconsciously take oversight to this irritable feeling by the overpowering infatuation with his smell.  Once he can by-pass her reservations, she’s his for the taking.

Average looking men should gain the most from pleasant aromas.  As average looking men neither repulse nor antagonize women on first sight, this excellently placed middle ground acts as a firm foundation to move her on.  A very cute or hot woman may not have noticed an average looking man as he walked past 5 yards away, but as he closes the distance her indifference is in prime position to be captured by the air through her nostrils. 

I’m pretty much the only man in the office I work in who wears eau de toilette on a daily basis.  Whilst the odd man may make a passing sarcastic or derogatory comment (to which I will always reply by “better than smelling of b.o”), women of all ages, cultures and beauty levels cannot help but be ignited to what positive message their nose is sending out to their mind.  Let’s face it, when you walk through a large chain beautician department, a decent percentage of the female workers are easy on the eye - in relativity to the low percentage of women easy on the eye in most other social or working environments.  With this consideration, it is little wonder that women are drawn in by a good male scent.  If a woman asks you which fragrance you have sprayed on, let them know that you can’t reveal your secrets otherwise they run the risk of liking you more than their respective boyfriends or husbands.  Works every time…

However, a man should be careful that he doesn’t fall into the trap of the “more is more” mentality.  This is certainly not the case.  An over consumption of cologne sends out signs of desperation, and it also borders on smelling more powerful than a woman’s perfume.  This is a schoolboy error, as woman, despite loving expensive male eau de toilettes, still do not take kindly to a man who exerts more effort to attract the opposite sex than she does.  Similar to looking good, it should be effortless and not try hard. 

With the above in mind, be careful to judge how many sprays you place on in relevance to the fragrance involved.  The rule of thumb is to spray twice on the front of the neck, twice on the back of the neck, and once on each wrist back and front.  No more than 8 sprays in total should ever be contemplated.  If you’re on a “could be lucky” night, add a couple of sprays on your genital region.  It never fails to amaze me how women who are not too partial in going down suddenly find an urge to do so if it smells good.  Also, try and ensure the sprays are finalized half an hour prior to the social event.  This gives it time to blend into your natural skin, and to not turn out like a smell from walking in Selfridges.  Finally, don’t be one of those guys who pays out for freshening up in bathrooms during nights out.  It’s the bedded in smell that attracts women the most, and not the instant blast.

As for the actual brands and fragrances so to speak, I wouldn’t usually let on to my current ownership.  Nevertheless, as I’m hoping you’re all good guys who are like me, I don’t mind opening the curtains on this one. 

Casual day one:                      Paco Rabanne  - 1 Million
Casual day two:                      Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb
Casual day three:                    Hollister – Socal Cologne
Casual day four:                     Joop! - Homme
Casual day five:                      Abercrombie & Fitch – Fierce
Casual day six:                       Roberto Cavalli – Just Cavalli Men
Casual day seven / gym         Boss – Orange Man

Upgrade day:                          Mont Blanc – Legend (note: similar scent to A&F Fierce)
Special occasion:                    Prada - Luna Rosa
Very special occasion:            Tom Ford – Black Orchid

All the above collectively equate to roughly £600.  Give or take a couple of quid, that’s an average of £60 per bottle.  Wearing something pretty much every day, all the above would last me around 2 ½ years.  So if I was to start from scratch, I work that out at £0.66 ($1.06) per day.  It’s hardly going to break the bank in the whole scheme of things when you offset it against the likely rewards.  And unless I’m on my own here, I always feel that the knowledge of smelling good brings out an extra air of confidence.

The fragrances I document are only personal preferences.  However, what I would suggest is to analogize cologne like you should assess women’s emotions.  A woman likes the challenge of guessing what a man is like, what he is thinking, who is really is, and how he feels about her.  The diversification and suspense is what takes a man into the bedroom and away from her boredom or indifference.  The same goes for colognes.  Try and mix and match as many as possible in terms of citrus, floral, oriental, woody, fruity, masculine, expense, status, youth and maturity.  Try and go for different countries of origin.  Too many days of one fragrance leads a woman to know what a man’s natural character is.  Always keep her intrigued. If she doesn’t know him from one day to the next, she never tires of trying harder to unravel the puzzle.

Unless a man works in a male dominated arena, I’ll never understand why he wouldn’t dab on a few sprays.  You never quite know which lovely lady you could collide with on that particular day.


  1. I've never thought of mixing perfumes to create mystery. I am naturally secretive introverted so Im easily perceived as mysterious. I wear only one scent, Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l`Homme, its supposed to be a night scent but I wear it anytime. I did a lot of research to find the perfect scent for my personality/style etc. I refrain from buying scents that are too mainstream like 1 million because I dont want anyone smelling like me and want to stand out. La Nuit is a favorite among women, although it is marketed for men women love it so much they buy it for themselves, I have never seen a perfume that has so many comments from men and women advising to keep the scent a secret. I read comments about women following guys when they wear it, I thought they were seeing what they wanted to see, until I bought it and the same happened to me (on multiple occasions). Im not good looking, im a 6.5/10, 7/10 on a good day, so im no head turner, I usually wear blacks/greys/navys so it wasn't my clothing either. Im not saying it was like an axe commercial but I definitely noticed a difference.
    If youre interested in trying other scents this can guide/save you money

    Im also curious, what are your thoughts on pheromones? have you used any?
    could you do a future post on your personal experiences?
    Im still in the research phase, but heres what I've found so far.


    On the basenotes forum the top scents (Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Musk) correspond with the above calypsos oil.com. Even Black Orchid has Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Patchouli.


    I usually dont comment on blogs but I found this blog through Heartiste and I can say this is the most honest blog I have ever read.

    1. Appreciate the comments, and I have to say that I’ve never sampled La Nuit or consciously smelt it on others. Maybe it will be on Santa’s list…

      As for your question: No, my experience of pheromones is next to nothing. I’ve never even heard any mention to it within external conversations. My knowledge, or lack of it, on this subject wouldn’t justify a thorough dedicated post for efficient and valid advice. I stick to what I know.

      Nevertheless, from the little I do know (and please feel free to disagree), my hunch would tell me that eventually laboratory testing will evolve to the point where pheromones become nothing more than a discrete side option against EDTs. Over time, the discretion between the two will become almost unnoticeable. I’ve read a few online reviews on the back of your comment, and the statements to how women respond to men appear very similar to what you would read in view of EDTs - many positive, but some negative. You always need to be careful in line of the truth behind women’s words when it relates to their tastes in male attraction, but on the basis they are telling the truth, I stand by my view that this may be the end result over time. That is: Pheromones will become less organic, and more “cosmetic”.

      Like anything, I’m always open to innovation, uniqueness and identity that stands a person out from the crowd, but it has to be for the right reasons. I mean, wonzis stand out, but I wouldn’t be seen in one of them unless I was paid a substantial amount of money to mitigate making a fool of myself.

      But in summary, I would always advise people to do what works for them. If that means only using one fragrance, and they honestly and genuinely believe this is the best path for them, then I’m all for it. My personal choice is to mix it up. This is only an opinion, but whenever I’ve come across someone who wore the same fragrance all the time who I saw on a regular basis – no matter how endearing the scent – it became a touch monotonous.