Sunday 23 November 2014

Seeing through female self-promotion

"He was right, and she was wrong.  He lost sight, and her plan worked along."

A reader gives reference to an interesting situation on the back of a previous post (The nice guy will always get his chance) on Women's choices: men's divorces:

''And what was once safety, in terms of knowing he couldn’t do better, makes her now desire someone who other women do find attractive''
This reminds me of a story I read, I literally got nauseated reading it, I would have believe the story until it mentioned the guy was 9 inches, I mean common 9 inches?!. From your experience, Do you believe this story to be true?

My response:

Mmmm, part of this story will be true and some will be dramatized. 

I think the infidelity part is true, because no man surely writes all this just for a bit of drama or attention. That’s a woman’s job (more on this in a moment). To me, it is the all so common theme of a hot woman choosing to be with a considerably lesser looking man as a boyfriend for reasons as given many times on my blog – but mainly through her egoism in feeling better alongside someone less eye catching – only to later down the line, whilst she is still hot enough to attract other men, feel underwhelmed with her long term male partner. An opportunity to betray him with a more sexually arousing man is always going to be the likely consequence.

Where it goes off the mark, for me, is with all the hyped up bedroom and manhood information. One side of me believes his girlfriend has told him all this. Whether it is all actually true, I have big doubts, as it comes across as the all so common female habit to further promote her worth to the world. Women will take any given opportunity to leverage their self-importance, even if it means ripping the soul out of her “loved one’s” heart with manipulation of the truth. Even “10s” (which she won’t be) still have days of doubts, because they aren’t always going to look great. “The best looking man she has ever met” just so happened to be at this party. And guess what, he chose her. Guess what else, he had a massive dick. Oh, and he knew everything there was to know and execute with in the sack too. The best looking men are on a <1% compartment, and men with 9 inch cocks will be equally as rare. Do the probability on all this….

So the adulteration is to be believed, but all else leaves too much to pure fantasy for it to be taken with anything more than a pinch of salt.

But one bit of advice I would give this man is to, for god’s sake, not stay with her. For one, she has committed the unforgiveable sin of cheating on him. If that’s not enough, women never truly respect men who forgive their unfaithfulness, because it spells out the signal that this man can do no better. Even if objectively you will conceivably never get a hotter woman, you have to lead with the mentality that you will. Also, this so called “10/10” woman will soon lose much of this physical beauty through the rapid ageing process of bringing up a kid. 

As a side-note, the reason I say she will not be a 10/10 (I’ve never seen a 10/10 in my life anyway, even on TV) is because if she was that hot, she would have been gobbled up to do high paid modelling, acting, or some other easy-money media activity on the back of her looks. Also, with due respect, she wouldn’t be with a run of the mill earning man of above average looks only. Most men are too kind on female physical attractiveness rating anyway, but a 7/10 man with an 8.5/10 to 9/10 woman will say she is a 10/10 due to his infatuation. So the likelihood is she is somewhere between an 8/10 and 9/10.

A sickening story, but the all so familiar trend of a woman’s attempts to send herself to the moon in the short space of time she has to do so…

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