Saturday 5 November 2016

Women’s manipulating male age guessing tactics

“We all need to wear a mask from time to time in order to swim through the muddy waters of life.  It’s just that some people forget to ever take it off once on shore.”

The next few minutes of reading this post will tell you everything about how women usually cunningly, or sometimes innocently, play the game of male age prediction.  Depending on the scale of cunning to innocence often depends on the age of the woman herself, as will be explained. 

Most people have a form of dishonesty in them from time to time.  Some use dishonesty more frequently than others, almost to the point where it comes as second nature with very little contrition inside.  They have pretty much convinced their mind that they are whiter than white, and any extreme lie is actually only a small fib - and used to protect the welfare of others.  Believe this at your peril.

Women lie far more than men, despite what women like to tell you and what men are suckers enough to believe.  A very small minority of men will lie more than most women, but women on a broad scale lie more than men.

Why is this the case, you may ask?  The only way to get total honesty out of a person is in two forms.  First, they need to be placed on a 100% accurate lie-detector.  This forces them into the corner of honesty.  Second, the subject they are talking about or the question they have been asked needs to be one that doesn’t move their emotions in a negative direction if they tell the truth.  Simply put, they need to answer before their ego, pride, agenda, or wishful thinking brain ticks in.  So in essence, this is why women lie more than men.  Their innate character function forces them to protect their profile, convince others all is great in their life and superior to their peers, play the victim if it suits, and basically portray themselves as an honest, simultaneous to popular, person.  Usually the truth doesn’t align with this process.

Scenario 1 – the older woman

About a year ago, an Indian ethnicity (although born and raised in England) woman approached me in a bar.  It was clear she wanted more in romantic terms than me, but I was my usual friendly and engaging self. 

As the night moved on to the early hours of the morning in a different place, her tipsy demeanour gave her the confidence in attempts to move things on.  This was all in ignorance of the clear commitment ring on my finger, and explanation of a girlfriend (also exaggerated by telling her we were soon to get married).  She even told me about her teenage son and daughter, as if I’d be impressed with this.  I eventually managed to just steer away from her.

I see this woman every so often, as she works in the supermarket near to where I live.  She has also started to attend the gym I go to, and I have seen her there the odd time at the weekend.  Last Sunday she started training near to me, claiming she had never seen me there before.  Let’s believe that shall we!

She then started to inform me about her age, stating that nobody can believe how old she is.  A fair comment, as on this rare occasion it is a woman who does look younger than the birth certificate – as she told me she celebrates her 50th birthday next year.  She could pass for early 40s.  She then said she thought I was 37, to which I smirked and replied: “Cheeky, I’m not that old.”  I saw straight through her guess, and this will be explained in due course.

Scenario 2 – the younger woman  

Around the back end of July this year I saw a white girl walk into the gym and go upstairs.  From a distance she looked about 23.  When I engaged with her, straight away this age assumption of mine seemed optimistically (depending on how you view it) high.  I sensed an attraction of some kind on her part, although it did appear slightly reserved and intimidated.

For a cute girl (7.5/10) she actually attained a friendly personality, and even asked questions about me.  She had brains to match, and started talking about her last year at University approaching.  I consequently said that she could only be 21, to which she said this birthday arrives at the back end of the year. 

She then asked me my age, and I told her politely to mind her own business.  I did eventually tell her I was 30, to which she replied in thinking I looked 25.  We parted ways, and I saw her a week later with a skinny guy, looking no older than 20, who was like her puppet prior to being dragged towards the spin class.  I assumed it was her boyfriend, despite the non-existent physical chemistry between them.

The general trend

Most people say I look 28 to 32, therefore let’s, for argument sake, take the 30 for average purposes.  Both women have differing motivations to say what they say.  The above anecdotes may only be two examples from female age extremes, but I can assure you this would be the case with most women in similar circumstances. 

The older woman attracted to a younger man dynamic has an external voice ruled by a mind that wants to think he is older than the truthful voice within tells her.  She wants to bridge the age gap, and physical appearance gap, to one which eases her ego the most.  She has to hold some kind of credibility by not saying he is too much older than what the naked eye sees, but equally it is in her interest to drag him as close to her as possible.

Older women also don’t like men looking younger, especially men post 30, so they will often use an increased guessing age to try and peg him down a step or two.  In addition to all this, older women hate the thought of men who they think they can secure being interested in younger women.

The younger woman documented in this post has a different process in her verbalized delivery of male age.  As she is in the prime of her beauty, popularity, social and romantic options, all is rosy in the garden of life.  There is no need or motivating emotion to say anything other than the truth.  Or is there…?

Logic would suggest that she just instinctively answers what comes in her head, because there is no need to either increase or decrease the age number she thinks.  This would usually be the case.  However, if a young woman of 20 is actually sexually attracted to an older looking man, she may in fact take a few years off his age to assist the justification and belief that it could work between them.

A few rules of thumb:
  • Older women (in particular aged >35) will say a man looks older than he is, if she is attracted to him and he is younger than her.
  • Older women may, more often than not, say a man looks older than he is even if she is not attracted to him.
  • Older women dating men older than themselves will say their man looks younger than he is, only if he looks at least a good few years older than her.
  • Older women dating men older than themselves – where their man looks younger than her – will most likely just say he looks the age he is. 
  • Younger women (<25) will just say a man looks however old she thinks he looks, if there is no emotion either way that she has projected onto him.
  • Younger women will say a man looks the age she thinks he looks, if he is of similar age or marginally older than her.
  • Younger women will sometimes say a man looks younger than she thinks he is, if she is attracted to him.

No man can ever maximize his enjoyment and profitability with women until he learns how their minds work.  It’s a shame more men don’t work it out, because it would in turn make women obtain greater attraction.  Both parties would be happier too.  Surely this is what a man wants, right?  But unfortunately the modern day mindset man either believes what a woman tells him, or he is too frightened of the ramifications if he were to question her honesty and integrity.


  1. enjoying your posts ever since you started writing again this year vinay, how come your posts are not sidebar material in TRP?

    1. Cheers mate. I guess it's time that isn't on my side these days. A quick write up, publish, and then off to the races....

  2. I've had this happen to me with two women over 40. Both I met at a bar on different occasions and they always asked me how old I am, I usually delay the answer and they usually say that I look like I'm 32+ , at the time I just turned 24.

    I figured out that they need justify me being somewhat closer to them in age so things can progress between us. So I just go along with it and said progress was made haha.

    1. Yes, your experience surprises me not in the slightest. The women's emotions are of the bitter feeling in knowing you look considerably younger than them, combined with the sexual feeling towards you that their egos just can't concede you are out of their league.