Saturday 4 October 2014

Women’s hatred towards men looking younger

“We are who we are, and we do what we do. 
No amount of devious plans will halt the irresistible force of human nature.”

If you open your ears once in a while, and you choose to scrutinize the true feelings to vain attempts of good intentions or concealed animosity, you can learn much about how another person truly emotes on a subject in life.  In the case of women’s discussions that I often hear on the topic of men’s habits, it hasn’t escaped my attention how they show such distastes towards men dressing in an inappropriate fashion in respect to their age.

But hold on one moment.  Are women’s words born out of fundamental concern to a man making a fool of himself in obliviousness to those laughing down at him, or could it just so possibly be drawn from ulterior motives, discomforting thoughts or hidden motivations that suit their own welfare?

Before more meat is put on the bones, I throw out 4 headline points:

  • Should men dress the age they are to suit their birth date or the age they look?
  • What are the true reasons to why women take a disliking to men dressing “younger”?
  • Do their emotions differ depending on the man himself?
  • Are there any pronounced exceptions to the norm?

Should men dress the age they are to suit their birth date or the age they look?

There are two schools of thought on this: 
The female argument is that, irrespective to how old or young a man looks in comparison to his chronological age, he should dress in the way he should act.  He should act the age he is, because this shows a man whose mental development has moved in line with the years that have passed by.  Most women want a man to act his age, right?

The male argument (and I’m happy to play the pied piper role on this) is that surely a man who looks 25 but is 30 in age is more equipped to dress in a younger fashion than a 25 year old man who physically looks like he has already celebrated his 30th birthday. 

What are the true reasons to why women take a disliking to men dressing “younger”?

Women will tell you they are only looking out for a man in saving him embarrassment.  He will be unaware to the ridicule from external angles, therefore they having nothing more sinister than his interests at heart.  Some will be saying all this in sincere terms, but far more will have their own agendas at the forefront.  A lot depends on the woman.  I’ve been in relationships with women where I was, and still am today, convinced all their words were made with genuine intent.  But I’ve dated many more women where I was left with conspicuous questions to how honest they were in respect to which plate they were primarily looking after. 

The more accurate cynical stance would be that women feel vulnerable when placed in a predicament where men will be placed in situations to attract abundant women from various quarters.  More on this next.

Do their emotions differ depending on the man himself?

Pure and simply, the answer is: yes. 
If the woman is with a man who is less physically attractive than her by a noticeable margin, she will be more inclined to dress him to look younger than dissuading him from an image to knock years off him.  Women don’t desire to be with a man who shows them up, because at the end of the day women are, even when it comes to their most sensitive metric of physical appeal, still in need of knowing people don’t look at her partner in disgust.  With this in mind, she will aim to reach a safety net that maximizes his look without taking public eyes off her.

This brings it appropriately onto a woman’s mentality when she is with a man who is near or above her level of physical attractiveness grade.  Not many will venture into a relationship with these eye catching men in the first place, but the minority who do will have one eye on his further exploitation.  A handsome man looking even younger only comas the respective female partner into a suffocating impulse that damages her ego, and in these instances she is prone to get him to dress his age, at the very least.      

Are there any pronounced exceptions to the norm?

Not that this is applicable to the regular world, but like every analysis of female projection onto male celebrities, women will not condemn famous men making the same fashion choices as they would do so with men “off the street”.  Think of Jude Law, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias or Will Smith – all men in their late 30s or early 40s – and they dress in a stylish way that knocks years off their age.  Would you hear women complain about this in the same way they would about being with a man they know personally?  It has already been documented on this blog in other posts, but you will never lose touch with the numbers of women who contradict their words with everyday men in the lost track of justifying the same actions that high status men deliver.

I see all this as an intriguing analysis, because men rely far less in looking younger and stylish to attract the opposite sex than the inverse situation.  However, as a summary, you will never go too far wrong in assuming the following with women who are hostile towards men who dress to impress:
Women age at an earlier age and at a faster rate than men.  This uncontrollable sexual evolution naturally allows many men to be with younger women, and a woman’s mind does not take kindly to this act of life.  To somewhat mitigate this nagging emotion, women will often use manipulating, cunning and bad advice tactics to sway men away from looking younger. 

A reasonable rule of thumb to draw, with nothing else to go on, would be to assume that:   
If a man is with a younger and hotter woman, or a woman with high levels of inner confidence, there is far more likelihood she will have less issue with her male partner looking younger.  If she is older and less physically attractive to his relativity, expect a woman to be far more antagonistic when she sees him place that dapper shirt on for the first time.

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