Saturday 25 October 2014

Male hairstyle: the attraction onto women

“Complacency is the enemy of success.”

On this blog I have covered male projected attraction onto women in many forms.  As previously explained, I always believe the fundamental analysis should be made from what is seen in a physical manner.  In time constrained moments, this is all women have to go on in assessing their desirability magnitude.  But then the non-visual aspects of a man take over, many of them – status, attitude, confidence and wealth - far over and above the power of how pleasing to the eye he may be.  At least this is the case for women above the age of 23, in most circumstances.

With a man’s projected attraction onto women, it is far simpler.  He primarily judges a woman on how she looks, and only over time will he make a consideration and assessment to her potential as a long term girlfriend.  Of course, not many men have this luxury, as not many men have the appeal to turn down women at will.  A woman’s personality, values and morals will be secondary to her physical attractiveness, and anything extra to these metrics is a pure bonus.  How many average looking women with high status professions do you see with the highest quality men?  How many men, if given the choice, turn down a hot looking woman who works in a supermarket over a plain looking female counterpart with bags of career potential or future family inheritance?  The truthful answer is: hardly any men.  Flip the question to the gender inverse situation, and the truthful answer will be: most women.

In terms of male physical attractiveness and how women look upon men positively or negatively, this blog has focused on facial impressiveness, body profile and height.  Dress style has also been considered in the overall manner to how it can be used to an advantage or detriment.  This post will acknowledge how far a man’s hairstyle can take him in appealing to the millions of female onlookers.  As a guy who has braved over a dozen styles in his young life – all the way from a shaven cut to a David Beckham pony-tale trend from 2003 - I’d like to think I can give an unbiased view to how the corrective hair illustration can leave women wanting more, and all the way to getting it equally horribly wrong. 

Women love male hair, probably because there are so many more styles men can display in relation to the female equivalent.  Sure, women can do all sorts with colours, but you only need to look at how a love struck girl strokes her fingertips through her boyfriend’s hair to know how it can almost hypnotize her consciousness.  Now there are too many intricate male hairstyles to cover in one post, but the simple analysis of shaven, short or long will give a valid insight to the way to go.


Whether it be the messy, Mohawk or basic Tin-Tin look, the “short back and sides” request will always be the most frequently seen style with men prior to commencement of going thin on top.  This style is the go-to option if you want to appeal to the mass market of women.  There is very little to go wrong by having enough hair to tempt women into thoughts of a ruffle, but not too much to leave forgettable recollections in her thinking he is due a good cut.  Irrespective of whether mine has been a centimeter or couple of inches in length, graded or not at the back, the traditional short style has always left a signature in female thoughts.  I’ll always remember the tears in some women’s eyes when they were aware I would be losing my locks once the chemotherapy treatment commenced, and some men even looked upset when I told them the same news. 

For ugly, average and above average looking men, my advice would always be to go with the short look of some kind.  Because hardly any women will be intimidated by your facial grade, an appealing hairstyle will not have any adverse effect.  If styled well, it can add a 0.5 grade on your overall physical attractiveness.

Good looking men will have less benefit from these glamour styles, but the haircut per se will rarely be the reason for being rejected by women.  Unlike great facial looks or a top 1% male body, very few women will condemn a man on an impressive short hairstyle that further elevates his physical appeal.


When considering a longer haircut, needless to say the length in its entirety can make or break the emotions of women looking on.  When I look back at my phase of longer hair (long enough to do the Beckham double pony-tail), it wasn’t a wise choice.  I’m still glad I experienced it for a few months, because it allows me to compare it against other styles.  But I can only remember one woman who preferred it over the shorter look.  If I told you she had a heavy metal music orientated husband, it paints the picture to the type of woman she was.  For the record, she was fat, pale and ugly.

Now some men can pull it off, almost to the point where you are underwhelmed when you see their new shorter look.  Taller men appear to carry it best, and in my opinion blonde men look decent with longer strands.  Outside of those parameters, there won’t be many a man, in percentage terms, who has women more drawn towards him with long hair than short. 

Tall, good looking men are best suited to have longer hair, but as stated, very few men will have more benefit with women against the comparative shorter cut.  Even if it is actually less impressive to his overall physical attractiveness scale, it would be unwise to think this will make a man more attainable and be rejected on fewer occasions because of women’s insecurity and egoism issues.  They will only further believe the good looking man sporting long hair is more into his mirror reflection than their immediate perception.  Once a woman believes this of a regular guy (high status or famous men can easily get away with it), the consequence is that of game over.

All other men – ugly, fat, average looking and above average looking – cannot gain any benefit from a longer cut in relation to what a shorter style can reap.  Don’t comprehend it, unless it is genuinely for your own trial and error in flirting with life.  Like a “beefcake” body, a long hairstyle will only magnetize a minor percentage of women.


The frowned upon stigma of a shaven style, that was once the belonging of previous generations, is long gone today.  The last 15 years has brought about many men opting for the get out of bed and do nothing haircut.  But is it advantageous?

First, the men who should always opt for a grade 0 or 1 all over are men who are noticeably going thin on top.  There is no way to disguise this, and growing it out or trying to gel and style will only make you look even more foolish.  Bite the bullet, and shave it off.  Women’s eyes will project in a far more admirable process when you get the razors on it.  For men still blessed with a full head of hair, the directive of a full on top shave is a more considerable one.

It’s ironic, because for years I thought about shaving my head but always went with the consensus that you may as well style your hair whilst you still have it.  But some men really do look good with it, and you even wonder if their success with women would move south if they grew their hair.  With me, I had no option, because after half a dozen chemo dosages I was the equivalent of a man going thin in the natural course.

Did it benefit me?  Well, the first thing to say is when I first had it shaved I was also frail, pale (in relativity to my natural olive skin) and tired looking.  I have no shame to say it made me look years older.  However, as it slowly started to grow to a level where it looked more like a decision making shaved head (hence not a high forehead) it was apparent how many women seemed to take an eye onto me.  I recall going on a weekend trip to Stuttgart in Germany less than 3 weeks after my final treatment, and I even surprised myself when numerous women were looking on in intrigue or liking.  I felt like asking them if my mate had asked them to do it (something I knew he couldn’t do due to his lack of German linguistic skills).  A week later, I met my current girlfriend.  Even if I do say so myself, she was the hottest girl in the club.  We’ve often joked about the fact I caught her eye when I pretty much looked the worst I had ever done, but she still diverts from this subject.  I have this niggling feeling that my look back then gave me a more attainable passage to a woman’s mind.  That said, I have never shaved it since.

And maybe this has some bearing on the fortunes of other men from the high end of physical attractiveness.  A short, styled haircut may not hinder him, but in certain cases a shaved head could help him.  He may not attain as many glances from women when he possesses a shaved cut over a short but styled look, but the attainability mentality – hence not looking quite as physically attractive – may open more doors for long term relationships.  It all depends on the main motivation.  If securing a woman for the longer haul is the main objective, I believe a shaved cut may bring about some positive surprises.  If you’re like me, and you refuse to make decisions on the basis of easing female insecurities and egos, I would always go with a short and styled trim.

With the less blessed looking men, the times when a shaved option will benefit you are not going to outweigh the rewards of a shorter style.  Like long hair, there is only a small percentage of women who genuinely prefer a man with a shaved head.  It could be due to their whole inclination psychology of the bad boy lure, or it may more likely be because they are women who like the entire spotlight on them.  A man with a shaven head will almost always receive less attention than a man of similar height, build and looks, but with a contemporary ruffle to the hair.  But like women who are often seen with beefcake bulked men, would you really hold desires to be with one of them?

Also, look out for women who verbally state they prefer men with no hair on top.  A minority of them may be genuinely telling the truth, but I can guarantee you a far greater proportion of these ego-maniac females are saying these words because they can no longer attract decent looking men with hair.  Similarly, they are frequently women who can only live a day in a life knowing they are the main event when walking down the street together.  It will be no surprise that most of these women – who now blabber out the fact they like bald men – were always seen with men who had a full head of hair when they (the women) were younger.

So if you go by the law of averages, women will generally prefer a short and styled male haircut.  Long hair will work with men of certain profiles in the periphery of a minority of women, but the occasions are low.  The same applies for a shaved head, with a slight incremental leverage to the comparative figures when comparing to men with distinctive long hair.

As a side-note:
Is it me, and it may be me being biased due to having very dark hair, but do blonde haired couples often look odd together?  The lack of colour contrast dynamic often enforces me to look at those couples with less glee.  Even a blonde haired man and a female brunette project a better view.  But I always think that a darker haired male meets lighter haired female combination feeds off in the greatest positivity.  Naturally, I accept the sheer masses of blonde haired people in countries like Sweden and Denmark will dictate a high supply in couples of such kind, but even then I couldn’t think of anything better than a good African man taking a romantic stroll with the innumerable eye-catching Scandinavian beauties.  A friend of mine once said how well they receive darker skinned men who stand out from the crowd.  I can also back this theory up during winter sunshine holidays in the Canary Islands.  I think visits to Stockholm and Copenhagen will be on my radar very soon.


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