Saturday 23 August 2014

Susceptible swimmers for contrived female pregnancies

“Never think you are the smartest person out there, as you can always learn something from even the least educated and least intelligent person in life.”

This blog has referenced on more than one occasion that the female plan of life is not immune from taking it even beyond mind games, strange life decisions and male mate choices.  In the case of this post, I feel the need to highlight how some women can manipulate a situation based on a hidden agenda that jumps over any bar previously placed in their peripheral vision.  Let it be said that a percentage of women out there are more than capable of planning a pregnancy that was not based on fundamental mutual consent with the respective male sexual partner.  The percentage of women who take this cunning route, whilst admittedly (and god willing, hopefully) is a minority, will be far greater than most people choose to accept.

My cynicism towards this subject goes back many a year.  My best friend, almost by his own admission still today, fell victim to this all so common circumstance.  I could list up to a dozen other friends who, I believe, also tripped over the same hurdle in this respect.  Was there a common dominator in each case?  Well, in each situation it was more than a coincidence in the timing of when their relevant girlfriend became pregnant.  It all just seemed too convenient with regards to where the woman’s life situation stood at that particular time.  Simply put, they all saw the pregnancy through, so if every time it had been one huge conceiving misfortune then surely at least one of the women would have had a termination.    

I’m no expert in contraception, birth control, medicine or pregnancy likelihoods, but what I do know is that, if a woman is regularly consuming the contraceptive pill, the chance of becoming pregnant through sexual intercourse is extremely low.  As a person who prefers to analyze what occurs in real life over the words I hear or any given survey and statistics brought about by candidate egos and economy of the truth, I look at what I see from the pasts of women who perhaps plan pregnancies.  What I see is women who, I can only assume, took this exact same pill for all the years previous to getting pregnant, yet never conceived with loser jerks or unchallenging nice guys men they didn’t quite see a future with.  Yet when they met the right guy, or at least a man they thought could offer them the best future, ironically that little swimmer he produces finds its way in.

I always remember hearing a conversation in the office between a male and female colleague that touched on this subject in a finer way.  They were both around 21, and the male University graduate was boasting (in the structure of how only newly crowned degree graduates seem to do) that the day he has a child will be on his terms and only when his career caters for this “nuisance”.  The girl, who was not the prettiest apple on the tree but who always appeared honest and genuine in her impulsive way, responded by stating that: “if a woman wants to get pregnant, she sure will get pregnant.”  Maybe, in this instance, she was a bit too honest for her own good.  Many women know this, but they sure don’t like the cat being let out of the bag.  Some men, on the other hand, are probably aware certain women are capable of this deliverable, but they choose to live in denial that she could truly go through with it.

Here are the types of hungry sperm hunters that leave men at their most vulnerable:

Homely girls

Homely girls are usually good, loyal and faithful girlfriends, and they are more than happy with the thought of only one man being integral in their life.  They are not too, in relativity to other women, in need of external attention and social proof validation, and this mentality allows her to devote love, time and affection onto her current boyfriend.

The danger with homely girls comes in the form of requirements to feel wanted and valued, combined with the low confidence, low ambition and a lack of independence they possess.  With some women in this compartment, a boyfriend is the be all and end all to their existence.  The sheer thought of losing him brings her to despair and not being able to contemplate a life alone.  With all this in mind, trapping him into fatherhood can be the simplest solution.

Attention seeker

Some attention seekers could have traits that belong to homely girls, but from my experience the largest proportion do not sit in this category because they require projected eyes and ears onto them that stretch far greater than only a boyfriend.  We all know attention seekers – women who need people around them constantly, inundated social network comments on their profile, and to be part of a popular group.  As far as a female attention seeker is concerned, there is no world that exists outside of her bubble.

But similar to physical beauty, the attention gage onto most women declines as every year passes post 21 years of age.  Beware of this female delegate between the two year age span of 22 to 23.  When a girl is accustomed to attention, and it is no longer received in consumptions like it once was, this woman resorts to other means of showing the planet how important she is.  How will she set herself apart from all her friends?  How can she verify being wanted by someone?  What is the easiest way to produce something that is a replica of her?  You got it – to have a little sprog.   

Bad boy chaser

Often found at teenage to early 20s age bracket and from lower class social backgrounds, a woman who consistently ends up with jerks (even though the western world has over 6 nice guys for every 1 jerk) has very little going for her.  Low in intelligence, confidence, self-esteem, potential, ambition and prospects, it really matters little how much like crap a man treats her.  In fact, her inner need for drama to spice up an otherwise boring world manifests to seek for these low-life men.

Women of this nature don’t consciously look to get pregnant because of opportunism, hypergamous thoughts or future strategies, because they have never been involved with men of high earning calibre.  Many of these men would be too mundane for her anyway.  The occasional exception could be if she is extremely hot (think of a WAG going to a nightclub to hunt down a sports or pop star), but by and large the mindset of pregnancy simply opens up routes to a perceived better life.  The best case for her is that the father of the child will stick around, become a little more responsible, and they all live happily ever after.  The far more likely event is for single parentage, but attaining the top of the list council house applicant accolade.


Touched on above in terms of women who locate the richest and highest status men, a gold-digger is the perennial woman who places money and assets above any other requirement in male desirability.  A tier down from famous men are rich businessmen or entrepreneurs, and hunt them down these women shall do.

Gold-diggers almost always need to be at the highest extreme of female hotness, because even the most clueless of men must know that the dynamics of the sexual market work this way.  A woman offers her beauty, and in exchange a man returns with his money, power, status and provisioning capabilities.  So when a woman finally accomplishes her lifetime objective – to secure a wealthy boyfriend – the natural progression is to get a bun in the oven and a ring on her finger in order for him to contribute for the rest of father time.

“Time running out” girl

Pronounced in women encroaching their 30th birthday, but sometimes even in their mid to late 30s too, women who are conscious of the body clock ticking can leave innocent men in the firing line of joining the group of daddies.  Although modern women are settling down and choosing motherhood later in life, there aren’t many women who can stand by the “what will be will be” attitude in letting life take its natural course of events.  Women are not prone to think like this and allowing fate to take control.  They are much more comfortable in taking their own actions if it means benefitting in such a way.

In addition to this, not many women in percentage terms like the thought of never becoming a mother.  It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, especially as they see each friend popping one out like a row of dominoes falling over one by one in quick succession.  Women in this section were often “girl’s girls – happy in their 20s to live the good times, concentrate on professions and expect a high quality man to naturally fall on the back of all this.  But life doesn’t always work this way, especially if a woman isn’t a stand out cake in the box, and even if she once was there is still the nagging inevitability of her 30 year old self competing with younger and hotter women for the attentions of these men.

It’s during these more desperate moments that high self-opinionated women drop their standards, and they will give a man a go who they once wouldn’t have noticed if he streaked along Wall Street.  Some of these men, by the law of averages, will be similar age or older than the woman who sees time running out.  Many of these men will not desire children in their lives, and they may well have told the woman about this fact.  Some women will live with integrity and move on to a man who does want to be a father.  Make no mistake though, some women will leave him with the only choice of sticking around or paying child custody.

The “fed up at work” woman

I’ve left this group to the end, because in my view it is the most common reason for a woman to contrive a pregnancy without the consent of her unofficial sperm donor.  Women in this group could all have a little or a lot of influence from any of the above mentioned, but let it be said that women see a maternity break (or never going back to work at all) as an opportunity to halt the current low stimulation that work brings.  Yes, it is most likely amalgamated with other emotions too, but beware of the woman looking uninspired at your workplace.

What age can you expect women to be when they first make visions of nappies replacing databases?  Well, it can be as early as late teens to as late as early 40s, but the mean age would be around 28 to 29.  Do you sense any symmetry with the time running out girl?  You should do. 

And the lion’s share of these women will be married or in steady relationships, therefore you only hope that if they do form that bulge in the tummy, the relevant man in her bond was part of this grand plan.  Why did he marry her in the first place if he wasn’t?

I very much doubt there are many men out there who do prefer the feeling of wearing a condom in comparison to diving in the pool without a cap.   Although I have found the odd brand that clearly gives me greater orgasms than other suppliers, I’m yet to enjoy it more with one on than without.  And this isn’t even going into the other drawbacks condoms bring, for both sexes alike.  With this consideration, and when you have been dating a woman for more than a couple months, the natural progression and mutual agreement is for her to take birth control measures in the form of the contraceptive pill.       

To date, and to my knowledge, I have got away with it in relation to all the women I trusted to take on this responsibility.  A large part of this is because the majority of my girlfriends have been girl’s girls - aged 18 to 27 - who were not even close to the stage of broody times.  At least, this was the impression I ascertained.  With anyone I know from the start who will be nothing more than a short term relinquishment at best, I always wrap up well.

But other men, like the friends I reference, have not been so lucky or smart.  Whether they signed up for it or not, and my hunch tells me that nearly every one of them did not, they were left with a path of life that wasn’t their conscious and talked about option at the time.  Sometimes events of this kind act as destiny, and a person requires a nudge in guiding them to the world that offers greatness.  But as my best friend said to me a week after the unplanned pregnancy:
“It would just have been nice to invite her in on my terms.”         

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