Monday 24 June 2024

How much do women assess men’s height?


“One set of eyes projecting in reality is worth a dozen sets seeing through lies.”


On the back of this post written along time ago, this post written not long after, and this post not long after that, I had a quick chuckle to myself when reading the following article I came across.

Here are the two pictures that the narrator refers to, with associated commentary he documents:

Garfield is a strong 5′10″ (179 cm), while Pattison is a weak 6′1″.

This is exactly what a solid two inches of a difference looks like. 

You can tell Pattison is taller…but only slightly taller and it’ll be visible only if they’re standing directly next to each other.

In photos in which perspective is shifted due to the stance…you’d never be able to tell:

My thoughts…

My intention as I write is to not articulate too much on this subject, as the linked three posts above, added to a decent amount of other literature belonging to male height embodied in other posts on this blog, should give you all a full insight into my thoughts regarding male height, and the associated attraction viewed upon by women.

Nevertheless, I want to pinpoint three key items that, with particular advice aimed towards shorter (or equally, men who would like to be taller - which applies to most of us) men, are ways to compensate this shortcoming (no pun intended).

·       Strong posture will, at the very least, maximise the height you attain.  A man of any height should not slouch, but this error is all the more detrimental to shorter men.

·       Hair style which makes you look taller.  If you can style in a way like Garfield does in this picture, then use it to your advantage.

·       Shoes/Trainers with height leverage is also only going to bring about positive eyes from women.  Sure, she will eventually see you without this aid, however the immediate attraction is what opens doors.

The responses via commenters brought about, as you would expect, are anything ranging from honest words to total delusion/words to make people feel better about themselves/lies, with everything in between.  By now, based on your life experience, human observation, and study of emotional psychology, you can gain a good knowledge of a person just from a comment like this alone.

I picked out a couple of comments which I thought were worth taking a deeper dive on.  I am not doing to dig them out as such, but just ad lib on the theme.

One commenter (a man, I think) mentioned that for height to be a relevant comparison, the two men need to be stood next to each other in the kitchen, hence with no shoes on, to see where each one is situated in height terms.

Whilst this commenter is correct as far as a comparison, I go back to my point above that, whilst eventually a women will see a man’s true height, this will nearly always be after the three factors I highlighted which will ignite her eyes onto him.  With this in mind, it can be argued that by ticking these three boxes, accepting if feasibility allows on the hair, it is more important than your height per se.

Q-tip 1:                                                                                                                                    Utilize the aspects in life that are within your control, and do not dwell on or resent the things out of your control.

Another commenter (quite obviously a woman) made some resentful and bitter comment along the lines of – “Here we go again about men’s height.  His personality and face are much more important…”

Part of what she says is true, but it is clearly someone who is not comfortable with this topic.  She is right in so far that a facially gifted short man is more physically attractive than a tall ugly man, but this is using extremes as a way of comparison.

If I were a betting man, I would say this woman has a boyfriend who is easy to the eye in facial (and probably body profile) features, but who is on the shorter side of average. 

Women like her are rare in the whole scheme of things (rare, because most women do not predilect to be with a man who is facially good looking, irrespective of his height), however I can think of more than a few like her on recollection.  With this said, do not be fooled into thinking you will find many women out there like her.  The vast majority of women will always seek out an average/above average looking taller man, over and above a facially attractive but shorter man.

I tend to think women like her have a mindset which is a bit like how most women act – opting for lesser looking men, but men with high earnings/high social status, in order to elevate his and her importance through the latter aspect – but in a different route. 

What a woman like her desires to do is to have a way to show off to her friends that she belongs to a good looking man, but she is not confident enough to be with a man at the top end of male physical attractiveness (hence, a man with good face, admirable body profile, and height).  In other words, she does not want to be with a man who attracts inundated amounts of other women.

Q-tip 2:                                                                                                                              Women are constantly fighting out a need to feel important, concurrent to a need to not feel inferior.


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