Thursday 1 December 2022

Money will never buy sincere attraction and love


                                         “If you refuse to face up to your weaknesses,                                           your strengths will never conceal these shortcomings.”


This will be a shorter post than usual, as quite frankly, five minutes of watching this man will fully illustrate three critical things in life:

1)    No amount of money will ever pay for a man’s beta, supplicated, passive, pathetic, cringeworthy and try-hard mannerisms that, in any honest onlooker’s eyes, are seen as completely and unequivocally negative ways to deliver his existence.

2)    No amount of money, no matter how vast it may be in actuality or pretence, will acquire a woman’s genuine love and physical attraction onto a man if he does not only see this wealth as an accompany to all the other (and more important) metrics he needs in addition to a simple big bank account.

3)    Money alone can, and does, buy women’s attention, time, and sexual offerings onto the subject man who possesses extreme wealth.  Nevertheless, this is simply and purely attractiveness appeal on his part that projects her towards him, and not sexual attraction, and not even close to ever being sincere love.

These few minutes represent everything a man should try and avoid in characteristic, visual, and partner dynamic terms.  I list an unexhaustive list:

·       Beta male epitome portray of a man.

·       Too try hard and seeking of attention (rather than letting the attention fall naturally onto him), assisted by stupid facial expressions on thumbnails and within the videos.

·       Expensive clothes that make him look no more attractive (just rich), and in truth, somewhat silly.

·       Making too much effort with the woman he is with, instead of the productive inverse scenario where a man allows his female partner to try hard to please him and fear losing him.

·       Him leaning into her, when it should be her leaning towards him.

·       Skinny, no muscle, and ultimately looking like a namby-pamby.

·       Weak and slightly feminine voice (granted, I have heard far more feminine speaking men than him).

·       Everything that, on face value alone, would lead a person with two brain cells to label him as an incel and mummy’s boy.

I read a few of comments that stood out. 

·       One person documented words to the effect that it just goes to show no amount of money can make a man an alpha male.  I agree with this, but again the caveat is if he does not do anything with his character to assist his monetary blessings.

·       Another person said that his girlfriend is a 28-year-old single parent, and implied that with all his money he should be with a 22-year-old, non-parenting female partner.  Whilst I do not know, and do not care, if this information is true or not, the commenter’s reasoning is accurate.  Whilst there is a percentage of 28-year-old women out there who are every bit as hot as any 22-year-old women you will see, these are isolated exceptions.  Also, generally a 22-year-old woman is not as materialistic or demanding in fallacy or self-indulgent ways than a 28-year-old woman, even though bizarrely the elder of the two is not as hot (and hence, not as sought after).  As for her allegedly being a single parent, then I doubt there is any honest man out there who would desire to being with a woman who has a child from a previous relationship in comparison to a woman who has never birthed – all else being equal.

·       The final comment that stayed with me was along the lines of: “It is better to be a multi-millionaire wuss than a financially broke alpha.”  This is open to debate, but then why do a lot of women who live with men in mansions have affairs with financially depleted men who live in grotty apartments?  I am sure you can draw your own conclusions to the rationale.

Is extreme wealth even counter-productive to men?

I would never understate the blessings of accumulating as much money as you can.  Not only does it take so much pressure off life, not only does it allow you to enjoy life more in the form of buying and doing things that make you happy, but it also gives more leverage to put your middle finger up to people and society that piss you off.  It is no coincidence that married men with children by and large look far more stressed, tired and pessimistic than single men, or men without such commitments.

Nevertheless, the problem with extreme wealth is that it makes men lazy in understanding what truly acquires female love and sexual attraction.  Too many men just believe that a big wallet will captivate a long queue of physically attractive women, and they lose focus, if this focus was even or ever there in the first place, of how to keep a woman interested in him.

Of course, all else being equal a man with money will stand out in female eyes more than a man with less money, but the money only acts as a visualization in the woman’s mind of a better life for herself.  As she simultaneously thinks of a nice house, a big wedding, fancy dinners, kids in good schools, weekend nights with other similar couples of wealth (in unofficially bragging against each other who has the better life), and social media whoring to expose all the aforementioned, she actually barely passes a thought to her lack of physical chemistry and sexual attraction onto the man who will provide all this for her.

What is the objective?

What is the solution, you may ask?  Well, it certainly is not a rocket science answer I give.  The easy remedy is to earn as much money as you can, but ensure your woman earns in other ways from you.  Still make her pay for the occasional thing you do together, in acknowledgement she is invested in the relationship.  Is she starts to act out of accordance, in no uncertain terms let her aware of this and that you will happily move on if she continues in this way.  And there will be no tear in your eye as you do…

When I look back at all my past endeavours with women – whether short, medium or long term – on every single occasion the love and affection they gave me was not correlated to money.  I received as much sincere love from women when I was a poor student as I did when I became much more financially secure.  The only thing that changed was that classier clothes and a decent car brought more female eyes onto me, but I have never once construed that as someone who would subsequently love me more for this.

In metaphorical summary, money to a man gets him to a woman’s door, it will often get him through the door, but it will not keep him in her bedroom if he does not study what makes a woman tick.  If men are too ignorant to learn this, or they are too arrogant to accept the truisms that sit within female emotional psychology, then they deserve every penny lost via the woman who bleeds him dry.

A final thought – the modern-day man at his lowest point

When you take a look at the comments below the vlog, this is as, maybe even more, disturbing than the muppet in the video himself.  What you find is a vast majority – it appears 80% at least – of commenters (mainly men, but women too) who are kissing the ass of his fairy-tale life.  A minority (<20%) are happy to have the balls in telling him for what he is, which aligns with my critique within this post.

The reason this is so frustrating is because it is one thing to constantly click on youtubers, Instagram whores, or just general talented or talentless A to Z celebrities, but it is an even more pitiful excuse of a human being to then suck up and be sycophant towards the exhibitionist.  I sometimes despair to the general society we have predominantly become in this respect.

Is there a sign of this predicament going away any time soon?  Not from where I am standing, and in fact it only appears to be escalating year on year.  Women are accustomed to being natural followers and possessing a need to fit in to the in-crowd and what is popular (even if they in fact do not like what they see or do), therefore whilst I do not like this situation, female kiss assing of both other women and men is a little more forgiving.

However, when it derives to men acting in the same way, my hands just cover my head.  What happened to male individualism, and in being the best man he can become without the need to kiss ass another man?  Do these men have no shame, and they are just acting this way because it is what women do and they believe this is the best way to enter women’s lives?  Have men become so feminine that they have just a defaulted brain function to act like women anyway?

Every person has their price to a better life for themselves, but I can assure you that you would have to present one hell of a sum of money to make me change and become a rosy ass kisser of another man.  I am struggling to think of any other scenario in life which would repulse me more.  Could I even look myself in the mirror at night knowing this is the way I conduct myself?  Sometimes money is not enough to compromise your dignity.


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