Friday 4 February 2022

Some women date stinky men


                                  “Make a mistake once, then forgiveness on the shame.                                      Make the same mistake again, then shame on you."


When I’m talking about stinky men in this context, it’s with reference to men with bad odour.  This may seem like a strange topic to analyse, simply because no woman is going to say she would date a stinky man, but what women say and what women do are very often contradictory.

 A recent event

One morning last week I finished my workout in the gym, and I subsequently took a routine sauna followed by a long and deep cleanse shower.  As I dressed back into clothes, a young man I know sat a few yards away.  He fully undressed prior to walking to the shower area, placing his garments on the bench, and it left one monumental pong behind.  The horrible smell lingered for a while before I hurried my changing routine and made a swift exit.

To be fair, I’ve never sensed a bad odour on him in the gym, therefore this must have been the after-effects of a workout.  Even with this consideration, I still find it hard to fathom how the whiff could have been so repulsive.  He has mentioned his girlfriend on more than a couple of occasions, however I have never seen her.

Stinky man from previous workplace

A good few years ago now, I worked with a male colleague in the same department who also had a bad smell that followed him around.  Often this was stale or damp clothes as opposed to body odour as such, but I recall times when it was the latter predicament too.  I’ll never forget one time when, to my luck when I worked on a desk more than ten yards away from him, apparently he took his shoes off.  When telling me about this event, another colleague described the smell in certain terms as a dead rat infestation that had been undiscovered for weeks.

The smelly man in question seemed to always have a girlfriend, or at least a woman he was seeing casually.  I met two of his girlfriends (the latter woman is now his wife and mother to his child), and they weren’t too shabby at all with a physical attractiveness of 7.75/10 and 7/10 respectively.  I always recall one night out when he met up with his girlfriend (now wife), and I went up to the group gathering a few minutes later.  As I stood nearby, her face turned to undeniable antagonism of my presence.


When a woman dates down in physical looks terms, she generally and primarily chooses this man in order to feel better about herself and to feed off the ego thrill boost of his comparative ugliness.  The problem with this choice is it is born out of a stronger desire to feel good about herself than the desire of natural attraction and love onto him, and this leaves a bitter pill to swallow when she sees a considerably more physically attractive man in close proximity to her male partner.  This explains why a high percentage of women portray negative body language when hot men are near to their real estate, and this negativity is compounded when her male partner is also there.

Why may women date smelly men?

One reason a woman may turn a blind eye, or blocked nose in this case, to a man with bad odour is because she put up with his nasty scent in the early days when she was going through the “kiss my rosy ass” phase, and her nasal scent has simply just become accustomed to it.  This is not inconceivable.

Another reason is that she is a bit smelly herself, or she has been brought up in a poor odour household.  Examples could be where her parents and/or siblings never smelt great, and the smell of a stinky boyfriend is nothing new or abhorrent.  Student households are also notorious for lingering revolting smells, therefore if she has a university background, it could explain to a certain extent that dating a pongy man is second nature to her.

Nevertheless, I believe that a lot of women who date men with vile smells do it as an act of insecurity and lack of self-confidence.  If a man smells foul, she will know his options with the most sought-after women, and in particular the hottest women, will be reduced at worst or non-existent as likelihood.  It’s the same dynamic as dating a man less physically attractive than what she could attain.  In both scenarios, the options, or at least the attention, this man attains with other women goes south rather than north, all else being equal.

Why men should smell admirable

As explained in this previous post, smelling good and stand out as a man is a free passport to further openings with more women.  Tell me if I’m wrong, but I would anticipate this – attracting women - is the primary objective of a man in most cases.  All else is just a path and endeavour to get there, right?

Bearing in mind that even with good lifestyle, diet and exercise, a man’s facial features can only be improved so far.  He can only fight genetics to a degree.  His height, other than wearing shoes or trainers that elevate him an inch or two, is what it is.  Improving your body profile as a man is the most feasible and attainable out the three male physical attractiveness metrics, but this needs a level of dedication, routine, time, and arduous work that most men aren’t willing to maintain for a prolonged period.

With all this in mind, smelling pleasant as a man is the easiest route to attract women over and above a standing start.  The hotter the woman, the more positively receptive she will likely be in scenting your endearing aroma.  The rewards far outweigh the minimal cost.

With that being said, clearly there are some women who will not turn you down for smelling nauseating.  I won’t be asking these ladies out any time soon…

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