Sunday 9 August 2020

Women’s face or body – which is more important?

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A reader asks a very good question on a subject that can often be overlooked and unspoken:

Hey Vi Nay,
In your opinion, what percentage of a girls physically attraction is made up of her face and what percentage is made up from her body? Would you say it's a 50/50 split?

My response:

Before I take on the question, I think it is important to set out the gender inverse comparison and parameters.  

Height is a far more important component for a man to possess - in attracting the vast majority of women and accomplishing their sexual attraction onto him – than the vice versa scenario.  As documented before, in my opinion there is a sweet spot for optimum male height to attract women which sits somewhere between 6ft 1” and 6ft 2”.  Being only 6ft wouldn’t have too much damage against the taller range as stated.  But if based on the average male height of 5ft 10” (at least this is what statistics state, although my day to day observations would say this is at least an inch shorter), country dependent of course, the most beneficial male height is somewhere in the region of three to four inches taller than the average.

On the other hand, men aren’t as bothered about women’s height.  Men are so fixated to the female face and body shape, tone and profile that the height – whether 5ft 2” or 5ft 8” (and in fewer cases even taller) is somewhat taken as an oversight.

I’m one of those men.  I’ve dated women as short as barely 5ft to women merely an inch shy of 6ft, but the common ground those women had is their actual figures were of comparable proportion.  Their hips, legs, breasts and facial bone structure were very similar, despite the height difference.  

So whilst most women will be sexually attracted to an optimum level to men who are four inches taller than the mean male height, men won’t necessarily, by and large, be most attracted to women who are four inches taller than the female average (the female average height being 5ft 5”).  Some men (mainly taller men) won’t be too bothered either way such is his focus on the body shape per se, but the lion’s share of men will prefer women no taller than 5ft 6”.  

Female face or body preference?

Now we have this in place and clarified, onto the main question.  What percentage of a girl’s physical attraction is made up of her face, and what percentage is made up of her body?

This is a hard question to answer, simply because of the sheer difference women can have in their facial glamour within the timeframe of a standard week.  Outside of waking up after a big night out, a man’s morning look and prime look with regards to his face will change very little.  At most, you could find half a grade, but even that would be pushing it.  What you see in the morning with men, is what you see at night.

With women, there can be huge shifts of facial appearance.  As even hot Instagram whores and similar female compartments occasionally expose, a woman who has spent over two hours getting herself ready for a night out can be a 9/10 in facial plaudits, but the natural look (which she will occasionally post on social media, mainly to try and convince her watching public she has some level of humility) without any makeup will show her as merely 6/10.  Conversely, an upper end cute woman can probably doll herself up to a 7.75/10 for a big event, yet her natural look dips down only to a 7/10.  

With this in mind, it gets difficult to assess how important a female face is to a man.  Does he prefer the woman who never reaches the heights of a dolled up (but incredibly hot) bird, yet one who doesn’t drop like a falling knife when the foundation layers are removed?  Or does he hold predilections for the women who can reach 9/10 and beyond through all the accessories on offer to get her there, even if she drops like a stone in natural face offerings?

Female body

On the other hand, a woman’s body doesn’t really have anywhere to hide.  Sure, she can wear certain garments that conceal the not so perfect tone. But generally speaking that will always get found out.

Another important talking point with regards to the female body is that it takes much harder endeavour (in conjunction to blessed genes and metabolisms) to attain a good body than it does to produce an alluring face.  As explained above, the face can easily be pumped up in aesthetic terms, yet the body not so much.  A woman who works hard at the gym would also give me a greater belief that she knows life doesn’t just come for free and requires hard work, yet a woman who just relies on Boots products comes across as lazy and who just wants the easy life.  However, this is another story for another day….

The final answer

So to answer the reader directly, personally I’d place it as a 40% face to 60% body ratio in terms of her total physical attraction.  It’s no good having a swimsuit body and a face like a horse, but likewise also no use if she is extremely pretty but with an unappealing (anorexic or blubbery) body.  It is pertinent to state though that if a really pretty girl put on weight, her face rating goes down at a similar rate – such is her loss of good bone structure etc which made her extremely pretty in the first place.

My ideal type is the woman as alluded to above.  That is a natural look of 7/10 or not much lower, who can glamour herself up to 7.75/10 or above without too much effort.  Her curvaceous and toned body is accompanied with this preference.  About 5ft 5” to 5ft 6” is my favourite height, but I’d happily go a couple of inches taller.

It is only fair to say that a lot of men do (honestly) prefer women on the skinny side of peak curves.  That is fair enough, and each to their own.  Nevertheless, I would tend to think that the woman I paint in the picture as my ideal woman would represent a high percentage of the total male population ideology too.  And no matter how much women most women have a greater motivation to outdo each other and gain the most attention in precedence to pleasing men, when all said and done the end game for a woman is to secure the highest quality man she can possibly acquire to commit to her.  This is why men will always be the judges of what women should look like, and not a female group conversation amongst themselves to decide this.

A final thought

There is a neighbour not far from where I live who I saw a few weeks ago walking a baby in a pushchair.  A week later I saw her with a young daughter who couldn’t have been a day older than two.  The woman had given me a couple of nice smiles and words, and whilst I had very little interest in respect to anything long term, I thought she was worth getting to know and to see if she held desires for a bit of none commitment fun.  At least I wouldn’t need to drink and drive!

This woman had lovely straight blonde hair, quite a pretty face and, considering the two births, on the face of it an incredible body.  I’d always seen her in tight leggings or jeans.

About a week ago she walked past the same way I took a jog on a very hot day.  She was wearing a mini skirt and crop top.  As I struck up conversation the first thing that turned my original optimistic face upside down was her ugly nails on both hands and feet.  I then looked at her breasts.  They were a very good size with decent enough firmness, so a pass for now on that aspect.  

Finally, I looked at her legs.  From what I thought - based on the tight clothing previously seen – were legs to die for, all I could see was untoned flesh that was slightly rolling every time she took a stride.  I couldn’t wait to make the excuse that I better carry on with the run.

The point to this?  Any man needs to see the full picture with his own two eyes before being convinced of what a woman’s body is like.  Certain female clothes can hide the reality.  This certainly isn’t the first time it has happened to me, and most likely will not be the last.  

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