Saturday 14 March 2020

Coronavirus will change women’s short to medium term choice in men

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”
(Warren Buffett)

We’re not officially in lockdown or self-isolation within the United Kingdom just yet, as has been the case in the entirety of Italy, major parts of Spain, or many other places in the world.  With schools closing in Ireland (admittedly not the UK) and major sporting and social events being postponed at a rate only matched by people’s panic buying of bog toilet rolls, I sense it is a mere matter of time before you can’t even venture into the retail park, gym or workplace, to mention only a few environments, which will conceivably precede total lockdown.  Imagine a Saturday night out tonight!  I’d expect it to be as quiet as ever known, rivalled only by one that coincidentally arrived the day after New Year’s Eve. 

In a case of any global meltdown, pandemic or catastrophe, the priority always has to be finding a cure, mitigation and management system in preventing things spiralling out of control.  Who knows what the outcome will be?  Is it too late to control?  Is this just the beginning (of the end?)?  Will it get worse before it gets better?  Is this the world getting its own back on the way we have treated it over many generations?  Or is it all blown out of proportion, and in fact overblown with hype and propaganda when context and perspective should be incorporated based on numbers and percentages?  We all have an opinion on COVID-19, but in truth none of us know the answers or end results. 

In addition to our opinion, times of this kind and nature also bring the cynic out in us, and we can almost uncontrollably become open-eared to rumours and hearsay.  Was the whole catalyst actually some bat shitting on a chicken bought by a consumer, or was it a deliberate laboratory leak to cause a global illness that will in turn financially benefit certain parties?  There are very few people in the world who will be immune to the coronavirus disease, whether in health, financial or any other consequential aspect.  I’m financially worth a hell of a lot less than I was a couple of weeks ago, but for now this is the least of my worries.  All plans go out the window for everyone, because you almost must second guess if it is safe, sensible or logical to do anything right now in life.

Women’s seasonal breaking of trend in relationship decisions?

As has been documented on this blog before, women outside of marriage (or even many women in a marriage who are unfaithful) take conscious or subconscious decisions to be in relationships with steady, committed, reliable, loyal, faithful, average-looking and less-sought after men during the colder months of October to March, and in turn take greater predilection in edgier, uncommitted, unreliable, more physically aesthetic and sought after men between April and September.  I expect this year to be different, starting from right about now or before.

It’s kind of ironic because here we are on 14th March, exactly a month after Valentine’s Day, where ordinarily many women will be ditching their boyfriends after he has served his purpose throughout the last six months.  That purpose being: someone to cuddle up to during less frequent girly nights out, validation to prove to her social network (real life field and internet based) that somebody loves and values her, and financial expenditure in the form of social outings and Christmas/Valentine’s presents. 

But the implications of coronavirus, and in turn the restrictions it will place on people’s social life, will delay the ditching day and extend the beta male companion time indefinitely.  Until people can start getting back to normal in planning nights out and sunshine vacations, women will procrastinate in fulfilling their sexual needs and heart racing, in replacement for a longer haul but steadier ride.   

Women’s economic welfare implicating on male choices

As also documented on this blog, a weak economical environment sways women towards beta males.  It’s anyone’s guess to when things will start to improve, but even in a matter of weeks the coronavirus impact on global financial markets has been unprecedented and, for want of a better word, brutal.  I’ll be the first to admit that equity prices can go up and down through illogical reasons, and they are not always a true reflection on how it may impact on ‘Joe Bloggs’ off the street, but a lot of damage has already been done in terms of fiscal productivity, trade and tourism revenue and freedom, export and import reductions, and company bottom line profits.  The longer this goes on, the greater the economical negative will escalate. 

Like any financial crisis or recession, a large percentage of people’s wallets are affected for the worse.  The best scenario is comprehension that this isn’t a good time, and you cut your cloth accordingly – go out less, postpone holiday plans, buy a cheaper car, shop at a budget supermarket etc.  The worst case is losing your job and house, and wondering how you can cover your family’s food on the table budget alone. 

Once more, a weak economical climate benefits beta males who are willing in provisioning and commitment.  During these times, women are naturally drawn towards survival mentality over sexual fulfilment, and an inclination of reliability takes precedent over good times.

How should beta males capitalize

Men who are beta males – as most men are by definition and practice – should jump for joy during these economically depressed times.  You need to be aware that not only will women be more receptive and even proactive to your, on the face of it, less objective appeal and offerings, but they will also be more loyal and faithful than they would be during times when money is more easy to come by.  Simply put, they are not only more willing to give you a chance, but they are more resistant towards infidelity and less motivated to seek pastures new when in a relationship with you. 

Q-tip 1:
A woman will always put her own agenda and natural survival habits ahead of any other factor.  Looking after her ego comes a close second.  Fulfilling her sexual needs, whilst still important, falls behind both the aforementioned.

What this all means is average-looking men can shoot above their league in physical attractiveness aspects easier than usual.  Don’t get me wrong, most women will always want to be with a lesser looking man in gender relative terms anyway, but you will have a friendlier, less bitchy and more amiable woman there for the taking.

During these times, beta males need to learn and be well equipped in the education of female emotional psychology.  Maybe read a post or two (or twenty or thirty) within this blog to assist in how to act during real life scenarios.  Yes, women will be better behaved during depressed economic times, but their natural character and true colours are still never too far away.  What goes up must come down, but equally what goes down must come up.  In easy language, every recession has an ending.  When this ending arrives, it won’t take long for women to return to their natural creature.

A final thought

In essence, take advantage of a weaker economic picture, but even more important is to let her know you can walk away.   Answer her back without an ounce of remorse or delay when she’s being sassy, and make her believe that another woman, and many more, will willingly take you if she acts out of accordance.  This will set you up nicely for when she thinks times are better, as you will have enforced her to know you are not a pushover.

Q-tip 2:
It’s an easy mistake for a man (especially a man who is not that experienced with women or a man who is not accustomed to dating the best looking women) to think that when he scores a top end cute or hot woman, he needs to give as much as he has.  The harsh truth is he will gain more by giving less.

On the back of the Q-tip, another way to not become infatuated by top end looking women is to look around and realise that whilst cute and hot women are a minority in the whole scheme of female population, they are still far higher in number than top quality men.  Whilst many forms of social media – headed by Instagram – have brought about the worst in women for likeability and girlfriend material terms due to the ego whoring by nature they create, the one good thing it has manifested is driving women to look better due to the greater competition they have against each other.  A man should use this to his advantage, in conjunction knowledge that another one who looks just like her, or better, is never too many strides away.


  1. The chicken's have come home to roost!

    Great blog, I listened (via text-to-speech) every single article, took me some time but i finally did it.

  2. Top man, and appreciate it. Hope the voice doesn't make me sound feminine though!

    Top 5 posts for you?

    1. Hey Vi Nay,

      So, I read this 3-part series over and over and studied them:
      "The perfect man in a woman's eyes:"

      Then I liked 'The long term dangers for men cohabiting with same aged women'

      "The life of a good looking man"

      and finally, I really liked 'See it through her eyes"

      This last article really put things in to a good perspective for me - just think about the girl - what is she going through, can she really handle dating a guy who is above average in looks and all the stress it comes with? I know if I date a girl, her best friend has to be real attractive otherwise she will get jealous and stain my dealings with the other girl.

      Overall, this blog served as a huge confirmation for what I have been seeing and experiencing my entire life. I would always see the kinks and flaws in my previous viewpoint, but always thought something was wrong with me, or that 'looks just get you in the door'... Never did I realize that even if I had other qualities - which I have spent my entire life since 16 developing - that being good looking would serve as a detriment.

      So in summary, I have always tried to connect with a girl by asking questions to find things about her that are unique, and only in a genuine way - tell her I like those qualities about her - to somehow reassure her I wont leave her for another girl just bc I can

    2. Absolutely. When you see a woman with a lesser looking man, the easy option is to think he must have something really appealing in non physical attractiveness term - i.e high social status, wealth, great personality etc. The next easy option is to think that she goes for him because men on her looks level have nothing else to offer other than his hotness (which is quite often the case).

      Nevertheless, the reason that is clouded over, which is ironically the main reason, is born out of female insecurity and egoism factors. Women feel at greater ease with themselves and have less irritable feelings when dating lesser looking men.