Sunday 9 February 2020

Women’s menstrual cycle impacting on their male preferences

“It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am
when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.”
(Marvin Hagler)

A reader asks me to elaborate on what I had documented previously in this post.  Quite pertinent timing in fact, considering we are approaching Valentines Day and it's impending change of female habits a matter of weeks later (hence women dumping boyfriends post Christmas, New Year, Winter and Valentines Day). 

“Hi Vinay,
I would definitely appreciate a post of yours on the female fertile/horny week. I think this conundrum is often glossed over or not discussed in any blogs I see related to gender relations.
As a fellow good looking guy, I struggled with this for many months, often to the point of wanting to pull out my hair. A girl I meet out would be into me, touchy and flirty,etc. But yet I struggle to get dates and then a few months go by and I see her with her boring boyfriend. It didn't make much sense to me until I started to figure out that basically we are dealing with 2 different women in one body.

Looking back at what I had previously written, even if I do say so myself, I think it was a pretty good summary in explanation of what the reader is quizzical over.  Nevertheless, as it is a gripe that is somewhat giving the reader head scratching moments, even if the education on this blog has cleared the waters a little for him, I will offer some more food for thought.

There is so much you can search for online with regards to this topic – how women change their preferences in men dependant on the relevant time in their menstrual cycle – and much of it is written in a way of predictability.  This predictability comes in the usual form, most likely written by a woman or a male politically correct ‘yes man’, that is subscribed to forgive women of their actions (and consequently blame it on their genetic make-up), propaganda driven that is totally harmless and instead seen to be accepted as what women just do (in other words, don’t place women accountable or responsible for their misdemeanours in life), and almost laugh at the circumstance that results in women being able to have their cake and eat it.  Of course, compassion and willingness to bypass the truth, reality and detrimental outcomes is most certainly not what I was placed on planet earth for.

The most informative and realistic article I have ever found was written some ten years ago, but rest assured nothing has changed.  Unlike technology, economic peaks and troughs, or even human pastime predilections, women’s habits in reference to their menstrual cycle is fully consistent and ageless.  In my view here is a snippet which forms most relevance, but I’d advise reading from top to bottom.

“Take, for example, women's preferences in male partners. We may think that each woman has an unchanging "type"—but it turns out that women prefer quite different kinds of men depending on whether or not they are fertile. In the two days or so of the ovulatory phase—the time when women are most likely to become pregnant—they gravitate toward men with more "masculine" traits. That means a man who sports a leaner, V-shaped body, and a face with a squarer chin, straighter, heavier eyebrows, and thinner lips; one who speaks in a lower-pitched voice, and displays more aggressive, dominant behavior. When a woman is in the follicular or luteal phases—during which the uterus sheds its lining and then builds it up again, and in which she generally cannot become pregnant—she prefers men with softer features, less-defined bodies, higher voices, and a gentler manner.”

Note that the above states “two days or so of the ovulatory phase.”  I’ve read on other sources this is typically days 10 to 16 in the cycle – resulting in seven days.  Obviously one woman marginally differs to another in this respect, but by taking an average between the two schools of thought, there is roughly a five day strike zone for the hottest men to take advantage of.

Of course anyone who has become familiar with my way of thinking will be fully aware I’m a firm believer that your own two eyes and ears, providing you look and listen in an honest and objective manner (hence, not like women and most men who view and listen based on their best placed agenda and what makes them feel better about life), tells pretty much all you need to know in life.  I’ll give you a couple of examples based on my own experiences, and given the time, I could easily give you dozens more.

The hot hostile gym girl

I wrote a post on her in the early days, but the synopsis in easy terms was that she gave me indicators of interest on many occasions, yet the two times I approached her in the gym (which were about a year apart) she gave me the cold shoulder.  A couple of years later I saw her in the mall with her boyfriend, and in true predictability once more, he looked just as how I expected – the typical 15% less physically attractive than her, but not in an outlandish deleveraged aesthetic comparison.  Nothing new or unaccustomed there then.

Approximately three years later (I had hardly seen her in the interim period), she was on a night out with half a dozen female friends.  When they all walked into the first bar I was in, one of the girls grabbed my ass.  I know the others, and the gym girl, all saw the ass grabbing girl do it.  At the latter part of the night, the group entered the bar me and my buddies were in.  As they waited at the bar, the hot gym girl could just not stop staring at me from less than five yards away.  She didn’t even make any subtle excuse to look away. 

Q-tip 1:
Horny fertile female time, mixed with alcohol in her system, is the optimum opportunity to sleep with a woman who would normally reject you because you are above the physical attractiveness grade in contrast to the boyfriends she chooses and/or is with.  Don’t pass up this opportunity.

It was as easy as that, and a world apart from the woman who wouldn’t even look me in the eye or say a word back when I approached some years prior.  Let me tell you that her favourable demeanour towards me was because it fell slap bang in the middle of her horny week.  As I’ve documented in the past, I’m a strong advocator that women who are in relationships with men who don’t naturally and easily sexually arouse them will plan nights out, away from their male partners, during their most fertile monthly timescale.

Married women / Mothers

On a broader scale, married women and/or women who have mothered will give the hottest men tell tale signs to when they are at most fertile.  Generally speaking, a woman who is in a reasonably stable and secure relationship will be content with the life she lives.  She had the big wedding day, she sports the validation ring on her finger, she has perhaps mothered to the child she can exploit to the world on social media, she has a nice roof over her head, and she has a male provider to pay the bills.  All is rosy in the garden for the vast majority of the time.

Unfortunately, the man who has provided her with this life is rarely a man who can keep her fulfilled in passion and sexual arousal terms.  This uncontrollably enforces her to become sexual, flirty and often unfaithful within the one week horny period.  She probably hates herself after the seven days have passed, but it is an inner force within that cannot be tamed during.

I’ve had numerous women as explained above become flirty and sexual with me when they predominantly do no more than acknowledge, and once more I’d hedge a fair wager that on nearly every occasion it was sitting within the horny week.  Look for heel tapping, taking the shoe off unnecessarily, hair stroking, eye gazing, breast brushing (when walking past you, followed by an apology), physical contact (like massaging your shoulders) and even clumsiness when in your close vicinity.  If you get to the bedroom with her, it will be like dipping your manhood glory in a swimming pool with no side walls. And if doing it right, Niagara Falls will visit you without the need of visiting Ontario (expect her to have a Roger Rabbit assistance to further enhance what you can offer!).

Where does the female ego come into it?

As any regular reader will know, I base a lot of my writing on the unproven (but most likely) reason that women turn down being with top end good-looking men because they prefer the ego thrill boost of a man’s comparative lesser looks.  I will stand by this until my dying day, irrespective to female plausible deniability and male resistance to accept the truth.

Nevertheless, the question remains to how is the female ego implicated during the most fertile week in the menstrual cycle?  My take is simple.  It more or less follows pattern with their preferences for provisioning (but lacking in aesthetic offerings) men during the non-fertile three weeks of the month, and sexually arousing (but less dependable) men during the most fertile week of the month.  In other words, whilst women are never comfortable or at ease in being alongside men who are as or more physically attractive than them, their natural and innate need to fulfil their sexual optimisation (or at least be turned on instinctively) will manifest in their ego being negated, diminished or totally eradicated.  Further put, her ego cannot stand in the way of her sexual desires. 

Age dependant infidelity?

A lot like how women choose the best-looking men generally as explained in the past, age and life relationship status does play a big part in whether women will stray from their male partners when most horny for new flesh. 
·       Generally speaking, women aged 18 to 23, in particular on the assumption they are not married or are yet mothers, will quite easily play away without an ounce of remorse.  They have very little to lose if caught.  The only exception will be homely girls, who are very boyfriend oriented and far more loyal and faithful.  The thought of their boyfriends dumping them, and the prospect of loneliness and boyfriend validation absence (think of the women you know who cannot brace the thought of even a day in a life being single), will outweigh the sexual need of a hotter man.
·       Women who are married  – for argument sake take the age as 32 onwards – are also likely to cheat in this horny window.  This is because they have succeeded in the girlhood dream of the wedding day and house, and they have less to lose by the possible ramifications.
·       The least likely to adulterate when most fertile are women between 24 to 32, especially if not yet married.  Conversely to women who have walked down the aisle, women in relationships who think they have captured the man to give them the wedding and honeymoon will think twice in jeopardising the prospect.  They will think about it just as much, but the magnitude in what they have to lose is far greater.

A final thought

Walk into a bar, look down the street, pop your head in a restaurant, check out the retail park, look around the airport….and the world is swamped by cute and hot women with average looking men.  This dynamic, in all the years I have been writing and observing, shows not even the slightest hint of slowing down or becoming less commonplace.

I put this down to the modern day that consists of in your face social media, reality TV and status whoring (which in the non-celebrity world of >99% of people results in the best house and location to live in possible), and this brings about an insecure, self-conscious, expectant and social status exploiting woman that grows larger every day.  With all these ingredients placed in the recipe, the final serving on the plate cooks up a choice to be with a lesser looking man.

With all this in mind, the best-looking men outside of fame or high local social status and wealth will find it hard to be in a relationship with an equally attractive woman in physical perspective.  With this being the case, it may just be as well to not join the system that is 80% commitment time (for very little gratitude in return), and concentrate on the 20% non-commitment, and easy access to sex, time (for higher gratitude in return).

Q-tip 2:
Aim to give the least to life, and society, for the greatest return from minimal expenditure.  



  1. This was a fascinating article- thank you very much! It truly explained so much of what I've been experiencing since leaving high school(I was a late bloomer).

    P.S. You should write a book on this mate. A lot of men need it, you have the mind for it, and I think you may have a market for it.... food for thought my friend. Until the next article.

    1. Mate, for a manuscript to be published and be commercially viable and successful it has to appeal to the mass market. Unfortunately the mass market for book purchasers will belong to people not willing to face up to reality in respect to what I write - the mass market being women and male "do-gooders". And let's be fair, the world (or western world at least) is made up of 50% females and 45% male lapdogs who are too frightened to stand up to women.

  2. LOL. Touche brother! Until then, then.

  3. Ciao Vi Nay,

    Long time no see.

    I agree with what Unknown posted about you writing a book. I also agree with your response about mass market appeal and people not facing up to reality about what you write.

    Hope there's a way we can keep the contents of this blog alive for years to come because it has helped me out tremendously and I'm sure it help future generations to come.

    On a different note, I was reading this post of yours the other day:

    which has brought back many memories of being treated hostile by some women and men, many of which were on the unattractive side. That article basically helped me made sense of some things in life that I couldn't figure out. What is ironic is that an attractive female (or older confident male) would usually say something like "they are acting like that because you're too cute" and I was usually puzzled by this.

    I still experience some of this hostility at work (IT industry) and the gym from both males and females, again usually the ones who don't put effort into how they look.

    The most attractive females/males at work and gym are also the most friendliest towards and supportive, but problem at work is that they are usually in other departments such as HR, Finance/Marketing, People related. I'm on the IT side of the office where I face the most hostility.

    Types of hostility I usually experience are:
    - Snide comments
    - Under breath comments
    - Anything I say sounds like a brag (can't mention my dating life or gf)
    - Sneers
    - Excluded from group activities
    - Being called a douchebag
    - Any perceived flaw gets picked apart (and other's view it as funny), if I did the same I get called an asshole

    The list above applies to the gym as well. But don't get me wrong there's a lot of positives too, it's just that I have venture further to find positive and supportive friends at the gym or work.

    Over the years I've noticed a few things:
    - Good looking older women and most older women in general are the friendliest

    - Going for girls with lower SMV (outside of a quick fling) usually results in a bad ending due the girl getting really attached

    - Your looks automatically filter out insecure "friends" (and even family members)

    - Lower SMV males and females will try destroy your confidence and self-esteem from their POV they are just trying to take you down a peg

    Your blog has been helping me a lot to add more positive vibes to my life in many ways.


    1. Hi Bryce. Good to know what I have written over the years has enabled you to understand, in conjunction with your real life experience, how the world works in this respect. I can most certainly relate to where you are coming from.

      Keep in mind (and I know how hard this can be in the here and now moments) that stupid comments or acts are in fact the biggest back-handed compliments you can receive. You don't find women or men acting like this with people they aren't jealous of.

      A couple of phrases to keep in mind:
      "Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."
      "Play to the audience who matter the most to you."

      In essence, you can't please everyone in life. With this in mind, please yourself first, and let others fit in around you.