Tuesday 25 December 2018

Women’s beta male safety during November to February

“One bird in the hand beats two in the bush.”

For the record, the above phrase is not relevant to my mindset, and it never has been.  It represents the vast majority of women during their male partner selectivity lifespan.  Not always, and not all, but usually, and most.

In hands up admission, this post should have been issued at least a couple of months ago bearing in mind what it will illustrate, however when the circumstance is a working day of sixteen hours or so, you can forgive me for being a little busy of late.  Hey ho, if nothing else you can use it pertinently until the sign of spring is upon us, and for many years to come from now.  In addition, maybe this previous post is worth a refresher. 

If you are a combination of a man possessing good looks, charisma, style, personality, game (or at least strong knowledge of the red pill and female emotional psychology), smarts, confidence and positive attitude, and you are single in relationship terms in consequently looking for a sought after women who is at the top end (>7/10) of female physical beauty, you will most likely have found out for yourself, if honesty is part of your makeup, that finding a member of this female compartment to date or sleep with you is harder during the winter months.  As I’ve subscribed to before on this blog, women not only have a difference in their preferences of men during fertility/non-fertility stages within a living month, but they also have differing predilections of which men to be with during the months within the calendar year.

Make no mistake about it, after the final day of summer has diminished – for argument sake in the northern hemisphere this is the end of September – a woman will start to look more strongly for a boyfriend to get her through the winter months. If we call October the “transition” month, and we look at it optimistically that by March her tastes will have changed once more, this duration of being contempt with the cozy and safe, if not physically hitting her buttons, boyfriend will sit between November (or late October) and February.  When you consider Halloween parties, Bonfire Night, a potential birthday of hers, Christmas, New Year, “Dry January” (when people hardly go out), Valentines Day and the general lack of inclination to doll herself up for cold winter nights out with the girls all sit between this timeframe, it is little surprise this strategy is taken on in full force.

I’ve seen inundated women go through the summer months basked in girl’s nights out and similarly girl’s group holidays, only to then by late October be hand in hand with the perennial safe beta male boyfriend.  The poor guy is rarely clued up to what game she is up to, convincing himself that it’s all about fate, timing, his niceness, or her gratitude for someone to treat her like a princess.  By the time she has fulfilled the need for her ego to be stroked and validation she is loved, simultaneous to receiving all the gifts he has put in front of her and money spent on her during the last few months, there is nothing left for her to gain.  Ultimately, he is spent both in metaphorical and literal terms. 

The counter-argument women and lapdog men may, with a level of justification, put up is that in the course of four to five months the two of them will have slept together, maybe even many times.  No woman opens her legs for a man she isn’t into and is just using, right?  Well, I analyze from a different angle.  Most women who are with the typical average looking beta male are certainly not repulsed by him in a physical sense to start with.  They are simply, in comparison, not inspired to let him prize his pork sword inside her.  Most women are capable of having sex with men who do not arouse them to a high degree, but when they can receive expenditure (both in monetary and emotional terms), verification of a woman being valued and loved, and feeling better about herself in respect to both inner security and social media exposure, this is a pay cheque worth earning in change for a lack of sexual satisfaction.  At least, for a short period of time.  This short period of time is most prevalent to the winter months.

The above explanation is case in point when you hear hundreds of men in your lifetime moaning about the lack of sex they receive with their better half post wedding day.  If you hear hundreds, I can guarantee there are millions of other men going through the same process. The easy blame can be put on children, working hours, and a lack of time to get down to bedroom action.  The more honest reason will be because she has no sexual urge to get it on with him.  The reason she did drop her pants pre marriage was predominantly down to what she had to gain for the future – hence the life she wanted in a wedding day, a ring on finger for wife validation, children to show off (and as an opportunity to give up work), a big house, and a financial security claim when things go downhill.

Why is it harder during the November to February phase to find these top end alluring women if you are a top end quality man, as described up top?  In simple explanation: the higher the quality of man (which, although not in overall grading, in perception and unknown terms is based on good looks), the greater is the female assumption and perception that this man will not be good boyfriend or long-term material. Put another way: the more options a man attains with other women (which will be predicted by women when they see the most sought-after men), rightly or wrongly, the less zealous and interested he will be in just one woman.  Women are sexually attracted to men who attract many other women, but their egos are attracted to men who have no such luxury.  The balance for optimum female attraction and appeal onto a man is a fine one, but more often than not in today’s world they look after their egos ahead of their hearts.

Is there an answer?  As in any life scenario, I always believe every puzzle can be solved, even if some puzzles are harder and more time or energy consuming than others.  One way is to detect women who are single during the cold months.  They will be harder to locate due to the reasons as explained, but if you do find one, she will most likely be more engaging and receptive than during warmer months - such is her instincts for male company and attention.  Another formula is to look either side of the four to five month window.  September isn’t a bad time as it will coincide with the dry up of desire for girly time concurrent to focusing on man time, and with a breath of warm air still in the horizon she may be more temped for male sexual appeal over male safety appeal.  Sex is always better in the warmer months, and sex is always better when you are physically aroused by the person in impulsive measures. 

Nevertheless, if you want my best advice I’d lean towards March/April time.  For one reason, women are never in greater need for male edginess in the aftermath of male boredom.  If she’s up for it, your sheer presence will be enough for her to rejuvenate what passion is about.  Second, it is the sweet spot time before all the girly/attention whoring events are a hand’s stretch away that signify summer.  A woman in love and full of sexual attraction onto her man will ditch all her friends without a single second of thought or remorse.  Third, if she wasn’t actually one of those women who snatched up a sucker nice guy to see her through the winter, she will likely have been out of a relationship for some time.  No matter how much women may try and convince the world they are so happy to be single, free and independent, have full knowledge this is just female front and bullshit, with deep down feelings that she wants nothing more than a man who pushes the right buttons.

Merry Christmas all, and I genuinely wish all the happiness for you and your families. 

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  1. Guess you are ready to get married and be a lapdog?.. happy new year for you,and for your sister...kiss:)