Saturday 3 September 2016

90% of men are kiss ass wimps

“A good thing in small doses is worth a bad thing in large doses.”

This 3 minute video from a few years ago will tell you everything you need to know about modern day western world culture, and the general human behaviour that goes hand in hand.  In the timeframe from then and now, these dynamics have only compounded further.

At the risk of being pedantic, I don’t think it is at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, New York.  Is it even one of the smaller courts at the US Open?  Maybe, but the small points are irrelevant to whether it is filmed at a tennis, baseball, soccer or tiddly-winks match.  The point is in the people within.

With respect, the United States of America would be most prominent of viewings to this kind over other countries on the globe, but you could just as likely see similar instances in Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia.  It may just be that bit less obvious and infrequent in these nations.

We don’t know what the drunk younger man had been doing or saying to piss people off prior to the filming, but I suspect it couldn’t have been too untoward otherwise he would have been escorted out by that time.  A bit loud and full of obscenities, possibly, but nothing like placing anybody’s life at risk.   

At 0:09, the woman commits the first offence in slapping him across the face with full force.  Why should she get away scott free with that?  I thought women had fought hard for equality, so where’s the equality and consistency here?  Basically, equality in a female’s mind is totally biased and one sided.  If it suits her then great, if not, it doesn’t apply.  Had he slapped her, anywhere on her unappealing anatomy, heaven knows what would have happened to him in terms of reprimanding consequences.

From 0:20, the drunk guy explains, with full justification, the right he has to be there.  He had every reason to defend himself against a do-gooder who likely couldn’t tolerate his language.  I’m not defending people who constantly swear, far from it in fact, but it doesn’t give her the right to slap him across the face.

At 1:32, I couldn’t quite understand his words, but it rattled the old man.  My guess is the old man is the older “lover” partner of the unattractive and overweight woman.  Was it offensive against her, again maybe so, but the old man creates the bigger crime of violent conduct.  You can’t just take it into your own hands.  Had the old man broke his back when the two of them fell a row down, then he would have received my deepest sympathies, but it wouldn’t cloud my belief and rightful view in the objectivity that any injury, fracture or future disability he could have incurred was anyone’s fault but his own.

From 1:40 to the end, this is what makes me vomit more than anything else.  We live in a society where >90% of men (and people generally) performing the role of being lapdogs, do-gooders, whistle blowers and suck-ups who are more interested in being a follower of the crowd, irrespective to the facts, than to say it how it is and, in turn, focus on reality.

Now I’m not for a moment advocating that men should replicate the actions as seen from the drunk guy.  For one, getting drunk and acting loud is a symbol of self-control deficiency.  Second, he sways over and above the required firm but calm demeanour, and onto borderline aggressiveness.  Third, he could smirk a bit more - in showing the woman it means nothing but a crap to him.  To me, he allows her, and others in the vicinity, to believe her presence and interruption means that bit too much to him.   

But what he does well, which has to be admired and applauded, is to stand up to someone who doesn’t like him.  I further compliment him in ignoring all the armchair enthusiasts within a 10 metre radius who hide behind their gutless comments like a kid wrapped behind the curtains when their dad raises his voice.  As he says, he doesn’t give a flying duck what anyone wants (or thinks of him), and this is the attitude I like.

So as he does his thing, a few hundred weak men, with bored wives or girlfriends next to them, shout the “get him out”, “a bum”, “call security”, or “go home” comments.  Nice work, chaps!  I bet this gutless and politically correct approach really gets your female partners wet in the knickers….not.    

Spot the norm

You’ll notice in the video a quite cute blonde girl in the red tank top and short skirt.  Her boyfriend is the typical 15% less physically attractive comparison to her, and his unchallenging character is illustrated, epitomized and proven by his bizarre choice to record the incident.  She acts as if the drunk guy is such an outlandish jerk, and she probably tells people, her boyfriend, and herself that he is the last man on earth she would be with.  I’d hedge a fair bet that given the chance with the so-called drunk jerk – bearing in mind he is on the same looks level as her boyfriend – she would drop her panties for something more wrong.

For the record, had I been there with a girlfriend and she asked for my view, I would have told her exactly and honestly what I thought.  That is: he was acting too loud for my liking, whilst lacking any calmness that is accustomed with the top quality men, but at the end of the day he had far less to be guilty about than the fat woman and old man.  I’d have also told her about my disgust of all the male onlookers, and their weak, pitiful ways.  If she doesn’t like my view, I’m not asking for or seeking her approval.  All she needs to do is drop her knickers, not get pregnant, and give me the easiest life possible.

Men who follow the rules, when it belongs to attempts in feeding women’s egos and making them feel better about life, are the men who women are repulsed by the most.  Men who stand up to the norm, within the parameters of legality and respect (although men who jump over this level are still more attractive to women than men who are predictable and boring), are the men who women admire and love the most.

I’m off for a long vacation to America and Canada in a couple of weeks’ time.  The first time I visited North America was in 2008, and I had no idea of game, the red pill, or female emotional psychology.  The same could be applied the following year in California and Nevada, although trends were starting to emerge.  By winter 2013, I had written a manuscript on the subject prior to starting the blog, but even then I still had a fair bit to learn.  Three and a half years later, and it all seems so easy to understand... 


  1. I hope you're not coming to Canada or US to pick-up. Canada is a lovely left-wing hell of feminist entitlement. You'll only feed the women's egos...

    Just read this to give you a heads-up:

  2. I just ran across your blog. Really enjoying the content.

    I agree 100% with your view of men in Western society; they have been feminized, and turned into "lapdogs" as you say. And the irony is, despite the fact women always say they want guys to be more "sensitive", most women hold these type of men in contempt (though they seem to lack the introspection to realize that is the men's feminization that they are condemning) and are extremely unhappy with them. And the more "feminized" the guy, the more unhappy and unbalance he is. What a mess! The modern feminist movement has created a bunch of unhappy individuals; this is always the result when biology is denied and ignored.

    What's even scarier is I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like it is going to get much worse before people finally wake up and start rebuilding a normal, functioning society from the wreckage of our current dysfunctional, irrational society.

    1. Quality comments, mate. That good I've even just published a post in relation to it...

  3. lol . . if you think a man could have acted like this in a family centred public space, back in the day, then you need to watch a few black and white movies. The young guy would probably have been taken out and served a good beating by the other young men and their fathers. People wouldn't be passively onlooking as a young man threatens an elder woman. Be he justified or not.

    Today's society is not politically correct, I'd say it's culturally and morally bereft. There are no common standards that we all agree to abide by and collectively enforce, if flouted. I saw no "political correctness" here, just a load of alienated adults of all ages with not single one with the skills to de-escalate and quash a silly dispute between three immature arseholes.