Wednesday 10 September 2014

The perfect man in a woman’s eyes: part 2

“You have two ears and one mouth.  A clever person uses them in the correct ratio.”

And so we continue….

Personality and social respect

In social environments, whether they are alone or with others, he shows natural leadership qualities.  He is knowledgeable and intelligent in a broad sense, without acting too smart, arrogant or condescending to others who are not quite on his intellectual wavelength.  This man can adapt to the varying intelligence, humour and intellect levels that are a part of group dynamics.  From a young age, he was taught to show an interest in people, even if he doesn’t find the subject they are talking about interesting.  In return, he expects someone to show equal interest in him, and if they fail in this respect, he will not waste time with them on other occasions.  He always manages to get his opinion in, but he strikes the balance between talking and listening.  When he talks, others listen, but likewise, when people need to spill their hearts out, he is one of the first people they go looking for.  She senses other people admire and respect him, and as she is the arm around his waist, this raises her self-value and inner confidence. 

When they are alone, he is a great listener to her over emphasized, if sometimes created, drama.  He lets her do at least 70% of the talking when together, and he will give her his honest opinion even if this means disagreeing with her or rattling her cage.  He knows he is right, and he knows she will realize this when she calms down.  He is only reassured of is high right to wrong ratio in life because of three important points: he observes well, he lives in the realistic world, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Nevertheless, he will be the first to hold his hands up and concede to his blatant errors in life.  Pride doesn’t get in his way of facts in the world he exists in.

Listening skills

To go back to his listening ability, this attribute is his stand out card when he first meets a woman.  Women are so accustomed to meeting inundated numbers of men who talk endlessly about their jobs, success or accomplishments – often not even the truth – and whilst the female concept is tuned to find a man who is higher status than she is, they do not need a man to use up their time in making them feel unworthy in comparison.  It is worthwhile for any man to remember that women are not so much impressed with a man’s intelligence and smartness in real terms, as they are far more concerned in the fruits of what this brings and how it impacts on her. 

The status, power and resources his smarts produce are what matters to them.  The perfect man listens to her hopes and dreams, no matter how far from reality they may seem from her grasp.  He tells her to believe in herself, just like he does likewise in himself.  He often reminds her that if you don’t believe in yourself then nobody else will do.  However, as soon as these false beliefs impact on him or her in a detrimental way, or even their children, he has no hesitation to speak out and bring her back down to earth.  He has his own dreams too.  Maybe this is a hidden talent he has refrained from exploiting to the outside world, but he maintains the balance of aspiring to maximize his potential, with knowledge that the world doesn’t offer handouts for free.   


His serious knowledge of life events is not at the cost of his sense of humour.  In actual fact, his relaxed temperament in taking life less seriously than most people allows him to have moments when he lets himself go and even make amusement out of himself.  He doesn’t do this in a comedy show way by delivering mundane and long winded jokes or stories, but it is more with implementation of short lines and quick wit.  When group topics arise, he isn’t argumentative, but as nobody in the world intimidates him, this allows him to speak freely without a care to the consequences.  This point of view may be too strong for women accustomed to typical nice guys who act as lap dogs in fear of what their parents or friends may think of him, but the fact he doesn’t dwell on outcome dependence, in the manner of not worrying whether they like him or that his girlfriend may jettison from their relationship, propels into producing a person who will happily move on if this is the case.  He knows, even if they may not concede to this reality, that women prefer a firm man in comparison to someone who is treading on egg shells when around her.


The woman who can lay claim to being the exclusive partner in his life cannot wait to introduce him to her parents and friends.  She is so proud, slightly in awe with some of his value, but at the same time she still finds a level of total comfort alongside him.  Her parents view him as a charming human being, and someone, even with their high standards, who is more than suitable for their precious daughter.  She loves the fact they see him as a great catch, but it is always more successful for a man when her parents and friends perceive him more friendly and attainable than she does herself.  He doesn’t want to allow her to ever believe he is too perfect or passive in terms of easy disposition.  Sure, he holds a prideful facial smirk as his default expression, but this is also combined with smiles and frowns when the time suits.  By not allowing her to always be aware he is happy and content to be her man, he always maintains the edgy and unpredictable perception that she sees him in.  And a woman’s perception of a man in seduction and relationships is what makes or breaks his overall desirability.


Even if they have been together to constitute a long term relationship duration, there are still many things she doesn’t know about him.  This includes his past.  What he has achieved is succeeding in creating mystique and intrigue to keep her guessing.  He only lets her so far into his world, no matter how hard she tries to dig deeper for information.  This maintains the challenge to her, whilst refraining from the boredom.  He managed to get to this point by not always answering her direct questions, or he answers in a politician style way: he answers, but it is evasive in the output of his words.  This keeps her guessing to an extent, and women love this emotion. 

He realizes women do not always need to know the exact truth.  Speaking of which, in terms of her past, he isn’t too concerned.  He acknowledges she will have made past mistakes, and in particular, poor choices with men.  But his inner belief makes him know he is a better catch than any of those who came before him.  More importantly, he knows that she knows this, even though she may never actually tell him.  Once she informs him of this precedence he has set in male desirability quality, she has conceded everything to him.


He has a natural personality that other men can only dream of.  His positivity rubs off on men and women alike, and he can make a bad day seem decent.  It isn’t that he doesn’t appreciate people’s problems, or even that he has his head in the clouds.  He has just reached a point in his life when negatives are placed in true context.  This guy has had more than his fair share of significant disasters in life, in addition to rejections, disappointments and heartaches.  Yet he remains optimistic that the future is bright, the future is exciting, and if anyone cares to join him then they are more than welcome.  If not, he is more than happy to go his separate way, sail the ship alone, and leave without a tear in his eye.  Any relationship, tragedy or unexplainable event in life is seen as a reflection and act of destiny in his eyes.  No matter the apparent misfortune that may have been seen from those close to him, he will always tell them he is not bitter or resentful about anything.  In his opinion, life cannot be taken for granted.


Charisma is a commodity he has in bundles.  He walks with pride and presence, always acknowledging others walking past his commanding stride.  If you see that guy on the street that may not stand out in facial looks, he may not have the most desirable male body, but his clothes and general style maximize his potential and uniqueness, then this is your man.  His natural 7/10 physical attractiveness rating to the opposite sex can be leveraged somewhat in the vision of women by his excellent style.  In her eyes, even when she sees a better looking man on immediate face value, she doesn’t see him as more attractive or appealing than her perfect man.  She genuinely wouldn’t be tempted by a more handsome man.  Because of this state of mind, she is never, or rarely, tempted by even the greatest charmer.

Emotional balance

This man is completely in check with his emotions, and he can strike the emotional mood fittingly.  For example, he isn’t afraid to show the odd tear when something tragic occurs in his life, or the life of someone close to him.  He equally may even shed a tear when watching a sad movie, and if his female mate is alongside him, this will not deter the attraction towards him from the majority of classy women.  Nevertheless, these moments of vulnerability are only shown intermittently and during the precise required moments.

No woman holds desires to see her man resulting to tears on frequent occasions, as this will show too much weakness when the going gets tough.  He knows life will throw curve balls at him, and sometimes the only way to counteract these acts of life is to take the high road or tackle them face on.  He needs to be the emotionally stable member of the couple, and he fulfils this role effectively.  He is the one to lead her, he is the one to guide her, and he is the one to reassure her that brighter days are upon her even when the darkest day cannot be seen past.  This man is the fundamental modern day alpha male who can show dominance and power in a measured manner.

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