Saturday 27 September 2014

Male t-shirts and the messages they portray

“Advertise the product.  Your most valuable product is yourself.”

Like most men out there, I have a collection of t-shirts that represent various designers, colours and fittings.  One element of the t-shirt offering that has recently struck my train of thought is the message, or emblem, that sends off a projected sign onto women in moving their emotive feelings.

As one of the more eye catching guys out there – in facial features and body profile – I can speak first hand that a certain garment of clothing can make or break top end physically attractive men’s success with women.  In truth, there are many variables that will determine the fluctuation of their emotions when they see what they see.  If it enhances a man’s look, the likelihood is only women who are not adversarial to male impressive viewing, or women who are conscious they are still above him in physical attractiveness relativity, will embrace the vision he produces.  Most other women, with the exception of his mother, will likely greet it with jealousy, hostility, insecurity and knowledge of him being unattainable. 

Women are instinctive, and they are certainly not stupid in respect to physical attractiveness comparison and the way men’s minds work.  They know the vast majority of men strive to locate a woman who is at least as aesthetically impressive as himself.  Those men who do not succeed in this deliverable are usually because they are extremely good looking but lacking in other desirable metrics (as most hot women seek out high status men who are likely to be lesser looking), or they are men with little confidence or knowledge of interaction strategy and female emotional psychology.  In the latter case, they take this safer bet in a not dissimilar manner to how most women will place subconscious predilections to not date a better looking man.  It’s rare for anyone to fulfill true happiness through this chain of events.

Nevertheless, as over 95% of men would be classed as falling into the average looking category when assessed upon the whole male adult population, it’s needless to say that a more eye catching dress style, within reason, will predominantly improve their attraction onto women.  This also further applies to ugly men.  Both average looking and ugly men should take advantage of the clothing luxury that pleases, rather than repels, women.

The two t-shirts I will make reference to are items I have owned for over 6 years.  Lucky for me, they still fit and haven’t been passed by other trends.  Both of them are well fitted.  In the case of the first t-shirt, it has a picture and writing of “Superman”.  I can honestly and genuinely say that when I first saw it hanging in the boutique, my first thought was how good the t-shirt looked.  For the first few years it was only a passing thought to the fact some people may have thought I believed I was a “super-man”.  However, passing comments in more recent years brought about fresh thinking towards people’s perceptions.    

The second t-shirt had a large centre logo of a playboy magazine cover front from the 1970s.  It also states the word of “Playboy”.  Again, the literal meaning played little part, and back then I wouldn’t have even known of the dictionary definition of a playboy.  My primary mind was tuned towards the fit, colour and eye catching emblem. 

Six years on, and it brings a rise smile to my face in terms of how women, and some men, have responded during nights out.  What strikes me the most with women’s reactions aligns with my general belief to how you should view female emotions when faced with their thinking towards men.  They know not what they want, and they say not what they do.  In translation: how their poignant behaviour was conducted could soon be contradicted by how they ultimately acted with me.  Derogatory and condescending comments about the words on the t-shirts were swiftly followed by more intimate and future proposals. 

So taking each garment separately: why was this the case?  Why was a negative verbal delivery ended with a consequential positive outcome?  Now, the cynic will say that a woman needs a level of attraction in the first place and it will eventually overpower any other emotion.  This is true to a degree, but as explained earlier, stand out dress sense for a high physically attractive man can also have the adverse effect and it results in being counter-productive.

With the “Superman” t-shirt, or one showing a similar message, an immediate common female response is to make a woman think that a man who has the audacity and apparent arrogance to wear something of this nature is a complete vain asshole who could never be good relationship material to her.  Most women, and especially hot women, do not take a liking to a visual of a man in sight who is objectively as, or more, eye catching than them.  Until a woman has committed to a man, or she has made a conscious decision to contemplate a future with him, she feels the desired need to believe a man is always attainable to her.  It’s her way of convincing herself she isn’t missing out on anything.  However, her visceral feelings are telling her something else.  A logo of this kind illustrates confidence, superiority and uniqueness.  All these traits are high up on a woman’s wish list.  As always, the ultimate emotions are far more valid than negative primary thoughts. 

The “Playboy” t-shirt would also take a woman through a similar process.  The instincts within her enforce a reaction of believing this man is too big for his own boots, or a cocky self-indulged guy she would never go near.  Her safer average male partner is a far better option, or at least this is what she tries to tell herself.  A woman does not want a man who would cheat on her, but she does want a man who could potentially cheat on her.  In other words, no woman, unless she is of total low calibre (hence, extremely physically unattractive), holds cravings to be with a man who no other woman finds attractive.  So a t-shirt that signals messages of pre-selection, higher status, exclusivity and a desired man is everything a woman could ask for in a quality sexual mate.  He may not be, but what is more important in time restricted environments is how she perceives him to be.  After this, he can use his charisma, personality, interaction strategy and knowledge of women to seal the deal.

In the case of both t-shirts, all they fundamentally achieved was to deflate a woman’s ego and feeling of self-superiority.  This may sound like a bad predicament, but wise people know that a woman who is constantly comfortable in the presence of a man – in interaction, dating or relationship phase – is a woman who will end up resenting being with him.  And she will likely resent herself first, but her default is to take it out on the man she is underwhelmed with.  Whenever a woman’s ego is prickled, to an extent and at the right moments, she is more sexually attracted to him.  Women don’t like things to come easily to them when it involves an intimate dynamic with a man.  They like to see his higher value.

You will sometimes see or hear a woman use the words of “gorgeous”, “hot” and “sexy” in the direction of her lesser looking, and usually average looking, boyfriend.  This is a woman’s deployment to raise value onto him, over and above what the outside world see in objective form.  Deep down, the woman voicing these adjectives is fully aware of her over-hyped promotion towards his physical attractiveness level, but she is vainly attempting to reassure her mind that nothing is being missed out on in her life.  She is also weakly trying to convince the watching world that she is so “happy” with what she has.  A woman sitting in this predicament will know she could have done better in looks stakes, and she knows there are inundated men out there who she finds more appealing in a sexual way, but confidence, trust, insecurity and egoism issues never quite allowed her to go down that route.  

When all is said and done, if t-shirts of this magnitude can enhance good looking men’s fortunes, it will be two-fold and three-fold in beneficial multiples for average looking and ugly men respectively.  Next time a man purchases a t-shirt, he may be prudent to translate the message into how a woman will sexually perceive him to be once it is placed over his shoulders.       

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