Thursday 24 March 2022

Women with excessive tattoos


“Better no contact than contact with no substance.”


A few years ago, I approached a really attractive blonde in a bar.  Whilst she was very engaging, friendly, and apparently happy that I did interact with her, she did say she had a boyfriend when I unapologetically asked early in the conversation.

I sensed, with no proof (but which would become more apparent in the future), that she was a little disappointed about having a boyfriend and not pursuing with me.  A few weeks later I saw her with her boyfriend and his mates, and whilst by no means a bad looking guy at all, I saw her looking over at me shortly before making no excuse to come and talk.

About a year later, she had physically aged terribly.  I’d hedge a bet that when we met, she was about 27, but a mere year later she looked in her mid-thirties.  In the whole scheme of things (hence versus the female competition) she was still one of the more attractive women out there having stayed in prime physical shape, but the late nights, drugs, and craving to do the things to stay locally popular had taken its toll on her skin and eyes.

The stupid sleeve tattoo

Another year on, and I saw her in a club during a night out in another city.  She was all over the place, falling over on the dance floor as she made efforts to make the exit.  It was a pitiful downfall of a once beautiful – both on the inside and outside – woman.  How the mighty had fallen, was what came to mind.

A few weeks later, I saw her in the same venue.  She was with two men who, I believe just based on experience of these dynamics, were nothing more than blue balls followers.  It was almost embarrassing as I caught her just looking at me for seconds on end, from no more than a couple of yards away, as they both stood next to her.  I avoided any sustained eye contact with her.

Looking rough still in relativity to when I first met her two years earlier, it was hard to ignore the full arm sleeve tattoo she was exploiting.  As someone who prefers naturally beautiful and feminine women, the female compartment who go for fake tits, enhanced lips, inundated sunbed time, and overuse of makeup, is not to my liking.  It will come as no surprise then to know I’m not a fan at all of women sporting excessive tattoos.

These women do have their place though…

Nevertheless, I’m not going to be a complete hypocrite.  For shorter term benefits, generally, I have been involved with isolated women who resembled the perennial woman as explained above.  I’ve never slept with a woman with excessive tattoos, and most certainly not one with a sleeve imprint, but if the truth be told I’m quite partial to women with tattoos on their ankle, foot, upper thigh, or lower back.  One of the best girlfriends I have experienced – both in physical attractiveness and all-round girlfriend material terms – possessed a large thigh tattoo.  I expect, with a proficient level of experience and objectivity, that she is an exception rather than the rule.

Did I mention girlfriend material?  Albeit this article based on an Australian study was written over a decade ago, I think it sums up the tattoo scenario perfectly:

Results: A total of 14.5% of respondents had ever been tattooed, and 2.4% of respondents had been tattooed in the year before the interview. Men were more likely than women to report a tattoo, but the highest rates of tattooing were found among women in their 20s (29.4%). Men and women ages 20-39 were most likely to have been tattooed, as were men with lower levels of education, tradesmen, and women with live-out partners. Tattooing was also associated with risk-taking behaviours, including smoking, greater numbers of lifetime sexual partners, cannabis use (women only) and ever having depression (men only).

Conclusions: Tattooing has increased in popularity during the past decade. Yet tattoos still appear to be a marker for risk-taking behavior in adults.

The area I have highlighted pretty much sums up the kinds of men and women who have tattoos – the lower classes.  This isn’t absolute, but it paints the greater part of the portrait.

For elaborated summary, I bullet point the kinds of women most likely to sport an excessive array of tattoos, and tattoos that are seen on the most prominent ill-advised (arms, neck, chest, upper back) body parts:

·       Lower class women

·       Drama hunting women

·       Less intelligent women

·       Less educated women

·       Attention-seeking women

·       Women not interested in a career

·       Less feminine women

·       Women who hold a powerful desire for bad boys

·       Women who attain a need to be popular and part of a social proof group

·       Women who have truly little going on in their lives, outside of fabricated drama

Once more, I must stress this exemplifies the majority of women, but not all.  The woman at the centre of this post, in addition to the past girlfriend I reference, were the opposite of all the above with the exception of their attention-seeking occasions and desire for bad boys (which, if honest, is an innate composition of nearly all women).

A final thought

It cannot go without pointing out from the findings that the highest rates of tattooing were found among women in their 20s - which accounted for 29.4% of all women and men.  This again should not arrive as any astonishment at all from a female age context, as naturally women in this age range are at their pinnacle in respect to seeking and desiring public attention onto them.  It’s also the age (although I would argue this needs to be 20 to 25) where women can get away with making decisions that goes against most men’s desirables, because a woman’s youth and beauty at this age is a greater compensator to overcome this male distaste.

What is maybe a little more surprising to me, based on nothing more than anecdotal observation, is that a higher percentage of women in their 20s have tattoos than likewise men in their 20s.  Even in this day and age, where women have become more masculine and men have become more feminine over the last couple of decades, I wouldn’t have expected the female number to pass the male quantity.

Then again, when I think further, it perhaps does fathom more.  First, I would expect that the vast majority of this 29.4% of women only have one or two small tattoos, and similarly only in discrete areas of the body.  Second, bearing in mind that >80% of men are perennial beta male nice guys, the vast majority of these men will not own any ink on their skin. 

If the truth be told, in my opinion any average-looking man with a mediocre (or worse) body profile is better off having no tattoos.  The only argument against this would be that, such is his none appeal and low sought-after status with women worth having, a tattoo or two could bring some female eyes onto him.

A final, final thought

This all begs the question therefore – why do women have excessive tattoos, if an extraordinary proportion of men do not desire them? 

·       Women are so into their own lives that they do not stop to think what men want.  Or more to the point, these women do not care what men think.

·       Women are more interested in the short term (especially when younger) thrill of standing out from the female crowd, than the down the line consequence decisions like this can have on the numbers of men who will commit to them.

·       As alluded to above, so many men are low in demand beta males that there will always be a man somewhere out there who will take oversight to a woman choosing to advise a tattoo parlour to ink all over her.

·       A lot of women attain false psychological female projection.  In other words, they hold a misconception (or sometimes ignorance of reality) in their minds that what they find attractive in a man is what men find attractive in women.  Tattoos are classic examples.  Women are sexually turned on by men with tattoos, but men either prefer women with no tattoos or tattoos that can only to be seen by him when she is naked.


Nearly all women are more sexually turned on by a man with a tattoo in comparison to a man without a tattoo.  Most of these women would also happily be in a relationship with the same man, although the amount of ink on his body will prove to be a factor dependant on the social class of the woman.  On the other hand, a substantial proportion of men are sexually turned off by a woman with too many tattoos, and slightly more turned on or simply neutral about women with only discrete tattoos.  There are very few men who are less turned on by a woman without any tattoos, all else being equal.  Finally, and most importantly, men prefer to be in relationships with women who have not a tattoo to be seen on their skin.




  1. Hi Vinay, I had a question, how should a good looking man approach the move in – move out process? The same way as an average looking man?

    1. Hi mate, hope all is good?

      Depends on how good looking the man is....

      If he is simply just above-average (7/10 to 7.75/10) then he needs to be quite cocky and confident when approaching. Move away quicker than her, to show he has things going on in his life.

      If he is good-looking, but no greater than 8/10, then he needs to act with a little more humility than the above average-looking man, although with no less confidence. Move out a little slower than the above-average looking man (if he shows he is in too much of a hurry she will take it more to heart more than with the above average-looking man), but don't hang around any longer than the conversation prevails.

      If he is nearer the 8.5/10 (or higher) mark, he simply just once more needs to act with a bit more humility than the aboves. Women think these men are like gods, therefore the thought of feeling special with this man will have better rewards (to the recipient man, and her) than the lesser looking man who needs to prove himself more. Again, same move out process as above.

      What I would say however, with all three men, is that no later than the second interaction he should ask her out. At least then no more time is wasted. I'd make an argument that:
      1) Above average-looking man asks her out at the end of first interaction.
      2) Good-looking man asks her out at the end of first interaction, although he will have a better argument to ask her out second time.
      3) Very good-looking man - depends on the hotness of the girl. If she is near his level (or thinks she is!), then ask her out first time. Otherwise, second time may be more productive.

      Do bear in mind that all the advice is very much based on the woman in question. It is not a one size fits all process. A cute girl will act differently to a hot woman. Female age plays a factor. Female confidence plays a bigger factor. Female social class plays a part.

      These are the things hard to ascertain without personal knowledge, and it only gets a bit easier with age and experience to predetermine how she will receive you. When younger, it is better not to overthink these factors, and just go with your gut.

      Hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. Ok, thanks Vinay. It helped a lot.