Sunday 4 May 2014

Women’s choices in men and their behaviour on a night out

“Maybe people just choose the best looking pig in the slap house.”

The most entertaining aspect of nightlife for me these days is to observe the men who are accompanying their respective female partners.  A close second form of entertainment derives from the behaviour of women who are not alongside any male company, and they are selling their worth to the world on a girl’s night out.  On both counts, rarely am I left deprived of the odd chuckle.

There are very few guys out there who quite move women’s emotional dispositions like I do.  Last night was no exception in my home city of Derby.  It had been a sunny day, and being mixed raced ethnicity allows me to develop a tan on a few hours of rays beaming down.  At the risk of tooting my own horn, but keeping it real all the same, there will only be a handful of more physically attractive men in this relatively small town centre.  As this blog regularly refers to, male blessed good looks are only a fraction of importance for men to possess in appealing to women for long term relationship suitability, but a night out changes female projection entirely.  Unless a man holds high social status or public knowledge of his extreme wealth, women will only recollect the best looking men.    

This isn’t to say that all the best looking men on a night out will clean up with women on sexual escalation.  The vast majority of women do not feel comfortable in being with a man more eye catching then they are, and despite certain over-exaggerated claims of modern day female promiscuous eagerness, there is only a tiny percentage of women who see a man they fancy in a bar or club and sleep with him on the same night.  Taxi drivers will back this non-statistical theory up, as I would predict nearly all people are flagging a car down either alone or in a same gender group.  Even with alcohol in their veins, most women do not lose the self-conscious thoughts of allowing a man to see her nakedness when he has a body as, or more, impressive in relative terms.  If he is blessed with good facial features too, her insecurity goes even further to the right.

Nevertheless, last night only confirmed what I already knew from years of seeing the same visions.  When you’ve seen it all before, nothing surprises you.  But it never hurts to, once more, point out a few dynamics you will see when the dance moves are shaking and the cocktails are flowing:


  • At least 95% of couples are a product of the woman being more physically attractive than the man.  The majority of these all so common bonds involved the woman being 15% (usually 1 grade) better looking than her male partner.  Some would surpass this percentage to the point where the woman was sitting more than 40% (2 grades or more) above her man in the looks stakes, but the suit, double chin and mantits would suggest money and occupational status is a factor when this viewing is on offer.  There was also no shortage of young men boxing above their weight who looked dense as pig muck, so money and status is by no means a given to women who decide compromise in dating less attractive men.
  • On nearly every occasion, the man was taller than the woman.  This was even allowing for those ladies in high heels.
  • In the whole of the night, only one couple could be pointed out as the inverse to regular sight – to illustrate a better looking man with an uglier woman.  Although he was not extremely physically attractive, he would have been in the top 10% of best looking men out that evening.  He was a 7.25/10, and his girlfriend was 5/10 at best.  This dynamic is very rare, but when you saw her leading the way to the bar, the puzzle is unraveled in concluding to a low confident man.  Whenever you see a man boxing below his weight in visual impressiveness terms, there is a strong likelihood that he lacks confidence whilst she is partial to dominance. 
  • In view of all the couples out, there was a trend so transparent that it was impossible to miss.  When the woman in the couple was/looked under 35, with the exception of the one uglier female as referenced, she was the better looking member of the partnership.  Once the female age crept towards 40 and beyond, the couple on show was a far more balanced act, almost to the point where the man, in relativity, stood out.
  • Under the male age of 40, nearly all couples looked like the man was the older of the two.  This age gap could have ranged by anything from 3 to 10 years.  Once the age exceeded 40, there were a much higher proportion of similar looking couples.  This could be due to the fact that women physically age earlier than men, or they had been together from a similar age since their mid-20s.  If those respective men were single today, you would expect them to hunt down younger women.  By and large, men prefer younger women and women prefer older men.


  • Whilst the vast majority of people out would still be classed as average looking – as seen in everyday life – there was an undoubted higher percentage of above average and good looking people in comparison to other social environments a person would encounter in a random week. 
  • Taken from the whole cross-section of men and women out without partners, there was far more impressive looking women in aesthetic respects than men.  Again, this is in line with day to day occurrences.  As a rough guide, 80% of women under the age of 40 are easier to the eye than 80% of men.  Above the age of 40, and it is a far more even split.
  • With the above point in mind, young women will naturally be flirting most often with lesser looking men.  Placing female insecurity, confidence, trust and egoism issues to one side, the basic supply and demand market enforces this to happen.
  • Unless belonging to the top 2% of male good looks, men will almost always be required to make the first interaction move in order to bring about a possible leverage of interest from a woman.  The exception to this norm is if he attains high social status or she knows him on a personal level.
  • When women know men on a personal level, they are just as proactive in the first move as the male hunters are to collide with them.  However, these female actions should not be confused with outright sexual interest.  A need to feel important and look good in front of her friends is just as big a motivation for a woman as finding the man of her dreams.  With men, it is much simpler.  If a man advances towards a woman, it is pretty much guaranteed that he draws from a sexual inclination.
  • Women will act in bizarre fashion when they see their most dearly loved ex-boyfriends on a night out.  When they know he has moved on to someone else, their hearts will be heavy and their nose will be out of joint.  When the man is looking hot, this will only further compound the misery of contemplations to what they once held.  This happened to me last night when bumping into an ex.  What women do to counteract this nagging feeling is to flirt with men they wouldn’t usually flirt with.  It is a vain attempt to make the ex-boyfriend jealous, but if most men are like me, if you have moved onto something better then any girl who came before can dance, dine or delight any dude she so pleases.  An emotion of jealousy makes women like men more.  On the other hand, jealousy within a man’s veins will rarely have a positive effect on his emotive mind.   
  • Very good looking men will, by no mean coincidence, receive the most glances and attention from women on a night out.  Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that only a small number of women eyeing these men up would choose to be with them on any kind of relationship basis.
  • Hot women will notice, look and remember a man of physical attractiveness parity.  They will also have passing sexual thoughts when seeing his stature.  But it is important to acknowledge that many of these hot women – who looked in the handsome man’s direction – will not be too engaging if the hot man decides to approach.  Hot women are not accustomed to being around people with similar looks levels, and they will be inundated with compliments from men they are not attracted to.  When a man captures as much public viewing as her, in addition to knowledge that there are less men of extreme beauty than there are likewise women, a hot woman can be very antagonistic towards a very good looking man’s existence.
  • Hot women have the biggest egos out of the whole female population.  When a hot woman sees a man of equal physical attractiveness, her ego is dampened.  Although I always subscribe to the fact that when a woman’s ego is put in place by a man she will be more sexually attracted to him (and the inverse applies), the point when her sexual thoughts outweigh the damaged ego is a time lapse process.  Simply put, this transition from hatred to genuine partner consideration can take hours, days or even weeks.  In time restricted bar hopping moments, her ego is usually still being repaired after the night has gone.
  • Very cute women (who often think they are hot) run a similar methodology to hot women in light of how they perceive the hottest men, but it is a tier below in hostility terms.  The less attractive the woman, the less seriously she takes herself and the friendlier she is, and this manifests to produce a human being who will cut men some slack.  That said, a good looking man shouldn’t expect cute women to be any more forthcoming in sexual escalation than hot women.  There are just simply more of them to go around in locating those who lead with their hearts and not their egos.
  • From my personal experiences, and last night’s experiences back me up, older women tend to be the most proactive with men of all physical attractiveness levels.  They will probably know they are hitting on men who are above their league, but the evolution of a wiser mind, that has hit failure head on more than younger women, leads them to take greater risks.  They focus far more on the reward over consequence mentality, and they will not be ignorant to how younger women’s egos and self-consciousness stand in the way of their ultimate happiness.  It is quite likely some of them were that hot younger woman once upon a time...

Women are never harder to move things on with than on nights out.  The smile from the week day turns to a frown on Saturday night.  Once the make-up and short skirts are on, it’s as if they see a glamour model staring them in the mirror.  But once the make-up fades onto the pillow, the dreams of finding “Mr Right” have faded for another week, and the after taste of a kebab still lingers, a kick up the arse of reality should not go a miss.  The “singles” only need to look at women with their husbands on the same night out to realize what could be if smart decisions are not made when younger.  In the meantime, keep on doing what you do.  I couldn’t live without the amusement.

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