Monday 23 December 2019

2019 unsuccessful outcomes with women

“Don’t waste time on time wasters.”

I’m a great believer that a man learns as much, if not more, from his failures in life in comparison to his triumphs.  In truth, the most successful people in life will usually derive from those who have failed, but who have subsequently triumphed on the back of learning from the failures and mistakes made.  Call it mental or psychological muscle memory, if you like.

I’d also like to think that in comparison to many other writers belonging to the manosphere over the last decade or so, I have come across as someone who hasn’t been afraid to share his failures.  I haven’t seen too many others who share this humble writing execution.  This blog has always been far more about passing on knowledge to good men out there to learn and benefit for the future than it has been about me, therefore if it means exposing my failures, or at least my none triumphant endings, I’ll die a happy man.

And as I’ve documented in the past, often the success is in the attempt rather than the accomplishment.  There are so many mitigating circumstances in all walks of life that stand in the way of an accomplishment, therefore providing someone had the cojones and fortitude to put their balls on the line, knowledgeable that this could lead to failure, hurt of pride, a temporary loss of confidence or swagger, or sometimes public embarrassment, this person certainly gains an abundance more respect from me than another who stands at afar and criticizes when sat on their enthusiastic armchair.  If a man never puts himself out there in the firing line, in playing safe before taking risks, he effectively may as well be and live the life of a woman.

Name Age estimate (or knowledge) Hair Colour Meeting Place Objective Hotness % Weighting of Objective Hotness Sexual turn on (urge to have sex with) % Weighting of Sexual turn on Perceived Girlfriend Material % Weighting of Perceived Girlfriend Material Total Rank
Courtney 23 Blonde Gym 8.75 40% 9 30% 7 30% 8.30 1
Hannah 22 Dark Brunette Gym 7.75 40% 8 30% 8.5 30% 8.05 2
Blonde "Gym Instructor" 24 Blonde Gym 8 40% 8.25 30% 7.75 30% 8.00 3
Maddie 22 Blonde Gym 7.5 40% 8 30% 8.5 30% 7.95 4
Gym Girl ("note on car") 30 Blonde Gym 7.5 40% 7.5 30% 8.25 30% 7.73 5
Next Tamworth Girl 23 Medium Brunette Shop 7.25 40% 7.5 30% 8.5 30% 7.70 6
Brunette Gym Girl "Classes" 27 Dark Brunette Gym 8 40% 8 30% 7 30% 7.70 7
Engaged to be married girl 29 Light Brunette Gym 7 40% 7 30% 9 30% 7.60 8
Ginger Gym Girl 23 Redhead Gym 7 40% 6.75 30% 9 30% 7.53 9
Charlotte (Chav) 31 Blonde Gym 8.25 40% 8.5 30% 4 30% 7.05 10
Molly 24 Dark Brunette Gym 7 40% 6.5 30% 6.5 30% 6.70 11
Hockley Arts Club Girl 27 Dark Brunette Club 7.75 40% 7 30% 5 30% 6.70 11

The above list is based on women who have rejected my advances this year – either directly (a clear “No”) or indirectly (said “Yes” at first but then went AWOL soon after).  The grading and percentage split is obviously by opinion, but I base it on unbiased objectivity than my agenda or wishful thinking.  It most certainly isn’t exhaustive in terms of women approached, but in some cases I just didn’t ask those out (perhaps in some cases believing a better time would arrive days later or I thought they weren't quite right in later reflection).  Also, thank goodness some not on the list did say yes, leading to happier and more treasured memories to reminisce over 2019.

As you can see, it doesn’t read a pretty picture for those who are fearful of rejection but who love what women can bring.  What women bring to my life is predominantly sex, followed by company and an opportunity to do things in life I can’t do (or choose not to do) on my own or with my male buddies.  If ever you think most men who approach women regularly (women they don’t know personally) have a high success rate in leading onto sexual relationships, I can guarantee you they are lying if proclaiming this is the case.  Like a gambler who can’t give up the habit, he only tells you the bets he wins. 

For a bit of explanation, I did not fully know in advance that any of the ladies on this list were otherwise engaged with other men.  I’m a firm advocator to not hit on a woman who you know has a male partner, mainly because there are enough bangable single women out there, but also because once more by seeking out taken women is like acting as a female mind (hence women prefer a man who is taken by another woman, all else equal).

For further explanation, ranked numbers 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (Molly) all gave the boyfriend (or in one case fiancĂ©) reason.  All of them had given me significant indicators of interest – hence the undeniable eye contact.  Some made it so obvious that it was almost like I had no choice but to approach.  As stated before, eye contact (hence bed eyes) received from a woman is by no means a reason she will accept your proposition, no matter how tight your game is.

Rank 11 (Club Girl) was one of those that couldn’t stop staring at me in a club, yet once I approached her, she wouldn’t even talk to me.  These pathetic women, and thankfully they don’t exist in huge percentage terms, basically are sexually drawn to the hottest men, but deep down they know (perhaps with the exception of peak fertility window in the month) that there is no way their egos can cope with being alongside him.  Also, they chase validation of their existential importance, and nothing proves this more than the best-looking men approaching them.

Rank 5 gave me more than enough hints to take things further, but I didn’t have any good opportunities to talk to her, so I left a note on her car.  I don’t recommend taking on this process very often, however I kind of thought not only would it box her into an answer, but it also came towards the end of the year after approaching many women.  She never replied.  Once more, numerous glances in my direction were her directives beforehand.  In retrospect, she is clearly a small-town mentality girl who probably plays it much safer than being with a guy like me.

As you will see, 2 and 4 ranked girls were perceived by me as very good girlfriend material, even if a couple of less physically attractive women on this list trumped them on this metric.  Good personality, pleasant, asked me questions about myself, relatively intelligent and sweet natured were some of the traits both possessed.  What perhaps is more gutting is that neither had a boyfriend and both said they would like to meet up in due course.  After I gave number 4 my mobile number, I never heard from her again.  All talk but no action comes to mind.  With 2, I sensed her cooling quite quickly after agreeing to meet up.  Again, I think the fantasy of being with me far outweighed the reality in her mind.  A week later she messaged me stating she was moving to Dubai to work in the airlines industry.  This was true and not just made up.  Nevertheless, I could sense the relief in her words that she could now give a believable reason to not pursue with me.

And finally, number 1

And this nicely leads on to the top ranked woman.  I guess this outcome pains me on two counts.  Not only was she the hottest and most bangable, but when I approached her at the gym I could sense straight away how happy she was that I did so.  Ironically, out of all twelve women on the list, she gave me the least hint to go up to her.  There was no hostility or cold shoulder whatsoever, and she held no hesitation to confirm she was single.  I gave her my number as I didn’t have my phone at the time, and she instigated the messaging by lunch break the same day.

Q-tip 1:
It’s no coincidence that if you are a hot guy of 8 or greater, usually the most positive engagement you will receive from the female population are women bordering on 9 or more.  Most girls who are on your level or lower will not want to be seen with you, especially once they pass the age of 23.

There was a reasonable amount of messaging between us for a week, but as she took ill, we didn’t meet up that weekend.  I did sense her cooling though.  A week later I went on the cross-trainer next to her like the previous week, and her smiles and positivity were much less than before.  Something was clearly going south.

As it turns out, she did give me the (or at least a) honest reason for not venturing on.  She thought I was only three years older than her (she is 23, but I thought she looked 25), and not more than ten years as the birth certificates show.  I have since seen a couple of recent pictures of her, and whilst I fully accept some photographs don’t do people any favours, these particular Christmas party camera shots make her look older than me.  I’ve dated numerous women in excess of ten years my junior, therefore on the face of it you ask why this one wasn’t comfortable with the situation. 

As it happens, she said I was nearer to her Father’s age than her own, and she didn’t feel comfortable with the situation.  Doing the maths, that must mean her Dad is about 43 – meaning he had her when he was 20.  Having seen her Mother, she looks a good few years older than her Dad.  Unless her Mum has aged badly, I’d say she is around 46.

With dynamics of this kind – Mum trying to stay young and clearly having this mentality from a much younger age (women who are fearful of getting older and who need reassurance the leaves aren’t falling off tend to seek out younger men – as she did more than twenty-three years ago) – they will likely turn their nose up at their daughter dating older men.  Ultimately, they will be jealous their daughter can have a life (with a more financially secure man) than she had in struggling on with a younger man who had little money in the pocket. 

Q-tip 2:
Influences and advice - often bad influences and advice – that mothers give their daughters brought out of a mother’s self-agenda projected mindset that outweighs a daughter’s future welfare and present happiness are a disaster waiting to happen that brings about no happy ending for the daughter.  You can only hope, and this needs to be sooner rather than later, that the daughter is strong enough over time to make her own decision, and furthermore see through her evil mother’s self-driven motives.

As it turns out, despite number 1 rank woman holding down endearing personable attributes to give me the early impression that she could be a good girlfriend material, I actually only gave her a 7 grade on this none visual or sexual analysis.  This is because I later found out she is an Instagram whore, and clearly a woman, at least for now, who attains a far greater inclination for self-attention projection and associated "likes" than she does for commitment, loyalty and love for a man.  I wouldn't at all be surprised if she has applied for Love Island on at least one occasion.  With all this in mind and also not excluding the words explained above for girls ranked overall as 2 and 4, the immediate pleasantries a woman gives off does not necessarily mean in contemporary society that she will be a good long term partner.

Have a great Christmas everybody, and all the health and happiness to you and your families.