Saturday 26 January 2019

Women grabbing their male partner’s arms

“When in fear, it is the easy option to run for the trenches or hide behind one stronger.
But if the trench collapses or the arm you grab is weak, where do you run to from there?”

The most common theme I picked up on over the Christmas period, when time was not as intense and shopping days were undertaken, was the pronounced instincts for many women to grab their male partner’s arm when I walked in the opposite direction and as soon as they noticed me.  It isn’t a theme only just picked up on, but it perhaps struck my conscious thoughts during those couple of weeks more than ever before. 

Most of these women were cute to lower hot, and their male boyfriends or fiancés were average to above average looking.  Some of the men were barely taller than their girlfriends, and some were a fair bit taller.  I don’t recall any of the women wearing wedding rings, although this cannot be ruled out.

In addition, by no mean coincidence I would, without proof, say all the women ranged from mid to late 20’s in age.  The men they accompanied looked either the same age or a few years older.  For seasoned campaigners of couple observations like myself, the physical looks imbalance should not come as any surprise whatsoever.  Had the women been in their early 20’s (or late teens), the chances are a more physical attractiveness match would have been the consequence.  Then again, had these women been in the younger bracket as stated, I doubt they would have grabbed their boyfriend by the arm when walking past me in the first place.  More on this later….

For a moment, let me put myself in the position of the men being arm grabbed by the woman.  Needless to say, they would have been oblivious to the timing, but all the same it is worth analyzing.  The positive part (and also the naïve and idealistic view) would be that their female partners are so in love and in need of protection that it is an uncontrollable maneuver on her part to do so.  Fair enough, if again, you take the idealistic perspective.  The negative part (hence the far more likely realistic question) is why did she grab his arm at that particular moment when she hadn’t done so prior?  I’ll leave it to your interpretations.

My explanation is a simple one.  Look at the ages of the women in relatively small populated cities like Derby and Nottingham.  As they venture from mid to late 20’s their inclinations for a wedding day and associated lifestyle benefits will never be stronger, even if it means being with a man who does not optimize her in a physical attraction and sexual manner.  It’s a compromise worth taking.  It doesn’t take a genius to walk past a thousand men, and just by a few seconds observation you will know, by and large, which men are willing to take on the responsibilities of marriage – with the financial risks that go hand in hand when it all goes pear shaped – and which men are still not ready to place their tools to ground and give up on the benefits that go with less commitment. 

So in that moment, when all has been happy for the last hour or so when he buys her something in the shopping mall, they sit down for coffee, or have a nice chatty lunch about the future together, the woman’s over comfort turns into a few seconds of insecurity when seeing a man she would rather sleep with (rather sleep with than the man she is with).  The natural instinct when a moment of doubt is placed in her mind is to grab the male partner’s arm.  This habit is done on a two-fold reasoning:

·       First, she needs to convince her own mind that the man she is with is the man she truly wants to be with, and nothing will stand in the way of their future life and happiness together.
·       Second, she needs to counteract her immediate insecurity, and somewhat guilt, that another man has captured her attention. 

So, when you see a woman in her mid to late 20’s suddenly grab her boyfriend’s arm when a more physically impressive man walks past her, know it is because she doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of the future house, wedding, honeymoon and possible motherhood that has been talked about. 

Q-tip 1:
A woman of the same age (mid to late 20’s) who has already become married is less likely to deliver the arm grab method in equivalent scenarios.  This is because she has less to gain by doing so, and far less to lose by not doing so. 

As alluded to above, women in their early 20’s are far less likely to carry out the arm grab move.  From my experience, I’d even go as far to say that a decent percentage of younger women in fact do the opposite.  They may have been holding their boyfriend’s arm or hand, but when they see an edgier man walk past, don’t be surprised to see her let go of it.

Why is this the case?  First, women at this age are more likely to go for better looking men, and likewise even cheat on their boyfriend with a guy who arouses her more.  Second, in contrast to a woman foreseeing impending marriage and beneficial add-ons, a woman in her early 20’s is only really interested in the social status she achieves in being with the hottest men.  Third, a younger woman has very little interest in marriage at that stage in her life.  Mix all three factors together and you produce a woman who desires to de-scale her commitment to the male partner she is with, rather than expose and emphasize the couple profile.

Side Note

A case in point to back up this theory derived from the mere last five days of my life.  On Monday morning I sat in the health centre coffee area after a workout, dressed in work suit, prior to meeting a client a couple of hours later.  For over an hour, I caught the hot receptionist checking me out on at least three occasions.  She couldn’t be a day over 21. 

On the Friday morning when I pretty much was carrying out the same routine, she walked into the same arena in her gym kit.  I walked up to the water fountain as she bent down (Mmmm, nice!!), only for her to ask if I would like to go first (to the water!).  I told her it was fine, and I’d come back in a minute after she’d done.  When I did, she was still waiting, so we struck up some conversation.

She told me her current workout routine was gearing towards a competition soon.  When I alluded to it being a swimsuit model contest, she very much liked my thought process.  I then asked what her boyfriend thought to all this.  It was a big pause on her part, but she answered it in a way that he loved it as he is a personal instructor.  I more or less ended the conversation at that moment.  For the record, it was only that day I found out he worked at the same gym.  For further record, this boyfriend was sitting having breakfast in the coffee area on the morning she was regularly looking over at me. 

The point is, unlike other women I have approached where they couldn’t wait to mention the “boyfriend” word, she was not forthcoming at all.  I bet she was pissed off he was there at the time we were talking, albeit not over bothered if she doesn’t see much of a long term with him.  A little bit like knowing how a woman is interested in you if she asks you questions or not, another sure-fire way to detect a woman’s interest in you is if she highlights or clouds the fact she has a boyfriend. 

Q-tip 2:
Take note of the “swimsuit model” comment I made.  As a law of average, a direct compliment of this nature is only productive when it is the dynamic of being a man who is equal or greater in physical attractiveness gender relative terms to the woman he is hitting on.  If deep down you know she is a level or two above you in this sense, lead with more general comments that don’t make her feel or think she is too good for you.

Saturday 19 January 2019

Male Personal Trainers

 “What she doesn’t have is what she wants, and what she doesn’t want, but is something else her female counterpart could have, she doesn’t want her to have it.”

There are a few reasons why you see a considerable higher ratio of male personal trainers in the gym you attend in comparison to female personal trainers. 

One reason is, in simple terms, even in today’s world men represent a higher percentage of the overall working population.  This may seem obvious, but it needs pointing out.  Outside of the retail industry and occasional other trades, there will usually be more men than women in a working environment. 

Another reason is that, by and large, a man won’t believe he can gain physical results he desires by taking the advice of a woman who holds expertise in this field.  She could in some ways be more beneficial to him than her male counterpart, but a gym member of male gender will rarely see it this way.  When parting ways with hard earned, honest money, you will go by the perceived law of average. 

Similarly to the above, the average man will be wondering how the onlookers view him being trained by a woman.  Not good for his street cred, he may think.  Flip the coin and it is highly unlikely a woman in her gym kit will feel this way in being trained by a man.  Many women will actually think the male gym instructor will give her a better end product.

Less sought after (hence less physically attractive) women may like a bit of male company which they cannot acquire in other living environments.  In this case, thirty minutes of attention from an in-shape man can give her a little reassurance and ego boost that she needs to get through a depressing week.  Flip the coin once more, and I doubt any half decent man feels the same way in need of female company.  If he is that desperate, he’d be better off saving the thirty quid or so and using it to pay a hooker. 

Nevertheless, make no mistake that the main reason, especially if you base it on a decent percentage of women who attend the gym being >6/10 in the looks bracket, is due to the pre-selection emotion that goes through a woman’s emotional brain when seeing a man with other women.  In simple language, when a woman sees a man with another woman - on regular occasions, with different women, and in flirty contact - she becomes more attracted to him irrespective to his physical allure or other positive (or negative) character or provisioning ability offerings.

It’s an easy, lazy and naive assumption to think that the reason male personal trainers attain a lot of female admirers is because they all belong to the top (let’s say top 5%) of physically gifted men in overall physical attractiveness.  They work out for a living, so they’re naturally in shape over and above the average man ploughing away in an office.  Fair point, but again it is a lazy view.  If you analyze it a little more closely, yes, some are in the top bracket, but some are not. 

In essence, when a woman walks into the gym and sees a male personal trainer flirting with an attractive woman, and in turn his delegate is smiling with puppy eyes and giggling back, she becomes jealous that it is not her.  She wants to be the one receiving the attention with a hundred plus people watching on.  But when a woman becomes jealous of another woman being with a man, this can only favour the man in question.  When a woman is emotionally jealous, she is never more attracted onto a man.  When a woman is totally indifferent towards a man when seeing him with another woman, he may as well be invisible such is her none attraction onto him. 

And how does she counteract this irritable jealous feeling that niggles inside?  You guessed it - she signs him up to give her personal training.  Another woman does the same, as does another, and the manufacturing chain goes on.  Supply and demand is part and parcel of any industry well-being, and ultimately a personal trainer is selling his product.  This is why male personal trainers are more prevalent than female personal trainers.  They are simply more in demand.

Side story 

There is one particular male personal trainer in the gym I attend who backs up my explanation the most.  He is in his late 20’s/early 30’s, about 5ft 9” tall, naturally in good profiled shape, and facially top 3% even if not absolutely striking.  I’ll give him 7.5/10 in overall physical attractiveness.  You could say he holds that overall optimum striking shot in being at the top end of above average looking men, whilst not quite bordering into unattainability in female eyes. 

As others have come and gone, this guy has stayed at this gym for many years, and naturally this has allowed women to see him in the company of inundated female members during this timeframe.  You will often see him giving half an hour of his time to women (usually women >6.5/10), and I’d hedge a fair bet that many have seen him with women they feel they can compete with in beauty terms.  I’ve never seen him with a hot delegate (granted, there aren’t that many hot women in there), and I think there is a story in this alone.

However, his ex-fiancé is also a personal instructor at the same gym.  She is hot, with a pretty much faultless body and very pretty face.  They split up a couple of years ago, and he is now in a relationship (did I see an engagement ring on her finger today?) with another attractive woman (albeit not quite on his ex’s level) who is a regular attendee at the same gym.  When you see the two of them in close proximity, for a guy like me who is naturally observant in this field it is quite some amusement.  I doubt many others have picked up on this frosty atmosphere between the two women. 

I don’t think the ex-fiancé has ever quite got over him, and seeing him rub it in with the new girl probably only humiliates (and makes her more attracted to him simultaneously) even more.  My guess is she has never met anyone on his overall objective level since they parted ways, and ultimately that is the only way a person truly gets over an ex.  One-night stands, short term flings and social media exploitation help in the immediate term, but they only paper over the cracks of a broken heart.    

Any honest person, woman or man, will confess that when they have been in a relationship with someone they genuinely loved, nobody can replace them until they meet someone who is at least on the same level.  They could go on dozens of dates and still feel this way.  However, when they do meet that new person who is on equivalence or higher, the ex-lover takes up barely a moment of their reminiscent mind. 

Side note

At the risk of talking about myself, I do play some part in all this tri-factor.  Even when the ex-fiancé was dating the male personal trainer, I also sensed some attraction from her onto me.  Don’t get me wrong, I very much doubt she would have even come close to taking things on with me in replace of him had I (done the wrong thing) and asked her out, but it did come across as the natural female inclination to be interested in man who is objectively more impressive than her male partner – better looking, taller, at least equal body impressiveness, more masculine voice, better body language, better personality and, such was the evidence of dress style and car, wealthier.  She may have even told her ex in the past that, if they weren’t together, I’d be her type.  Maybe not, but we can but not speculate. 

The current girlfriend has also given me more than a few glances and smiles, making sure the personal trainer is not nearby.  Again, women aren’t stupid, and they can work out male value pretty quickly.  Both the ex and current see me occasionally working on my laptop after a gym session in the week prior to any client meetings, and a man dressed in a suit will, for those few seconds, negate the social status attributes that are blessed to male personal trainers. 

It made me chuckle this morning, as all three of them were in.  I caught the current girlfriend catching me checking out the ex-fiancé, and the ex-fiancé didn’t seem to make any kind of excuse to walk past me on a couple of occasions.  The girlfriend, to me, seemed to have that amalgamated rollercoaster feeling going through her mind in positive/negative terms.  Part of her had that ego satisfaction of getting one over the ex, knowing she is the chosen one who is now dating the man her foe was once engaged to.  On the other hand, concurrent to me checking her rival out was a likely negating irritable emotion.  At that moment I bet she had visions of the two of us (the ex and I) one day being a couple.  In conclusion, a woman only likes another woman being with a man who is not objectively more impressive than the man she is with.     

Sunday 6 January 2019

Women asking questions is usually a good sign

“A drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts”

There are certain times in your life when, whether through accident, logic, experience, analyzing trends or noticing common themes, the penny drops to how things have always been.  You can go one step further and say this is the way it will always be. 

The resistance to this self-controlled and self-objectified view will not arrive without contest and resistance.  For example, if you spell out this trend, many people will turn a blind eye or disagree due to the pain of the truth you have exposed.  These people - and most people fall into this category - prefer the fallacy and idealistic world that perhaps brings no shame on them for being this way.  Effectively, they are people belonging to a blue pill world that doesn’t take fondly to exposure of their weaknesses, misdemeanours and lies.

Another example is the old aged fall back of “exception to the rule”.  Women are masters of this in topics of emotional behaviour or relationship analysis, because they will try and convince the naïve onlookers, and themselves, that one case which is an exception to a clear general trend, especially an exception that suits their personal agenda, is the normal course of events.  Women make a living out of plausible deniability, because ultimately this act can, due to the lack of proof, conceal their lies and manipulations of the truth.

On the assumption you want to be a man who is strong-minded and believes things seen with his own two eyes, it is important to laugh at these people and stay loyal and faithful to your belief.  You cannot have a fear of the consequences, even if this fear is losing a woman you like.  She will, or she should, respect and like you more for standing apart from the hordes of agreeable men she is accustomed to.  If she doesn’t, it is because ultimately her ego (hence being with a man who kisses her rosy ass) is bigger than her heart.  Is it worth not being your own man for the sake of that one woman?

Nevertheless, this post is about one trend I picked up on many years ago, but equally it was a trend that went straight over me for many years prior.  It was like something dawned on me after approaching inundated women over countless years, in response to never previously looking at it like this.  In essence, nine times out of ten, women who chose to take things further with me were women who asked me questions during the first conversation.  Likewise, nine times out of ten, women who did not choose to take things to the next level were women who asked me next to nothing (or nothing at all!) about myself.  It’s important to add that, with discrete differentials, nearly all these women in both compartments had given me prior indicators of interest – by and large, looking in my direction whether close by or from more of a distance.  Not all, but most. 

Some of the women who asked me nothing were those who could not stop looking at me from merely a few feet away, and on regular intervals.  When I approached them, from point dot most of them barely gave me any eye contact during conversation, and certainly nothing in terms of any conversational interest in my life.  If ever there was a case in point that believing a woman giving you bed eyes is a passport to taking things to the bedroom or further development, then think again.  I’m even struggling to recall one woman asking me nothing who did decide to give me a chance.  

Then I contrast the none asking (and hence those not wanting to take things to the next stage) women with those who did show an interest in my life with more than a couple of questions during the primary conversation.  I wouldn’t for a moment state every one of them did give me their number or hold inclinations for seeing where things led, but most of them did.  I would also add that those who did ask questions, irrespective to whether they were willing to move things on, were often those who gave me less eye contact and interest indicators in comparison to those who asked nothing and did not want any part of me when interacting (yet women who looked over at me a lot).  

Why is this the case?

Women and men differ in countless emotional, character, behavioural and decision-making ways, however one way they are exactly the same is in their instinctive reactions to members of the opposite sex they are sexually attracted to.  In the same way a man instinctively looks at a woman he wants to bang, a woman uncontrollably looks at a man who she would like to sleep with if there were no other consequences involved.  When I illustrate consequences, I’m not simply and only referencing having a boyfriend/husband.  A consequence to woman – a woman who has seen a man who sexually arouses her – is often a follow on thought that she views him as poor partner material, who makes her feel inadequate due to his equal or superior physical attractiveness status in gender relative terms, or who puts her nose out of joint due to her not being the star of the show when together (as he strikes more attention than her). 

Therefore, a woman cannot control, at least in the immediate term, her eyes to not look at a man who see would like to have sex with.  This is simply an animal trait in a human body and mind that will never change and cannot be controlled.  Bear in mind too that in a world where >99% of men fall anywhere between ugly, average looking, to above average looking (hence anything ranging from 1/10 to 7.75/10), a woman doesn’t see many men on a regular basis who gives her this uncontrollable feeling.  A high percentage of these women are with boring and sexually unappealing husbands too, and seeing men leagues above in aesthetic value only compounds the difference in physical attractiveness levels.

However, when the man approaches a woman, her secondary emotion comes into play.  Women have fragile prides yet strong egos, and once you place both traits in a melting pot it produces an ugly recipe known as a woman in either antagonism and hostility mode or, at best, someone who just acts with discomfort and a lack of eye contact.  The by-product of either is one who consciously does not ask questions.  “If I don’t ask him anything about himself, it proves I’m not interested!”  This is her vain and ingenuine attempt to protect both her pride and ego.  Add on her perception that a “golden boy” must have so much going on in his life, and her counteraction to this irritable feeling is to avoid any inferiority or jealousy running through her veins.  If she doesn’t ask, she can believe what makes her feel better about herself.   

Contrast this with women who do ask you questions early on.  By clear majority, it is no coincidence that women who showed verbal interest in me early on also came across as far higher in internal confidence than women who did not ask questions.  This confidence goes hand in hand with women who are willing to date the highest quality (or best looking) men.  They have confidence in themselves, therefore they have confidence these men won’t stray.  Again, a by-product of a woman who wants to take things further with a man is to find out more about him – and hence ask questions.  A woman I was seeing at the back end of last year fitted this explanation like a glove, to the point where she went toe to toe with me on proactive flirty comments and discrete physical touch from the moment we met.  I do sincerely and whole-heartedly miss her, but when the circumstance is living a four hour drive away from each other, something inevitably and eventually has to give.

Q-Tip 1:
Confident women, matched with beauty and feminine ways, are extremely rare but they do exist.  You just need to screen much harder for them and accept that they almost exist like unicorns. 

A final thought

There is an extreme opposing view that needs to be explained, and it is one that could come across as a contradiction to all as explained above of not analyzed accordingly.  There will be many cases where a woman will ask a man questions, even if in fact she has no intention of getting sexual with him.  In this case it will be the common event where the woman likes the attention he gives her, she likes the ego thrill boost of standing next to someone who is less physically attractive than her, and she ultimately has not an ounce of desire or hunger to get physical and sexual with him.  Effectively she is too comfortable, which is actually a greater detrimental consequence to a man than her feeling at unease next to a man.  Ultimately, when a woman is at total ease with the environment, her eye contact and question distribution will be far higher.

Similarly, but more idealistically for a woman, is the perfect scenario where all the boxes are ticked as illustrated in the above paragraph, yet she holds enough attraction onto him for sexual endeavours.  This is where she strikes the perfect middle ground between too much comfort and feeling inadequate.  Most of these men will not strike her immediate attention from a distance, but there is enough liking on her part to see where things go.  An average looking man with a cute woman, or an above average looking man with a hot woman, is the dynamic you need to look for here. 

A final (final) thought

I approached the brunette as explained in this post the other day.  I wasn’t bothered about the bling ring she was wearing the week before, and as it turned out she wasn’t wearing it once I engaged with her.  To say she was lacking in responsiveness was an understatement, and I barely opened my mouth before noticing a lack of enjoyment in her facial expression that I had approached her.  Far cry from the woman who had been staring and smiling at me on more than a few occasions only a week before. 

Was it a case she was at her highest fertility cycle point last week (hence holding inclinations to be with an edgy man), and back on normality cycle point a week later (hence back to the more dependable inclination for a mundane man)?  Can’t be ruled out.  If so, maybe I need to wait another three weeks before going up to her again!

In true predictability:

·       She asked no questions, with the exception of: “I can’t believe you just come up to people you don’t know like this…do you do this to a lot of women?”  
·       She gave me hardly any eye contact. 
·       When I asked her name, she straight away (after telling me her name) said: “Unfortunately I have a boyfriend.” 
·       Despite the numerous stares in my direction as little as seven days ago, she claimed she had never seen me in the gym before.
·       When I subtly said (concurrent to a smirk on my face) I could have sworn she was the girl looking at me last week (although followed by saying my eyes aren’t what they used to be), she said I need my eyes testing.  I responded by saying, “I think they call it plausible deniability - on your part.”

As a last note, a lot of men, as I once did in my younger days, dry up and react with disillusioned and demoralizing internal emotion when a woman drops the “boyfriend” word.  I gave her my usual response that has never failed me in any past situation of equivalence:
“Just tell him you’re upgrading, he’ll understand.”  She froze faster than a teardrop during a Siberian winter.

Q-tip 2:
If any mission in your life cannot be completed, whether within or outside of your control, make sure you have fun along the way.  At the end of the day, the fun was in the attempt and not the accomplishment. 

Friday 4 January 2019

Female 25 and subsequent mating strategy change

“The two guarantees in life are that we will change and die.  Some take on change
because it feels right or like a smart decision at the time.  Others feel like it is more of a
necessity to change, even if they are not quite ready to do so.”

The phrase of Alpha Fux Beta Bucks is never more apparent, relevant and prominent to women when they closely approach and reach 25 years of age.  Whilst the likewise milestone of 30 is arguably the most depressing age for women (for the record, most men will likely say this is 40 for themselves), this is more down to the pessimistic view of the future if they have not found Mr. Right or/and yet become a wife or mother. 

You could argue media exposure on female decreased fertility likelihood from 30 onwards plays a big part in this optimum depression – if they are yet to take on motherhood.  Another big reason will be the envy of female peers who have become mothers, even if these friends are with less sought-after men (which is usually the case – the fewer options a man has, the more inclined he is to hold desires to be a husband and father).  Finally, there will be the voice within asking questions to what she has actually accomplished in life, coupled with family hints and subtle words to allude with this.

In terms of the 25 age as explained in the first sentence up top, this is a decent benchmark.  It could be argued that in a smaller town this is brought forward a couple of years.  If from a small village or the countryside, knock off another year or so.  Smaller networks may bring about a non-career orientated woman (and let’s not forget most women are still not career-minded) due to fewer pastimes to keep her mind occupied.  Women get bored easily, and they do not stick to much for long. 

In larger cities, especially where a woman will reside in the centre, add on at least a couple of years to this 25 year yardstick.  City centres will have attracted a high percentage of women who are university graduates, and a career to justify the financial outlay slows down the settling down phase somewhat.  Whether educated or not, women who live in city centres will also be prevalent in being social media exhibitionists and attention seekers, therefore once more this self-centered motivation delays any thoughts of marriage and kids until the late twenties. 

Nevertheless, taken as an average over all women, 25 is still a fair age to analyze the change of male type women transition through.  From 16 (to keep it clean and legal, even though in reality many are at it from an earlier age) to 23, male physical allure and sexual appeal will be top, if not very high, on the priority list women select upon.  At 24, this is most likely the year where she starts to reluctantly choose to stray away from the best-looking men if a more “rounded” male candidate is in her vicinity.  At 25, strong thoughts and proactive intentions of finding the man who will commit to her take on the baton.

This is easier said than done though, which pretty much sums up why women end up unhappy.  If on the one hand women have a mating strategy that draws them towards men who sexually arouse them and give them the most satisfying orgasms, yet many of these men are not high in commitment, responsibility, financial or even personality terms - hence, not great long-term consideration - this man cannot give her the tick in the box of a nice house, money in the bank, and a dependable father figure.  If on the other hand women have another mating strategy that requires a man who can be provisioning, reliable, loyal, and who will value her and stick around, yet many of these men derive from the less aesthetically gifted and sought-after male population segment, this man can give her safety but not excitement.  Life’s a bitch, right?

So, in a pie in the sky carte blanche scenario, if you offered them a man who could be manufactured to totally tick all the boxes in both categories, would women sign up for this?  The obvious and naïve answer would be of course so, however women rarely play the logical role.  My answer would be that they would like this man in practice, but not in mind.  In other words, the Alpha man would never be the man she marries, but instead she takes on all the day to day tasks and offerings with the Beta, except bedroom activity and offspring genes.

A final thought

I was at a wedding with a woman I was seeing in the late summer of last year.  It was a fairly affluent affair, as the bride came from a wealthy background and the groom a tier or two below maybe.  Naturally I got talking to a few people during the day and night, in addition to my firm observations, and what stood out like a sore thumb more than anything (with the exception of a couple of women with fake tits!) was the jealousy in certain opposing male partners amongst the women.  Those who were with the more boring (but wealthier) men were clearly thinking of a night with one of the few better physically gifted men that day.  Those who were with the physically gifted men had to endure the stories of holidays, cars and nice houses granted to other women.

But it wouldn’t be fair to just pencil a mating strategy that solely exists with women.  Men also, whilst not in totally the same manner, have a formula that works for them.  A man wants a total whore in the bedroom, but a loyal, honest, genuine, presentable and likeable (hence, the gender equivalent to a beta male) woman in the day role.  Where men do differ from women though is that, unlike women being attracted to the jerk characteristics of a man, he desires his woman to be likeable and genuine etc. all the time.  She just needs to be as hot as possible in the meantime.  This is what women cannot get into their heads.  If a man ends up with a bitch (and clued up men should not end up with a bitch over a long period of time), it isn’t because she is a bitch per se.  It is because she is a bitch who is a decent margin hotter than the more aimable women he could attain. 

But it goes beyond that with men too.  Any honest man will admit that in some stage in his life, most likely on more than one stage, he has indulged in a timescale of watching porn during single relationship timeframes or when regular sex is no guarantee.  Any man who tells you otherwise is a liar.  This honest man will also tell you that, with all the female pretty faces and good bodies to choose from, it is unlikely he will select the same woman to jerk over as the day before.  Men like variety, no matter how beautiful the woman he labels his girlfriend is.

The other day I saw a hot long-haired blonde in the gym with high, tight shorts on who struck my attention.  Her upper thigh tattoo only made me want to nail her more.  I’d say she was 23.  I know she has a boyfriend, so I didn’t approach.  About ten minutes later, standing near to the blonde was a long-haired brunette with tight leggings on.  Maybe a year older than the blonde.  What she perhaps couldn’t compete with the blonde on in terms of leg and ass tone, she made up for it with a slightly prettier face and bigger/firmer boobs.  Unfortunately, she was wearing a bling ring on the commitment finger.  The point is that even if I was with one of them, I’d most likely want to be with the other.     

The brunette was giving me quite a few glances over.  The blonde was far more discrete in eye contact towards me, but her proximity indicators would suggest some level of attraction.  I don’t mind admitting for one single second that, had they not been in the same small real estate area at the same time, neither would have been so eager for me to validate them back.  In essence, they were far more motivated by the competition between each other than their sexual attraction onto me. 

In summary, women, and men, can never be totally satisfied with the partner they end up with, and this even applies to those who end up with good-looking celebrity partners.  This factor merely delays the inevitable parting of ways.  The mating market is effectively a food chain, and there is always something different on the shelf next week you may like more.