Wednesday 21 April 2021

Men’s mistakes in replicating women’s habits


“Turn the mirror away from you.  This way you become in control of yourself naturally.”


I, like many, was extremely happy when the gyms reopened last Monday in the United Kingdom.  Unlike a lot of women, including attractive women, who have clearly piled some winter pounds on during the last four months, I have pretty much maintained my body profile minus a bit of muscle size.  I’m glad to be back in the routine, nonetheless. 

I only joined this current gym last September, and allowing for shutdowns, this would mean I’ve barely been attending more than three months in essence.  One man who stood out, for the wrong reasons, was a man who wore the over ear (and hence, oversized) headphones.  The guy is around 6ft 2” tall, average looking facially, with an above average but not overly striking body profile.  He strikes me as, without me knowing him on a personal level, someone who rates himself a fair bit higher than objectivity shows.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he is one of those men working in a middle to upper management position in construction, accountancy, law or similar, with the BMW/Audi/Mercedes company car to suit.  If I’ve met one man like that in my life, then I’ve met thousands of others.

I emphasise the over ear headphones, because I think this accessory doesn’t do men any favours with regards to a person’s perception and interpretation of his confidence.  If a man holds desires to make women find him more attractive, remember that women are assessing his confidence levels more than anything else.  If said man falls below this required benchmark level on her part, he is running on an uphill treadmill from the start. 

But many women wear these headphones…?

Yes they do, but as much as women wear them because they hope people will interpret this as them (said woman) being cool, busy, and zoned into training, the bigger truth is it is an insecurity characteristic that attempts to conceal the lack of inner assurance to interact and hold eye contact with anyone other than someone she knows.

This isn’t a big issue at all to women, because men don’t judge women on confidence levels.  Most men even prefer women with shy, insecure, and low confidence traits.  Basically, as long as a woman looks good, men barely give a thought to other factors (other than her personality when considering the longer term).

The other way round….

On the other hand, women place far less emphasis on the way a man looks (as has been documented numerous times on this blog, it can be counter-productive for a man to look too good) and far greater attention to other factors.  Until the time she has knowledge of his wealth and status levels, the only other metrics, outside of physical attractiveness, she can judge him on is confidence and body language.  Don’t throw this down the toilet.

As a shopping list, here is an unexhaustive list of things a man should do:

·       Strong posture

·       Walking with his head held high, eyes looking in a totally straight direction

·       Acknowledging people when they walk past with a slight nod

·       Indifferent, but slight smirk facial expression when walking past people

·       Positive walking action, but not too shoulder swaying in attempts to try too hard

·       Strong voice tone, but not too loud to again bring try hard attention to himself

·       Eradication of wearing items like headphones which illustrates he isn’t confident and at ease with the social environment

·       Good dress style, but in a clean and effortless manner

·       Great hygiene

·       Tone of eau de toilette, but relevant to the occasion (If in gym, two to three sprays.  If going to work, four to five sprays.  If on a social occasion, six to seven sprays dependant on strength)

A final thought

This is a shorter post than usual, but I don’t think much more needs to be said.  There are so many luxuries an average (and also below average) looking man has to attract women of greater physical attractiveness in gender relative terms than the equivalent looking woman has to attract sought after men.  Take advantage of this undeniable life situation.


A woman wants a man who is above her in as many comparable metrics as possible, with the exception of physical attractiveness.