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Men’s suntans cause female antagonism

“Sell in May, and go away.  Change your tune, and buy in June.”

I always remember my first time abroad.  I was 11, and we adventured on with a family holiday to Spain.  By the end of the holiday, my white Caucasian mother and black African father were close to literally killing each other.  I’ll never forget sitting in the bedroom one night, and hearing them argue about her leaving him once we returned to England.  Their marriage survived another 5 years, but it was nothing more than two adults living in the same house with very little interaction.  The lights were on, but there was nobody at home.

Despite living in a hot country prior moving to the UK, my dad despised the sun and heat.  My older brother wasn’t too keen either, so it left me to sunbathe with my mum.  I asked her one day why people liked to have a suntan.  Her simple answer was that it made people look more attractive.  As a kid, I hadn’t acknowledged it until that moment of her explanation.  I’ve enjoyed sunbathing ever since.

I came back from that vacation as dark as my father.  As light brown skin is my natural colour formed from the mixed-raced ethnicity, I’ll be the first to admit that I can go darker than the colour that, I believe, makes me look most appealing to women  visually attractive.  It never bothers me, because in a residing country where you can go 2 weeks without seeing a hint of sunshine even in summer months, it will not take long to fade into something more to my liking.  I doubt there are many white Caucasian men who have the same inverted luxury of going darker than their predilection.  But for many men, in particular those with blessed physical attractiveness, and especially in facial terms, a developed suntan may not necessarily lead you to more doors opening with women’s positive emotional endeavours.

Why do women not tan as effectively?

Open your eyes and you will clearly see that women, on ethnicity like for likeness, do not tan as quickly, as dark or as sustained in comparison to men.  Forget about the make-up or fake tan they use to conceal the pale cheeks, I’m referring to the simple natural colour of someone’s skin after they have had a spell in the sun.  I come up with the following 3 main reasons:

  • Women are inclined to wear facial cosmetic enhancement at any given opportunity, and this does not allow the rays above from hitting their first layer of skin.  Even when a person is not specifically sunbathing per se, the sun will still give off enough power to bring about a darker skin tone.
  • Women, by and large, are more susceptible to feeling cold, irrespective to the season we sit in.  In the winter, it is usually the woman in the house cranking up the heating as the man sweats his pants off.  Even in the spring or summer, a man will feel far more comfortable in low heat of 18oC than a woman.  A woman may even sit inside if there is a cool breeze floating across.  Once more, this prevents her from a slow progression to look more tanned.
  • Although I’m no scientist, there is enough evidence to suggest that, based on an equivalent male versus female ethnicity, the man will be darker than the woman.  The pigmentations that sit inside our layers manifest to bring about a fundamental darker tone in male skin.  The darker someone is, the quicker they will tan.  The darker they become, the longer it takes to return to our baseline colour.  So ultimately, a woman would need to spend an abundance of greater time in the sun, only to probably never become as tanned.

I could take another route in the fact that far more men work outside than women, but we won’t go there.  As always, I look at what I see in preference to what is said.  Women are simply not as dark as men on a wholesale basis.

Why don’t women “like” men with suntans?

First of all, nearly all women will find the same man with a suntan more sexually attractive than prior to his suntan.  Why do you think the “tall, dark and handsome” cliché is heard all the time by women aiming to score credit points, yet acting differently in their selections of male partner suitability?  But as this blog has referred to on various occasions, it is imperative to acknowledge what women truthfully want as boyfriend or future husband material.  The simple reality is; between 80% to 90% of women select a long term male mate who is less physically attractive than her, and a good percentage of the remainder will still prefer to be with someone less eye catching unless he has many other things to throw on the table that she can benefit from. 

In essence, and by near absolution, the female ego is not capable of being with a man on a long term basis who will catch the public eye more than she does.  General observation will back this up, and as much as men may choose to believe women who say words along the lines of “looks has nothing to do with it" or “it’s what’s inside that counts”, these statements are vain attempts to hide their weaknesses and insecurities.  They get away with it because most men are simple lapdogs who nod their heads in fear of not being liked by women if they disagree.  My god, how could a man possibly contemplate not believing what a woman says!

Are women antagonistic towards all men with suntans?

As always, no explanation to women’s emotions is the same when faced upon with different looking men. 

If she finds herself with (through likely deliberation) a man more than the usual 10% to 15% less physically attractive than she is, the likelihood is for her to actually favour his suntan.  Women face a tug of war battle in their minds, and nothing epitomizes this more than when they are clearly with a much less glamorous man.  As although her ego is satisfied due to his comparative ugliness, she will still have irritable feelings born out of no other woman ever mentioning that he looks good.  There are only so many times she will feed off exhilaration from adjectives towards him being “nice”.  With this in mind, a suntan on her much uglier boyfriend will likely give off more positive, than negative, feelings.  It will be the first time she can call him “gorgeous” without coming across as a total clown.

If a woman is with a man who is the typical 10% to 15% de-leveraged normality – hence less physically attractive than her but not in a fall off your seat way – the gap is bridged in terms of her favourability to his tan.  Most women who grade down look for a man who holds more value than them in as many areas as possible – personality, earnings, status, potential, ambition, etc – but the one undeniable exception is looks.  Show me a woman who actually prefers to be with a man more visually impressive than her, and I’ll show you a piece of rocking horse turd.  With this consideration, a suntan on average looking single men in general will have varying results.  If you fall in the lower end of overall average physical attractiveness scale (5/10 to 6.75/10), there will be far more women who find you appealing than repelling when you have a tan.  If from the higher end of average (7/10 to 7.75/10), the inverse applies, and you will find yourself being rejected by some women who would perhaps have been more engaging in the colder months.  Simply put: your suntan gave you that extra ¼ to ½ grade to elevate you above the greatest proportion of women (even most cute women). 

As for my fellow good looking male counterparts, don’t be surprised if you meet fewer women with open arms in the summer than you do so in the winter.  I don’t think I need to elaborate too much into the reasons, but a man who is fundamentally 8.25/10 in overall physical attractiveness will easily leverage up to 8.5/10 with a glow to his face, and this will mean you are above nearly all women in any random town or city on your travels. 

Short guys who are facially blessed will have more leeway with a suntan, as women will not be as intimidated due to the knowledge that not as many other women will be sexually interested.  That said, a woman who was put off by your lack of height is unlikely to be more endearing just because of your browner skin.

Facially average looking men with impressive bodies (and assumed above average height) will also not be punished as much in respect to women’s stern egos and fragile prides looking down on their tans.  It may deter some lower end cute women, as you will now be above these cuties’ self-assessed grade, but this is your time to strike for high end cute or hot women you perhaps thought were unattainable.  This is only true because women are, generally speaking, forthcoming towards male height and good bodies, but adversarial towards facially handsome gifted males.   

As for me...

When I consider my current girlfriend and ex-girlfriends, I have only ever met two of them during the summer season.  They were below the age of 23, and they were both 8.5/10 in physical attractiveness.  Unusually for women, both of them attained a high degree of confidence and self-assurance, but most of all they were rare women who would only become sexually involved with men who instinctively turned them on.  In other words, sexual inclinations came well before any need for male provisioning or a requirement to be the more admirable in the bond.  I bet you good readers can’t think of too many women like this in your lifetime? 

But one thing I can say is that, for all the others I met when I wasn’t sporting a tan, they didn’t suddenly run a mile once the summer arrived and the skin swopped colours.  Once a woman is in love with her man, or she knows he is a good guy and a great catch, it is no coincidence how she will put aside any irritable feelings she has. 

So where do women go in the summer?

But if women are well known for dumping their providing but uninspiring boyfriends after cold nights, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day have passed, yet their egos are taking them further away from a man with a tan, where do they head off during warmer times.  This is when you will see many women, with the exception of extreme boyfriend validation requiring women, join back up with their female friends.  It is a short term fix, because most women do prefer the comfort of feeling important and having a male puppet someone to pick up the restaurant bill or buy shoes for her, but in a world where men are clueless to their cunning plans, manipulations and plausible denials, they can live the life that offers them both ends of the cake.  This is, of course, until their dwindling looks result in a reduction of men willing to be taken for fools.

Side note
Although this blog offers advice on how men should consider acting in view to the way women will receive them in positive fashion – due to female low confidence, low trust levels, high insecurities and off the scale egoism – it will always abide by prioritizing what pleases the man first.  With me, I fully acknowledge why women reject my advances, but it isn’t enough of an issue to change what I love being and doing in life.  When all is said and done, the inspiration of looking and feeling good far outweighs any concern I have for women.  There simply aren’t enough quality women with value to warrant a switch.  This is the path of least resistance I would always advise.

Only today walked my good blonde friend (see referring post below) into the gym.  She was back to her curvy figure and had the small hint of a tan herself.  When I engaged with her, looking my finest from a recent and rare sunny spell in England, she once more gave me the “huh” with that hostile and jealous expression.  I’m off to Italy in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be intrigued to see how the lovely Italian ladies respond to it all.

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