Saturday 26 November 2016

Women’s and men’s main difference

“Don’t be afraid in being unique, different, or a grain against the norm. 
The norm may well be completely wrong.”

There are so many differences between women and men that this isn’t the time to go through them all.  This blog has pin-pointed many items that reflect these gender contrasting habits, emotions, predilections, rationalizations - and ultimate decisions on the back of it all - whether directly or indirectly, from the start of posts being published.  
When it arrives on the doorstep of partner preference and sexual appetite, nothing comes close to illustrating this difference than how pre-selection attained from the opposite sex impacts on the hunger this has on others from the opposing gender.  It’s important to note the distinction between preference and sexual appetite, against conclusive choice.  More on this later…

Over recent years there have been a number of cases where certain females (often University aged) would put their virginity up for sale.  I was going to reference one of the stories, but quite frankly they are everywhere.  Some women were prepared to go on a lie detector to prove their virgin status.  I’m not sure what the outcomes were, but needless to say there would have been no shortage of male bidders.  Further needless to say, but I’ll do it anyway, the more physically attractive the woman, the more male bids and the higher the price.

One day as I waited for a hair appointment, I picked up a magazine and saw a reader question section at the back.  One man wrote in, tongue in cheek in his question I can only hope, picking up on this subject.  He mentioned whether it was worth him trying the same thing to earn some cash. I credit the magazine, because it would have just been easy for them to just disregard the reader and place his question in the rubbish bin.  Instead, the “Doctor Love” answer was spot on.  In humour but valid return, they responded in the way of stating how women despise celibate men, and in fact he may well have decent chance of female interest if he used it as them being the thousandth woman to sleep with him.

Notch modesty creates dry female panties

I always recall one mistake I made on this topic a good few years ago.  I was in a relationship with a very facially pretty woman, although her body was little above average. She thought she was hotter than objectively clearly showed.  Early on in our dating phase, she sent me a text mentioning that I was a stud, and I know it.  At the time I thought it could have been a bit of a dig or a cry for reassurance of my feelings towards her, but I just ignored it.

A few weeks later when we were lying in bed, she brought the topic up again.  I’ve slept with far more women than the average man – hopefully because I’m a fairly decent catch, but undoubtable stronger reason due to, unlike most men, I didn’t choose to settle down with the first half-decent woman who put her arm around me.  But with hands up naivety on my part back then, I chose to understate the truth in hope that the reward was her easing of trepidation. When I looked at her face, it was the all so familiar face of a fake female smile.  In other words, her external view attempted to show glee, simultaneous to internal disappointment and frustration.  Her ego felt better, but her sexual urge had slid in those moments.

In a way, I could get away with this humble wrong move much more than an average looking man.  When women are faced with good looking men, they do need some level of comfort that he will stick around, and this is most relevant in the early stages of the relationship.  Although excessive female pre-selection will always make a woman more sexually into you, and give her heightened urges to date you, many of them will also avoid a man if he comes across as too unattainable for loyal boyfriend material.  This is all the more common with women above the age of 23.  Also, an average looking man with a high notch count will get more leeway than a very good looking man with the same notch count, all else being equal.       

The bigger mistake I made on this occasion was the fact I was already nailing her.  Outside of prostitution, once a woman has decided to have sex with a man, it usually means she is in love with him.  Even a woman deciding to have a one night stand with a man she finds sexually arousing, with knowledge it won’t last, will frighteningly love this man far more than the man she eventually marries.  This is why there is such a small link between love and marriage.  Women are in love with men who are hard to pin down and commit.  Women can love (but are not in love with), like a best friend, men who will marry them.  Cross-overs do exist, but in percentage terms these occurrences are rare. 

Men’s ideal female partner sexual history

Now yes, some men do marry women who have collated a fair number of past male sexual partners.  But two points to this:
·         A high percentage of men who commit to women who have slept with a high number of men (often more men than women he has slept with) are men with low appeal and stricken in options.  You will often find men of this kind with female partners who have children from previous endeavours – and, by no mean coincidence, a high number of male sexual partners from the past.  Her options are limited due to this past baggage on her behalf, and unwanted men are her only feasible targets.
·         All else being equal – essentially, primarily and predominantly this being a woman’s physical looks – a man will prefer to settle down and commit to a woman with fewer past sexual partners than the one with a higher quantity.

This isn’t to say that men want a virgin, as these women, unless spending years on end rehearsing moves for when the real thing happens, are useless, reactive, non-experimental and lacking knowledge in bed.  This is why the unofficial rule of thumb for ideal male preference, at least for longer term commitment, is a woman who has slept with 3 to 4 men that consisted of long term (6 months or more) relationships.  With further ideology, this woman will be around her mid 20’s when the fourth one was popped.  Any fewer, and the likelihood is she borders onto being boring between the sheets.  Significantly more, and the question mark always floats above the bed-posts stating possible slut or poor long term (or heaven forbid, marriage) material.

A final thought

I’ve often noticed that both women and men get it awfully wrong in their exploitations of pre-selection when attempting to attract members of the opposite sex they like.  Women play the wrong hand as, due to their uncontrollable need to feel wanted, special, and to show the world how popular and valuable they are, they will seek the attention of other men, whether directly (in social environments) or indirectly (social media, texting) and in turn try and get her target man jealous.  As men don’t use jealousy productively in being further attracted to a woman, this doesn’t have any positive implication – other than him thrusting inside that bit harder than usual to maybe teach her a lesson.  All a woman needs to do is maximize her hotness, emphasize her loyalty, and illustrate her good girlfriend material traits, in keeping her man attracted and interested. 

On the other hand, and as explained throughout this post, women are more attracted to men, at least in most cases, when other women show interest.  Yet the vast majority of men do not acknowledge or comprehend this female uncontrollable taste, so they act like prince charming in proving she is the only girl in the world and he only has eyes for her.  Bad move. 

So if ever you want to see how women are most infatuated by a man, look for those who hang around a man who is in the proximity of, and interacting with, other women.  I’m sure your girlfriend, in this same timeframe, will be telling you how much she hates this and how much she loves the way you act by not doing so.  Do you believe this?  Neither does she.  

Saturday 19 November 2016

Why some men enjoy getting older

“Those who concede early, are those who have lost all hope.”

It can be a justified assumption, especially by women in their (mid to late) 30’s and 40’s, that a large proportion of men try to stay young beyond their years and hold onto their youth.  It’s no coincidence that women in this age bracket category are the most prone to criticize and ridicule, because in simple explanation they are worried about men – men who were once below them (or well below them) in overall appeal level to the opposite sex – now becoming more “marketable” than them in relative terms.  As this once mediocre appealing man tries to do certain things to attract women, in visiting the gym more than before, dressing more youthful, and maybe actually styling his hair for once, the unfortunate reality is that a high percentage of women past their mid 30’s are now lucky to turn the head of just one man per month.  And that one man is often a desperate loser. 

On this subject, I can recall a few months ago a bit of discussion between women in the office about them preferring men to just let the grey come out of their hair when father time strikes.  Playing the role of a totally innocent bystander who knew nothing about life or women, I chose to ask them therefore why men dye their hair.  The woman in her early 40’s said it is because it makes men feel better about themselves (really, I thought women base their decisions on fulfilling this emotion?). 

Her answer gave me a rise smile. The easy and truthful reason is because men essentially are innately born to hunt the most physically attractive women they can plausibly grasp, and the most physically attractive women will be pre 30, and even more so pre 25.  Although women don’t place great emphasis on a man’s physical looks in relation to his other offerings, they still are attracted to a man who looks after himself and who doesn’t look old enough to be their father.  With this in mind, it is a male sub-conscious, but usually conscious, decision to strive to attract younger women, and one of the contingencies many men use is to get rid of the grey hairs.   

You rarely hear women in their late teens to mid-20’s complaining about or ridiculing men looking younger.  For women who have the natural tendency to be with an older man, they actually would prefer him to look younger than what is shown on his birth certificate. 

Men who want to get older  

With all the above said, there is a minority of men who in fact, if you didn’t know them better, come across like they are enjoying getting older.  There is a fine line but clear distinction between a man having pride in getting older – hence acknowledging the experience, wisdom, maturity, status, financial stability, confidence, personality – that age brings, in relation to actually “enjoying” the extra candle on the cake as each year passes.

I for one have many friends who have been, and still are, promoting of being older.  I can even remember two of them during a male party vacation in Greece when we were 22, and instead of mixing with the thousands of young girls on offering, they would have a meal and then go straight to internet cafes.  Not a word said to one woman.  One of them stated he had a thing for women with beer bellies!  The other claimed it was because he felt like a veteran, having started this entire going out activity when he was 15.  The truth is that both had physically let themselves go, and they could no longer attract the hottest girls.  It’s not only women (although it is mainly women) who make up rationalizing theories to ease their prides, in making life that little less damaging on their ego.

But the more common reason men have for enjoying an increase in age, and this goes hand in hand with those who put on weight and start to physically age badly, is that they are trapped in committed relationships that involve children, marriage, or both.  There isn’t a fat man out there with a fat wife who wouldn’t want to nail a younger, slimmer and hotter woman, but the easy path to choose in making life seem that bit more reassuring is to say it is too late, too immature, too illogical, too immoral, or he is too old - to be that guy.  We can all play the moral high ground whilst reality runs its normal course of events in placing obstacles in front of our dreams and preferences, but morals quickly go out the window when the once unlikelihood is thrown our way as an option.

This is why there are only a tiny minority of people who are worth listening to on face value.  Too many people, men and women alike, have morals on the one hand simultaneous to pre-planned bullshit justifications on the other hand, just in case they had to break the code of practice and integrity.  Men proceed with this cowardly act more silently, whilst women broadcast their high and mighty principles - only to later look foolish when broken.  But when even court of laws can justify why women act out infidelity, despite their husband doing nothing wrong other than being the sucker who married without her truly loving him, who’s going to stand in their way?   

Saturday 12 November 2016

Smart men de-scale their wealth

“Never let a woman know how much money you have.”

As much as the above phrase stands out like a sore thumb in my memory, I cannot take credit for it.  This came from a reasonably wealthy gym buddy of mine about 5 years ago, and it was around the time I seriously commenced the transition from blue pill conditioned belief into red pill acceptance. 

The man I reference was in his early 40s, with smartness that justifiably matched his life experience.  That said, when it comes to male knowledge of female psychology, a red pill mindset, and carrying it out in practice (because some men nod their heads when reading posts such as this, but then choke and not deliver when it counts), the vast majority of men are still clueless or ignorant to reality.    

He was into property development, and attained a decent amount of good investments in his portfolio to assist the odd poor decision.  In the case of the latter, we all make those.  He knew I belonged to the camp, even as a blue pill man from years prior, with a distaste towards women who consciously sought after men with money, and equally he knew I didn’t think it was necessary or sensible to ever tell a woman how much you have.  He did end the topic of conversation with words to the effect that unfortunately, once married and with kids (which he was/had), this concealment can only go so far - even to the point where every card has to be shown.  I remember thinking then how much this predicament would send a shiver down my spine in the future, but maybe it would be me one day.

The customary man

It will come as no surprise to consistent readers of this blog when I point out that when it derives to making smart decisions in life, and in particular around the subject of their interface with women, men generally do the opposite.  Some learn over time, but most don’t.  Why?  Men are not comprehensive to what makes women tick, how the female mind works, and what ultimately radiates a happier life for both genders in the relationship.

Not dissimilar to how women lie to make themselves look better in the face of the watching and listening public, to enlarge their egos, and to protect their prides, men also tell porky pies in perhaps a less discrete fashion.  I always remember a former work colleague who looked slightly down at me from a height perspective, yet he claimed he was 6ft 2”.  Who was he kidding!  Penis size?  Well not that I’ve ever got involved in a conversation to this degree with another man, but equally I would expect most men, even if asked on an anonymous basis, would put an inch or two on.  How long do they last in bed?  Ditto, by five or ten minutes.  Earnings and assets?  This is where the lies really start, especially when they are trying to “impress” a woman they hold desires to get into her pants.

Don’t get me wrong, elevating your remuneration package does have benefits when used accordingly.  Unless hugely unhappy in your job, it is usually advantageous to tell a recruitment consultant that you are on ten percent or so more than what the pay cheque shows, as this will only make them seek out a higher paid future position for you.  Nevertheless, telling women you earn more or own more than actuality proves will only reap negativities over a sustained period of time for the following reasons:

  • A woman who is primarily interested in a man for his money, over and above any of the other couple of dozen metrics she considers in him, is fundamentally a woman who will love choose him for what he is and not who he is.  They say love has a sell by date, and it is probably decreasing for every year that passes by due to the modern day female demands, but rest assured that natural love will always trump money if you harbor ambitions to be in a happy relationship.
  • A woman’s psyche with money and gifts is essentially the same as a kid’s mentality with toys.  They will be appreciative in the moment of unwrapping, but the following day this gratitude will be less than the day it was presented.  The day after it will be appreciated less again, to the point where it is forgotten, and expectancy of a more expensive replacement is the requirement.  The more he gives her, the more she expects.  If you are a man happy to join this club, then be my guest, but I won’t be in the queue behind you. 
  • A woman needs a challenge with the man she is with.  This means a man can never allow her to believe she holds him in in the palm of her hands, that he can do no better, and that he will never leave her no matter how much of a beast she becomes.  A man who tries to win a woman over with money and assets is a man who takes this challenge away from her, and over time she will only become repulsed with his actions.
  • The female thought pattern of love and male selection doesn’t change over time.  It just simply adapts.  When you see a teenage girl with a loser boy who has not a penny to his name, even to the point where she would steal or sell to please him, this is a girl in love lust.  Just because this girl gets older doesn’t mean she becomes wiser.  She may say she has, but ultimately all that has happened is she has changed her priorities to offer herself a better life.  She is looking for the sucker who will give her this life.

Of course needless to say, but important to clear up, the great guys out there are men who strike the sweet spot balance.  These quality and savvy men maximize their earnings and assets potential, but do not put it on a conveyor belt platter for the woman they accompany.  Even if he earns a hundred fold her equivalent, he will ensure she still invests significantly in the relationship.  This may be a case of her only paying for every third or fourth outing together, and it may just be paying for the movies or something low cost, but she has still exerted some of her energy and expenditure instead of always being the recipient. 

Why do men try and impress women through their wallets?  Pure and simple, most men cannot attract most women worth having (7/10 or greater physically attractive woman) by the means of his physical attractiveness, his confidence/attitude/personality/charisma, his dress style, or his profile.  They think that by giving her bullshit about what he has will impress her.  It may at first, but it is a monster with a belly that only gets bigger, and never shrinks.

Caveat to all the above

Now a very smart man can use the conversation of his vast amounts (even if fallacy driven) of money to get a woman into bed.  If he leads with a short term mentality, this is not a bad tactic at all.  As the modern day woman is appealed to wealth in so far as it will benefit her directly and indirectly, more women than not will be attracted rather than put off by his words of a pound note or two.  Some women may see through the porkie pies, but generally speaking most women (and a high percentage of the best looking women have a low intelligence level) will at the very least want to know more.

Nevertheless, unlike a very high status man - who has proven popularity, wealth, profile, and pre-selection validity via other women - a man unknown to the target woman boasting about his cash will hardly ever get her (on the basis she is a woman worth having) to open her legs for him on that first meeting.  She will need further proof before taking the risk and later “accidently” forgetting her contraceptive pill in hope to get pregnant to the supposed rich man she has found.  In fact this thought leads me to further unplanned advice.  If she does fall for your cunning plan, make sure you use a condom.    

On the assumption she won’t fall for it straight away, you will then somehow need to pick her up in a decent car and come up with a story that doesn’t ever lead to the necessity in going to your modest residence.  Or you could devise the fact you are here on business, and hope she sleeps with you before any pursuit of the big 10 bedroom mansion she perceives you to own.  The hotel room will cost money that shouldn’t need to be spent, as a woman attracted to you for who you are will drop her knickers down a side alley of a Chinese restaurant, but that choice is yours.  In essence, a man trying to impress a woman via money is on a hiding to nothing, and time will not appease him in the slightest.


Saturday 5 November 2016

Women’s manipulating male age guessing tactics

“We all need to wear a mask from time to time in order to swim through the muddy waters of life.  It’s just that some people forget to ever take it off once on shore.”

The next few minutes of reading this post will tell you everything about how women usually cunningly, or sometimes innocently, play the game of male age prediction.  Depending on the scale of cunning to innocence often depends on the age of the woman herself, as will be explained. 

Most people have a form of dishonesty in them from time to time.  Some use dishonesty more frequently than others, almost to the point where it comes as second nature with very little contrition inside.  They have pretty much convinced their mind that they are whiter than white, and any extreme lie is actually only a small fib - and used to protect the welfare of others.  Believe this at your peril.

Women lie far more than men, despite what women like to tell you and what men are suckers enough to believe.  A very small minority of men will lie more than most women, but women on a broad scale lie more than men.

Why is this the case, you may ask?  The only way to get total honesty out of a person is in two forms.  First, they need to be placed on a 100% accurate lie-detector.  This forces them into the corner of honesty.  Second, the subject they are talking about or the question they have been asked needs to be one that doesn’t move their emotions in a negative direction if they tell the truth.  Simply put, they need to answer before their ego, pride, agenda, or wishful thinking brain ticks in.  So in essence, this is why women lie more than men.  Their innate character function forces them to protect their profile, convince others all is great in their life and superior to their peers, play the victim if it suits, and basically portray themselves as an honest, simultaneous to popular, person.  Usually the truth doesn’t align with this process.

Scenario 1 – the older woman

About a year ago, an Indian ethnicity (although born and raised in England) woman approached me in a bar.  It was clear she wanted more in romantic terms than me, but I was my usual friendly and engaging self. 

As the night moved on to the early hours of the morning in a different place, her tipsy demeanour gave her the confidence in attempts to move things on.  This was all in ignorance of the clear commitment ring on my finger, and explanation of a girlfriend (also exaggerated by telling her we were soon to get married).  She even told me about her teenage son and daughter, as if I’d be impressed with this.  I eventually managed to just steer away from her.

I see this woman every so often, as she works in the supermarket near to where I live.  She has also started to attend the gym I go to, and I have seen her there the odd time at the weekend.  Last Sunday she started training near to me, claiming she had never seen me there before.  Let’s believe that shall we!

She then started to inform me about her age, stating that nobody can believe how old she is.  A fair comment, as on this rare occasion it is a woman who does look younger than the birth certificate – as she told me she celebrates her 50th birthday next year.  She could pass for early 40s.  She then said she thought I was 37, to which I smirked and replied: “Cheeky, I’m not that old.”  I saw straight through her guess, and this will be explained in due course.

Scenario 2 – the younger woman  

Around the back end of July this year I saw a white girl walk into the gym and go upstairs.  From a distance she looked about 23.  When I engaged with her, straight away this age assumption of mine seemed optimistically (depending on how you view it) high.  I sensed an attraction of some kind on her part, although it did appear slightly reserved and intimidated.

For a cute girl (7.5/10) she actually attained a friendly personality, and even asked questions about me.  She had brains to match, and started talking about her last year at University approaching.  I consequently said that she could only be 21, to which she said this birthday arrives at the back end of the year. 

She then asked me my age, and I told her politely to mind her own business.  I did eventually tell her I was 30, to which she replied in thinking I looked 25.  We parted ways, and I saw her a week later with a skinny guy, looking no older than 20, who was like her puppet prior to being dragged towards the spin class.  I assumed it was her boyfriend, despite the non-existent physical chemistry between them.

The general trend

Most people say I look 28 to 32, therefore let’s, for argument sake, take the 30 for average purposes.  Both women have differing motivations to say what they say.  The above anecdotes may only be two examples from female age extremes, but I can assure you this would be the case with most women in similar circumstances. 

The older woman attracted to a younger man dynamic has an external voice ruled by a mind that wants to think he is older than the truthful voice within tells her.  She wants to bridge the age gap, and physical appearance gap, to one which eases her ego the most.  She has to hold some kind of credibility by not saying he is too much older than what the naked eye sees, but equally it is in her interest to drag him as close to her as possible.

Older women also don’t like men looking younger, especially men post 30, so they will often use an increased guessing age to try and peg him down a step or two.  In addition to all this, older women hate the thought of men who they think they can secure being interested in younger women.

The younger woman documented in this post has a different process in her verbalized delivery of male age.  As she is in the prime of her beauty, popularity, social and romantic options, all is rosy in the garden of life.  There is no need or motivating emotion to say anything other than the truth.  Or is there…?

Logic would suggest that she just instinctively answers what comes in her head, because there is no need to either increase or decrease the age number she thinks.  This would usually be the case.  However, if a young woman of 20 is actually sexually attracted to an older looking man, she may in fact take a few years off his age to assist the justification and belief that it could work between them.

A few rules of thumb:
  • Older women (in particular aged >35) will say a man looks older than he is, if she is attracted to him and he is younger than her.
  • Older women may, more often than not, say a man looks older than he is even if she is not attracted to him.
  • Older women dating men older than themselves will say their man looks younger than he is, only if he looks at least a good few years older than her.
  • Older women dating men older than themselves – where their man looks younger than her – will most likely just say he looks the age he is. 
  • Younger women (<25) will just say a man looks however old she thinks he looks, if there is no emotion either way that she has projected onto him.
  • Younger women will say a man looks the age she thinks he looks, if he is of similar age or marginally older than her.
  • Younger women will sometimes say a man looks younger than she thinks he is, if she is attracted to him.

No man can ever maximize his enjoyment and profitability with women until he learns how their minds work.  It’s a shame more men don’t work it out, because it would in turn make women obtain greater attraction.  Both parties would be happier too.  Surely this is what a man wants, right?  But unfortunately the modern day mindset man either believes what a woman tells him, or he is too frightened of the ramifications if he were to question her honesty and integrity.