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Are tall women more likeable and engaging?


                            “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times,                                                 good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”                                   (G. Michael Hopf)


Around the spring of this year, I exited the gym at the same time as a woman entering who, for want of a better way of explaining it, had bottled the nitty gritty of seeing me on an intimate level.  This was after glances across at me on occasions I lost count of, and an exchange of numbers when I first interacted with her. 

Q-tip 1:

Most women can be defined as having more eyes than action.  Better put, they rarely back up the words they verbalize in practice.

In fairness, the woman referenced actually said “hiya” in a nice way.  At least, on that occasion anyway.  Most women in these scenarios usually look the other way or nervously try to pretend they never saw the man who has moved her emotionally in the past (and most likely still, the present).  However, in true predictability her hot (eye contact and friendly facial expression) and cold (hostile mannerisms and no eye contact when walking directly past) habits dealt their magical normal course of events in the weeks that followed.  And in truth, these same habits have rinse and repeated in the months from then until now.

Her tall friend

Nevertheless, on that friendlier exchange as explained in the first paragraph, I saw her walk in with a tall, blonde haired female friend who I had not seen her with before.  I did not get a long look at her face, such was my main attention onto the other woman, however I do subconsciously remember thinking she was quite pretty in facial terms.

A couple of days later, and the two of them were training together one early morning.  This allowed me to take a letch discrete glance at the tall blonde.  When I say tall in female respects, what I really mean is considerably taller than the average woman.  If the average woman in the UK is 5ft 4” (or slightly shorter?), then I would say 5ft 8” is tall for a woman.  The fact that this blonde stood easily at 5ft 10”, you will not come across many taller women in your day-to-day life.

For general analysis – taking everything (including her height) into account, I’d give her a 7.75/10 overall physical attractiveness rating.  At a push, and a little more toning of her already admirable legs, I could go as far as 8/10.  She is pretty facially, and her body is in good shape and tone.  A little more improvement is there for the taking if she trained a little more from a muscle-mind mentality instead of chatting between sets or looking at her phone, but overall she is an attractive woman.

Her interaction with me…

I was curious how she may receive my existence bearing in mind the minor history I had with her friend.  I would expect that her friend painted a picture of me as a player, and someone who is a little up his own arse.  With this in mind, I was intrigued to the tall blonde’s upcoming body language and friendliness, or lack of.

After a week or so, I started to pick up on her looking over at me, but immediately, as expected, looking away as I caught her eyes on me.  It was not an acrimonious look over at me though, and it was more in awkwardness and nervousness.

As the weeks went by and the weather became warmer and the mornings lighter, there was one instance where I was on the bicep seat curls concurrent to the two of them training on the glutes machine a few yards away.  As I went to take a sip of water out my bottle, her eyes on me were there for all to see.  Again, she quickly looked away as I caught her, but it was in a polite manner.  She has looked over many times since.

I have not interacted with her yet.  Part of me is still wondering how her friend has muddied the waters, and another hesitation has been that I suspected an older man (who I do not particularly like) the two of them talk to is her father.  I have only just the other day cast doubts over the latter possibility being the case, therefore I am now that bit more interested.

Another elevation of my recent interest has been that she comes across as very likeable and of solid girlfriend material.  I get the feeling she is significantly more intelligent than the average woman, and she attains an engaging personality.  You never fully know a woman until you get to know her personally (and even then, it does not take them long to change), but I am a fairly decent judge of a woman’s character with no interaction required.  Life experience offers law of averages, one could say.

Are taller women more likeable and personable?

All else being equal, I have thought for a long time that tall women – especially women >5ft 9” – are usually nicer people and more positively engaging with men, and with people generally, than their smaller female counterparts who possess equal (or sometimes lesser) facial aesthetics and body impressiveness.  If I am right with this assessment, why would this be the case?

In my opinion, and hence the only reason worth examining in this post, it is because most men find tall women intimidating.  Whilst men generally are not even close to holding an inferiority complex to women in physical attractiveness terms than the inverse scenario, I do believe that most men feel inadequate when alongside a taller girlfriend. 

I can understand this consensus and apprehension on a man’s part.  Whilst I would not feel inadequate or inferior per se, I have to be honest and say that I would always feel far more comfortable when with a woman who is a good few inches shorter than me.  I also find shorter women more sexually attractive anyway – all else being equal – but with most men I still think the distaste in being shorter than said girlfriend is a bigger factor.

With this in mind, I would place a few pennies on these tall women being aware of men’s consciousness towards preferring shorter women.  This manifests to a defaulted female mind mechanism to be more engaging, more likeable, more personable, more interactive, and basically just a nicer person than her shorter female peers.  Simply put, if a woman has fewer options with men, she generally will try harder to please men.

Do tall women prefer men shorter than them?

I have experienced relationships with two tall women.  One was 5ft 10”, and the other was 5ft 11”.  The shorter of the two always wore heels on a night out, and dependant on the shoes on my feet, this would often result in me looking in a direct line of sight to her eyes.  The taller of the two nearly always wore flat soles, and this allowed me to always look two or three inches taller than her (although in reality I was barely an inch taller).  Ironically, or perhaps not, both these women were blondes!

It was clear to me that both these women knew it was harder to find a guy they liked in comparison to their shorter friends.  They both effectively said as much.  I know that the former girl went onto birthing a couple of kids with a man a couple who looked about 6ft 2”.  I am fairly sure they split up shortly after the birth of the second child.  The latter woman went onto marry a man who looked at least 6ft 3”, but from a picture alone it seems to me like she has placed a much higher priority on his wealth than his, at best, mediocre physical attractiveness.

Nevertheless, I also worked with a woman who was 6ft 4”.  I always remember that she said it would look weird if she dated a man of same height, therefore she would only feel at ease with a man around six feet, but no taller, in height.

My final thought on it

What do I think?  I advocate that a tall woman, by and large, ideally desires to be with a man who is only an inch or two taller than herself.  This predilection on her part only compounds as she gets older and is looking to settle down with a male candidate.

The main reason I arrive at this conclusion is because of her thoughts of her future kids.  If a tall woman of 5ft 9” to 5ft 11” conceived with a tall (say 6ft 2” or taller) man, there is a high probability that a son will grow to at least 6ft 4” and a daughter to maybe six feet or taller.  Whilst this is not a huge disadvantage to a man (in fact from sporting terms this can be a big advantage), significant above average height for a woman is mainly a drawback.  This may sound harsh, but people will know it is true.

The tall woman prior to choosing a man to conceive with will be fully aware of this probability and outcome, as much as it will most likely remain unspoken.  As most women in silent honesty crave for a daughter in the near same way that most men long for a son, women will base their mindset bias towards creating a girl to the world.  In essence then, this is why a lot of tall women prefer men who are only slightly taller.

A final thought – shorter women’s preference

To reverse this dynamic somewhat, it is worth a recap on how short, average and above average (but no taller than 5ft 8”) women view things differently to the tall women as illustrated.  It is a difference of emotional mindset so opposite that they almost become a different species in entirety.

During our peak going out days – age 18 to 22 – we had a guy in our friendship group who was 5ft 1” on a good posture day.  Whenever we rarely saw a girl in a bar or club who was of similar height to him, we tried to prize her towards his direction.  It rarely ended with success.

Although not all these short women said as much, a couple of them did directly come out and say that they liked tall men.  From that day on, the penny dropped that we were wasting our time trying to link him up with any pretty short girl.  If my memory serves me correctly, the short girls he did hook up with were not the best!

It is consequently a polar opposite thought process that the short woman holds in contrast to the tall woman.  Whilst the tall woman does not want her potential daughter to be too tall, the short woman does not want her potential son to be too short. 

Q-tip 2:

The lower the woman slips below the female sought after (hence mainly hotness) benchmark level, the more likely she is to not back up the rule of thumb that tall women seek men slightly taller than them, and short women desire men considerably taller than them.  In other words, the more said woman – whether extremely tall or short – loses her desirability projected onto men, the more pronounced to see these women with men not in their ideal height zone.

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