Thursday 4 November 2021

Women and dogs planting their territory


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” (Benjamin Franklin)


I was walking the then recently acquired family female puppy just over a year ago, when I noticed she must have urinated about a dozen times in less than half an hour.  I didn’t recall her consuming any volume of fluid prior that was out of the ordinary, therefore to me, as someone who has never owned a dog or shown any interest in their habits, it seemed a little strange.

The pisses, for want of a better word, were barely more than a dribble.  Again, with next to no knowledge of dogs of any kind, I assumed this was the usual process.  The other thing I observed was the way she would have a good sniff and explore before deciding to urinate in that particular patch.

It wasn’t until someone later explained to me that this number of pees weren’t natural urinations.  A natural dog urination would be longer in duration than those I had seen.  This little bitch was simply marking her territory for anything that her scent had taken her fancy.  In other words, she would have scented a male dog’s tracks, and she wanted to be noticed in return by these potentially sought afters.

The backdrop

Although I could list many examples, I’ll anecdote the most recent that comes to mind.  A young blonde woman aged around 22 or 23 was checking me out in the gym a couple of months ago.  Although she would try to be much more discrete about it from closer proximity, our eyes caught on more than one occasion.  She is facially pretty and in very good slim/curvy shape, not as hot as hell level, but upper cute in my opinion of 7.5/10.

More recently, her attraction towards me is ever present.  She doesn’t come across as easily approachable, in addition to wearing big earphones, however I get the feeling if interaction took place she would warm quite quickly after the usual plausible deniability many women deliver in pretending they’d never even seen me (or generally the guy they had been eyeing up) before. 

I get the feeling she is at that irritable stage where she is caught between a rock and a hard place regarding her emotions and place in life right now.  This infuriating middle ground is most common for women around her age where she is fairly desperate for a boyfriend (my guess is nearly all of her friends have a boyfriend), yet she is in the minority female bracket where she actually places priority on being physically attracted to a man over and above aspects like choosing a man who makes her feel better about herself (due to his comparative lesser physical attractiveness). 

Her presence in the gym at 6.30am on most weekdays, in addition to alternative early morning weekend days it seems, would back up my prediction.  Any woman, in particular a woman at her tender age, will not be visiting the gyms at those times/days referenced on regular occasions if she either has a steady boyfriend or an active girly social life.  The only exception might be if said woman does have a boyfriend but is seeking a better male option, to which she will then consider the gym as a location to find that higher quality candidate.


As explained thoroughly in this previous post, the last eighteen months we have gone through have either led women to stick with their boyfriends for longer than in normal circumstances, or it has been a bad time for single women who prefer the single life.  I very much doubt things have gone back to normal just yet, and in this respect, it might never fully do so.

The human female equivalence to a dog’s territory planning

Dogs, and the animal kingdom in general, can in some ways give the most effective and productive analysis to how women are attracted to men.  Here is a non-exhaustive list to what a female dog would look for in a male dog:

·       A male dog she is physically attracted to

·       A male dog who attains a scent she is attracted to

·       A male dog who she thinks can protect her from vulnerable situations

·       A male dog with a presence of power (even if not the most handsome dog to look at)

·       A male dog who has caught the attention of other female dogs

·       A male dog who other male dogs look up to and follow

·       A male dog who will give her strong and healthy puppies if impregnated

I don’t think I need to spell out how all the above relates to women, as it all speaks for itself. 

Human female territory marking

Whilst women are not going to be leaving piss, sweat or vaginal juice down on gym benches for men they fancy to sniff and assess, there are common habits that can be aligned between dogs and our female human friends. 

A couple of weeks ago, I moved over to the leg machines area of the gym.  There was a tidy brunette working out who goes in with her boyfriend.  She is probably ten years older than the blonde I referenced above, and she has fake tits and an obvious sunbed tan.  She epitomizes a woman who would like to be involved in a reality TV show such as Love Island or similar, but she has left it at least five years too late.

I’ve also caught this brunette staring at me in the past when her boyfriend is not around.  When her boyfriend comes back, she starts to kiss him in a show for the public way that, quite frankly, comes across as cringeworthy, pitiful, try-hard, and unnatural. 

As I performed lunges that were only a few yards away from this brunette, the blonde came over and parked her arse in my line of vision to the mirror.  She not only, at least this is how it came across to me, wanted me to spot her, but she also held desires to act as a blockade between any attention I would have made for the brunette.  The blonde stayed there for no longer than a couple of minutes before leaving.

The following Wednesday, and the blonde was in again.  This day walked in two hot blondes I have seen in there a few times.  They could be sisters, possibly just friends, as one looks about 27 whilst the other barely 22.  They are 8/10 and 8.5/10 in hotness terms respectively.

Although the proximity of the two hot blondes was never that close to me, at the end of her session the cute blonde made it her purpose to work in proximity to me.  Once more, she held a subconscious (maybe conscious?) and uncontrollable mechanism for me to know she was around. 

Attraction onto the man, or a greater need to beat female competition?

In truth, both go hand in hand.  A woman has to be attracted to a man in the first place (mainly physically attracted to a man in places such as the gym, but other factors such as social status, the car he drives, or body language also play a part), in order for her attraction to be triggered.  Nevertheless, let it be said that the physical attraction onto a man plays second fiddle to conquering the other female competition in sight. 

·       Whether it be a man as the woman’s boyfriend or husband, if other quality women are within her same close environment and close to said man at that particular time, she will be at her most pleasing, accommodating and loving towards him than at any other scenario.

·       In relation to the above scenario, other women will never find a man more appealing than when he is with his girlfriend or wife.

·       If you are a single man capturing the attention of women, any other associated women will find you more attractive than at any other given time.

Caveat to above:

The above almost unequivocally applies if the woman/women you are with is/are of equal or slightly less/more physically attractive than the women watching on.  If the woman/women is/are significantly less physically attractive, the extra attraction other women will have onto said man has lower returns.  If the woman/women is/are significantly more physically attractive, you will find that, if not immediately, the other women will move out of the line of site to refrain from feeling inadequate or having their nose put out of joint.

The differences between women and female dogs in mate selection

In essence, there are two main variants that will separate how women select men in comparison to dogs (keep in mind the similarity list from above):

·       First, women, unlike female dogs, don’t just act on what they find most attractive and appealing in their male equivalent.  After a female dog finds a male dog attractive, there isn’t too much that will stand in her way in holding desires to mate with him.  Conversely, most women won’t pursue (or more likely will reject his advances) a man they find physically attractive due to their brain functions subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) sending messages to their egos that they prefer to be with a man who is less physically attractive than her, and often even a man who is practically invisible to her instinctive eyes.

·       Second, whilst a female dog will look for non-physical cues in a male dog – scent, pre-selection from other female dogs, leader of other male dogs – she isn’t exactly going to follow the male dog she has her eyes on to see what kind of kennel he sleeps in or the house his owners live in (at least I don’t think so!).  On the other hand, women will very much select men, whether primarily or secondary, based on the resources he attains and the material provisioning he can provide.

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