Sunday 20 July 2014

Female feelings towards male tattoos

“You haven’t won or lost a penny until you sell the stock itself.”

I suspect a regular unspoken thought within modern day minds is with reference to the projected sexual attraction that men’s tattoos have on the eyes female onlookers.  Tattoos have become a commonplace in our lives of today, almost to a point where, in certain social environments, you are in the minority if you do not sport one or two ink patterns on your arms, legs or back.  It’s pointless in a man asking a woman for her view on the appeal that tattoos bring to the table, because the female voice will tell him what her ego tells her.  More often than not, the voice will be speaking words along the lines of a nice, clean man to take care of her, yet she is later walking alongside someone who portrays the opposite to what she says.  Once more, watch rather than listen.

Some people can go overboard with tattoos, in my opinion.  I am told that they become addictive, almost like a drug, after you have incorporated the first one onto the body.  Call it a tattoo epidemic, if you like.  But in a similar way, a purist cannot simply dismiss their attraction onto women and state they are only an emblem that a low-life man would sign up for.  This is certainly not the case, and it can be backed up in the real world when you see certain women alongside tattooed men.

In terms of male tattoos in the sexual market, it is an easy and perhaps idle assumption to split the groups in two.  That is; beta males do not have any tattoos whilst alpha males are the men seen with them.  This is a lazy and inaccurate view.  For starters, I do not have one tattoo to my name.  I’m not totally against them, and I would never rule out having just one to represent my late father’s country of origin and his birth to deceased dates.  However, despite no current exploitation, I would confidently say that I, similar to other men without tattoos, portray far greater charisma, confidence, attitude, good body language and swagger – traits associated with alpha males - than the vast majority of men with tattoos who appear to walk with their heads down and shoulders slouched.  Simply put, a tattoo on a man cannot make up for a demeanour that represents someone who knows he is the shit in an environment.

But certain aspects to a tattoo can conceal, to an extent, the lack of inner confidence in a man.  More than half the guys between the ages of 20 to 45 in the gym I attend will have at least one tattoo that can be seen by female members.  Much more than half of these men (with tattoos) are walking around with a look that construes the world’s problems on their heads.  There is no upright posture or confident walk to be seen.  I know this by the number of times I walk past them to acknowledge, only for them to have no belief in their veins to do the same.  Then again, I do tend to make most women and men appear uncomfortable in this respect.  I wonder why…

Nevertheless, despite this lack of internal belief and confidence, in addition to poor body language and presence, men with tattoos can positively elevate a woman’s perception of him in comparison to him acting the same way without a tattoo.  A woman’s innate character is to seek what is forbidden and challenging.  Movies, novels and fantasy thoughts only further compound this already formed female mindset.  A man representing this portrait is known as a bad boy.  Bad boys, by and large, are accustomed to be seen with a tattoo or two (or three, four….).  So in spite of his apparent shortcomings, these patterns, words and pictures seen on his body will leverage her attraction and increase his mystique.  This factor alone is a huge benefit for a man to have a tattoo engraved.

Segmenting the female market     

Of course, whilst tattoos will, in today’s world, enhance projected female sexual attraction onto a man in the vast majority of occasions, this isn’t to say all women will be further forthcoming in picking out the same men as boyfriend and husband material.  There are crossovers, but this will be a decent rule of thumb to go by:

  • The more “common”, deprived, poor (in wealth terms), low social class, drama seeking, low confident, insecure, uneducated, unintelligent and naïve a woman is, the more likely she is to choose a man with tattoos for both sexual endeavours and boyfriend choice.
  • The more affluent, self-entitled, self-indulged, high social class, confident, self-assured, content with everyday events in life, educated, intelligent and astute a woman is, the more likely she is to stray away from a man with tattoos, and only seek him out on sporadic occasions for better sexual fantasy and enjoyment.

To reiterate, this isn’t absolute, but you wouldn’t go far wrong with this train of thought.  I would expect that you know far more women who sit to the side of the first group of females as explained, and if this is the case, more women would be attracted to a man with tattoos than repelled from him. 

The hotness level of a woman also isn’t relative to whether you should be looking at a tattoo seeker or not.  Hot and cute women can belong to wealthy, average income and poor backgrounds, so don’t go looking for tell-tale signs that way prior to knowing something about her daddy’s profession.  Because whilst a hot girl from a poorer family will be more inclined with association for jerks (who just so happen to have tattoos), a woman from rich parentage may be a little more resistant of this type of man for the longer haul.      

Separating the male candidates  

  • Ugly men will receive neither very little benefit or detriment in displaying tattoos.  As women worth having will already be repulsed by him, the tattoo in its form of attention onto her eyes is pretty much an oblivious signature.  All the advantages that tattoos can produce are negated on an ugly man.
  • Average looking men will receive the largest scope of potential leveraged attention from women by showing off tattoos.  Although an average man will not strike an unknown woman’s eyes on first glance without high social profile, he is likewise not causing her any discomfort, jealous or repulsive emotions.  As he sits firmly in the middle ground of her disposition towards his existence, an average man in physical attractiveness terms can make her ask that few more questions in her mind if she sees a tattoo.  With the right level of positive attitude to combine with his tattoo, a woman’s indifferent feelings can soon be transformed to desires in knowing more about him.  As alluded to on various occasions within this blog, the vast majority of women want to find an average man attractive, but he cannot just stand still and hope she pro-acts due a good self-centred rush derived from his comparative lesser looks.  He still has to do something to catch her interest.
  • Good looking men can also benefit from tattoos in the eyes of women.  Unlike his impressive facial image, toned body and good clothing style – that put most women’s noses out of joint – tattoos have no such negative effect.  Along with the intrigue and bad boy reputation they bring, tattoos on a good looking man also take him further along the “edgy” curve of good looks, and away from the irritable feelings she has of his admirable features.  You could argue it toughens him up concurrent to blemishing his all so glamorous existence.

And as a tiny anecdote, let me elaborate on the last point above.  I recently severed a 4 inch scar sustained from my ex-girlfriend (then girlfriend of 2 ½ years - albeit on/off) on our “romantic” vacation in Italy.  It wasn’t pre-determined, but let me just say that she was filing her nails at the same time I directed one or two smart comments her way as the hamster wheel picked up speed.  One minute my right arm was unblemished, the next minute I was pouring with blood.  When I arrived back to England, the pink line of skin could not be hidden from the glowing tan I had developed, and naturally many people asked me what had happened.  When I told them about the incident, in addition to the stand out mark, intrigue and defect that a scar brings out, I couldn’t help but notice an air of extra attraction in my vision of women’s all so obvious expressions.  The only woman who came across as genuinely upset and disappointed was my mother.  I think this tells its own story.

As a man, you need to be very careful if you are one of those more idealistic folk who are prepared to listen, and believe, what women tell you when their emotions, egos and agendas are to be put on the firing line.  Tattoos are a prime example.  My step-sister had always stated that she didn’t find men with tattoos attractive or appealing.  When her options became more limited, and she bumped into a man who fits her sexual predilections (despite him being a low-life, dense and poor earning man with a child from a previous relationship), she ended up dating someone who has ink designs on most parts of his anatomy.  This also included tacky engraving of his daughter’s and ex-girlfriend’s (the mother of his child) names. 

This is where any naïve man has to stand up and take responsibility for his world of ideology.  Women will fib until the cows come home, they will not always be totally sure what they truly desire, and they will tell you things that attempt to maintain their integrity and morals.  These habits will, on more cases than not, be adverse to how they actually choose to live their lives and make the choices they proceed with.  Do you want to be that guy who scratches his head for the rest of his life, or would you prefer to live the life of least resistance and maximum reward?    

Q-tip (for women!):

Tattoos on women, in greater form, have the opposite effect on positive male projected attraction.  The odd one on the foot, ankle or back may make a man want to bang you that bit more than before, and it won’t affect your prospective relationship portfolio one way or the other, but if you think that excessive displays on shoulders, arms or the neck are going to make more men see you as girlfriend material, then think again.  Only low calibre male “chavs” will be prepared to take you on if you choose this road ahead.  Fundamentally, women sporting too many tattoos will be perceived as slags, and as a ramification, they will be ruled out as girlfriend material.  So if you feel the need for numerous or enlarged tattoos in order to feel better about yourself and to seek external attention, then let this be your decision, but then don’t go crying or moaning that there are no decent men out there or they are intimidated by you.  In nothing more than honest words, we are put off by your unappealing tattoos.   


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