Saturday 13 September 2014

Hot Girl to Hot Guy ratio / Cute Girl to Above Average Looking Guy ratio

“Show an interest in someone else’s life, even if in fact you aren’t interested in what they say.”

As you will know by now, I’m a little bit harsher than the run of the mill person when it boils down to judging female and male physical attractiveness levels.  I have explained in previous posts how I think male and female physical impressiveness should be stipulated, and I make no apologies for this.  It’s like judging a world class sports star against a great or good counterpart.  If you said a man or a woman was hot on the basis they had a reasonably featured face or nice pair of legs respectively, you may as well say there are a million of these people existing in the UK alone.  Spend a day walking around these shores, and it won’t take you long to comprehend this is simply not the case.

With the above in mind, this is how I judge members from both genders in terms of physical attractiveness levels:

Hot woman                             8/10 or greater
Hot man                                  8/10 or greater
Cute woman                           7/10 to 7.75/10
Above average looking man   7/10 to 7.75/10

For all you pierced eyed and inquisitive readers, it won’t have gone unnoticed to the gap between 7.75/10 to 7.99/10.  I simply don’t have the inclination to split hairs that far, but if you did judge yourself to fall in this range, the likelihood is you belong to the less impressive group (hence you will be a cute woman or above average looking man).  Human nature dictates that we all tend to boost our level a little against the objectivity, so it is probable you fall a touch below your own judgment. 

From my own sharpness of view and enjoyment of observation, these are the ratios I arrive to with relevance to respective age ranges.  It is mainly UK based, but it also bears in mind numerous months spent in other countries too.  Yes, the country does act as a variable.  For example, Italy, along with the the Iberian countries of Spain and Portugal, do appear to have higher ratios of impressive women to men (in other words, more hotter and cuter women in percentage terms), but the difference would be marginal over a cross section of countries.

Age Bracket                           Girls                            Guys        Average ratio up to 35

16 to 18                                   6                                  1
19 to 21                                   5                                  1
22 to 25                                   4                                  1
26 to 30                                   3                                  1
31 to 35                                   2                                  1                     
36 to 40                                   1                                  1
41 to 45                                   1                                  2
46 to 50                                   1                                  3         
                                                                                                    Average ratio 35 to 50

50+                                          1 in 1,000,000             1 in 10,000         

Take note that these are ratios, so don’t get lost in the numbers at the moment.  This will be covered in another post.  Of course the highest numbers of hot and cute women fall up to the age of 25.  In my opinion, the highest percentage of hot and cute women will be seen between the ages of 18 to 21, but the absolute hottest women are aged 22 to 25.  With men, it’s not so straight forward.  I believe the highest percentage of hot and above average looking men will sit somewhere between 23 to 27, but the most impressive looking men in a country will actually be in their late 20s to early 30s.  I think you know by now to the reasons behind these gender differences, but just for clarity:
  • Women reach puberty earlier and men physically mature later. 
  • Men, by and large, age better in facial features and bodily profile than women. 

These two factors have a knock-on effect to their age when seen upon as most physically attractive.

With respect to the table, there are a number of conclusions:

The sheer numbers will ascertain that most women, irrespective of male physical attractiveness and sexual market appeal metric desirables, will find the path to a man who is less striking to the eye than they are. 

A man within this apparent luxury – where he is “grading up” in physical looks comparison – holds more favourable opportunity for female infidelity or jettison prevention the older the woman is.  Simply put, women have fewer options as their sexual appeal diminishes through age. 

The counter-argument to this is that in the younger age brackets there is greater competition amongst equivalent hot and cute females.  With this consideration, women are inclined to act more accordingly with men when in environments amongst higher numbers of girls and ladies.  Just watch the difference in a bar when a hot or cute woman sees other pleasurable female rivals in her vicinity.  It’s not just the pleasure of sight that is advantageous to a man who finds himself in a bar, club or social gathering that attains a high ratio of women.  Gone is a woman’s self-importance attitude, to an extent, and replaced with a warmer and more engaging demeanour.  Nevertheless, she is only going to act with a reduced withdrawal mindset when she is with a high calibre man, because the vast numbers of average looking men – offering them inundated attention and compliments - far outweigh the low percentage of visually beautiful and cute women.

To put more meat on the bones to why there is a lack of presence towards the hot woman and hot man couple syndrome, the numbers can be scrutinized further.  For age ranges up to 35, there will be an approximate average ratio of 4 hot women in comparison to every hot man.  An illustration of the dynamic runs as follows:

  • 40 hot women to 10 hot men.
  • 15% of the 40 hot women do not possess emotions of low confidence, low trust, high insecurity and high egoism that consciously or imperceptibly enforce them to stay away from hot men.
  • 40 x 15% = 6 hot women not dismissing hot men.
  • 1 hot man (as a maximum) out of the 10 hot men will attain high occupational/social status or/and he will have many other appealing factors outside of his looks.  This 1 man will secure a hot woman.
  • This leaves 5 hot women available to the 9 remaining hot men.
  • For every 1 hot man between the ages of 15 to 40, there 724 ugly, average or above average looking men within the same age bracket. 
  • Even if only 1 in every 250 of these men (ugly, average or above average lookers) held an extremely high occupational status profession, this would still result in nearly 3 of these men being desirable due to the profile they possess.
  • Therefore, the 5 available hot women have a choice between 9 hot men with low or average status, or 3 men less physically blessed but with high status and profile.

The likelihood is as women become older, even female minds that are not repelled from male physical attractiveness will still prioritize status and power over looks.  The none visual privileged metrics, although not as attractive in a sexual urge manner, offer far more benefits to women than a man’s pretty face and toned body.

  • 3 women choose the 3 men of high status.
  • 2 further hot men are successful due to the available 2 remaining hot women.

Ultimately, this leaves 7 out of every 10 hot men unable to secure a hot woman.  A hot man has a 30% chance of finding a hot woman for a long term relationship.  Needless to say though, if this hot man possesses higher status and wealth than the hoards of competing lesser looking men, he can pretty much double, at least, his probability of tracking down that hot girl.     


  1. Bro you’re math is mathing on another level

    1. Mate, you are making me feel old going back to 2014! The good thing is that when I do go back, it just shows how very little, or anything, has changed in relation to today.