Tuesday 30 September 2014

How easy is it for a hot girl to find a rich famous man?

“You can’t blame people for having a dream. 
It’s just those who don’t have a plan B you feel pity for.”

Despite some who will protest to the contrary, it must be every woman’s dream to track down a rich and famous man who can give her the dream ticket to a perceived fairytale life.  The MTV lifestyle, fast cars, a six bedroom mansion, open credit card shopping sprees, glamour parties, and an alarm clock that never goes off in the morning.  All this whilst her female friends are grinding it out during another boring day in the office, with a husband or boyfriend who doesn’t inspire them to return to.  There’s little wonder, with all this slapped in front of their faces from media promotion, that so many women have a look on their face that would suggest they have just been slapped by a big wet kipper.

However, for some of them it is not so much of a daydream as much as a conceivable reality.  Or is it?  For the most physically attractive of women, and I mean the top 0.2%, the visions they see on TV and in magazines may be within their grasp.

Make no mistake about it, famous men, whether it is on an international, national or more local level, can take their pick of almost any woman out there.  I say almost, because one particular man in this category may not be able to secure a woman already taken by his better looking, richer, more famous and powerful rival.  But all this man would have to do is go to the next hot woman.  And this kind of leads me onto the pronounced obvious occurrence: famous men can select the hottest of women, pretty much like the richest sports clubs will purchase the most talented players.  But in the sheer supply and demand field, it isn’t so straight forward to say this is also the case for all of the hot women.

It always amuses me when I see archives from the wives of English top league footballers some 25 years ago in comparison to today’s equivalents.  Allowing for the evolution of cosmetic enhancement and fashion, very few of the females from yesteryear were of second glance material.  Dare I say it, some of them were even quite rough looking who I wouldn’t touch with yours.  Fast forward time and I barely see any Premiership footballer involved in the modern game who isn’t accompanied by one of the hottest women.  Outrageous salaries, fame and high profile go without saying to be the main pulling points.  Although only a small percentage of these sports stars are facially good looking per se, the natural requirement for height and physique from the contemporary demands elevate their overall physical attractiveness too.  For women, the motivations are clear.  An easy life, limitless money to spend and validation of self-importance manifest as an existence that surpasses a big lottery win.  The lottery win is only money.  A life with a famous star also leverages her ego.

As a regular good looking guy who makes no apology in attaining natural predilections for the best looking women, I went through a short phase of being obsessed in thinking every one of these girls would be with one of these kinds of rich and famous men.  But with more thought put towards the whole concept, in combination with firm observations, in retrospect I needn’t have been anywhere near as concerned as I was.  Don’t get me wrong, if I was in a relationship with an excessively beautiful woman who was being propositioned by a high profile guy of this type, I would have no choice but to step aside on nearly any given occasion.  This may seem like a cop out, but there’s no point fighting it if she showed apparent interest.  No amount of male physical attractiveness, personality, charisma and interaction strategy could prevent her temptations to the lure of this life.  But as I will explain in numbers terms, this is a dilemma of remote possibility.

Take a look and digest the below figures:

DCFC Players
Associated male celebs (if any) / other sports stars of repute
Assumed 10 DCFC players married or "committed" with hot woman
Total famous & rich local men
Population  from 2012
Amber Valley Borough
Bolsover District (76,400 population)
Taken as 50% due to half Nottingham
Derbyshire Dales District (53,475 population)
Allowed 75%, as 25% other cities
Erewash Borough (122,800 population)
50% as Ilkeston/Long Eaton as Notts
High Peak Borough (91,100 population)
Allowed 50%
North East Derbyshire District (99,300 population)
Not classed, as nearer South Yorks
South Derbyshire District (96,000 population)
75% due to some in Burton-on-Trent
Derby City
Total Derby City & others as above
Not included Chesterfield, NE Derbyshire, 50% of Bolsover, 25% of Derbyshire Dales District,
50% of High Peak Borough, 25% of South Derbyshire or 50% of Erewash Borough
UK Population 2012
UK Female Population 2012
UK Male Population 2012
Derby City & surrounding area Female Population
Hot women in Derby City & area (ratio of 1 in every 504 UK females)
% chance of Hot woman locating famous & rich local man
Cute women in Derby City & area (ratio of 1 in every 56 UK females)
% chance of Cute woman locating famous & rich local man

The numbers

This analysis is taken from my local city of Derby and its relative surrounding areas.  It is important to allow for the areas in the vicinity as Derby would be the nearest major destination these inhabitants would select for occupations, shopping trips, nights out or overall social gatherings.  As you can see, I have allowed certain percentage reductions for districts bordering other counties.  The female/male split is based on the same UK percentages from 2012 population statistics.  In the case of Derby, the only true high profile men are Derby County Football Club first team playing staff.  Out of the 25, I have gone on the basis that 10 of these men will already be involved with hot women.  Remember that many players sign for a club from another city and bring their current hot female partner.  This is far from saying they will not “play away” with other women on many instances, but apart from an ego boost, this is no profit to a female seeker.  The whole point is to lock him down and reap the longer term rewards.  Although I don’t know of any, I’ve thrown in 5 additional male celebrities for good measure.  If anybody has the inclination to challenge me on these numbers then they are more than welcome.  The numbers will not be far out.

I have then taken my own designed “Hot Girl To Hot Guy Ratio” figures to ascertain the quantity of hot women from this area.  This figure (1 hot woman out of every 504 females) gives a total of 643 hot women in the Derby and surrounding area.  From my visits to other UK cities, I wouldn’t say that, as a ratio, Derby is particularly high or low on against the average.  Push me to an answer and I’d say lower, but this would be negligible.  By the way, based on my visits to many European cities, the UK cute girl percentages are significantly below the baseline impressiveness from Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Eastern Europe.  But in my home country’s defence, the hottest women here can live with the best of them.  I stand by this visual opinion: the hottest 0.2% of UK women can stand up to any other country in the world.  It’s the tiers below (hence cute, average and ugly) of women who would be seen as less alluring than the comparative European female counterparts.

Other cities and their associated adjacent areas will have more, or less, famous personnel.  However, these cities will naturally have aligned populations.  Give or take the odd city of lob-sided beauty or grotesqueness, the percentage of hot and cute women will be similar to Derby.  With this in mind, application of these figures could be used on any other place.

The chances?

So this is why it cannot be viewed upon as an easy task for a hot woman to land her hook on a famous man’s neck.  Some of them are probably even seeing the odd WAG who is no more, or less, eye catching than the mirror reflection.  Unfortunately ladies, like anything else it takes fortune of being in the right place at the right time as well.  In essence, a 1 in 32 chance is not impossible, but it is far from playing the game of averages.  But given an opportunity with no other aesthetically pleasing women in sight, grab it with both hands.

I’ve also shown the cute women probabilities, because I know there are many women in this segment who perhaps think, more in vain hope than true belief, that they are hot.  The only way to get an objective grasp on this is to pin your mirror reflection up against the perennial footballer’s trophy girl.  Granted, these lucky women will have time and money to optimize their look that you can only imagine, and it may be that they are no more naturally gifted than you.  But if you are one of these girls harboring ambitions of the next England superstar pulling up at your house in his new Maserati, I’ll buy you a drink if you prove me wrong on a 1 in 321 (as you are also up against the hot girls) probability.

Strike whilst the oven’s hot

It’s worth pointing out that, if the 18 to 23 years of age dispute in respect to women’s peak sexual value to men is ever put in doubt, maybe a Google search on when the vast majority of these famous men met their current partners would be a worthwhile exercise.  My hunch tells me it is between this age range.  This is why it is imperative women must strike when the oven is hot if they place emphasis on locating the highest calibre man possible over and above anything else life offers.  However, unlike regular women, females belonging to the rich and famous men often go on to look even better in their late 20s or early 30s than their younger self of years before.  Needless to say, this is because the money and time offers them a route to this luxury. 

But even in the world outside of celebrities or high profile, if women do live the right way they can, in my opinion, look more pleasing to the eye as they develop through to their mid 20s.  Occasionally (and I mean occasionally), women can even preserve their optimum look into their late 20s, but these visions are few and far between.   These women are also usually more personable human beings.  Only a select few get there, because they take a different path, life stresses take the toll, or sexual evolution overpowers the endeavours.  It’s a balancing act, because women want marriage and kids before they reach their potential beauty slide.  This choice or decision stops them from ever getting there.

Men should take note in the fortune that they should be able to look physically better in their early 30s than in their 20s.  Again, on rare instances you will find men who stretch this luxury into their mid to late 30s.  For not dissimilar reasons to women, not many of them get there.  The fear of loneliness takes them to a life that lives alone, even though not in a literal manner.  Once a man commits to a woman, it never stops to amaze me how many of them no longer look after their physique or look.  Many men let themselves go in order to please their woman in dedicating all time to her.  Some of them think she will never leave once they are fully committed.  Then poof, all that reliance on one person can be gone in a blink, and he has to start all over again.  He’d have been better off looking after his own welfare and putting himself first.   Life is never easy, is it?

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