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UK Physical Attractiveness Numbers

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." (Benjamin Franklin)

On the back of a previous post, this will give readers further thoughts to the physical attractiveness levels within the UK, and the impact this has on the current day dating and relationship market.  Take note of the caveats at the bottom.

United Kingdom population: July 2012                       63,047,162
Male Population                                                            31,310,734
Female Population                                                       31,736,428

Ages 0-14                                                                     17.3% (of population)
Male                                                                               5,597,024
Female                                                                           5,321,456

Ages 15-24                                                                  13% (of population)
Male                                                                               4,198,579
Female                                                                          4,024,261

Ages 25-54                                                                   41.2% (of population)
Male                                                                              13,192,240
Female                                                                          12,761,989

Ages 55-64                                                                  11.6% (of population)
Male                                                                              3,589,996
Female                                                                         3,693,553

Ages 65+                                                                     16.9% (of population)
Male                                                                              4,732,895
Female                                                                         5,935,169

Hot and Cute women

Ages 15-54                                                                    16,786,250
Estimate 75% aged 15-40                                          12,589,658
Top 5% of physically attractive women aged 15-40 are cute (7/10+) to hot (8/10+) 
12,589,658 x 5% (generous!)                                      629,484 cute to hot women
1 in 10 (10%) of these women is hot
629,484 x 10%                                                              62,948 hot women in UK
629,484 - 62,948                                                          566,536 cute women in UK
31,736,428/62,948                                                       1 in every 504 females are hot in UK
31,736,428/566,536                                                     1 in every 56 females are cute in UK

On the basis that between ages of 16 to 40 hot and cute women are 3.5 times more prevalent to be seen than hot and above average looking men respectively, these are the respective male statistics:

Hot and Above Average Looking Men

62,948/3.5                                                                    17,985 hot men in the UK
31,310,734/17,985                                                      1 in every 1741 males are hot in UK
566,536/3.5                                                        161,867 above average looking men in UK
31,310,734/161,867                                          1 in every 193 UK men are above average


Ratio of hot women to hot men                                    3.5 : 1
Ratio of cute women to hot men                                  31.5 : 1
Ratio of hot women to above average men                   1 : 2.6
Ratio of cute women to above average men                 3.5 : 1


Males aged 15-54 in UK                                             17,390,819
Estimate 75% aged 15-40                                         13,043,114
13,043,114 - 161,867 - 17,985                                  12,863,262 average looking to ugly men  
Average looking to ugly men aged 15-40                  12,863,261


Ratio of hot women to average/ugly men                  1 : 204
Ratio of cute women to average/ugly men                1 : 23


The above numbers show how much power the hottest women – mainly those up to 25 years of age, but some (albeit far, far less) up to and beyond 30 – hold in the sexual marketplace.  They can take their pick and name their price to all the na├»ve men out there.  Whether it is the best looking men, the highest status men, the wealthiest men or a simple safe choice average guy, they have a lot of options. 

Cute women don’t have the luxury, unless by opportune moments or huge fortune of right place and right time, to pick out the highest status and wealthiest men.  These men are usually taken up by the hot women.  If secure enough, they would have a better chance with the extreme hot men out there, but they would most likely need to be very cute (7.5/10 to 7.75/10) rather than run of the mill.  The reality is that of the 566,536 estimated cute women, the vast majority (I’d go 90%) will sit at the lower end (7/10) of cuteness.  However, you only need to look at the vast amounts of average looking men in the world, some who will also be high calibre in other metrics, to see that their choice to stay single is exactly that – choice.  Because the majority of these average looking men will be with not dissimilar (but slightly better looking) female partners, a chance to grade up to a cute girl is there to be had.  These men might not be an ideal choice for a cute woman, but she only has to click her fingers if the single life is too hard to handle.

Caveat 1:
Rounding of numbers will have a negligible, but mathematical, discrepancy on values and ratios given.

Caveat 2:
It’s valid to point out that some women above the age of 40 are cute.  Very few would be classed as hot.  With this in mind, the numbers are so minimal that they would barely alter the figures as shown.  With men, there will be a greater number above the age of 40 who are above average looking than relative cute women, and there will be a higher number, in relativity to women, of hot men over 40.  Again, these men are exceptions in percentage terms, and this undeniable consequence would only serve to have a very small effect on the overall ratios.

Caveat 3:
The ratios of hot and cute women given are based on the whole UK population.  This includes babies, young children and elderly people.  The same applies to the ratios for hot and above average looking men.  The purpose of this analysis is for an indication to how many people, in a random environment, somebody would need to walk past before seeing one belonging in this criterion.

Caveat 4:
These are my observational opinions.  If anyone holds urges to challenge, I welcome it with open arms.  If anything, I think I’m being extremely generous to my fellow compatriot’s beauty rank.  In other words, the numbers of cute and hot women, along with hot men, would be lower instead of higher than shown.   

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