Saturday 1 November 2014

Greek women crying out for decent men

“What do you want out of a relationship?  Austerity, or prosperity?”

When you are a man who resides in western world countries such as the United States of America or United Kingdom, where in the main it is over-privileged in terms of quality of life when compared to the global average, you can start to become a little disillusioned with the lack of physically eye catching women existing in your surroundings.  Some hotties are there, of course they are, but it cannot be denied by someone who lives in reality and is not worried about upsetting female egos that these pleasant sights are far less than 1% of all women.  That is, if you are a man who has half-decent standards and isn’t simply infatuated by the sheer thought of any run of the mill vagina.

During a recent vacation in the capital city of Greece, another side of the sexual market struck my attention.  Athens, and its surrounding area (Piraeus, where I stayed, is roughly 450,000), attains a population of approximately 4.5 million inhabitants.  The whole of Greece is barely 11 million (of which 2 million are immigrants – predominantly Albanians), therefore when you consider 40% of the country is congregated in this area, I doubt there are many countries in the world where one city alone represents and illustrates its nation’s identity and happenings more than Athens portrays for Greece.

I went to Greece with a couple of pre-conceived thoughts.  I had never visited the mainland before, and the trips to respective Greek islands will not offer a true reflection due to the hoards of pissed up Brits outweighing locals there.  My two visions, prior to the holiday, were:

  • Greece would be showing signs of economic recovery since the recent recession and austerity measures being put in place during 2011/2012.
  • Whilst there would be a much higher percentage of physically attractive (cute and hot) women than in the UK, I anticipated a much smaller percentage of likewise females than southern European countries in the form of Italy, Spain and Portugal.

I was wrong on both counts.

The Greek economy

I’m a great believer that in all walks of life, and nothing offers a greater example of this than the sexual market, a person will acquire the most efficient and accurate source of information via their own two eyes.  Nevertheless, I do accept that statistics and third-party opinions (providing the opinion is absent of ego, pride and self-agendas playing a part) also assist a path to the truth.

It was clear from the first hour after arrival that Greece is still in economic turmoil.  You only have to see the numbers of homeless folk and beggars in order to ascertain the fundamentals.  Then you talk to the locals.  The hotel assistant – a middle aged man who possessed knowledge that far outweighed his profession – informed me that 1 in every 3 available to work Grecians are unemployed.  If you manipulate the age range up to 29 years old, 2 out of every 3 Greek citizens are without a job. 

On the flight back, I engaged in conversation with a Greek women who was travelling to England to visit her brother.  She told me that she and her husband had not been paid for 8 months.  They will get paid in arrears, but this policy is something introduced by the Greece government to reduce the national debt.  She went onto say that Greek people no longer have any incentive to start a family or own a house, as the tax payments on each matter result in it being too expensive for the average earning couple. 

The Greek women

Just like any other country in the world, the most glamorous women were naturally aged between 18 to 30 years of age.  Needless to say, and again like any other country, the highest concentration of this range was at the younger side.

What surprised me was the high percentage of cute women – 7/10 to 7.75/10 in physical attractiveness - out there.  There must have been a couple of thousand that caught my eye in this respect, and although this is nothing more than a fond recollection figure, I know when I see far more of these than in comparison to familiar circumstances.  As for hot women (8/10 or greater), I can recall seeing a couple of dozen over the week.  This isn’t a huge number, but when back home it would take me a great deal longer than 7 days to observe this same quantity.  I doubt I’ve walked past 24 hot women over the last 3 years in the UK. 

When I compare it to my visit of Rome and Milan earlier this year, the numbers of cute and hot women were very similar to Athens.  The populations (of combined Rome and Milan versus Athens) are certainly of similarity too.

What does all this mean?

What does all this conclude to with regards to the sexual market?  Well, did you take note of the 66% of Greeks up to the age of 29 being unemployed?  You can bet your last drachma hidden in the cardboard box of nostalgia that at least half this number is of female gender.  So what you have are 7 out of 10 young Greek women – in their decade of prime beauty - who are unemployed.  They walk around shopping malls and sun-bask streets, sit in coffee shops, collect their benefit payments, and dream of a decent man providing them with a better life.

How does a woman offer herself a better life?  Women aren’t stupid, and as I’ve documented before on this blog, they hold a far firmer grasp of the sexual marketplace than men do.  The way of standing out to the highest calibre men is to, pure and simple, look as good as possible.  This will motivate them to stay thin, stay youthful and look good.  With this in mind, and with more beautiful women to compete with, it raises the standards for every passing day when economic times are hard.  Complacency is the mother of all ugliness, and when competition is sparse, there is less incentive for women to look as eye catching as their potential allows them to.

The other side to the link between Greek economics and respective female physical attractiveness, and this point is equally as important, is the fact that Greece is not a country of great commerce, innovation or fiscal policy.  You don’t see many major corporations setting up shop in Greece.  There is a stock exchange, but in my daily study of this subject it rarely gets mentioned.  The major revenue contributors of tourism and agriculture are notoriously low paid industries.  When my “friend” at the hotel talked about how Greece should capitalize on being the best producer of olive oil and tomatoes in the world, you can’t help but think they are clutching at straws for a way of GDP growth.  And there are only so many kebabs you can sell.

This lack of commercial backbone to a country manifests in a shortage of high paid and high status professions.  Sure, populations play a part, but you don’t see many men peacocking in suave suits around Athens like you do in London, Milan, Madrid, Paris or New York City.  Simply put, what you place into the melting pot are innumerable cute women with isolated higher earning men.

Other factors

Like Italian and Spanish men, Greek men have that effortless luxury of olive skin and dark hair.  However, despite the ancient Greek gods that went before them, the physical looks benchmark level is nothing to shout home about.  The kids are doing the best they can in trying to replicate the One Direction look, and whilst I would safely say, if the average grade was to be taken, Greek men are better looking than British or American male counterparts, they are not on the same stage as Italian guys.  Put it this way, I look more Greek than British, and this should act as my skin colour doing nothing more than blending in with the crowd (hence, in theory I shouldn’t have stood out), but like any other country visited in Europe, I was stared at by females of young and old more than I could keep up with.

With the above in mind, most couples would be a picture dynamic of better looking woman with lesser looking man.  This is nothing new.  However, judging from the reactions of women walking past in the street and those I directly interacted with, like Italy, when there are so many attractive people (women) in an environment, human nature dictates that less hostility and jealousy is drawn towards good looking men.  When the female skin is already of dark nature, they are more likely to embrace men with tanned skin rather than envy it.  I don’t think it is any coincidence that in darker skinned but still white Caucasian ethnicity dominated countries (basically southern Europe), the women who look at me are in greater numbers with reference to expressions of smiles.  In top heavy light skin toned countries such as the UK or USA, just as many women will look on, but it tends to be with less engaging demeanour and far less friendliness.  Read into that what you will….

And it ultimately means….

Placing male physical attractiveness to one side for a moment, any high flying man in Greece, whether native or foreign, should be able to secure himself a Greek woman who is well above his own looks level.  There are just so many eye catching women in relation to so few reasonably well earning men.  Combine this with knowledge of female emotional psychology, or just comprehension to how the world spins round, and they would be falling off trees and on his lap during the lunch break alone.

A man of top end physical attractiveness, irrespective to the job he did, would also fair much better in Greece as opposed to many other countries.  As more women embrace good looking men, and as fewer women will have egos that stand in the way of dating a man who catches female (or public) viewing, it would result in a lower percentage of pre-determined rejections - so common with women in the UK, due to the reasons as explained.

As for being a man who has good looks, intelligence, potential, personality, charisma, earnings and attitude, get yourself over to west side of the Aegean Sea sooner rather than later.  It will be one of the few places where the female lure that projects onto male social or occupational status is nullified to an extent.  The majority of cute, unemployed Greek women will have a far smaller tick list than western countries you are familiar with or accustomed to.  In the short term at least, a roof over their head and food on the table will be a fair trade for their beauty.  I bet you wouldn’t be able to say that about an equivalent looking woman from your current mother home.


  1. I'm always concerned when you bring one of these girls home to the USA, they'd simply become a product of their environment and turn into the same spoiled brats we're used to here. There's an interesting, and sometimes sad, show called 90 day fiance where guys bring girls from various countries to the US to marry. Most of the guys are extremely "beta" for starters so they are partly to blame but you can see these foreign women quickly becoming demanding and pains in the balls. It's an interesting case study if thinking about marrying foreign women.

    1. There’s a saying in the UK of:
      You can take the girl out of the council estate but you can’t take the council estate out of the girl.”
      This is true in terms of fundamental personality and morals, as a leopard will never change its innate spots. But your point is correct, even with foreign women who have been brought up with much more respect, greater family values and far less promiscuous habits.

      In a similar dynamic analysis, think of a very hot bimbo who has been brought up without two pennies to scratch together. Then she bags herself a wealthy sports star. Does she recall the hard days that came before the money? Not a chance.

      To be fair though, the male sports star who evolved through a similar path of life – from rags to riches – will be just the same.