Tuesday 28 October 2014

Watch her change as she ages

“We all have to live in this world, but not all of us have to play by the rules in this world.”

There seems to be quite a substantial amount of talk amongst wishfully thinking (but fallacy acting) women, nice guy creeps and fortunate realists with regards to where female external and internal attractiveness stands, and how it evolves, improves and fragments.  I guess most people have their own agendas, but even with apparent self-motives you would like to think a person will always speak through their honest veins in order to make the best life possible moving forwards.  You can run from the truth for so long, but it has a nasty habit of biting you in the ass, sooner rather than later.

From a general perspective, these are the common trends you will find with women as they grow through their years:
  • Women become friendlier as they get older.
  • Women take more emotional risks as they get older.
  • Women bond more solid and loyal friendships with other females as they get older.
  • Women produce an “easier-going” attitude and demeanour as they get older.
  • Women become less insecure as they get older.

Nevertheless, the above points are not a simple case of a direct line.  The below chart that I have devised will illustrate further:

There are three measurements against the ascending age.  Beauty is self-explanatory, and as you would expect, the ego is pretty much aligned with the level of the respective physical attractiveness.  It peaks around the age of 20.  But the stand out pinnacle point is the age of her expectancy level as the 30th birthday encroaches.  Sure, her ego isn’t at the level of her younger (and hotter) former self of the last decade, but the material world we live in the form of glamour magazines and reality television programs have led her to a misconception that she can demand more than ever.  This is, somewhat strangely, even though she has less to offer.  She has less to offer because women are primarily and high-proportionally judged on their physical beauty. 

The main reason women have a peak expectancy level at this stage of life is because they can form a misconception to believe they are just as eye catching as they ever were.  The whole social network “you go girl” phenomenon has forced this to be the result.  And as they have, or should, have grown into “better” people – hence personality, sexual knowledge and earnings – they raise the bar for men to jump over.  When men are less forthcoming, the easiest solution to ease the painful and resentful mind is for a woman to blame it on the consensus that hardly any “real” men willing to grow up exist anymore. 

To a point, they are right, because it cannot be denied that more men resort to video games, internet porn and independent pastimes than their equivalent aged male counterparts of generations from our past.  So the female argument is to be convinced that a lack of male takers is down to male immaturity rather than her fragmenting physical allure. 

The male counter-active argument, and thus the more likely accurate reason, is that more men are contemplating the risk v reward analysis of settling down, marriage and kids.  The reward of “guaranteed sex” is perhaps not worth the risk of potentially losing your savings and independence.  More weight is now being placed onto the possible risks over and above the bias towards the short term rewards.  That said, most women will still find their way to the big wedding day and ultrasound department, because most men are still afraid of loneliness.  It will just be a gradual decrease over many decades. 

And when you view comments on blogs, or even hear the occasional male honest voice, you will conclude that current married men, many who are happily married, confess that if they were at the same age as when they became a husband, they wouldn’t go through it again.  If even only a few present married men admit to this, rest assured that there must be innumerable men thinking the same things.  As for divorcees, and men who have been taken to the cleaners with concern to depleting marriage exuberance and consequential divorce, a good percentage of them wouldn’t re-write the chapter with a different woman.  Like the marginal amounts of men who are willing to face up to modern day female habits, requirements and demands in the western world, it simply isn’t worth it.         

The female function is not tuned to be appreciative over a long term basis.  Sometimes it is not even tuned over a short term.  A woman’s brain is functioned to be expectant, with fragmenting gratitude being the by-product consequence.  The more someone gives, the more the other person wants.  This is just a simple case of female human nature.  And with exceptions, the general rule is: the hotter the woman, the more she is likely to be this way.

And a final thought…

If you are a very decent to good (or very good) looking man, and you have noticed that older women are hitting on you far more than younger cute or hot women are doing likewise (if at all), you are certainly not imagining things.  During times of this nature, knowledge of female sexual emotional psychology and illogical processing is a must, because it can leave a less clued up guy scratching his head or even doubting his value.  

What you find in this case, with the more na├»ve men out there, is an automated thought process in believing the only reason older and less attractive women approach you is because their younger and hotter counterparts are either with better looking boyfriends than you or guys who are blessed with social status, money, penis size or charisma to compensate for their lesser looks.  Women who date down will tell you this is the case, but the simple reality is that so few men in percentage terms have any of these credentials.  Put another way: there are far, far fewer men with any of those blessings as mentioned in comparison to the vast number of couples where the woman is the visually stand out feature of the two.  Now start to draw your own conclusions behind this undeniable reality…

Logic would suggest that hot men are most attracted to the hottest women, and hot women are most attracted to the hottest men.  Similarly, logic would also suggest that as women get older and less visually beautiful, they will naturally go for men who are not as good looking than the types of males they hunted down in their younger and more eye catching days.  But logic only runs true within the male spectrum of mate selection onto the opposite sex.

Essentially, men do not change.  A 25 year old man would want to be with the most physically attractive woman he could see within his periphery.  The law of average would make that woman around 21.  A 50 year old man, if no barriers were to be put in front of him, would still choose that same 21 year old woman.

Now flip the analysis to a cute or hot 22 to 25 year old woman.  In the main, this woman will still find the best looking man the most sexually arousing, but she would be most receptive and advancing towards a lesser looking man.  He wouldn’t be ugly, but he would be that typical 10% to 15% less physically alluring than her.      

Where it becomes trickier is with older women.  Make no mistake, most of them will still prefer a man below their own looks grade, but a higher percentage than their younger and hotter selves would be up for a short term blast or longer term aspiration with a better looking man.  I’ve seen it with my own two eyes - women who are now into their 30s or 40s trying it on with guys in their 20s.  I’ll place a few quid on these being women who made “safer” choices many years ago with men who provided them with a wedding and kids.

And this all goes back to my point at the top:
“Women take more emotional risks as they get older.”

Ultimately, as women get older their prides become less delicate, their egos gradually disintegrate, their insecurities are managed to a point, they aren’t so conscious and obsessed about what other people think of them, and they are prepared to face the cold feeling of emotional rejection that their younger peers cannot bear the sheer thought of.  In essence, the small chance of reward – for a younger man to commit or intimate with her – outweighs the likely risk that she will be turned down.  If only she thought this way when her betting odds and options were of greater margin.


  1. “Women take more emotional risks as they get older.” is right on my friend. I recently was pursued by a 40 year old divorcee(I'm 37). She lived in another state but I met her very briefly while in my home town and got her number. She's very hot(prob had some work done being form Cali but I'm ok with it) and immediately started to talk about me coming out to visit her in CA and her coming back out here. She strongly hinted that we'd be gettin naughty too-was very complimentary about my looks, etc... Odds are she NEVER would have been this way in her 20's when she was probably a hard 9 in the looks department.

    1. Glad it’s not just me seeing this, although to be fair, when you step back and look through your own two eyes it is all there to see.

      Without knowledge of the divorcee you mention, I think you may mean it in a contextual way of her age - in being “very hot”. I class very hot as 9/10 or greater. That said, it is still possible (although extremely rare) for a woman to be very hot at 40. Just think of Jennifer Lopez. And California does break the female sexual evolution rule to an extent.

      I kind of agree with your point about her not being this way in her 20’s when she was probably a hard 9 in the looks department, but a lot of this depends on the relative male candidate in question. For example, I rate myself on the physical attractiveness scale as 8.25/10 (8.5/10 on a good day!), but on the very isolated occasions I see a female 9, and I have to say it is hardly ever, they do tend to be more receptive towards me than a solid lower end hot girl of 8.25 or a mere cute girl of 7.5. For 9s, that 0.5 to 0.75 leverage on their part somewhat eliminates the egoism and hostility so common with the 8s and 7s.

      Nevertheless, still don’t expect too many female 9s to be with male 8.25s. As status and wealth are far bigger draws to >90% of women than male physical allure, a female 9 is most likely to be seen with an average to above average looking man who possesses high profile and earnings/assets.

  2. If it's any consolation, British women won't be a million miles behind you in this respect.
    As the saying goes:
    "When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. The UK always finds itself first in line for the prescription that the U.S used."

  3. If it makes either/both of you feel better, Toronto women are pretty crummy. Just take a look at this blog discussing it. There are the odd female commentators who slag the "sad" guys that they should man up and such.


    Love WCMD...hope you can keep posting...guess life got in the way after May 2015!!

  4. Sounds like Canada, and especially Toronto, catches that cold quicker than most. I've heard Vancouver is pretty similar too?

    As for the link, the best way to take women like them, and I think it was intimated in point 6, is to play them at exactly their own game - pretty much anti-game strategy that I'm sure you know about and pro game deliverables that set you apart. Unfortunately the club scene is the hardest place to do this, as the >80% men kissing their rosy asses make them all the more stuck up with ego inflation way above their objective value.

    Good to hear you like the blog. Yes, new job in June made it difficult for time, but hope to be back on the saddle as soon as possible.

  5. Well, if you need blog content ideas, this article alone will give you plenty to write about!


    Good on you for focusing on the new job!

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