Tuesday 21 October 2014

The differing emotions of women pre and post 25

“Was she the one that got away, or a lucky escape?”

It’s a common topic that pops up in the male chat room with regards to the pros and cons of dating younger or older women.  This blog has covered both areas in further detail, but this particular post will focus on how men should expect to encounter challenges from both sides of the female 25th birthday celebrations.  Regular readers of this blog will know why I use the 25th birthday as a defining tipping point, as this milestone is most representative to women consequently hurrying in urges to settle down and find the man they are willing to commit a future with.

As a guy who has dated women aged between 18 and 32 over the last 5 years alone (don’t assume the older women have necessarily been in the more recent of this 5 year duration), I’m in a pretty good position to assess how women appear to act in emotive terms dependent on their age.  Nothing is ever simple and straight forward.  I have a close friend who is more than 5 years younger than me, yet his female partner is 17 years older than my girlfriend.  How does that work?  

The general rule of thumb is pretty straight forward:  the younger the woman, the bigger the ego.  Why is this the case?  The simple explanation is that the vast majority of women do not become more physically attractive post 23, and a reasonable percentage will even see their best days as young as 19.  Women, on a broad scale, should visually look their best between 23 and 25 if they have refrained from smoking and an array of nights out.  A fair number will maintain their beauty, with negligible diminishes, until the late 20s, and a tiny percentage may possibly hold onto their pinnacle look during the early 30s.  Once 35 strikes, you will expect to see an accelerated decline if it hasn’t already commenced. 

So generally speaking, the younger the woman, the hotter she is.  The hotter she is, the more male attention and options will arrive at her disposal.  The more choices she has, the greater chance of her attaining a high self-opinion.

When a woman is faced with the highest number of options – at a younger age due to the likely enhanced physical appearance – a man can anticipate a level of high maintenance in her demands that will not be seen in her later years.  This is, without knowledge of female sexual decline that will inevitably occur in the not too distant future, very draining for men with women at this age.  Na├»ve men are most inclined to bend over backwards to please her, as they only analyze the present and don’t consider a woman’s limitations as time goes on.  Further to this, the easy option for men to take is to reward women when they look their best, as the assumption is the nicer he is the more she will appreciate him.  But women with options need challenge far more than time, money or compliments, and in fact women at a younger age should actually be treated with less, rather than more, respect in comparison to their older female counterparts.  When women pass 25, and they start to doubt the mirror reflection, sycophancy, in moderation, should be considered as a tangible reward.

Nevertheless, despite very few women looking more pleasing to the eye post 25, I bet it hasn’t escaped some men’s attention of odd experiences with high demanding women in their mid to late 20s.  It may even be the case that some of these women are post 30.  This is all despite being past their physical beauty peak.  The biggest ego I have ever experienced with a girlfriend was with one who was approaching her 28th birthday, and this was in comparison to me not long before splitting up with a hotter girl who was 8 years younger than her.  It can leave a man scratching his head to how the female mind could let it believe she is worth more at a later age, but once you scrape the surface there are answers to be found.

No person can objectively hide from the reality of what they see in the mirror.  When you look in it at least twice a day, it wouldn’t take eagle eyes to notice a couple of blemishes not seen before.  In general, this process will happen earlier for women than men, and it will decline at a faster rate.  However, although full comprehension can be accepted from the inside, false hope of the beauty never ending can rule over the facts, and this manifests to force many women post 25 to go the extra yard to convince men of this fallacy.  Nothing can be more dangerous than a woman clinging onto the last grasp, as she will place high hoops for him to jump over.  It’s a test that most men fail, and the woman can believe that if her man continues with all his efforts then she must be worth it.  She just doesn’t respect him for it.

Women will naturally date more jerks at a younger age, and then go onto a nice guy as they reach mid 20s range.  Some of these women will never have dated a nice guy up until this age, but this will be due to the lure of bad boys rather than the protestations of misfortune.  Never forget there are far more nice guys (at least 6 to 1) than jerks in the world.  So when a woman does date a nice guy, who is over caring, over sycophant and over spending by definition, her ego will be boosted even if her butterflies are in none existence.  Most scenarios of this kind will result in her departing from the boring nice guy, but some relationships of this kind will last in content mode absent of excitement.  Either way, whether it is with him or onto the next poor sucker, her mind will allow a belief that all men should treat her this way.  She fails to confess that a massaged ego is adverse to a true happiness. 

The main reason to women post 25 growing in self-opinion, in my view, is that most of them will now be in some kind of male dominated working environment.  If at least 80% of men are the perennial average looking nice guys who are lacking in female activity and options, the male default is to give any half decent looking woman as much time, effort and attention in hope she will find him appealing.  The office workplace only further epitomizes this habit, as he who lacks in sexual attractiveness strives to bridge the gap in being a good provider.  If you haven’t got raw male power or good looks, a man will burst his guts to improve his income and status.  Surely this will make her use like him, right?  So although she is no longer wanted by edgier men who were more accustomed to her younger years, she is now surrounded by unwanted men in higher numbers.  Once more, despite no visceral desires for these men, they don’t half stroke that good feeling to rock her world and fill up her social media pages.

So in summary, women should have bigger egos when they are younger and become friendlier as they get older, and this, by and large, is the case.  Hotness brings about options, and youth equals hotness.  Where the cross-over becomes more complex is when a woman is very cute or hot, as she is wary of the physical decline simultaneous to not accepting it is happening.  As long as there are men she doesn’t want who feed the mouth of self-importance, she can continue as if nothing has ever changed.

  • Never pay a price for a product above what it shows on the label. 
  • Pay a lower price that allows for depreciation and a decrease of your appreciation as time goes by.
  • If the product is at the highest market value, and it is in high demand, acknowledge that there will be a supply of similar or slightly different commodities on another given day. 
  • If there’s a bidder you are up against, and it goes to an auction, show no hesitation in walking away.  It may feel like you have lost the battle, but you will win the war.  When you see his weary face a couple of years down the line, strapped of cash, energy and optimism, take a moment to look at the product alongside him.  It will be the “prize” he chose to out-bid you for.  Is it still worth the high price he paid back then?  
  • A year later and you see the same product on the shelf and available to buy.  It is at a discounted asking price in comparison to 3 years ago, and a price much lower than the expenditure you were willing to release back then.  As a wiser and richer person of today, you dismiss and walk past the window in knowledge you are willing to pay a higher price for something of far greater value.
  • When you see a product you like, once more you make a bid lower than what it says on the tin.  The shopkeeper can simply take it or leave it.  


  1. I try to warn guys that they should avoid dating girls in the 28-32 range as these can be some of the most difficult girls to handle. Their expectations vs reality are pretty out of whack and they tend to be bitter from past baggage.

  2. 29/30 seems to be where the divide is.

  3. Yes, and all this at an age when they have less to offer than before. I’ll be publishing a post in the next week or so that shows a graph pretty much in line with what you both state.