Wednesday 8 October 2014

A Woman's life summed up in 3 pictures

"This is what you get when you poke a stick in a hornet's nest."

This post wasn't planned, but I couldn't resist a few words on how you can pretty much see the magical world of a woman's life in terms of egoism, self-entitlement, self-pity, opportunism, mate choice and physical decline.  I love metaphors, phrases, real-life happenings and success or failure stories, but no amount of words can ever quite come close to revealing the truth behind emotions, predicaments and fake dressing of content or unhappiness that coincide in our lives than the images produced from a camera lens.

What struck out at me from a distance was the heading to this article:
This Woman Was "Too Pretty" To Find Love On Dating Websites

Straight away, this theory is a complete crop of shite.  No woman can be "too pretty" on a dating website.  I have done my own self-analysis of this dating method, and let me tell you there are more better looking men trying to find someone from the opposite sex - whether it be for love or sex - than the numbers of physically attractive women.  This goes against the normal course of events in society where there are nearly 4 times as many cute women and hot women in comparison to above average looking men and very good looking men respectively.  In addition to this, even if male good looks are not a priority for a woman (and they rarely are a priority), there will always be the hoards of lesser looking men who can offer more in the way of provision, reliability and commitment.  So sure, love may be hard for a woman to find if she lays down the usual long tick list, but capturing it is no more difficult online than on the street per se.

In addition to this, I very much doubt that vast quantities of men are writing messages to women in proposing to only "hook up".  Just take a look at the mediocre, to be kind, calibre of >90% of men on dating websites.  Sure, they would give their right arm to just find a woman for sex and then move onto the next one, but very few men in percentage terms have this armoury to attain such luxury.  This woman in the story claimed men only wanted her for sex (which, an interpretation for any woman stating this is self-promotion of - "how beautiful I am"), but "Mr Average" is hardly going to lead with this, is he?

I've linked the whole article below, but here are 3 of the pictures with a few summaries added from yours truly.

I'm predicting she was in her early to mid 20s when this professional photo was taken.  Yes, decent from what I can see, although any professional portrait will enhance the true real-life look.  All in all, ignoring the chavvy tattoo on her left wrist, I'd give her a 7.5/10 from what can be seen.

Now she is somewhere between 28 and 33 (on the basis the article states the two of them bumped into each other 5 years ago).  I hedge a bet she was 29 or 30 on the big event.  Women who want a wedding day to show off don't need to wait long for a clueless man to take her down that route, and her husband looks as beta as they come.  Even on the biggest day of her life (cough, cough), she struggles to scrape above 6.75/10.
"The pair dated for a few months when she was 19 but they split because he was too quiet whereas she was too outgoing."
Once more, let's have a free interpretation to what this means:  Basically, she wanted to explore all avenues with, let's just say, edgier guys out there, whilst he was a geeky nice guy who was way too boring for her.

As the article states she is now 33, I can only assume the above picture is a very recent one.  6.25/10 at best?  The couple have a young boy too.  
Q-Tip 1:
Notice how the son is nowhere to be seen.  You will often find that women show more affection towards their daughter than the respective son.  Although a man may have far more in common with his son, he will be equally as proud to be seen with his daughter.

If this process of events cannot smack a naive man in the face, then nothing will.  I'll clarify once more in chronological order:
  • At 19 - prime beauty for many women, but more importantly the peak of their social options - her now husband was not her type.  She dated men of differing characters (hence jerks) to him.  
  • From her early to mid 20s, she will range between pinnacle physical beauty within her life span to slow decline.
  • During the late 20s, a woman has internally accepted that men from her past are no longer as interested as years gone by.  To counter-act this nagging thought, a woman will look for new accomplishments to show her value to the world in the form of a wedding ring and children.  Naturally, only certain men, although it is still most men, will take on this responsibility over the knowledge of lost freedom.
  • At 33, even the nice guy beta male she marries is not much less physically attractive than her.  If you graded him at 6/10 in physical looks level, and you used the 10% to 15% leverage to how men can upgrade (assuming he has a decent job and reasonable level of personality), he should be in the arms of a lower end cute woman.  Basically, he could do better.

Q-tip 2:
Never give more to life than you need to.  Life will never give back more to you than what you put in.  Nothing epitomizes this more than the sexual market for men.  One day, if you exerted so much money, time, energy and gratitude towards a woman in the past, you will look at it all today in thinking where it ever got you.

****All the above statements made by the author are opinions based on generalizations of females in similar stature and findings to the woman named in the article.  This blog does not subscribe to claiming this actual woman delivers life moves as stated.****

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  1. This woman is delusional. Too pretty my a$$. And that isn't even the worse part; there are thousands of others just like her, that think the same way.

    I'd be interested in hearing her friend's reactions to her being 'too pretty' for dating sites.

    1. With most women, their ego and self-entitlement line declines much slower than acceptance of their objective physical attractiveness decline. For example, at the age of 30 half the amount men that looked at her when she was 25 will be looking at her now. But you can guarantee her ego and life expectancy levels will not be cut in half.

  2. Also notice that her beta hubby is nowhere to be found in the 3rd pic. Once the kids arrive, he's just a footnote in her life. Facebook has provided an interesting study in this very thing. I see newly wedded girls gush on and on about the best hubby forward a few years and a couple kids later, he's rarely even mentioned or seen. He'll get the obligatory "happy bday", "happy anniversary" and "happy fathers day" posts at best.

    1. Absolutely. A man who pumps up a woman's ego - with gifts, compliments and a red carpet for her path of life - has a limited shelf life in sustaining his female partner's sexual interest (or any interest for that matter). Once the novelty has worn off in the form of her wedding photos becoming creased and kids becoming a burden, she will only take it out on one person. We all know who that will be....

  3. The manipulation is scary. When will she decide she's unhappy and demand a divorce - in about 3 years?

    1. The only saving grace (if you can call it that) for any man in this position is the fact that she will know there are hardly any male takers of higher calibre then the man she is with. What half-decent man is going to take a 6/10 looking woman with 2 kids from previous life? If there are men out there who are prepared to do this, then, hell knows what their previous benchmarks in female physical attractiveness were like.