Saturday 30 August 2014

The differing views of male and female physical impressiveness

"Not everything that can be counted counts, 
and not everything that counts can be counted."

Make no mistake about it, a woman’s initial sexual attraction to a man she finds physically appealing is every bit as strong as a man’s feelings in the gender inverse scenario.  It could even be argued it is that little bit stronger, as there are less men at the top end of male aesthetic impressiveness (hence, very good looking men with raw power display) than there are females with relative physical beauty in the same percentage analysis.  When a commodity is in shorter supply, it brings about more fascination than an equal, but perhaps more accustomed, item.

However, this is where the similarity ends.  A man will almost always take on an opportunity to enter a relationship or liaison with a woman he finds pleasing to the eye.  Even if she is not to his absolute liking in personality or feminine terms, a man will still pursue, even if it is only with a short term mindset. 

Women, on the other hand, take on a completely different process.  Although a man may give her sexually arousing thoughts during the first glance, a woman will assess other metrics he can offer – like personality, charisma and status – before she contemplates taking things further.  Once that first step has been taken, she will look to collate as much further information on him – like his wealth, ambition, potential, relationship history/validation (usually a greater number of past girlfriends will attract her more) and reliability.  She will also desire him to prove he has a lack of supplication and an element of challenge.

But women also take it on a further step, often as early as the attraction stage.  Whilst men only truly consider how a woman will push his sexual buttons, with little concern to any other inner thoughts, a woman will make a judgment on her trust, insecurity and egoism issues if she thought he was as, or more, eye catching than her.  In many cases, far more than people realize, a woman will reluctantly resist the temptations of a man she finds sexually appealing.  You could call it a calculated decision or a contingency for the future, if you will.  Or you could call it a case of protecting her pride and ego first, and wondering what the consequences and implications of a safer bet might one day bring.  The result of this safe decision will most often end with manifested underwhelmed, frustration and resenting emotions.

Major caveat: the above deliverable by women – locating lesser looking men - is most prevalent, but by no means only applicable, to women above the age of 23.

Second caveat to above: the reason this trend – women making an apparent decision to select a less visually striking man – is not as noticeable with women above the age of 30 (on the basis the man she is with isn’t 10+ years older than her) is because physical ageing of facial and bodily features from this age is far more rapid in females than males.  In other words, if a 24 year old better looking woman met a comparative uglier man of 30, by the time they were 32 and 38 respectively there would be less of a visual imbalance.

If you’re a curious onlooker wondering why you hardly ever see a hot woman with a tall, toned and facially blessed man, you won’t be on your own with this question mark inside the grey matter.  If you observe the numbers on both sides, and comprehend that there are 3 to 4 times more of these women than men, it could leave you scratching your head further still.  As an observer of these dynamics who also has a passion for numbers, I will point out like this:

3.5 x 10%        =          0.35
The above calculation interprets as 10% of hot women whose egos don’t stand in their way of being with an equally eye catching man.  3.5 is the number of hot women in comparison to every 1 hot man.

1 / 0.35            =          2.86
For arguments sake, the 2.86 can be rounded up to 3.  With this consideration, there are 3 hot men fighting for this 1 hot woman.

An additional consideration to the above is that this 1 hot woman - whose ego is capable of being with a hot man – may likely not place physical attractiveness as a high priority in her desirable list for a male partner.  Under the female age of 24 brings a more desired requirement for male high social status, whilst at this age and beyond comes a need for male occupational status and wealth.  As such a small percentage (<0.1%) of men have height, an impressive body and facial good looks amalgamation, it is highly likely these men are not the most visually blessed. 

All this throws further reasoning to why the viewing of a hot woman with a hot man is so rare.

Once more, explanations of this nature should leave lesser looking men licking their lips.  I have no agenda or vested interest here.  All I point out is the truth based on what I see and experience, and my ego is left behind.  There will always be a threshold to how high a man can “date up” in physical looks respect, but if you are just that run of the mill average looking guy with an honest profession, good morals and values, and the usual mediocre level of personality, charisma and social status, you should be aiming to walk hand in hand with a girlfriend who is 10% to 15% better looking than you. 

If you’re above average in these measurements, you should be striving to find a woman even hotter than the percentage leverage as explained.  If you’re falling below this yardstick, my guess is you simply don’t believe in yourself, or more likely still, you haven’t come to comprehend how the female mind works when selecting male candidates.  The next time you walk down a busy shopping mall and see numerous couples walking arm in arm, spend a few priceless seconds assessing how you grade each one.  If there is one thing I have learnt in life, it is that your eyes cannot run from the truth.

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